Mahi Ve !! (a game of love and obsession) by Abhilasha shot 9

Hello friends!!!! Thank you to all of you for your overwhelming comments!!!! I m blessed to have you all!!! Love uh!!
Now Happy birthday anuradha dear (actually di)?????????……I wish ap jaldi se IPS officer ban jao!!!
This episode is dedicated to you!!
Now let’s start!!!
Recap- sanchi gets to know that its the person behind Mira’s death and kabir’s condition is Mira’s father and she succeeded in giving him punishment!!
Sanch gets an anonymous call!
Now further-
Pragya- sanchi what happened??
Karan- Sancho relaxe….what happen?
Sanchi- kabir……accident….. She starts crying!
Karan- what????…. Let’s go Delhi fast!
Trio left for Delhi!
At MD Hospital
Kabir was in OT kaira was with isha and veer was with kusum!
Karan hugs kusum!!
Kusum- karan!!! But you were in UK na?
Karan- ma I will tell you further!! How is Bhai? …….kusum cries!!
Kaira runs to sanchi!!!
Kaira- maa!!……
Sanchi feels something……. Both hug each other and cries!!
Sanchi- no kaira ……nothing will happen to ur papa!!
Kaira- pinky promise??
Sanchi cries!!
Doctor came out!!
veer- Dr how is bhai now?
Doctor- although he is out of danger but further we can say afterhe gets conscious!!
Time skips!!
Kabir gets consciousness!!
Kabir- maa!!
Kusum- kabir ….my son!!
Karan and veer hugs him!!
Kabir- oho enough year…..I m alive and alright…why are you behaving like toddlers!!
Veer- bhai……u are alright….yipeee!!
Trio hug and kusum stares them lovingly!!
Kaira- papa!
Kabir- princess!! He hugs her tightly…kaira kisses him on cheeks!!
Kaira- kaira papa fine!!
KKabir- ya princess now papa will give you dher Sara love!!
Kusum- now karan tell what happened actually!!
Karan tells them ………
Kusum- sanchi thank you beta!!! Pragya u too….u both don’t know what you have given me!
Sanchi- no aunty plz don’t say like this… was my duty……my bestie Mira…she thought my happiness… And I thought her wrong!!! She cries!!
Kusum pacifies her…
All leave for kabir to take rest!! Dr ask Sanchi to check kabir as he was her patient.. All leaves!!
Sanchi checks and send for reports !!
She begins to leave ….kabir holds her hand!!
BG plays agar tu hota ( baaghi)
Both share a deep eyelock!! They were talking just with eyes!!
Kabir- bologi nahi kuch??( won’t say anything)
Sanchi- nothing is left!
Kabir- thank you Sancho!! I remember how you use to take my care….and I hurted you many times!!
Sanchi- external injuries get filled soon but internal can never!!
Kabir- your way was wrong!
Sanchi- my love was right!
Kabir- …… Sanchi
Sanchi- nothing is left on this topic!!
Kabir- I know…… I will go from here soon!!
Sanchi- hmm ur wish ….sdch is waiting for you!
Kabir- and you?
Sanchi- I am happy in my life!
Kabir- that’s good but I wanna say something!
Sanchi- plz don’t say………some feelings are better left unspoken!!
Kabir- directly say that you will be weak if I confessed!!
Sanchi- its ur thought and none dare to change another’s thinking!
Kabir- you yourself will stop me from going!!
Sanchi- let’s see …btw tomorrow is this hospital’s 2nd anniversary!! You are invited with your family!!
She leaves!
Kabir’s pov- I loved you…i love you and I will love you and I know u too love me ……..yaa I did wrong in past but that was destiny…I won’t let you go this time…..u showed your obsession… Now wait for mine!! If you didn’t stopped me from going then my name isn’t kavir kapoor!! Mira I will fulfill your last wish !! Not for you only but for me also!!
Fb starts!!
in car when goons were chasing them!
Mira- kabir if I die ….then promise me you will marry Sancho!! I know you love her and I am happy that I made my place in your heart …but you need sanchi!!! I m feeling strange!! My life is about to go!! But if you marry Sanchi then I would think that what I did with you both is forgiven!!
Fb ends!!
Kabir- sanchi get ready for me!!
Time skips to night!!
Isha and veer were sitting in lawn on swing!!
Isha- this moon is so beautiful na……it is evidence of ever love story!!
Veer- and ours!!
Isha blushes!!
Veer- I love you isha!!! From first day !!! This heart beats for you only!! I can’t promise you moon and stars but every happiness!!
Isha- I love you too!! i don’t need moon or stars your hand in my hand is enough!!
Both hug each other!!
scene shifted!!
Pragya- karan what you have thought??
Karan- aboit us?
Karan- what abkut us?
Prafya- idiot nalayak! Our relation!
Karan- whats our relation?
Pragya shows ring in her finger!!
Pragya- duffer this ring which u made me wear years ago in temple!!
Karan- ooo!! So my lovely soon to be wife…..just some more time and i will talk to maa and Bhai soon!!
He kisses her!!
Pragya blushes !
Scene shifted!!
Sanchi’s room!!
Sanchi was arranging her papers in her study room!!
A file falls!!
Sanchi- my heart surgery file!!
Sanchi- I completely forgot about this! I didn’t see either that who donated me heart but its cconfidential!! No worries…I will ask in hospital aatleast I could do something for that noble person’s family!!
Sanchi calls!!
Sanchi- dr Sanchi calling!! Actually I want to get some information ……plz its urgent …..
Record person- ya mam ….after all you have done a lot for us so I would be glad to help you…wait a sec!!
Ya mam actually on that day a couple was admitted too …….Mr and Mrs kapoor!! Ya kapoor donated her heart as her body was badly injured and ur heart was damaged….so she being a cardiologist as she told donated !!
Land under Sancho’s feet slides……..
Sanchi- thank you!!
She kept the phone!!
Sanchi- mira!!!
She cries bitterly!! Why Mira ….I done wrong with you but you……..thatswhy I felt such connection for kaira!! Mira you had done such a deed for me that I could never paythis!!
Precap- party and confession!

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  1. Shivaniiii

    Super duper episode!!!!!!? Loved it. Waiting for the confession part and i know u will rock it

  2. Anu88

    So so mind blowing episode yaar ……… superb yaar…… u dear………

  3. Loved it very much dear

  4. Aafiya

    Wow! Superb.. You rocked it.. Take care.. Post soon…

  5. Wow awesome waiting for confession

  6. Anee

    Wow abhi just love it….now wait for Kabir’s obsession part plz post soon.

  7. Riyarocks

    abhi dear……so happy to see ur post again…..& dear, such an emotional update…….u just stole my words, ab aur kya kahoon, bas bhagwaan ko, no in fact, TU ko shukriya de sakti hoon, ki uss ne hame tumhari jaisi pyaari frnd cum sis se milwaya………luv u Shona, wo bhi dherrrrrrrrrr saara………bye…………..

  8. Anuradha123

    Thanks sweetie for your lovely wishes… I’m so happy to read the story it’s not good but outstanding, fabulous, fantastic.. Wow wow wow mere dictionary k saare words khatam ho gaya hai yaar.. Super se bhi bohot bohot upar yaar…

  9. Ashnita456

    Wowwww it’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome I’m speeehless dear. U stole my heart. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

  10. Ohhh!! Dear u really made me cry i mean in every part every part was wow nd amazing.. Now can’t wait now plz update soon..

  11. RuCh23

    Awesome Abhi ??? everyone got their partners now!!! Now only Sanchi has to accept Kabir. ??? I’m sure you’d make Kabir do something amazing and out of the world thing to make Sanchi agree ???. It’ll be more than interesting to read the next part!!! Love you loads ???

  12. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing emotional happy moments all r in1.. full one packet wala Epi.. so sweet nd happy to see ur ff again.. wrna laga phir bhaag gyi.. post nxt asap bye tc …lovv u????

  13. Abhi di….u nailed it…I am speechless….spellbound update….do update soon…lots of love ? ? ?

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