Maheshwari Mansion- Unexpected bombardments (we fight but we love each other) Episode 1


This article is about the daily happenings of MM. Here Swara is not a Mahan n Ragini is not a villain. Here Swaragini are equally jealous as Parineeta and Parineeta is equally good as Swaragini. They are jealous Queens like ordinary bahus. But they luv each other. This is the story of 5 rude and jealous wives (Including AP n Sujata) n their henpecked husbands( as usual DP n RP). Here Swasan,Raglak and Paridarsh r blessed with their cute children.

I think someone of u hav remember the naughty Manyu and obedient Deepu of my previous ff Swasan tere ishq mein
I missed them so much so I am including them here.
Swasan kids: Abhimanyu/Manyu n Deepika/Deepu(Twins)

Raglak son: Adwaith/ Aadhu

Paridarsh son: Ashok/ Akku

Kanha ji: Sanskar’s illusion friend

Episode 1

Sujata is calling her daughter in laws. Ap and Sujata were reached MM after shopping…….”Swara,Ragini, Parineeta phataphat mare liye neembu paani lekar aa”……….

Three bahus are cursing Sujata from 3 places..

1 Swara is chatting in fb with her college friends. Now she is chatting with a guy who flirted her more in her college days. He wants to feel her guilty for rejecting him.

Let’s take a look at their chats.
Dabbu: Swara I opened my new firm in Silicon valley.
Swara: ?? mmmm

Dabbu sent a photo

Dabbu: Swara it is my new BMW…. Hw is it

Swa: aaaahhhh??

Dabbu sent u a photo
Dabbu sent u a photo
Dabbu sent u a photo

Dabbu: Swara please choose one of these earrings for my beloved. It is her birthday today. I want my sweet heart wear costly ornaments???

Swa: oohhhh???

Dabbu: Swara what is this aaahhh mmmm oooohhhh are you learning a new course named Sunny Leone???


Sujata’s shouting…….”Swaraaa”……coming Mom???

2 Ragini is emotionally staring at a pic

……..”kitna intazaar kiya hai maine aapka ek baar ek baar bhi aap nahin aaya.?? one phone call no no a fb msg that Ragini will u be mine. Will you give ur life to me….I would have given that (she punched on her chest)…….It is showing a Femina with Ranbir Kapoor’s pic…….”?? break up…… Chalo acha hua,it is the after effects of my curse?? Lol ab main nahin aa sakti.I m married na…..

Sujata’s shouting…… “Ragini”………..
” aaa rahi hoon chachi ji???”………

3 Parineeta is wiping her tears.She is watching the TV……..”Thapki tum phikar mat karo hum sab hai na. Hum sab milkar Shradha ko bahar nikalenge???”…….
Sujata’s shouting……. “Parineeta”………

Ah aa aa rah i hoon ch ch chachi jijiji??…..

3 of them gathered at the living hall. Swara was in a purple and olive green combination top and leggings….

Ragini was in a black and white sleeveless collar salwar kameez.

Parineeta is as usual Marwari attire.

Suj: Jaa jaake mare aur jiji ke liye phataphat neembu paani lekar aa

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh???? 3 bahus are yelling together……

Par: aaaahhh my hands???
Ragini: Swara I will faint now please hold me
Ragini is dare to faint..

Swa: ??? ouch my legs,it is aching. I think it is arthritis….

Suj: Nautanki?? hmmmm

Ap: Swara Ragini Parineeta stop this we don’t want lime juice……
But they are still doing same dramas
Suddenly Sujata found an another jewel box in the cover……..”Jiji dekho”………
Sujata opened it……”It was an expensive diamond necklace”……..
Ap: Sujata I think we have to give it to one of our bahu

Swaragineeta disappeared and appeared in a second

Swaragineeta: Neembu paani???

Suj: hmm nautankibaaz?? are je kisi aur ki hai
(It belongs to some another one)
Swara seated at the floor and leaned to Ap’s knnee : who will come here badimaa. Now it belongs to us. You will give me na???

Parineeta also sat on the floor and began to massage Ap’s legs : You see Swara Mummyji will give it to me??

Ragini sat close to Ap and hugged her tightly : Don’t quarrel guyzz Maa ji will give it to me coz I am her younger bahu????

Ap stared at Sujata disdainfully??

Suj: Acha teek hai jaa jaake maare liye kheer banake lekar aa phir sochungi( Go go and make kheer for us.Then we decide it)

Swaragineeta : okay???


Ap: Stay there?✋
We have some conditions

1.You have 1.5 hour
Each of u can take 30 minutes

2 each of u have to be alone in the kitchen at that time.

They moved to dining hall

3 Did you see these 3 bowls. 3 of you have to alter your kheers to each of these 3 bowls.

Parineeta: I will make it first?, after all I am ur badi bahu na.

Swara: No no badima I am ur sabse pyari bahu na?? First me??

Ragini: Maa ji Chachi ji I will make it first. I m ur younger bahu na??

Ap: stop quarrels I will decide it.
1 Parineeta
2 Ragini
3 Swara

Parineeta you go to kitchen
Par: Ji mummy ji??


Par: omg it’s for good if I will make it first none can’t do anything to my kheer coz Mummy ji and Chachi ji will guard my kheer

Parineeta time starts

11:00 am

Time : 11:25 am

Parineeta’s kheer is ready. She tasted it

?? are wah Swaragini u can’t defeat my kheer

Ohh if they will make more tasty then??
?? yeah I have an idea….

11: 30 am Time out?

Swaragini conversation

Ragini: Maa ji will give that necklace to me.Don’t get jealous Swara. I m her younger bahu don’t you think that she is extra pampering me
Swara: Ohh no look Ragini I am her sabse pyari bahu n u r not the younger bahu u r low class bahu??

Swara left

Parineeta changed her kheer to the bowl
Swara is sad fully looking at that.

Parineeta: Look Swara nothing will happen to my kheer
Parineeta closed the bowl with a lid

Ragini’s time starts

11:31 am


Ragini made kheer and tasted it ???? delicious…….wow

She added some cardamom powder……

Parineeta is peeping from outside. She remembered about how she mixed pepper powder in cardamom powder

Ragini : What is this low class bahu

Parineeta bhabhi 1st ☝️class
Swara 2⃣ nd class

?? nd me low class,low class bahu

??? Swara you called me low class.I will show you stupid

12: 00 pm
Time out time out?

Ap found a contact number from the cover and called to that number

Ap: Ohh the necklace belongs to you,I will give you the address. Come here with proofs

Suj: Par jiji
Ap:✋ Sujata we know our bahus very well na. We will see how intelligent they are

12:01 pm

Swara’s time starts now

She made the kheer and tasted it

?? Swara u r a master chef

The last step

Swara putted some Almonds cashew nuts and pistachios in the jar of mixer grinder and crushed it
She will only use a little crushed Almonds,cashew nuts and pistachios in kheer.

A call arrived for Swara in the landline and she went to answer it

Ragini came inside the kitchen

?? Swara you called me low class, I will show you what is upper class.
Ragini added some completely crushed bitter gourd pieces. It will solely seems like crushed pistachios.

The caller was Laksh. Sanlakdarsh is husbands but Swaragineeta is the boss of them respectively???

Swara: ??? Look I don’t want any property
Laksh in a feminine sound: Look Mam it is a golden chance. You can get a apartment in moon. The apartment with swimming pool, lift, n we are giving a beauty parlour for each lady.
Swa: beauty parlour??

Sanskar came to Swara and took the phone from her

Lak: Look Mam if you will book this apartment b4 holy u can enjoy a pool party with Sunny Leone there

San: ??? Ssss Sunny Leone

?? Swara dashed the phone and left

She added the pistachios and cashews in the kheer

Time out?

Dining hall

Ap,Sujata,Swaragineeta and Sanlak gathered there.

Suj: Jiji na na main nahin khaa loongi??
Ap: No Sujata we won’t. Sanlak will consume this?? am I right Sanlak

Sanlak: ?? exactly

Sanskar took Swara’s kheer and gulped a big spoon
?☺️?????????? karelaaaaa kheeeeerrrr

Lak: ?????? pani paniiiiiiiiii??? it’s soooo hoooot

Swaragini: ???


Ragini: ooohhh no bhabhi will win???
Ap opened Parineeta’s lid

Parineeta dreamed how she look beautiful in that necklace
??? omg the milk and water were separated

??? Swara always rokzzz??


Swara was drinking lime juice and walking from this side to that side……..”Kya karoon kya karooon”..

?????neembu paani ? neembu

She applied some lime juice in Parineeta’s bowl b4 she altering kheer into it

The calling bell rang

It was a middle aged man. He thanked to Maheshwaris for returning it to him. He bought it for his daughter’s marriage……

Ap gave a jar of lectures to Swaragineeta and left

Arey Jiji voh.kheer ko kachare ki tokari main bhi mat daalna keeda bhi mar jayegi
(Jiji please don’t put that kheers into dust bin,worms also will be die)

Hmm nautankibaaz???

Sujata left

Sanlak attempted to go
Swaragini: ?? where r u going

Sanlak: ?? our mouths want a pool party

They left

Ragini: sorry ?? hum teenon ko nahin mila
Parineeta: Chalo acha hua na??
Swara: Leave it ek hug toh banta hi hai

Swaragineeta hugged unite

Swaragineeta unite: ek doosre se karta hai pyar hum☺️☺️☺️

Sanlak is watching it from upstairs
Lak: Kitna pyar hai
Sanskar wrapped through Laksh’s shoulders
San: aur kya hai voh
Sanlak: Ek doosre se karta hai pyar hum☺️☺️☺️☺️

Swaragineeta and Sanlak r hugging

To be continued……..

I will be back if I get any new idea.
See you again?

Kabhi alvida na kehna

In tamil- Veendum sandikkum varai vanakkam??

In Malayalam- Potteda pillare veruppikkal
veruppikkal tudarum??

Sorry guyzz I solely knows these 4 languages.

Credit to: Nandana

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