Mahi Ve !! (a game of love and obsession) by Abhilasha shot 5

Hello my Dearies………a very very big wala thank you to all of you for ur beautiful comments…..when I started my journey I never imagined that I will get so much love but you people are the best readers and friends I could ever get!!! Love uh all!!!!!!!
Now let’s start another phase of story !!!!
4 years later………….
Kapoor mansion!!!
A lady is doing Pooja (worship) in temple……..she finished the Pooja and proceeds to give prasad!!
A person comes in temple!!!
Person- Mumma I want prasad….
Lady- OK baby but you should take bath first ….
person- no no I want laddoo first…….uuuu…….cries bitterly…
Lady- OK beta take laddoo!!
person- yipeee I got two laddoo…..jumps in happiness.
Lady goes to a photo frame with garlands ….she light diya infront of it!!
Lady- mira why u went away……look kabir what he had became………that accident snatch not only you but my kabir too……he had became like a child.
(So the lady is kusum and that laddoo wala person is kabir…..don’t beat me…hehe…..mira died……now….let’s see)
A girl of about 3 yr comes crawling !!
Girl- da…di….da….ohhayin
Kusum- oh my princess kaira…….today too u came crawling on ur knees…..I have to be more careful now or u will create blunder one day!!
A man comes on main door- may I come in!!
Kusum- are my veer puttar …..come come!!
Veer- maasi pairi pauna …….how are you?
Kusum- now when you had came I am absolutely fine.
Veer- kabir Bhai?
Kusum- his condition is same like before ……
Veer- masi I have heard about a doctor……she is an oncologist as well as a very good psychologist.
Kusum- beta I can do anything……u just tell where is she?
Veer- new Delhi !
Kusum- so we should go to new Delhi…..god plz find a way to get my kabir well.
Veer- OK I should book tickets for all of us but where is my cutipie…
Kaira- Chachu…….yeee…..ap aa daye……itte del bad.
Veer- sholly my princess !!
Kaira- my chockate??
Veer- oh I forgot…..umm…..let’s do magic …….Abra ka dabra gilli gilli choo and here chocolate appears.
Kaira claps- best Chachu!!
Veer- maasi I think Bhai don’t need onlyedical treatment but love…..
kusum- don’t know what destiny wants!!
Scene shifted-
In an orphanage!!
A girl is seen in white anarkali with colourful designer jacket over it!!
She gives balloon to all kids….and plays with them.
In charge of orphanage comes!!
Incharge- madam you are really so noble……..every month u donate so much here and more than that ur love…..these kids love you so much.
Girl- first of all u r elder than me so don’t call me madam …call me sanchi and this money really don’t matters and this love …..I got much more love and peace here. I have done many mistakes in my life….this is my repentance !
Incharge- sanchi if that is so than ur bad time is over and soon ur life will be filled with love and happiness.
Sanchi- I neither believe in love nor I want it. I am happy in my life and now love has no place in my life.
She greets all and leaves in her car.
MD hospital, New Delhi
Sanchi reaches there.
Two nurses were talking to each other that they didn’t notice a patient and his family sitting for some queries to them..
Saanchi sees this ….
sanchi- nurses!!! How dare you be so irresponsible….I think u r no more in love and need with ur job…..ur termination letter is ready now!!
Nurses- sorry mam plz sorry ….plz don’t fire us…plzz give us a chance.
Sanchi- I hate sorries!! U r given last chance but ur half salary is deducted and one day record room duty….MD hospital is most reputed hospital of this country and I don’t want to risk the patients and reputation of this hospital just because of some careless people like you!
Nurses- sorry mam!
Sanchi- get lost now…..and Mr am Mrs you people come with me ….I will tell ur reports!
Patient- yaa sure doctor!
She told them about reports results and suggested best treatment and procedure.
After sometime-
In Sanchi’s cabin-
Two girls come-
Sanchi sanchi….where are you?
Sanchi- oho why are u putting whole hospital on your heads?

Pragya- Abe oh tum satiya gyi ho kya (have u gone insane) ?
Isha- sanchi what is this ……u have deducted half salary…u know what this means for a middle class person.
Sanchi- first of all I know their family conditions and I know that this month they have no much expenses but next month I will give the the deducted salary so chill….just wanna realize them about their mistake.
Ishagya- jai ho sanchi devi ki……u r really unpredictable.
Trio hugs!!
Sanchi- OK now both of u go back to ur work or I will deduct yr salary….
Ishagya- oye u have more share that doesn’t means u can cut our salary ….we two have 25% share too.
Sanchi- just kidding!!
Trio laughs!!
Next day!
Flight landed in new Delhi!
Kabir- yee we have come for trip na Mumma?
Kusum- yaa beta ….and for ur treatment too.
Kaira- Chachu I want to eat golgappas!
Veer- yaar from where u got this golgappa eating talent?Mira bhabhi hated golgappas!
Kaira- hihi….golgappa!
Veer- OK miss golgappa let’s have golgappas first.
They reached a golgappa shop(not stall but a shop)
Kusum- veer u and kaira go and have them ….I m going to visit that nearby temple with kabir.
Veer- OK maasi!
They enters shop!!
Veer- Bhaiya just give some sweet golgappas and sweet one!
Kaira and sanchi- teekha!
Sanchi and ishagya comes there !! Sanchi was surprised !!
Sanchi pulls cheeks of kaira!
Sanchi- so cute u r and u too like golgappas!
Kaira- yeshh mashi!
Sanchi- mashi …wow I like it!
Kaira- golgappa mashi!
Veer- hey sorry don’t take her wrong!
Sanchi- no I like it!
Veer- oh urgent call! Miss could u plz hold her?
Sanchi- sure!! Why not?
Veer- thanks!!
Sanchi- so baby u too like golgappas like me!!
Kaira- yuchh machi!
Sanchi- OK let’s eat!
Kaira- yupp!
Sanchi and kaira have golgappas and lots of sweet talks!
Veer was returning but bumps with isha! Both share cute wala eyelock!
Veer- miss thank you for holding kaira and ur frnd is really cute.
Sanchi- thanks and I m sanchi an she is ur cute isha.
Veer- I m veer and she is kaira!
Sanchi- oh so this sweetie is kaira! Ur mother will be very lucky!
Veer- her mother is not in b/w us.
Sanchi- oh I m sorry …u r his father?
Veer- no I m her Chachu his papa is mentally unstable.
Sanchi- oh god!!
Veer- OK we should leave!! We have to go to doctor.
Sanchi- ya sure!! Even I m getting late.
Veer- OK bye. Nic to meet u and ur fend…winks at isha.
Isha blushes.
Sanchi- same here….bye kaira baby.
Kaira- bye maschi.
Precap- kanchi’s meet !!
So the real story starts now ….let’s see what destiny or me unfolds for kanchi!! Hope u all like it! Plzz do cmnt!! And in last shot my sweet silent readers too cmntd some new ones ….thank u all!! Keep smiling!

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  1. Yrr abhi!!! It was marvellous!….loved the bonding between veer and kusum, isha sanchi n pragya…feeling bad 4 kabir….n yes ofcourse tumne toh aag hi lga di! Update next part asap…

  2. Do so nice episode

  3. Aafiya


  4. Dhruti

    awww…………mira dead!!! and what is kabir’s condition ?? how it was happened??? lots of questions running in my mind……i hope i get all ans of my questions soon………….btw ff superb……..i love kaira-sanchi’s bonding and nice scene between veer and isha…………..can’t wait for next one………………….update soon…………………love you abhilasha………….

  5. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. Infact ye super se bhi uper h.
    M very happy mira Mar gyi afterall usne bohot bada gunha kiya tha. But I’m feeling very bad for kabir. Acha wo devdas kaise ban gya wo to mira se pyaar hi nhi krta tha. ?? btw ab maza aayega ab suru hogi saanchi ki sanghrsh kabir ko thik krne me. Nd bond between kaira nd saanchi is awesome. Aisa lgta h wo saanchi ki beti h na ki us mira ki.
    Now can’t wait anymore for next episode. Pls post next one soon. Take care ???

  6. Khamoshi

    Abhilasha dear… i am not at all going to beat u..bcoz its really interesting dear.. how u brought twist is just unpredictable..amazing.
    Unique story thats why more interesting to read.. keep it up the good work dear..lots of love

  7. Mira is dead….feeling bad for kabir…..awesome Abhi di, u just nailed it again… update very soon…lots of love to u.

  8. Ruhanika188

    Wow!! This is so nice di. Kaira & Sanchi’s conversation was too good. Feeling bad for Kabir. It will be interesting to read kaanchi’s meeting. And u r outstanding, fabulous, marvalous any word will be less for u. Love you loads. Update soon. Waiting

  9. RuCh23

    ??? excellent Abhi ??? you’re simlpy amazing!!! Kabir reminded me of Atharv ??? Sanchi & Kaira got along well and they were so cute too ??? can’t imagine how shocked Sanchi will be when she see Kabir in this state ???

  10. Palak.Sharma

    Cute episode… feeling a little sad for Kabir. But Sanchi and Kaira got along well. Really cute first meet. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next shot

  11. Chotu sa pyara sa Hi. I m wandering what happened these years. Pls.pls. update asp. U r ??

  12. Riyarocks

    Abhilasha……..yaar tumne toh meri bolti band kardi….bole toh ek dum KHAMOSH(Satrughan style) kar diya……ab bolun kya….bolne ke liye kuch bacha ho tabhi toh bolun…….lovely, fantastic, mind blowing, khidkitod, darwazatod etc.etc…….mira’s no more…shocking twist….kabir, mentally unstable…dhamakedaar…..kaira & sanchi convo….it was like icing on the cake…luv u a lot sweetieeeee & ek bohut bohut bohut badi waali jaadu ki jhappi for u……..

  13. Wow….ths twist is awsm…Kabir is mentally unstable!! Yeh pls make Kabir fine soon…Nd,,Veer nd Kiara r too cute…u just nailed it…

  14. Riyarocks

    Abhilasha dear, I’m commenting this on behalf of Anuradha…Wonderful … Awesome.. I m speechless yaar… Very good story well executed… Great yaar…

  15. Yaashi23

    Very nice dear.. this twist is amazing .. i loved kaira sanchi bonding very much..

  16. Niyaaa

    Hey abhi awsome mindblowing epi.. Kya kahu itne sare question aa gaye h dimag me.. Seriously aise twist late ho ki sabki bolti band kar deti ho.. Veer kaira nd sanchi bonding is superb.. Abra ka dhabra gilli gilli choo.. Awww tumne to bachpan ki yaad dila di nd ye same trick m apni niece k sath karti hun…hehehe.. Abhi sisy jaldi jaldi te nxt post kalo.. M wait kal lahi hun.. Bye tc.. Late mat kalna.. Lovv u dhell sala

  17. Awesome…. I am speechless… Amazing

  18. Jessicca

    Loved it to the core of my heart.. Superb… Amazing.. Fantastic

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