Mahi Ve !! (a game of love and obsession) by Abhilasha shot 7

Hello Dearie’s ……..thank u sooo muchhh for ur so beautiful comments …..I was speechless !!!! Luv uh all!! Now let’s start!
Recap- Sancho starts kabir’s treatment!!
kabir was not eating and medicines ……he started throwing things!!!
Sanchi comes!!!
Sanchi- what happened??
Kabir- see na dost …she is forcefully giving me this yuckk food!!
Sanchi- kabir this is important!! Actually in a devil has come in ur stomach… So if u didn’t eat this then he will become strong and give u pain to to defeat him u have to eat this!
Kabir- after this will u take me to eat something?
Sanchi feeding him oats ….- what u want?
Kabir eats ! – golgappa
Sanchi- but when u started eating golgappas?
Kabir- me Mira and wo ……she likes eating golgappas a lot…..I miss her!
Sanchi- who..Mira??
Kabir- I do miss Mira but I miss her too a lot!
Sanchi- how was she?
Kabir- she was my bittu!! Like u
Sanchi’s eyes were filled with tears!
Sanchi- ohk lets have golgappas!!
They go to golgappa stall !!
Kabir- i want metha+teeka!!!
Sanchi smiles!!
They eat golgappas with lots of sweet talks and giggles!!!
They walk on the road!! Kabir sees a sugarcandy stall……and shouts- buddhi k baal!!
Sanchi smiles and brings for him!!!
Kabir- you too eat na!! Sanchi eats little bit!!
Kabir laughs- u eat like kids!!
He touches sanchi’s lips and cleans !!
Sanchi felt a current in her body!!
Some goons came!!
They tease sanchi and pass bad comments on her!
Kabir picks stone and throw on them.
One goon came and slap him.
Goon- you mentle person… dare you?
Sanchi slaps hard !!!
Sanchi beats all goons like a superwoman!!
Kabir claps!!!
Goon run away from there.
Sanchi- dont underestimate girls…….we have power to give a new life ……and to end evils too!!
They returns to hospital.
Kabir tales his medicines and sleeps!
Sanchi checked all patients. And talked all interns in gentle manner. And with staff too.
Nurse1 – what happened to mam? She is behaving really nice.
Nurse2- its all due to that mentally unstable patient. Maybe they have some relation from past.
Nurse3- whatever ….first time this hospital is peaceful not prison.
Sanchi- why u r gossipping?? Get back to work! And smiles!
Nurses- sure mam!
In sanchi’s cabin- sanchi was checking some reports ….she felt a gentle door opening sound and saw kaira trying to walk!
Kaira- comes inside and tries to walk to sanchi!
She walks 6 steps and was about to fall but sanchi holds her.
kaira- maa!!
Sanchi hugs her and tears welled down her eyes.
She gives chocolate to kaira!!
Kaira kisses her cheeks!
Sanchi responds!!
Kaira- maschi shelfe
Sanchi- u mean selfie??
Kaira nods her head!
Sanchi- truly daughter of Mira ….selfie queen!
Both have a selfie.
Kaira- maschi papa …..not loves..kaira
Sanchi- no kaira papa loves u lot but just wait for sometime ….and u will get ur papa’s love soon!!
Sanchi sound of throwing things!! She runs……
She was shocked to see kabir again throwing things.
Kusum and veer along with staff were trying to stop him but all in vain. She handsover kaira to kusum and goes to kabir!
Kabir pushes her and she falls on couch near window.
She sees an injection and a medicine.
She calms down kabir by giving an injection to him along with help of wardboys and veer.
Kabir sleeps and sanchi picks that injection and medicine.
Sanchi- omggg……this is reason of kabir’s this behavior …….this medicine reverse the effect of medicine.
This means someone knowingly dont want kabir to be fine but who and why? I can get all answers in sdch!!

Precap- twist in tale….a shocking revelation!


So guys plzz do comments if u like it!!!! Ur comments charge me!! Keep smiling!!! Luv uh!!!
Author’s note- initially i wanted kaira to be link of their relation but when pyarasa rishta is going … i thought to do different ….i hope u guys dont have any problem with kabir as mentally unstable ……and actually i plan my stories starting and ending so beech me kya hota h i realky dont have any idea!! So if i write some silly things plzz forgive me….and stay tuned!! There is lot to come.
Good day!! Luv uh all! Plzz do cmts!

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  1. amazinggggg
    kabir is mentally unstable – its for the sake of the story dear
    don’t mind at all
    you and sanchi are there na to make him normal
    love uu

  2. Aafiya

    Wow.. Awesome! Precap sounds interesting.. Post soon.. Waiting for the lot to come.. Love you too… Have a good day. Take care..

  3. Abhi… was super duper usse bhi uppar…bole toh jhakkas…..THIS IS IT( in Remo Dsouza style) n perfect(in Madhuri dixit style)

  4. It’s perfectly OK if kabir is mentally unstable for the sake of story. But I m still curious who is behind all these. Hope he will be in senses shortly. Waiting for revealing of suspense shortly.

  5. Ashnita456

    Wowwww abhi it’s so amazing outstanding superb mindblowing awesome lovely khidki tod ravishing fab and many more and beyond beyond beyond everything. Waiting for next part And congrats for 50th post. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads

  6. Dhruti

    abhi it’s ok i enjoy this ff specially sanchi and kaira’s bond and kanchi’s bond too…………………
    so this was super, mind blowing ff…………………
    post next one soon……………
    love you………
    tc…………see you………………..

  7. So so beautiful episode yaar……I like kabir child behavior……….thanks a lot yaar….

  8. Riyarocks

    Abhi yaar……..pehle tu ye bata ki tu khaati kya hai? I mean har pal, har baar, itniiiiiiiiiiii amazing ideas tujhe aate kahaan se hai?ek dum khidkitod, kamaal, dhamaal, bemisaal……….kuch bhi keh loon, tere saamne sab feeke pad jayenge………luv u dherrrrrrrrr saara meri jaan & ek badi si teddy hug for u………

  9. Shivaniiii

    Soooo beautiful dear. I just loved it ?????????????????????????

  10. Awesome…. Update soon

  11. Abhi di…’s awesome ?….I really liked the idea of make Kabir mentally unstable….feeling lil bit bad but it’s necessary for storyline….sorry for not commenting on previous chapter… update soon….lots of love to u & take care?

  12. It was such a beautiful epi.Loved it alot

  13. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait

  14. Amazing dear….loved it a lot….ye mystery kab solve karne wali ho?! Eagerly waiting for it…..kitne aache ideas hai yaar tumhare pass….mai toh tumhari fan ho hai! Next part jaldi post karna! Tussi sadenaal wait mat karwanaa! …..take care….love u….

  15. Niyaaa

    Hey amaz mindblowing Epi abhi… nkaira selfie queen?…d ye naya villain kon tapak pda story me… Epi s short bt kpi naa reully post kar de vahi kafi h.. Lovvv u post nxt asap.. bye tc

  16. RuCh23

    No problem with Kabir being mentally unstable. He’s awesome in any avatar ???. I just loved this dialogue specially. “dont underestimate girls…….we have power to give a new life ……and to end evils too!!” It was so true!!! And yaar it’s your 50th post!!! ??? congratulations ??? love you loads ???

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