Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 14

I’ve replied to comments on previous episode(:

Am I dragging the story a bit? If so then please be honest, I promise I won’t feel bad or anything like that. One more thing, if you guys have suggestion or want to say something then don’t say sorry because I would love to get feedback and see if you guys are liking my ff or not. Last but not least, don’t say thank you to me. Instead I should thank you all my dear friends for reading my ff and commenting.

The episode starts with Azad’s eyes turning red, while Mahira gets boggled. Azad drags Mahira out of the room and slams the door on her face. Mahira is so much in shock that she couldn’t even cry. She goes near the window and see’s Azad going underground in his room.
Mahira to herself in tears: what’s happening?

The next day
As Azad gets out from his room in the morning, Mahira was seen sleeping peacefully outside his door. Azad goes near her and puts her hair behind her ears. Mahira wakes up and gets scared seeing Azad in front of her.
Mahira: last night…
Azad: last night what? Wait..
Azad to himself: how can I forget? Mahira saw me last night. Everything is over now. She will never accept me this way.
Azad drags Mahira from there and takes her to his room.
Azad: you want it to know what I was hiding right? You want it to know why it’s impossible for us to be together! You were wondering how can I be so different from Amad despite being brothers. Then listen! IM NOT NORMAL HUMAN. YOU HEARD ME??? IM NOT NORMAL.
Azad breaks down and collapse on floor.
Mahira: a..azad…

Azad: yes Mahira, I don’t know why allah made me like this.
Mahira: look at me Azad.
Azad gets up and says: I can’t face you. You are Mahira and Mahira has solution to every problem right? Then please find a solution to my problem. I can’t live a life like this anymore. I can’t…I just can’t…
Mahira gives a tight slap across his face and hugs him tightly
Mahira: why didn’t you share this with me before? You were hurt, but kept this to yourself. I can’t even imagine how painful it would of had been for you.
Azad: you still love me, after knowing the truth?
Mahira: yes Azad. You are my life and how can I not love my life?
Azad cries: mahira….

Mahira: and you are right. I’m Mahira and Mahira has solution to every problem. Whatever hurdle comes, we will always be together. (Humari adhuri kahani plays…)

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  1. superb epi.their is shown so strong.

    1. Thank you Inu…

  2. Ur not @ all dragging. … it’s very interesting. …. by the way azira scene was soooooooo emotional. …… good episode Yamuna 🙂 …….. by the way u live in Chennai, Tamil nadu…. I’m a 13 year old school student 🙂 …. how old r u ??? 🙂

    1. I live in Chennai *

    2. Thanks a lot Sunehri..and omg! You are 13??! That’s unbelievable! By the way, I’m 14?

      1. Ha ha. 🙂 r u in fb??

  3. No dear we heartly want ur ff..really I love ur off plz don’t stop it…

    1. I wont end it Amayra…? thank you

  4. This is just perfect yr.. It’s not dragging, not at all dragging! Please don’t stop 🙁 Great job dear … The episode is also superb. Love u…

    1. Thank you kinza..and i won’t end it☺

  5. Awesome going yamuna…I was silent reader all this while… Bt couldn’t stop myself to comment after this beautiful epi…and u r 14…that’s really a news…as your writing is fantabulous….I am also from Chennai?

    1. Thank you Priya for breaking your silence and commenting…

  6. Yumana your ff is really good and ithink you should try and update regularly plz and i think at the moment dont do a leap as i am enjoying their romantic scenes also i think you should make their marriage happen and their finding solution to their problem aswell so plz follow my request and do not make him die plz follow my request thanks

    1. I will try to update regularly dear…and don’t worry. I won’t make Azad die because he is the main protagonist and if he died then the story would end…

  7. Hi yamuna I readed ur reply. I know dat when he liked u back u would have think dat u r the most happiest person in the world u know according to me our fate can’t see us happy for a big time it alwayz tries its best to snatch/drag the rug under our feet its up to us that stand up again or sit there. Lv u dear well im of 13 i have not more difference than and moreover im same age to sunehri. Move on dr our fate always playz games its up to us to boldly face it and make it loose or else loose ur self maybe his frnd wntd to hurt u so that he did this. Whenever u feel lonely im here. And from now onwardz i vil always cmnt.
    And wt a rpi wt a strong bonding i must say HATS OFF TO U sweetie????

    1. Not RPI bt epi sory fr mis

    2. Thanks a lot Kiera for going back and reading my comment…you are right, i will try to move on..thank you for supporting me. Once again really big big thanks??

      1. Its ok. Its a old dialogue bt I vil use NO SORRY & NO THANK U IN FRIENDSHIP. Right.

      2. Aahhh & 1 more thing THE FRIENDS IN NEED ARE THE FRIENDZ INDEED.
        In school act as normal like nothing has happened,try to divert ur attention by jokes,upd8s. Work as Mich hard as u could so that his stupid friend can seek a lesson. THST GIRLZ R NOT WEAK. Undrstood. And music us the best thing to divert ur attention. ALL THE BEST. Keep smiling my prayers r with u. LOVE U??????

    3. Haha???

    4. I love you 2 Kiera…you are the best! Thank you for commenting on my ff always and giving me good suggestions. For some reason, Whenever i read your comments, it makes me laugh.

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