Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 16

You guys can imagine Shravan as Rishab Sinha or Karan Tacker. I’m ok with both of them.
And one more thing, i don’t know who this “Layla” is, but she is keep commenting bad things on my ff. I’m sorry from her behalf, but somewhat i feel like she is saying the truth. Is my ff that bad?

The episode starts with khan begum passing by Mahira and Azad and smirks seeing them together for her own selfish motives.
Khan begum (coughs): shall I come later?
Mahira: no. You? I’m sorry. I didn’t saw you. (Blushes)
Azad: woh Ammi…mein..woh
Khan begum (smiles): it’s ok Azad. I just came to call you guys downstairs.
Khan begum leaves and Azad and Mahira rush to kb’s room to open the door.
Mahira: I will get the key.
Azad: ok.
Azad: hurry! Get the key.
Mahira: I can’t find it…

Azad: are you serious? Where did you put it?
Mahira: I put it right here, I think khan begum has it with her.
Azad: just forget about this secret room. We will never be able to find out about it. You know what? I will create a new secret room for you in my room, so you can go in as much as you want.
Mahira: this is not time to joke. I really wanna know…
Azad: meine kaha na nahi
Mahira makes a cute sad face and seeing her, Azad’s heart melts and says: I will try!
Mahira runs and hugs him, but her bangles breaks and injuries Azad’s hand and starts bleeding. Mahira immediately gets first aid box.
Mahira: I’m really sorry Azad. I didn’t mean to do it.
Azad: it’s ok .
Mahira: omg. Your hand is bleeding????
Azad (happy): I love you Mahira…your love is getting me to be normal
Mahira: yes Azad. Have faith in allah…everything will be alirght…you will soon be normal.
Azad hugs Mahira tightly (ohh mere oyara plays….). After a while he breaks the hug .
Azad (laughs): by the way, your nose gets bigger than the world when you get worried/mad??
Mahira: stop it…
Azad: don’t get mad… woh tumhara dialogue kya tha? Oo ha..arrey joke tha? Funny nahi laga? Zara sa bhi nahi? Thik hai.

Mahira: I will never talk to you again. Bye.
Azad: I was joking I’m sorry.
Mahira yells: really? It was a joke?? It was such a funny joke that I forget to laugh.
Azad: haha so funny.
Mahira: thank you thank you.
Azad: your welcome. Wait…what? Oh my gosh!
Azad starts chasing her while Mahira runs and falls on the bed with Azad on top of her. (Sanam re plays…)

Precap: mahira and Azad’s engagement.



Promo: Mahira opens the secret room and gets shocked.
Azad says “i love you Mahira. No body can seperate us from each other.” Mahira says “i love you more than my life Azad. We are made for each other. We will always be together till the end.”
Azad is seen crying wearing a white kurta saying “no, you can’t leave me like this. I love you!!!!!”

Credit to: Yamuna


  1. Sunehri

    U r fab dear …. ur ff is too good. … don’t care about what others say….. by the way love azira scene…. and in promo I’m not able to understand why azad is in white kurta and he’s crying saying u can’t leave me I love u??? Waiting. … I can’t bear suspense :p plz make the next one as soon as possible 🙂 … love u loads 🙂

  2. kna786

    I really like your ff and ignore that rude person that dislikes your ff as lots of people enjoy them also plz make sure neither of them dies or they should not get separated as i don’t want them to as it will ruin it so follow my request plz

  3. Amayra

    Osm dear yaar n thanks for accepting rishabh…n who the hell is LAYLA? is she know how to behave??totally nonsense girl i just want to give her a tight slap thn she never be able to behave n talk like this rude…pls ignore her she is stupid..
    N LAYLA if u can write better ff thn others thn y don’t u write???? Its my CHALLENGE to u tht if u write batter ff thn saya n yamuna thn i will never read others ff…IF U HAVE DARE THN ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE…OTHERWISE ALL FF FANS OF SAYA N YAMUNA WILL BELIEVE THT U LOSE….

  4. Joycelyn

    Your ff is awesome
    tumbs up…continue to work hard and ignore those haters
    i’m your silent reader all the way from Ghana

    • Yamuna

      I know, i know my ff is awesome, no need to praise…haha just kidding! Anyways, I’m happy that you finally commented on my ff.

  5. angel

    Hey yumana your ff is awesome and don’t worry about people like layla she comments bad on saya ff as well.Love u lots

    • Yamuna

      Awe thanks Angel for commenting on my ff and yea…i should just ignore her. Anyways, I’m 14 years almost 15. How about you?

  6. angel

    No Yamuna I am finished with school early as I finished 2 grades in 1 year I only have matric left.What grade are u in?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.