Mahek 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: PD’s funeral

Mahek 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Summary: PD has passed away. Mahek and family do her funeral. Nalini runs from hospital with Arman.

Scene 1
Arman says I have killed your PD. Shaurya is shocked. He says yes.. She had to die. It was too late for her. I killed her in darga. She screamed a lot and was shivering like this. Shaurya throttles him and says I will kill you. His men hit Shaurya. Shaurya says how dare you harm my PD. Shaurya recalls the jokes he used to do with PD. He cries says PD.. What happened. Arman says scream and cry. Your cries are my win. Now see how many people have to die. Rai is playing with Mohit’s daughter. Mahek calls Kanta and is crying. Kanta says what happened? Please tell me Mahek says PD is murdered. They are dazed. Mahek calls and informs everyone. Ravi and Jeevan adn everyone is crying.

calls on Shaurya’s number and says please come back. Shaurya says the bomb should be fit on right number. His phone rings. Arman says who i calling? Its Nalini. She tells him everything. Abba says arman you know what to do with Nalini’s child.

Mahek brings dead body home. Everyone is crying. Everyone is crying. Mahek sits in the funeral and says I am sorry. I am responsible for all this. Please pardon me. Shaurya is crying as well. He recalls all the moments with PD. He recalls how he helped him in winning Mahek’s heart. Mahek is sobbing. SHe also recalls how PD supported her.
Shaurya is crying in the detention. Everyone collects PD’s things. Mahek recalls last night.
Its time to pick her deadbody. Mahek says I was her son. I will give her shoulder.

Scene 2
Nalini says how will Arman take me from here? The door opens. A woman comes in. She is a constable. Arman says to doctor a woman is injured please help me. He goes with him. The constable comes in.
The doctor goes out. arman comes in Nalini’s room.
Mahek and family come to PD’s last resting place.

Nalini says we have to go from here before someone comes. The constable comes in. Arman throttles her and gives her an injection. She faints. Arman says lets go we are getting late. She picks an injection and says I will need this in trouble. They leave.
Jeevan does PD’s last funeral rituals.

Arman is taking Nalini out of hospital. A doctor stops them. A nurse comes to her and says there is an emergency case. They go out.
Mahek joins Jeevan in Pd’s last ffuneral rituals. Mahek gives fire to her dead body.. she says PD people who did this to you will be behind bars. I will avenge your murder.

Precap-Nalini calls Mahek. She says I and my child are in trouble. Mahek says I am coming there don’t worry. A car comes to Nalini before Mahek. Mahek comes as well. Arman is about to kill Mahek. Nalini sees him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I cannot understand what the hell is happening here when will this nonsense end?now PD is dead will this go on in all the serial?the bad guys always wins?what are you portraying that there are only bad in people?by the way where is Ajay and gang?too much drama and if by wearing a mask one can change his outlook it’s better I try getting Alia Bhatt mask I will look so hottt man lol

  2. see what i mean these writers over doing the nonsense now another good person gets bumped off poor PD now why these writers doing this shit all the time and the bad ones are left to continue with their evil never ever getting exposed for the wrong they have done imagine take for instance nisha i am sure she is alive somewhere although they said her body was found the amount of wrong she did killing so many people even her own child and pooja how come it was never revealed that it was pooja who saved naren from being buried alive and jankie another unfortunate one run over by those two sherlyn and her ugly ass man friend and i could go on and on and on please writers stop all this nonsense now and let us have some good ztv serials to watch at when the day comes.

  3. What the heck? Crazy ass writers… Zeetv serials have fast become the worst ever…no love, too much hate, sorrow, etc.. I don’t feel like commenting much today… Hi Jayashree and Sapphire….have a wonderful weekend?????

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