Mahi Ve !! (a game of love and obsession) by Abhilasha shot 8

Hello friends!!!! OK ok I know I am late!!! But actually I was I’ll and bow also suffering from severe headache an continuous sneezing as there is lot of smog !!! Anyways leave!! Another thing is tankers full of thank you to all u for comments and likes!!! Ur love has made me to comeback and this is the last fs of mine on tu (maybe) but surely last for this year!!! So please I want to collect good memories which I have collected a lot!! So keep showering your love!! 3 more shots are left!! As this is my 51th post??????? its a twist !!!
Now let’s go!!

Recap- Sancho spends time with kabir and gets some injection and medicine from kabir’s room which meant that someone knowingly wants kabir in this state!!
At Sancho’s cabin!!!
Isha- Sanchi do you really wanna go sdch!!

Pragya- yr it can be dangerous…..once also you were attacked!!
Sanchi- this is important ….maybe the person who is changing medicine is begin kabir’s this state!!! I want to know it!!
Isha- why??? U still love him na?
Sanchi- love never ends or dies!!!

Pragya- but we won’t let you be alone here.
Isha;- ya we will go with you!!
Sanchi- but hospital …
Pragya- ohk one of us will go with you!!
Veer comes!!

Veer- I heard everything !! I won’t leave that person !!I will go with you!!
Sanchi- but kabir and kusum aunty needs you!!
Pragya- ok …veer and isha u both stay here…..and manage everything ….I will go with Sanchi
Sanchi- that would be fine!!
Time skips!!

Both sanpra leaves for Mumbai!!!
flight lands in Mumbai!!
Pragya- isha’s call !!
She picks!!
Isha on other side- pragya and sanchi ….kabir is not eating anything and missing Sanchi!!
Pragya hands over Sanchi (its a video call)
Sanchi-hi kabir …look I m here only and if you won’t eat I wouldn’t bring your favourite movies and chocolates!!
Kabir- but I want you here!!

Sanchi- give me only two days!!please!!
Kabir- ok ….but say veer to give me tasty food !! And sweet medicine!!. ..,veer – ok bro!!
Sanchi- he will!! Now have ur lunch and medicine!!
She keeps the phone!!
They forwards to sdch!!! As sanchi was doctor there before so no issues with appointment formilities blah blah.

Sanchi and pragya enters …all greets them!
Sanchi was shocked to know that the hospital which was actually under kabir’s father and his friend an and malhotra now belongs to Dr Ayub Rathore…….Mira’s dad!!!
Pragya- yr dal me much kala hai!!
Sanchi- dal hi puri Kali h….but how to do that work for which we had come.
Pragya- prohibited area!!

Sanchi- omg ….my tubelight can give so better ideas!!
Pragya pouts!!
Sanchi and pragya dress as watchman( plz guys don’t ask that how they get that outfit … was all available in store room don’t knhow?how???)
They reach 10th floor!!
Due yo some foot steps they in order to hide enters ward no 1009
Sanchi- hey what is this now?? I never knew about this!

Pragya- ya yr ….and there are only cartons that too hollow.
Sanchi and pragya removes all cartons.
They were shocked to know a man tied there ….moreover shocking thing was that he was kabir’s brother Karan(anyone watches bhootu…the actor who played ml in bhootu and rudra in
Nagin 2)
Sanchi and pragya opens his ropes !!
Karan hugs pragya( they were besties …..or more than that)
Pragya- karan what is all this and how it happened?
Sanchi gives him water.

Karan- I will tell you both everything but first let’s move to my house!
Sanchi- ok!! But how??
Karan-secret tunnel!!
Ward no 1009 gives rise to a secret tunnel to outside SDCH ….karan and kabir knew that!
Trio comes out and runs to kapoor mansion!!
Karan- now listen!!
It all started 4 yes ago when u trio left SDCH!
After 6 months of marriage kabir Bhai and bhabhi were happy with each other but Mira bhabhi was behaving strange!!
After 1.5 yr kaira was born!!

All was going happily but a storm was waiting!!
Kabir bhai followed mira bhai who was going daily to some isolated place !!
There they come to know that ayub uncle wanted mira bhabhi to conquer hospital and property of kappor’s!!! Thatswhy he wanted that marriage to be done!! Even Mira bhabhi thought to backout after Sanchi and kabir Bhai love but that evil rathore threatened her to kill Bhai and you!! She married and 6 months went good but again he started to pressurize.

Mira bhabhi than came to know that anand malhotra and ayub rathore are engaged in illegal scams…….she protested!! But they threatened them of kauira and kabir Bhai!!!
Bhabhi came crying ……..she was shocked to see Bhai there and hugged him. Bhai has recorded everything. Both comes to house but to their badluck they have seen kabir Bhai recording. They came to house and send me maa and kaira to temple ……Bhai and bhabhi were tensed. They run away from there with proofs. But on the way an accident occurred. It was planned by bhabhi’s father only … A truck hit their car but one more car collided which was coming opposite. When i reached hospital ….mira bhabhi told me this all and died!!! Kabir bhai was left in this state.proofs were destroyed.
Sanchi and pragya were in tears.

Sanchi- but if proofs have been destroyed then how….
Karan- bhai and bhabhi knowingly came here to make copies of proofs and one copy is still left. Mira bhabhi’s last words were “jiske sath mene galat kiya wahi is galat ka ant kr skti hai”
Pragya- that means sanchi but…….
Karan- lets check in their bedroom.
They searched everywhere and finally kabir’s secret locker which was behind a painting. On that sanchi was written.

They opened it and were shocked to find pendrive .
Sanchi inserted in laptop and open it. Proofs were there. Trio screamed in happiness but soon heard bullets sound outside.
Karan- we have to reach police station
Sanchi- we don’t have time….I m spreading on social media and other sites…….u both just save yourselves.
All things were uploaded on internet.
Goons have entered house.
Sanchi hid her laptop in secret locker and covered all.

Goons hold them all and loaded gun ……
Ayub came there.
Ayub- are wah!!! Dekho kon aya hai!!! Baharo phool barsao kabir ka mehboob aya hai!
Sanchi- kese father ho ap?
Ayub- mira was only my caged gold bird. I always wanted a son but she was born and my dreams shattered but when I saw mira and kabir’s friendship…… I started plotting.
Sanchi- you will get punishment of your evil deeds.
Ayub- really you will give me punishment…. Are mene apne dost ko tapka diya to who u all are?
Karan- you….********

Ayub- sorry beta but alok was so much honest and he came to know about my works so I just gave him heart attack…. Hahahahah
Pragya- you killed malhotra uncle too….father (veer is cousin of kabir)

Ayib- yup intelligent.
Ayub – now just think about ur good memories and cut ur ticket to heaven…..1……2……3…. Gunshots were heard…..
It was of police.
Police arrested them all!!

Trio hugs and cries.
Sancho’s phone rang-
She picks and was shocked to hell… fall from her hands
Screen freezed on her greyscale face.
Precap- keep guessing!
So guys plz do cmnt and press like button if you like it. Now my cold is on height an can’t type anything!! Keep smiling!!! Luv uh all!!!!

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  1. Swethaa

    great fb
    my guess is kabir had some problem there
    amazing one

  2. So so outstanding episode yaar………. I love this si so much…… u yaar…….

  3. RuCh23

    Wwwwoooowwww ?????? what a twist Abhi!!!!! not even in my dreams I have expected this much!!! Too good dear I don’t have words. Just AWESOME ???. Get well soon dear, love you ???

  4. Riyarocks

    Abhi yaar……..tu plz apna khayal rakh………don’t worry Shona, hum sab tere liye wait kar sakte hain…….tu pehle theek ho ja uske baad post kardena ok………ab episode ke baare mein………for me this was a stupendo fantabulous fantastic magical episode……..this is beyond beyond beyond my words………kamaal dhamaal bemisaal…..zyaada kuch bolke tera dimaag kharap nehi karoongi, kyunki pehle se hi cold ne teri watt laga rakhi hai, bas yehi kahoongi………luv u dherrrrrrrrrrr saara meri jaan……..& get well soon……..bye…….tc…….

  5. Oyee abhi!! Ek baat btadu tje….ye bahut dhamakedar tha…lekin last post in dis yr?…how n why?……1 toh vahaa aashu ne attack de diya 3 months ka break bolke…aur ab tu bhi????……congratulations 4 ur 51th post…..n get well soon…bye

  6. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow…..Di it was really amazing, mind blowing, fab, awesome, beautiful, sweet,……???loved it a lot. What a twist.Aise ideas kaha se athe he????? U r a blessed writer .waise plz dnt even think about stop writing ffs. We all love u a lot. Tum janthi ho me kithni din se thumara ff ki inthzhar karthi hoom. U r one of my fav writer. Plz post the nxt part asap. Its ma choti sa rqst hai. Lts of hugs and kissess for u.???

  7. Mindblwing,,epsd dear nd plz dn’t separte kanchi..

  8. Aafiya

    Awesome and superb and fantastic….. Get well soon and take care….

  9. Niyaaa

    First of all abhi congrats for ur shagun post… welldone keep it up… nd plzzz tu apn khayal rakh post to baad me hote rahenge apna khayal rakhna jyada jaruri h hum i tzar kar lenge.. ??.. btw Epi is super duper awsome mindblowing maymore wala.. u always came back with a twist.. loved it nd lovv u 2.???? post nxt when u r well… get well soon tc… gud ni8 bye

  10. Anee

    Hey abhi dear….you left me speechless…. Honestly….. You are fab as usual ur writing skills….first tc of ur self that is more important from anything….. Then post remains OK?? And yes take it last for this year not for always…understand?? OK gud not luvv uu loads.

  11. Congratulations on ur 51 post…….. The episode is amazing…..

  12. Anuradha123

    So nice and mind-blowing episode… Yaar too busy in work. So I m commenting late.. Bechara kabir feeling pity for him.. Yaar apna dhyan rakho and take proper rest.. Lots of love and kisses to you

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