Hi guys sry for the late update. I had some stuff to complete so sry once again.
Note. Guys Gauri will be opposite to Mahi ok . I hope u guys have no problem in it . N Gauri will be anika s sis not Ishana. Ok
Let’s go .
Where is anika this question in his voice brought a unknown fear in Shivaay . He numb without ans .
Mr nanda Kumar y r u here asking for anika .said Shivaay.
That’s not and for my question mr Oberoi . Many people in this city say that anika was seen with u in chawl for the last time . After that nobody knows where she went .
Listening to it all were confused expect 3 people . They were thinking what to do now.
Mr Kumar plz listen it’s been two month after left this house we don’t know anything abt her . She is Shivaay s ex wife . So no use in asking for her at this place. Said Mahi with out a full stop .
But y u need her y r u asking for her . Shivaay raised the same question again.
U have no right to ask anything abt us . She is my life which i am searching . I don’t know wat happened btw u two but if I find that she is hurt coz of u . Then no one will worst than me.
Saying this he stormed out of the OM.
Shivaays room
Who is y is searching for anika. But y do I care . Where is she is she alright even Sahil said that nowadays she not there to meet him. It’s weird . Is she safe.
Just then omruhi gave an entry ..
What happened Shivaay .
Nothing Mahi im OK did u finished that presentation come let’s go . Saying this hi took his coat and left the place . Mahi signed something to omru and went behind Shivaay .
Kumar mansion km.
Where will I search for them . Are they fine .i don’t know anything I am really scared Pavi I am scared I couldn’t protect them . ( the girl with nanda was Pavitra.
It’s ok Nandu calm down we will find them don’t worry .just then they hear a calling bell.
Pavi opens the door but stands shocked.
You here.
Who is that Pavi .
Even nanda stood shocked .
You , What r u doing Here ..
Can I come in .said omru .
Yes .
They went inside and sat in the sofa.
Y r u here u guys know anything abt anika .
Yes we know but before that say who r u . U r md of AGN grp of company . Y r u searching for our Bhabhi how she is ur life.
Anika . En thangachi I mean meri Behen .
S sheiks one of my sis whom I lost in my childhood.
Explain us clearly plz .
I have two sis anika Kumar and Gauri Kumar . Our parents died in a fire accident at our house that I was 10anika was 7annd Gauri was 5 we lost everything . Then started going to work but I was confused where to leave them so left them near a temple saying I will be back .but while working I met with an accident I was unconscious for many days . When I open eyes I rushed to that temple . But they were missing some people said a man took them to orphanage . From that day I started searching for them. Till now I am search them later they were adopted by someone . Anika always have a bracelet with moon and Gauri have a bracelet with stars .( guys it’s some one s idea . I am borrowing it from u . I read this some ff I don’t remember so sry .) I personally designed it so no one came have like that except those two . Yesterday wen I came to Mumbai from chennai .i saw a old news paper . I used it wipe the dust that’s wen I saw the news abt Shivaay and anika getting divorce. Then I observed anika and saw her bracelet . Then I got ur house address and came there with a hope of getting her but …..saying this nanda wiped his tears.
Tell me u both know where she is .
Both nodded no.
Then y u came here . Just to increase my pain get out .
We don’t know where anika Bhabhi is but Mahi bhai sent us here to know abt you WE r sry . Saying this both went out .
MAHI said nanda .
Anika oda Kadasiya irunthathu mahi ya Koda irukalam la .nandha thought ( it can be even Mahi who met anika lastly )
Mahi was thinking abt morning incident.
He knows that anika was in chawl lastly but. Just then his PhN rings.
Yes . What really I am coming …..saying this he stormed out of the office .
He stopped his car before a house . Mahi came out n went inside .
Gauri what happened . Asked Mahi .
She was murmuring Shivaay s name .
She loves him so much Mahi .
I know Gauri that’s y I never want her with Shivaay. He don’t deserve her .
But Mahi hw can u say like that .
Stop it don’t need to support him she is like this Bcoz of him . Leave it .
OM called Mahi and told all the thing happened in km.
Mahi till know u never said hw u got her . .
That day wen Shivaay threw anika out . She was walking lifeless she came to my home n apolozied to me saying she couldn’t get his right for him . She was crying . I could not see my Bhabhi like that . She was so strong chased me with a bat though out the chawl but day day she was broken . Asking her to sleep I went out . Wen I opened my eyes I was in OM. Wen Khanna brought my thing I was double shocked . After talking with OM . Me n OM went my old house and saw the whole house scattered . And anika was lying with blood an injuries.we admitted her in a hosptial . Doc said she went shock trauma from that day she is like this . Except me OM and Khanna no one know anika being here .
Inform Shivaay Mahi will come for her .
NO I said no Shivaay is reason for anika state .. I am going call me if u need anything .saying this he marched out n went to km.
That’s the end of this epi tell me hw it is .note .guys in this ff pinky made a plan to send anika out.anika never-wished to move out . So Shivaay didn’t trust anika. I explain it in next epi


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    Totally awsome episode preethi…I liked it…I read whole of the series from the starting…and Its just awsome…keep going…post next one asap…I will be waiting…

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