Mahi Ve !!(a game of love and obsession) by Abhilasha shot 3

Hello friends …….remember me?? Just kidding ….its abhilasha here….back I m!!
First of all big wala sorry holding ears!!

Now a very very very big wala thank you for ur wishes and ur comments on last part!! Thank u trishu..niya …rajnandni(vrushti) for conveying my msg and for ur get well soon wishes!!
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Link will be provided below for previous chapters!!
Brief overview- story of kabir-mira-sanchi!! Mira is bestie and fiancee of kabir while Sanchi has joined sdch recently after coming back from California!! Sanchi befriends with mira and kabir but for kabir she started developing feelings while kabir has promised mira to make their relation perfect!! Let’s see how Sanchi’s attraction turns obsession and love!! Is it Sanchi’s obsession only or something else is involved or someone!!
Story starts-

Sanchi gets ready in her royal blue long kurta with white jeans an gives herself light TouchUp!!
Sanchi’s pov- today finally I will confess my feelings to kabir but mira….no I don’t care …for me the only thing matters is my love and me. Mira is a nice girl and would get anyone!
Prasha enters the frame-
Pragya- oho Sanchi madam today looking really different…something special!!
Isha- maybe sanchi is dating someone!!not done babe u didn’t us!!
Sanchi- come on guys take a chill pill …….sanchi Mathur don’t needs reason or special day to look good …when I really do something special the day itself becomes special!!
Prasha- hats of to u boss!

Sanchi- now let’s go to hospital!! (I can’t ll u guys that I will confess today to kabir bcoz u both won’t understand me and will give me lectures on mira and frndship)
Trio left for hospital-
Normal working schedule goes till evening!!

At evening-
Kanchi are for a important surgery rest have left !!surgery finish off successfully!!
Kabir- sanchi I think I should drop u its really late now.
Sanchi- yup sure but before that can we go to a restaurant….m feeling really hungry!!
Kabir In mind- but I have promised mira a dinner date…..she would have dinner with maa and I will msg her!
Kabir- OK sure …..just tell me address!!
Sanchi- let’s go I will tell u way(something special is waiting kabir)
Both leaves for restaurant!!
Manager- welcome mam and sir ur table is on terrace….plzz come with me.
Kabir- terrace??? Sancho but why terrace?
Sanchi- leave and let’s go or I will die of hunger!
Both goes up !!

Kabir was shocked to see terrace decorated beautifully with roses and orchids and other arrangements like they are for couple!
Manager goes!!
Sanchi- how is it??
Kabir- sanchi its beautiful but why we have came here ….u said just for dinner….
Sanchi keeps finger on his lips!
Sanchi- ssshhh …..u really asks too much questions….u can see its date decorations!!
Sanchi- I want to say that I love u kabir….I love u I love u I love u…..
kabir- Sanchi are u serious ?

Sanchi- do u think I will bring u here for any stupid prank…kabir I m serious!!
Kabir- Sanchi are u out of ur mind …u know that I m engaged to mira already.
Sanchi- so break it!!
Kabir- don’t be silly ….I respect u and ur emotions but sorry and I should leave ….and plz just forget this all an better concentrate on ur carrier!!
Sanchi emotional- kabir I really love u ….u r rejecting me for that mira….no u can’t do this.
Kabir- I m doing this and mira has always supported me and yaa next month we are marrying!
Sancho’s eye turns red …..I hate rejections…- kabir u don’t care for me…alright then there is no use of me for living.
Kabir- just stop ur drama…. How could I mistake to know u ….he turns for leaving.
Sanchi- fine kabir….goodbye!
Kabir feels strange and was stunned to see sanchi standing on boundary of terrace and moving.
She was about to jump…kabir pulls her …both hugged each other.
Both parted!
Kabir- are u mad? How could u risk ur life ?

Sanchi- when I can’t have u ….its no use to live .

Kabir- enough sancgi..don’t be childish ….u have gone insane.
He leaves .

Sanchi’s pov- kabir u did really wrong …now mira will pay for it …..she can’t snatch u from me.

At kapoor mansion-
Kabir reaches home and sees mira who was sleeping on couch.
Kabir- she might have slept waiting for me.

He picks her in his arms and takes her to room.
He was staring mira!
Kusum- so u came …..kabir she had sacrifice enough for u …….plz don’t her down and yaa Mr rathore and ur father is coming back to India tom and will fix ur marriage.
Kabir after thinking something.
Kabir- mom I want to marry mira in one week.
Kusum- this much soon but I m highly impressed …my dil is showing her colours on u.

Kabir smiles!
Kabir’s pov- no maa u r wrong this is because of sanchi ……I want her to get stay always from me so that she can live her life happily but what had happened to her? She was not like this. Sanchi if u had met me before mira surely I won’t u go but after seeing u today I m puzzled….who are u ?
At Sanchi’s residents!
Sanchi reaches drunk and her feet were stammering…..she was out of her senses…thankfully jaya wasn’t at home.
Prasha- omg !! Sanchi u in this condition what happened?
Sanchi- everything is finished….he rejected me ………he don’t love me….mai apni zindagi se shak chuki hu.
Prasha- thak*
Sanchi- now also I want to correct my Hindi.

Prasha- sorry but what happened sanchi who are u talking about?
Sanchi- kabir!!
Prasha- what??? Sanchi u know he is engaged to mira and loves her.
Sanchi- no damn it …he don’t love her at all …if that was so then he won’t have come closer to me ….can feel his feelings!
Prasha- don’t be fool sanchi…..u have came out of ur problems by difficulty …now don’t invite one more prblm.
Sanchi- no its height now …god always snatch everything from me but this time….no !I would get kabir by hook or by crook!
She breaks the vase kept nearby and leaves from there for her room.
Pragya- now what to do? I m afraid she took any wrong step!
Isha- its all due to her bitter memories!
Next day-
At sdch!
Sanchi’s eyes were blo*dy red due to excessive crying while kabir was restless too.
In Sanchi’s cabin
Mira enters-

Mira- sanchi u r looking very depressed….its not good for ur health.
Sanchi- mira please leave and stay away from me……get out!!
Mira- what had happened u sanchi? Why are u behaving like this?
Sanchi- I said leave ……leave ….tears start welling from eyes.
Mira too felt bad and leave with moist eyes as sanchi never had talked her like this.
In evening …kabir’s cabin-
Kabir has called all doctors for an announcement!
Kabir- welcome everyone so I want to inform u all that I m marrying after 3 days with my sweetie mira! U all are invited.
Sanchi was shocked to hell .
Mira’s happiness knew no bounds. She hugged kabir . all congratulated them and leaves.
Mira- kabir u really can’t estimate my level of happiness . thank u for this.
Kabir- anytime dear ….I have made u wait enough but now no more wait.

Sanchi breaks glass in her hand due to anger …her hand starts bleeding!
Kaira rushed for help but she resisted and left in anger.
Mira- kabir I don’t know what had happened sanchi?
Kabir- leave it mira!
Mira- but……..OK!!

Next day-
In rathore mansion

Mira was getting ready for hospital and thinking about kabir!
She came outside of house and felt something awkward.
She leaved in her car. Her car stopped in middle at a lonely road.
Mira came out to check default but someone hit on her head. She shouts.
Someone tied her and covered her mouth. And loaded her in car .
Mira gains consciousness and was shocked to get her in dark room…she was tied to lots of tapes on a mirror.
A girl in black top and jeans came near her……her face was not visible …..
Mira- who are you?? What u want??

Girl was revealed to be sanchi!!
Mira- sanchi!!!
Sanchi- yes me ……..u want to know that what I want? I want kabir.
Mira- shut up!! Kabir is mine …..I have give him 10 precious years of my life.
Sanchi- that’s ur mistake dear. Now just see dreams and get ready to die.
Mira- sanchi what had happened to u?? U were not like this.
Sanchi- this is my love.
Mira- its ur obsession sanchi… is not snatching by force its winning and I have won that.
Sanchi- everything is fair in love and war!
She takes out a big knife and touches it.

Mira- no sanchi u can’t do this to me. Plz let me go.
Sanchi- u have to die…..get ready to see heaven.
Sanchi was about to kill her …..Mira shouts!!
Mira opens her eyes.
Sanchi was shocked to see kabir holding her hand.
Kabir slaps sanchi!!

He frees mira from tapes …mira hugs her tightly.
Kabir- sanchi how u can stoop so low …..I really didn’t expected this from u. U know what today after this the little bit respect I had for u is finished. I hate u ….hate u to the core sanchi Mathur.
Sanchi- kabir u can’t do this….I will kill her.
Kaira leaves from there!

Sanchi shouts- noooo!!!
Next day!
(Sorry for rushing but its necessary)
Kaira’s mehandi function was going on!!

Mira was applying mehandi an smiling but her smile faded to see sanchi there.
Sanchi came- mira and kabir plz forgive me …what I did was not right….plzz Forgive me.
Kabir- how dare u came here…
Mira- kabir no !! Plzz forgive her. Love makes us blind. Its not her mistake.
Sanchi was surprised.
Sanchi’s pov- I think mira and kabir are made for each other and I should not come in between them.
Kabir somewhere was sorry for sanchi as he don’t love mira but has something for sanchi!!
After sometime !
Sanchi was pointing gun towards mira….kabir see them and snatches gun.
Kabir- u can’t improve . I don’t t to see ur face.
He hugs mira.
Kabir- sorry mira ……I love u and won’t anything to u.

Mira smirks. While sanchi was in tears .
Sanchi- not always what u see is correct. Yaa I was wrong yesterday but today….
Mira slaps her !

Mira- I thought u as my friend an u…… r blot on name of friendship.
Sanchi runs from there in tears.
At night.
Sanchi was walking on a silent and lonely road ……her dreams have broken Sanchi’s pov- kabir hates me….mira hates me……prasha are also angry with me and maa she don’t want to see my face. Why on the earth I m alive?
A car was approaching her but she didn’t seems in her senses.
Someone pulls her .

She was mira.
Mira- sanchi are u mad??
Sanchi- yes I m mad…….but u ….what u did today …I made my mind to not come in between both of u but u….
Mira- that was necessary …if its ur obsession and love then me too can’t let kabir go away from me.
Sanchi goes to Mira’s room

Sanchi- mira please forgive medont deserve ur forgiveness but plzz I became blind in kabir’s love but my happiness lies in his happiness so I can do anything from me.
Mira- yes u r ry8 …u don’t deserve forgiveness but punishment.
She points gun towards sanchi …
Sanchi- mira what u r doing?
Mira saw kabir and gives gun to sanchi…mira holds Sanchi’s hands and points gun toward herself.
Mira- shoot me sanchi…
She leaves hands …sanchi was confused …kabir arrives.

Fb ends.
Mira- I saw kabir’s attraction towards u and see now kabir hates u that much that he won’t see ur face.
Sanchi- mira u …….why ?? Kabir was all urs but u make him hate me more.
Mira- sanchi what u did was right??
Sanchi- yaa that was not right but I genuinely changed my mind but…..
Mira- no ifs and buts ………tit for tat!
Mira leaves!
Mira’s pov- sorry sanchi ….but I can’t u put my all sacrifices and wait go in vain…..I won’t be able to forgive myself but sanchi I can’t kabir go away …I can see love in his eyes but not for me but for you.

Precap- kaira’s marriage …Sanchi’s dance at wedding. Leap!!
I don’t know what the hell I wrote but it took me long time to write and as per story there will be leap for kanchi’s story.
Sorry I know I rushed but it was necessary.
Now as a result of all ur wishes I m fine now just my voice has become croaky due to infection….wish me luck for my tomorrow’s speech …….really worried that how I would speak ….I just pray to god for reaching semifinals!!
OK now sorry for torturing u with my speech here and please bear this story.
Also a sorry holding both ears that I don’t commented on it all stories even I haven’t read some but now onwards I will do. Luv uh and plz forgive ur abhilasha.
Keep smiling!!

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  1. Riyarocks

    Abhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………so good to see u back dear…………really missed u a lot……………… onwards, apni health ke saath 0.0000000000001% ki bhi laparwaahi mat karna ok………..I really can’t afford to see my frnd cum sis cum mentor in any sort of pain…………..plz dear……….& now coming to the episode, ending mein mira ka character ka aisa change aana… somewhat reminded me of bodyguard movie…kaise hazel ne kareena ko dhoka dia tha……yeh luv cheez hi aisi hai……even besties ko aapas mein ladaai karwa deti hai……ok..bahut bakwaas ho gayi…..take care & luv u loads sweetieeeee……

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u soo much dear and since my frnd has warned me so lovingly …I will be definitely taking my care …luv uh sweetie!!

    1. Abhilasha

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  3. Nice episode

  4. Firstly no sry at all!!!….tell me how r u feeling now? R u ok?…it was really nyc epi….just loved it…u nailed it…….
    Ur silent reader-Dhruvi or insta frnd-nehamehta(hope u remember me)..

    1. Abhilasha

      Hey nehu how could I forget u ….thank u so much dear and ya i m alright now!!

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    1. Abhilasha

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    Hey abhi dear……you portrait sanchi’s character very well in obessesion…..while reading this I WS thinking…
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    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u sooooo much dear and really happy u liked it ….so an to tum muje kafi Jaan gyi ho ki without twist story is incomplete ……and I m fine now … u too!

      1. Anee

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  9. Dhruti

    dear it is amazing os because you described all situations, scenes so superbly that i have no words to praise you………..but i try……………it was superb,emotional os…………………..i also felt very bad for sanchi because what she did is not right but when she try to change herself then mira shows her obsession towards kabir and her real intention also (means jab sudharne ki try kar rahi he tab asi situation aa jati he ki lagta he ki sudhre hi kyu????) i just confused because of mix emotions like i felt happy kabir also love sanchi nut due to promise he can’t breakup with mira so i also felt sad………………….ok ok live it…………………….. btw how are you now ? i hope you will get well soon……….tc…..bye

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u sooo much dear …it means a lot for me an don’t get confused ….it all will be cleared in upcoming episodea….stay tune and I m fine now!!!

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    Chalo fatafat

    1. Abhilasha

      Kasam se kh the h ki tumhara ye comment dekhke na hamar chehra led ki trh chmak gya ……thank u soo much dear ….love uh!!

  11. Hey abhi dear it was such an amazing and mindblowing episode….I was really shocked to see mira’s and sanchi’s this other side!! So they r similar or we can say a bit similar to each other!!ooh no kaira married! I think the story is going to have many twists and turns!!! And dear take care of urself and dont eat oily food or icecream in this state it will harm ur throat and health too….sorry but please bear the stupidity of ur lil sis! And I will surely pray to god for u…love u loads…

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u sooooooooo muchhhhh dear ……..and ha kaira ki marriage to pakka h but twists are waiting so bs apne pyare pyare words bachake rkho and uhi pyar barsate rho aur ok boss no ice cream or oily!! Luv uh tooooooo !!

  12. Aafiya

    Post next update soon

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u dear

  13. Trisha139

    Omg !! Too good to see you back sweetie nd seriously u rocked the whole episode !! But pls that’s a request don’t make Saachi a bechari or pls let Kabeer know Mira’s truth !! This was amazing in short !
    Love uh loads

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u soooooo muchhhhh dear and don’t worry Sancho’s character is not bechari infact really strong!! Stay tuned !!

  14. Palak.Sharma

    Abhilasha SO HAPPY TO SEE YOUR FF!! I hope you get well very soon!! For the episode it was beyond outstanding!! I was a little shocked seeing Sanchi like this and to see Mira like this?!! Bichara Kabir?!! Can’t wait to read the next part but post after you feel better.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u muchhh dee …glad to see ur comment and yaa really i was bored to see boys fighting for sanchi so thought to put kabir in that situation!!

  15. Khamoshi

    Welcome Back Abhilasha..happy to see u fi9 now. And u will be perfectly alright soon ?
    And About episode…it was damn interesting to read dear… such an unique concept..Sanchi’s obsession is really something to looks for..and the surprise act by Mira is unpredictable dear.
    Good job.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u soon much dear ….really it means a lot to me and yup I m fine now!!

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      Thank u so much dear niya(ur nickname which I have given u) ….really blessed to have frnd cum sis like u … uh too!!

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    Hey abhi dear first of all sorry bolkar hamein sarminda mat karo thank god u r fine now nd wishes for ur speech too.. Get well soon u get perfectly fine soon and epi is outstanding marvellous sanchi nd mira both r obessed for kabir.. Bechara kabir fash gaya bich me.. Hehehe.. Lovv u so so so much tc post nxt asap sweety

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      Thank u soo much dear and it really means a lot and really thankful to ur wishes too. Love uh too dher sara!!

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    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u sooooo muchhh dear ….glad u like it andand its result of u all people wishes that i recover and delivered my speech well and love uh too dher sara!!

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      Thank u sooo much dear and jb mere pas itne achche wale frnds h to bimari bi dar gyi ……my all disease get scared seeing love of u all!! Love uh tooooo!! Thank u for ur wishes too!!

  21. Hope ur fine now…. And the episode was amazing

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    Omg…. aur kya kahu???? I hope kabir ko sach pata chal jaaye… episode was awesome dear .loved it… i m happy that finally u r back.. and very best luck for speech. U will rock it..

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      Thank u soooo much dear for ur words of praise and ur wishes!!! Glad u like it!!

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