Mahek 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaureya says I don’t need to bow down in front of a girl. i won’t ask for your help. Mahek says in heart I have to stay strong today and not go for his help. Shaureya is trying to get water. He comes on edge of the bed. Shaureya falls down. Mahek runs towards him. She says go to help. Don’t ask for help but I can’t see you like this. I lost and you won. Come now. He says go away from me. I don’t need your help. He tries to get back on bed. Shaureya slips. He says Mahek.. Please Mahek help me. Mahek runs towards himand puts him on bed. Mahek helps him wash his hands. Mahek says let me bring lunch. Shaureya says mahek.. Thank you. Mahek says please thank you, you got manners. Now just sorry is left. Mahek makes Shaureya eat. He rests his head on Mahek’s shoulder.

Mahek caresses his face. He falls asleep.

Mahek massages Shaureya’s back with bam. She makes him sit. Mahek says did pain abate? He nods. Mahek says you wanna take fresh air? Should I take you to balcony? he nods. Mahek takes him out. She says I am arranging your meds inside. Call me if you need me. Shaureya holds her hand and says thank you. She says that sounds good from you. You are welcome.

Servant says what are you doing? Svetlana says we are pouring oil on you. He says why? She says you can be burned. He made shaureya slip and thought no one would know. Vikcy says mama he is peeing. Svetlana says you made shaureya slip? Vicky says it spilled because of me. Svetlana says what about the money mahek gave you? He says she gave them to all the servants. Svetlana says you will say that in front of Shaureya.
Doctor checks Shaureya and says you have recovered really fast. You can go office from tomorrow. Sameer says to Karona you remember we had to go to an engagement. Karona says but shaureya is not well. Mahek says don’t worry I am here. Karona says that is why I am not worried. We are going then. You two take care of each other. Mahek goes out with Karona.
Svetlana comes and asks how are you shaureya? He says everything is fine by now. But your face shoots my Bp. She says what I am gonna tell you will shoot it even more. Shaureya says I have an off from all the enemies. Svetlana says don’t you wanna know how you came on bed? Love blinds everyone. Didn’t you think who spilled milk on stairs? Whom would it benefit? Shaurya says you are my greatest enemy. Svetlana says I won’t shove you from stairs. I will send you somewhere from where you can never come back. Your mahek did that with you.
Svtlana calls vicky in. He brings awara. Svtlana says who bribed you not to help shaureya? He says Mahek bahbhi. Shaureya is dazed. Svtlana says mahek spilled milk, she took nehal’s help to sho away nurses and She bribed servants not to help you. so you beg her for help. She succeeded. I have all the proofs. Shaureya says get lost. Svetlana says relax. You and Mahek are home alone. She must have planned a lot of conspiracies for you. I wanna see how she makes you her dog. Bye.

Scene 2
Mahek gives Shaureya his meds. He recalls what Svetlana said. Mahek says we will go in garden to walk. He throws away the glass. Mahek says what are you doing? He drags her out of the house. Mahek says you are hurting me. What are you doing.. He says game up. Stop this drama. You spilled milk to hurt me so I beg for your help. I never thought you can stoop so low. You mastermind all these plans. You didn’t even think if I had a lifetime injury. My mom thinks you are a nice girl. You are a manipulator. I didn’t try to kill you at least. You are disgusting. I hate you.
Shaureya says to Mahek just get out of my life. He says to guards this girl should never enter this house again. The lock the gate on her face.

Precap-Kanta says I can’t do all this Mahek. Mahek says please listen to me. Mahek comes outside Shaureya’s house with so many women from women empowerment. They all protest against him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Vishi dear..thank you???

  2. Hi dears, chi how cheap shourya’s character , I can’t believe this, it’s disgusting really disgusting, I think he had gone insane that’s why is behaving like this, in short time how many changes, one man can behave like this and changing of behavior in stages, for what mehak is fighting, where as no love there is no life, why she can’t understanding this truth, some time before that after return him from Germany to new restaurant shourya only said that u are a good girl, then how he could trust mami’s bakwas against pure mahek.
    Friends have u noticed when shourya has no strength to stand up from floor then only he called for mahek’s help for taking to washroom, he is literally using mahek that when he needs help or favor from her. Why mahek is doing like all for shourya who as not all love or respect her, basically she is a strong women but she is doing nonsense as well.
    Eventually this show has become like bored and rubbish.

    1. Moni7

      Ammu dear…use and throw …wow ….

    2. Hii ammu… I have serious doubts about the concept of love that is being presented to us here… On the name of love they have shown nothing but the insults and weakness of mahek. What about her strength. She was way better during the India’s super cook competition, where she always gave a befitting reply to this horrible man. Love gives you strength, I accept. But here when she herself is adamant on disrespecting herself how can she expect respect from other side and that too from this beast named Shaurya Khanna.. If there is any reason for such a behaviour by this man then it better be revealed within 2-3 episodes. Otherwise I’m done with this show.

      1. Vishi dear, Shourya given neat clarification to mahek that he doesn’t, din’t n won’t love her ever, but here condition is that mahek had lost everything(super cook competition medal/fame, house, respect in society, especially her mother recipes book) what not sub kuch reason of shourya’s fake love (drama) but finally shourya will run back and ask for forgiveness with mahek after knowing everything that what mahek done for him, of course mahek is struggling for barriers but these are only for short period because mahek love is pure and shourya is a fake man. unquestionably shourya will face the consequences what he did for mahek, eventually poor love will be winning.

        Be self-restraint dear for some time and keep commenting, Take care dear.

  3. Hello family… its been very long i didn’t commented…was a bit busy with couple of things…how r u all…m not fine with the kind of ZKM Epi is going on these days….and yesterday’s ending was horrendous….idiot shaurya believing ur evil mami ji n not innocent mehak chi chi….one tight slap is required now to get ur brains on right place….mehak do u really think u should go to his place again with that morcha n all…arey dear leave him alone and let the truth come to him through his mom n awara and him come to u instead u going….this time i want shaurya to convince her and complete the wedding ceremony and make her ur complete wife…disgusting shaurya u don’t trust ur own love…u know faith, trust is another name of love…i feel like taking morcha to delhi with the entire mehrya family and do morcha at ZKM setup that these director is giving us torture instead of peaceful mind…?????
    Karuna aunty please one one slap to mami, shruti n vicky also….
    N mr.director what do u really think about females …is this ur thought about female that u r showing us through ZKM…throughing money on wife’s face..chi…how cheap…behaving as if she is ur keep…m getting too furious looking at this stupid things…. better this director n shaurya never comes in front of me…they will get to see the real side of meeeee…??????????????????…

    1. Moni7

      Hai Kush chella kutty??? are you….
      Yes no one is happy with the current track
      Everyone is in anger mood?????????????????????

  4. Moni7

    Let we all assume …..
    Shaurya khanna 2 years old kid(toddler)?
    Mehak sharma – baby sitter?

    ?This age is sometimes referred to as “the terrible twos” because of the temper tantrums for which they are famous?

    Shaurya to Mehak???????

    “If I want it, it’s mine.
    If I give it to you and change my mind later, it’s mine.
    If I can take it away from you, it’s mine.
    If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
    If it’s mine it will never belong to anyone else, no matter what.
    If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine.
    If it looks like mine, it’s mine.”

  5. Moni7

    Surprise is—- wife (babysitter)(aayamma )
    Husband (toddler)?
    She taking care of him??????
    He throwing tantrums?

    We fans (viewers)…. kindergarten community……..

    ?Once toddler joins kindergarten….they will teach how to respect others ?
    ?But Kindergarten community found that it is not toddlers fault …..

    ?Fault ➡➡➡ toddler’s father (director of the show)?

    ??So kindergarten community (we) decides
    First should teach the father and then v proceeds with toddler?????

    Between babysitter joins kindergarten to take care of toddler ???…..

    1. good effort keep it up Dear

  6. moni moni moni…everywhere u have become talk of the ZKM forum baby???…luv u so much???….am becuming die hard fan for ur sense of humour??…superb rhymes…director 65???…hatsoff ???to u n ur flowing thought???keep it up doll???
    And preethi as u told tat ur right
    @Parents house we r treated as princess?
    @Hubby house we becum Maid,but provided if our partners are loving n caring it doesnt matter…but in ZKM it is totally humbug only…
    @I Thank Almighty tat i got a very good partner…infact i pray to God tat all girls blessed with best partner…
    @sorry if i hurt anyone here are being personal…

    1. Moni7

      Dolly darling?????❤❤❤❤
      Thank you so much dear❤❤
      Luv u so much dear?

    2. Hello dolly.. Never got a chance to start a conversation with you. But all three of you- moni, preeti and dolly are the lifelines of this forum. It becomes lively with your comments. I love the way you express using emos.. Eveyone here has been amazing. We haven’t seen each, we haven’t met yet look at the unity and convergence of thoughts. Getting a platform to express our feelings about the show and with so many lovely ladies out here.. Its amazing.. Love you all guys ??

      1. Sorry for the typos. * we havent seen each other

      2. Moni7

        Love you too vishi dear….
        Friendship ?????….and we all united by one word …. Friends????

    3. Preethiilang

      Thank u dr …..Me to praying god daily to get a understable partner???

    4. yes you are right , plz pray for me.

  7. I think the media is going to have a field day with Shaurya Khanna, and his investors are going to start seeing him for what he truly is. No one will go to his restaurant opening. I also think his wicked Aunt is going to falter and mess up badly. So sorry that the writers are turning the Khanna family into a dysfunctional brood. Mahek really does not belong with these NO CLASS, low class people who have nothing but money to waste. This serial also make Indian men look bad . . . The institution of marriage is a load of crap, and only a busonexx. Love has no place? Marriage is a joke? and love is meant to be with their past loves? Warped minds writing this ZKM.

  8. Sorry, meant marriage is considered only a business?

  9. Sorry, but this ZKM is getting crapier by the day. The character of Shaurya has no basis, no grounding . . . I think the director and company are making it up as they go. Since the big adding fiasco, ZKM is boring, and has no real drama. No moral basis is even becoming clear in the scenes. Crapola!!?

  10. Meant wedding fiasco . . .

  11. friends…
    ?if we remember tat pregnancy drama how well SK plotted n found out tat swetlana was behind tat plot…
    ?now howcum tiz brainless fellow so easily trusting her,wherein wen she starts her conversation he himself says “U R MY BIGGEST ENEMY”
    ?Then why tiz poor mehak behind him…
    ?directorchi i know u cannot justify anywhr…
    ?better u take a leap of 2 – 5 yrs. and show us mehak setup her new restaurant successfully and she has name n fame n rich more rich than cruel SK
    ?whrin SK had bn trapped by his enemies and lost everything…
    ?he is now cuming with his resume begging job in mehaks restaurant n she rejects him…humiliates him saying he may break her trust and will take over her restaurant…hahaha…
    ?Dont estimate the power of a middle class girl…directorchi chi chi…
    ?shame on u man if u cannot procede with story better take help from us…particularly our moni doll who is waiting with hot oil kadai to make u dir65….

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby..yes yes..moni is waiting ??
      New restaurant!!! dishes ?

      1. Moni akka….I think today I m gonna die by laughing for sure……ur cmnt??????????…moni z waiting???????…oswm??????????

    2. Hi Dolly that was a fantastic script as u said , am also loving that turn in story, Director uncle better to take a advice from our dals dolly and moni, love u friends.

      1. Moni7

        Yes ammu dear…am waiting

    3. Dolly di last point supar supar….yes yes director uncle our moni akka z waiting wid hot kadhai to make the dish????????

  12. Lol! Lol! Lol!???????????

  13. Moni akka ur cmnts r so hilarious?????…especially dat kadhai cmnt….?????…seriously akka am laughing holding my stomach…oswm cmnt keep going……lov u baby?????….

    1. Moni7

      Luv u soooooooooo much sweta dear

  14. Moni akka I ll also protest with u…???
    ZKM team hae hae
    ZKM team hae hae
    Hamari mange puri Karo puri Karo(fulfill our demand????)

    1. Moni7

      Seera dear.. thank u ?????

      1. Moni7

        Sry typing mistake..sweta ****

  15. Good afternoon guys………

  16. hi friends did u all notice wat vicky called swetlana “STEP MOM”…so she is not his real mum??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby..yes…
      Step mom?
      Mini mummy,small mum,…,kutty mum,chinna amma hope u guys understand…wat m trying to say??
      (It coincidence with current scenario of tn)


    hi friends, how are you all? after a long time i am commenting here. sorry friends i don’t feel like commenting once shaurya has changed his character. this serial is also started dragging like kkb. sometimes i feel the storyline is also illogic. to start a restaurant, a big millionaire wants only a recipe book, for which he does all domestic works and acts as if really loving a girl. this director said it would be a different love story. bullshit…. i do not like this. moni dear as i already said this shaurya will never change our guess worked well. i am disappointed on the storyline. i initially thought sanjay and swetlana and so called competitor kd will be the enemies for this romantic couple. but for this poor mahek sharya is the main villain. what to do??????

  18. Funny girl Moni…always A+ outstanding comments ????
    Tq vishi,sweta,Ammu n chanda for ur lovely comments…???
    “Ithu naama setha koottam illa…thannala serntha koottam”…???
    ☝I mean tiz group is here on its own bonding…FRIENDSHIP…???
    I juz now a hindi movie in star+ ?
    AKIRA – Dedicated to all women,who fought back…wow wat a will power n strong was she…
    Wen we watch tiz kind of movie…we really are boosted up…wat a real nice effect i have now…
    Which may vanish after watching ZKM…???

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