Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 11

The episode begins with everyone eating at dinning table. Mahira is serving food.
Azad: sit down Mahira. Eat it with us.
Khan begum gets shocked but then thinks: its good that Azad and Mahira are getting close. Once they get together and have a baby, I will get all my powers back.
Amad: you snatched my first love and now trying to snatch Mahira too?
Azad: amad! It’s not my fault. It’s Afreen who was a bad girl and stop acting. I know you don’t like or love Mahira. You just want to take revenge with me.
Amad shouts: stop taking my Afreen’s name and walks away

Azad’s room
Mahira knocks on the door.
Mahira: can I come in?
Azad: haha. You are asking like you would not come if I said no.
Mahira: azad! Please tell me. Why Amad and you are enemies. Kainat told me that you two used to be so close.
Azad: would you think me as wrong after I tell you?
Mahira: never.

Flashback (2 years ago)
A lady wearing black salwar suit with long braided hair walks in the khan Begum’s resident. She introduce herself as Afreen. Amad gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.
Afreen: mam! I’m personal assistant of Amad.
Amad: hello I’m Amad.
Amad and Afreen spend lots of time together and after a month he fell in love with her and soon they were in relationship. One day I had just taken a shower and was getting ready when Afreen was standing there. She slipped purposely and I went on the hold her. Just then Amad came in and was shocked to see us in that position.
Amad: what’s happening?

Afreen: ohh, I was about to fall but Azad catched me.
Amad: lets go to shopping Afreen, I’m going to buy you something special. I love you .
Azad: how about me?
Amad: bhaijaan. I love you more than anything in this world. You are beyond the list.
After few days she made me unconscious and took intimate photos of her and me so she could blackmail me. Afreen made me dance on her tunes. Then finally one day, she forces me to propose her. We were on the road. She brings the ring which Amad gave it to her and gives it to me. I think something was going in Afreen’s mind because the ring had ghee on it. As I was about to put the ring on her she slips and as I bring my hand to save her, my hand slips from hers and she gets hit by a huge truck. I heard someone yelling her name, when I turned around, it was Amad. He runs to her while Afreen dies at the place.

Amad: Azad! You separated me from my Afreen. You killed my Afreen. How dare you? I will never forget this betrayal.
Azad: nahi…
Amad: shut up! You proposed her and when she said no you pushed her so she could get hit by a car and die.
Azad: you are thinking me wrong..
Amad: if I’m then why do you have ring on your hand?
Azad cries: woh..i..
Amad: I will never forget this day. I will ruin your life. I will avenge my Afreen’s death from you. I hate you Hulk!!!!

Flashback ends.
Azad hugs Mahira and says: that day, Amad was so mad that he didn’t even listen to me once. After that he never talked to me. He thinks I ruined his life. All he does is taunt me, he doesn’t know how much it hurts me. You believe me na Mahira?
Mahira hugs him back and says: of course Azad. I know that you can never be wrong.
Azad breaks down on Mahira’s lap while Mahira consoles him. He looks at Mahira and says: I love you Mahira. You complete my life. I wish I could be yours forever. They have an eyelock (sad version of oo mere oo yara plays…)
As the screen zooms out, Amad was outside their room listening to their conversation with tears in his eyes.

Precap: mahira somewhat remembers her past

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  1. Fantastic episode. .. keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you Sunehri…

    2. Thank you Sunehri….

  2. wow superb!!!!
    excellent episode….. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shaheen…

  3. I really enjoyed this make the next one more interesting and make it longer and make them more romantic and intense plz

    1. I will try friend. Thank you…

  4. Omg…Azad Amad n Afreen’s flash back is tooooo much interesting more than real qubool hai..seriously yaar..n i just hope Amad forgive Azad after listening Azad…keep it bab..n yeah plz don’t end this very soon…plz dear…i hope u will understand atleast complete 100 epis.plz

    1. Awe. Thats so sweet of you Amayra? thank you for reading my ff.

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