Hi guys . I like to clear everything about Anikas exit . Pinky blurt out all truth about Shivaay to anika. And plan to make anika out . She did many drama . And blamed anika for it omru Jhanvi got know that pinky only did all the thing anika didn’t anything. Anika begged Shivaay to believe her but he didn’t trust her .and threw her out of his life and house . That’s y anika was broken to that clear in some way.
Here we go……..
While heading back to OM Mahi was thinking abt the flashback . Abt that anika was thrown.
Regretting for his life Mahi was walking to his house . He was shocked to see anika in devastated state.
“Question Kumari what’s she doing here at this time. ”
“Anika what r u doing here anika anika ………..” Mahi stood shock as she fainted in his arms.
He took her inside and made her lying on bed .
“Anika anika get up anika. …… Array yar what to do with this girl. ” thinking this he direct went and brought a bucket of water and splashed it on anika . Anika woke up slowly .
“Mahi….. ” she cried .
“Anika wat happened u being here at this is not .get up go to OM go…….go .”
No Mahi i am not a part of that family .i can’t go there, Shivaay got me out of that house .”
“What ”
“Yes Mahi ” she explained all the things that happened there pinkys plan Shivaay s anger everything.
“How cheap she is hw can she do like this . Now itself I will tell everyhthing to Shivaay let me see who proves me cheat.”saying this he started moving .
Anika held his hand and stopped him “no Mahi u shouldn’t do that . I want him to live a perfect life .Leave it let him hate me but I don’t want him to know all this plz. Mahi ”
“No anika” anika cut off him.
“Mahi even if Shivaay accepts you. U should support him not me plz . It’s my request ”
“But y would accept me ”
” he will accept you yet he hate me more and you should love pinky she will give u the same love she gave Shivaay trust me you can motherly love from her ”
“I don’t understand you view ok u take rest we will discuss in the morning .” Saying this he moved out.
Flashback ends .
” That’s the last day I saw you normally it’s all coz me I shouldn’t have left you alone.” Small tear escape from his eyes.
He reached OM. He saw Khanna .
” hw is anika madam is she ok .”
” she ok but not good still in his world ” saying this he started moving in .
Khanna started thinking abt wat happened that day .
“Yes Shivaay sir . What Mahi . But sir ok sir”Khanna was all confused when his ordered this Bcoz he was I front of Mahi s house he followed anika as he thought this might be untime so as a brother her followed anika till Mahis house when she fainted Khanna was abt to enter but seeing Mahi he stopped later he heard their conversation . When Mahi moved out .he went inside and spoke with anika .
” anika mam y are u accepting this u fight back get ur rights u can’t let pinky ji to win . U fight back plz. ”
“No Khanna ji don’t call me madam. When Shivaay doesn’t have trust on me then y should I fight back . I lost all my strength .”
” anika ji u r like my sister plz get ur life back don’t do this .just now Shivaay sir called me and asked me to find Mahi I think he got to know abt the reports.”
” I know it’s me who kept that reports there . He will think Mahi as his brother . Not himself as a illgemate .and plz support Mahi . He needs his rights plz help him inform Shivaay , Mahi will be near cliff edge go . And don’t tell anything abt me to Shivaay or family members plz.”
” take care anika ji if u need any help call me I will be there for u anytime.”saying this he informed shiv abt Mahi .where shiv asked him to get Mahi things. He collected Mahi s thing and anika helped him . By the time they finish everything it became morning. Khanna moved away.
“It’s my mistake I shouldn’t have left you like even after knowing ur pain. It’s my fault . U r gem anika , shivaay sir and this family don’t deserve u as Mahi said ” thought Khanna.
Mahi went to OM s room .
“I think we should inform nanda abt anika don’t u think Mahi ”
” yes but Gauri suggested me to inform Shivaay so that anika can get improved OM ”
“She is right anika loves Shivaay unconditionally if Shivaay is beside anika she can get better .”
“What if Shivaay don’t understand her state ,what if he ignore her .what if she get hurt again . No OM I will never let Shivaay near her. She is not my Bhabhi but meri Behen . No bhai in this world will allow the person hurt his sister. ”
” but even Shivaay is ur brother Mahi ”
” I know but I got that right only Bcoz of anika . The life I am living now is Bcoz of anika otherwise Shivaay himself would taunted me as illegitimate OM u know even after knowing my name he called me duplicate no brother in world will get such a gift. I got all this respect only Bcoz of anika . Anika did many things to Shivaay he may forget that . But I won’t forget wat she did for me . Until he gets to know the truth he won’t understand anika and her state. So plz don’t say anything to Shivaay. Anika will be fine soon .” Saying this he went to his room.
OM starts thinking abt the flashback.
After confronting Shivaay Mahi went out. When OM was returning to OM he saw Khanna and Mahi talking something he went near them and started listening their conversation.
” khanna ji . Anika was there y u didn’t inform shiv abt it “.
” anika ji asked me to support u and hide abt her whereabouts ”
” how do she know that shiv will accept me ”
” sir anika ji kept that report in such a away he sees it . She thought at least he will accept u hating her more.”
” Khanna ji I don’t feel good leaving her alone in this pain . Let’s go and see her ”
” LETS GO ” they heard a voice .
” om ” both uttered .
” no time for this Mahi let’s go ”
Three of them moved to the chawl .
Getting down they ran to the door and banged it hard . No response . Finally the broke the door. What they saw there made them shocking..
Epi ends with there shocking face .
Hw is it ,is it nice shall I cont it . I hope stories is clear . . Let me know that . Bye love u guys

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