Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 15


I’m happy that you guys are liking my ff. Thank you to all for encouraging me to keep going?
I tried to reply to Sunehri’s comment, but for some reason I couldn’t, anyways I do have a Facebook. Add me  I’ve replied to others in the previous episode.

The episode starts with everyone preparing for Mahira and Azad’s marriage.
Azad: do you really want to merry me?
Mahira smiles: of course Azad.
Azad: are you sure?
Mahira: positive
Azad: really?
Mahira: if you ask me that one more time then I will say no for sure…
Azad fakes a sad face
Kainat: what are you guys talking about?
Azad: none of your business
Amad: wow. Did you see that Kainat. After getting bhabhi…Azad bhaijaan already forget us and don’t even share anything with us.
Kainat (acts angry):yes Amad bhai! We should go now!!!
Azad: amad! These days Kainat is talking too much, we should find a guy for her and marry her off.
Mahira: meri sidhi sadhi nanand ko kitne chidte hai ap logon.
Kainat: bhabhi, don’t act.
Amad laughs and kainat goes from there angrily while Amad goes behind her to say sorry. Azad senses that Mahira is tensed.
Azad: what’s wrong Mahira? Did you felt bad about Kainat’s word?
Mahira: no Azad. Remember we went to khan begum’s room and was about to open that secret room, but we never did. I want to know what is in there.
Azad: ok. Lets go now
Mahira opens her mouth in shock: now! Mr. Khadus!! You are really crazy
Azad: how many times have I told you to don’t open your mouth so wide…fly will get in and one last time. I have a name and it’s Azad.
Mahira gets mad and walks away
Azad: uff yeh ladkiya bhi na. She made mistake and gets angry on me.

Kainat is about to fall and a guy catches her. He introduces himself as Shravan.
No precap

Which actor would you guys like to imagine shravan as opposite Kainat. Any suggestions?
And about the last episode thingy, i was joking. Sorry for giving you guys shock.

Credit to: Yamuna


  1. Its my pleasure that my cmnt makes u laugh at else I need that my smthng makes sm1 happy. At a fabulous epi WOW.???. LOVE U 2 not 3no no 4 arey no 5 no no no LOVE U TO INFINITY (liked it)

  2. Sunehri

    Thank god. … Thanks for not ending. … good episode. … and I can understand dear… its not safe to share your account details in public. .. so no worries 🙂 ….. For shravan. …. I’ve suggest. …. karan tacker 🙂

  3. kinza

    I really got shocked… 😀 Good joke ! Episode was good. Keep writing Yamuna… Great! And when you reply to our comments na… This makes me happy yr. Anyway, take care!

    • Yamuna

      Lol thanks and you too. Take care 😉 . just like you, I also feel happy when you comment on my ff everyday???

  4. kna786

    Really good episode and i enjoyed it alot and plz carry on and make it more romantic and intense to create a interesting ff and try update regularly and put a good guy for the pair of kainaat and he should be good looking and should not be bad like tje one who played opposite her in the real episode and plz follow my request

  5. angel

    Awesome epi I am normally a silent reader but your epi is really good… For shravan… I would choose karan tacker… And my name is really mahira in case u all think I made it up… Love u lots

  6. Amayra

    Thank god u r not ending…i ws really bcm upset n angerd…but nice epi.n i would like to choose rishabh sinha for kinat..,.pls accept my suggetion..

    • Ahira

      I agree with u tht i would also like to choose rishabh sinha..n yeah i m silent reader n i ws sooooo shocked to read LAST EPISODE..i decided tht if u ends today i will never open tellyupdated now…pls don’t end soooooo sooooon …i also love ur ff..i commented in ur 3-4 epis if u remember i gave u suggestion for ur ff n u also accepted that…like hulk n afreen etc.. .love u soo much dear..

  7. Nafeesa

    I’m not able to control myself from commenting. … I’m mad about your fan fiction. .. u r the best… I really missed azira in the show… but u nailed it. … love u too. .. no words to say Fabulous. .. 🙂

  8. Kashish

    U r the best. …. I was a silent reader. … but this episode made me to comment. … For shravan I would like to choose. .. karan tacker 🙂 plz… love u loads 🙂

  9. alisha

    Hey yamuna good epi i am angels cousin I coudnt find u on facebook do u have any other applications that we can talk on?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.