Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 18

The scene begins with Mahira looking toward the secret room. She gets shocked and almost falls down, but Azad catches her on time. There were pictures of Ahil and Sanam all over the room…
The screen splits in between and it shows in black and white of how Sanam and Ahil met and how they used to hate each other, but then as time passed by they loved each other so much (junoon plays…)
New Sanam came and they had to get separated again. Sanam came to Ahil’s house as servant. (Tujhe bhula diya plays…)
Sanam lost her memory and was separated from Ahil once again. Sanam falls down from the cliff along with Ahil. (Humari Adhuri kahani plays…)
Mahira could see all this, but it was blurry so she couldn’t understand anything, all she could see was negative people.
Mahira yells: AHIL!!!!!
Azad: are you ok? Who is Ahil?
Mahira: I don’t know Azad. how is this possible?
Azad: who are they? The girl looks exactly like you!
Mahira: even I want to know Azad. There is something incomplete, something which is in front of us, but can’t see and understand what it is but I can feel it. I feel like I have some connection with them. We should talk to khan begum about it.
Azad: yeah Mahira there is definitely something hidden. Why does ammi has these pictures all over the room? Don’t ask her about it.
Mahira: but why?? We need to know.
Azad: you think that we will ask ammi about it and she will tell us???
Mahira: I know that she won’t but still..
Azad: nahi Mahira… we will have to find out about it Our self. Lets go from here from now. If ammi sees us in this secret room then there would be huge problem.
They leave and Khan Begum encounters them coming out from her room.
Khan begum: what were you both doing in my room?
Azad: we came to call you but you weren’t there.
Khan begum: alright.
After kb leaves, Mahira cries and hugs Azad and says: I don’t know what’s happening Azad.
Azad: Mahira! Please don’t cry and stop being worried. Everything is alright.
Mahira breaks the hug and goes to her room running leaving Azad in tears.

Precap: Ahzira’s marriage, big twist.

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  1. Wow sahil flashbacks was fab.. and what’s the big twist??? Waiting for the next episodes 🙂 love u loads

    1. Thanks Sunehri and soon you’ll find out. Keep reading…

  2. Ur ff is too good yamuna. .. I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Mathanghi…stay tuned.

  3. Awsm Yamuna…gud going!!! Eagerly waiting 4 the Big Twist !!! 🙂

    1. Is this your first time commenting on my ff? Anywho thanks alot dear…

      1. Yeahh Yamuna…actually i wuz a silent reader?

  4. nice epi.finally secreat is out.

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