Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 1


Can you guys give me suggestion of what name I should give to Mahira and Azad’s pair.
1. Azira
2. Azma
3. Mahizad
4. Any other suggestions?

Sunheri: thank you for reading my ff
Fatarajo: I also like all three pairs but I don’t like Mahira and Armaan’s pair. Thanks for commenting.
Sahima: I love your name and yes. You’re right. After Azad died I was really disappointed.
Kavi: yes dear. In my fanfiction, Azad is still a vampire.
Shanaz: I’m also a fan of Azad and Mahira. Thanks for commenting.
Inu: no need to thank dear. Instead I should thank you for reading my ff.
Ranaji: thank you for supporting me.
Meghs: your most welcome dear

The episode starts with Mahira turning into stone and Azad is shocked to see her like that. Azad puts Mahira in his arms and cries. A drop of his tear gets on Mahira’s cheeks and she slowly starts turning back into human. Before Mahira sees him, he leaves from there.
Mahira to herself: who saved me?
She heard a voice coming from her back saying: “ I did”. She turned around and was shocked.
Amad: Mahira are you ok? I did so many things to turn you back into human and look I succeed.
Mahira to herself: Azad had seen me like this and he didn’t do anything?
Amad: mahira…tum thik toh hona?
Mahira: nahi..mein thik nahi, bohut thik hu. Hahaha. Arey, joke tha! Funny nahi tha kya?
Amad: tum bhi nah kamal ho.
Azad was watching all this from far away and was sad. He went to his room and threw away all the things and cried.
Azad to himself: yah allah…why did you made me like this? I want to live a life like normal humans. Please make me normal…I want to spend rest of my life with Mahira. I LOVE HER


Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Hey Yamuna same I also don’t like Mahira-Armaan pair
    I only watched the show till Azaad’s death after that I stopped watching it , btw I loved Azaad’s requesting to make him normal 🙂

  2. Nice…but pls write epi in English…

  3. Azma would suit them….<3 <3 <3

  4. Use Azma dear…. I really missed mahira’s dialogue joke tha funny nahi laga… And make the episode long Yamuna… And the last part when azad says he wants to live like human was very touchy…. Fab…

  5. The episode was superb. I suggest azhira. That would suit well.

    And the last scene was very. Waiting for the next episode. I’m so happy.

  6. Azira suits better and today’s epi gave a hint for interesting future Eli’s.good going yamuna.

  7. Azira is best i lyk it

  8. I just azira
    Lst part was really heart touching…
    I watched qubool hai till azad died after that become crap …

  9. same 2 u yamuna i don’t like armaan-mahira pair.
    I suggest u please use azhira. And i’m realy miss mahira’s joke tha dialogue nd o mere o mere mere o yara song.
    Nice episode. After long days i hear mahira’s dialogue. Tanq dr.

  10. Good going Yamuna. Keep it up

  11. Very nice episode, yamuna I choose azma, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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