Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 19

The scene begins with everyone preparing for Ahzira’s marriage. Everything is prefect for them, but it’s not in every possible ways. All they can see in their mind is the photos which they had seen in the secret room.
Azad: I don’t know what’s happening.
Mahira opens her mouth enthusiastically and says: “I’m hungry…”just to change Azad’s mood.
Azad: bhukkad. Kitni khati ho…
Mahira: I may eat so much, but not more than you.
Azad: haha. So funny.
Their nok-jhok starts and after awhile
Mahira says: you know what Azad. I just realized that we say some of the words a lot and argue a lot.
Azad: and that’s what makes us unique.
Mahira: I hope we never get separated again because I won’t be able to survive without you.
Azad: shhh! Don’t ever say that again. We will always be together
Mahira (smiles): till the end.
Azad hugs Mahira and caresses her hair and says: you are so innocent, but sometimes I wonder how can such an innocent face do so many mischiefs.
Mahira: azad. You are never serious! Ohh wait…How can I forget??!
Azad: forget what?
Mahira: that…
Azad: that what??
Mahira: that you are MR. KHADUS!!!!!
Mahira burst outs laughing and runs away to save herself from Azad. While running, Mahira bumps into Khan Begum.
Khan Begum: its good that I met you guys here. The marriage which was supposed to be held next week is going to be tomorrow! Be ready.
Azira: WHAT????

Mahira: but why Khan Begum?
Khan begum: how dare you talk back to me?
Azad: ammi. Mahira is saying right!! What’s the need to hurry?
Khan Begum: I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. My decision is final.
Kainat: ammijaan…how can you say like that?
Amad: what so ever, it’s my Azad bhai and my bhabhi’s marriage. It’s their decision to decide when they want to marry. How can you change the dates? They need some time to get ready and prepare for it etc.
Khan Begum: I already said that my decision is final. Amad! Tell your Azad bhaijaan and Mahira that their marriage is tomorrow.
Mahira and Azad nods their head in yes and go to their respective rooms.

The next morning.
Mahira is seen standing near the window wearing a beautiful red and gold Lehenga with heavy jewelries.
Kainat comes and says: wow Mah…opps. Soon to be my bhabhi! What is this huh? Today is your marriage and you aren’t even ready.
Mahira: nanand ji! How much do you want me to get ready? I already am.
Kainat forces Mahira to sit down and puts Mahira’s hair up on a bun with flowers on it and does her make up. Finally she puts her ghungat on and says: now you are ready!
Mahira gets shy and looks down.
Kainat: offoo. Stop blushing thinking about bhaijaan.
Mahira pads Kainat on her shoulder and says: who is blushing huh? I want to meet that girl!
Kainat: you are impossible.
Mahira hugs Kainat tightly and says: don’t be mad. I was just joking.

On the other hand, Azad is seen in gold kindish Kurta and Amad comes and puts sehra on him.
Amad: wow. You are looking so handsome. Looks like girls will stare at you more than me today, but it’s ok. I can sacrifice to flirt with some girls today.
Azad burst out laughing and says: you are impossible.
Amad: you said the same thing to Mahira.
Azad: because she is too!

Khan begum’s room.
Khan begum comes to her room and sees that her keys were missing from her wrist. She looks around and finally finds it under her pillow. Khan begum wonders for a while and remembers how Mahira was acting today. As she connects the dot, she figures out that it is Mahira behind this act and hurriedly goes to talk to her.
Khan begum reaches Mahira’s room and sees Kainat and Mahira chatting.
Kb: kainat! I need to talk to Mahira alone. Please go out.
Kainat silently walks out without uttering a word.
Mahira: what did you want it to say?
Kb: did you went to my room.
Mahira gets boggled but then confidentially says: “yes and I saw all the pictures in your secret room” shocking Khan Begum.

Precap: Mahira and Azad are in a bridal clothes at isolated place along with Khan Begum, some goons come and attack them.

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  1. Wow azira scenes were fab and what about the last part … She told that she saw the pics ?? Whoah.. My god … It was an marvellous episode .. Scared about the precap

    1. Haha Sunehri…thanks a lot and soon you’ll find out about the precap.

  2. Ohh myy godd….mahira cooly told wat all she told..!!! Azira scenes were awsm…excited 4 next episode

    1. I will soon update the next episode dear…thank you for commenting.

  3. Ohh myy godd….mahira cooly told wat all she told..!!! Azira scenes were awsm…excited 4 next episode!!

  4. She saw*

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb ff I just loved it

    1. After such an long time, you commented on my Ranaji…thanks

  6. Plz make it even more interesting and more romantic and intense so that creates a mood and do make them confess ththeir love again after their marriage as well and give it a good twist

    1. Thanks friend…

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