Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 10

Mahira goes to her room and opens her diary. She starts writing with tears flowing down through her cheeks.

“ it was once said that death is the greatest loss in life, but for me, the greatest loss is when your loved ones are in pain and you can’t do anything about it. For example, Azad is holding such a big pain which I don’t even know myself. I wish I could help him. He tells me that I should find someone who is better than him, but he is my life. How can I go with someone else leaving my life. He have already token my heart but forget to return it back to me. Azad, today you told me a thing which hurt me so much. It broke my heart into thousands, no million, wait…billion, actually so many pieces that even god can’t count. Destiny wants was us to be together. Even if it doesn’t then I can fight with my destiny just to be with you. I’m so much in love with you that if anything happens to you then I will die. I can’t live without you Azad. Please come back to me. I promise that one day, I will get my Azad and everything will be right. I will fix everything. Like I said I’m Mahira and Mahira has solution to every problems.

Precap: azira’s scene, Mahira somewhat remembers her past life.

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  1. Masha allah. … Mahira ‘ s dialogue was fantastic and emotional. .. no words to say. … and in precap Mahira remembers her past life right. …. In ur ff is azaad is the re incarnation of aahil? ???

    1. Thank you Sunehri…i don’t know yet about that.

      1. Then plz make azaad as aahil ‘s re incarnation. … plz it’s my request

      2. Thank you for the suggestion Sunehri…i’ll try?

  2. its too gud,no wrd to say……………..

    1. Thanks Sana?

  3. Superb writting yamuna.keep going.

    1. Thank you Inu..

  4. Wowwww…amazing yaar…n yeah plz read my comment in ur last ff…

    1. Thank you Amayra. I replied to your comment in the previous episode:)

  5. Good episode and keep going

    1. Thank you friend…

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