Mahek 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
KD comes out of car, Vaitlana taunts that Shaurya keep barking. Shaurya says its good that nothing happened to my mother otherwise i wouldnt have spared your ex-boyfriend. Vaitlana says he is my ex husband and current date, mind your own business. Shaurya says your current husband is in jail and ex-husband in your arms, blo*dy frusto.. Vaitlana says how dare you.. she is about to slap him but Shaurya grabs her hand. KD says chill and lets, Shaurya calls him dog. KD says you need rest, go and take rest, dont forget to read newspapers tomorrow, i am going to print something special for you. He hugs Vaitlana and says i should leave, she says bye darling, Kd leaves.
Is morning, Shaurya is jogging and recalls Kd’s words. Rajiv comes to him and says our concept of opening new restaurant

is being stolen, Shaurya smirks and says intersting, he asks Rajiv to find some good chef, Rajiv thinks. Rajiv thinks about getting Mahek on board.
Rajiv and Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house. They are served refreshments. Rajiv praises her dish, and asks where is Mahek? Mahek comes there and dances around Kanta, she says there is one good news, she says to Shaurya that you were right, we should keep steering wheel of our lives in control and then we can do anything, i wanted to thank you for motivating me, i got the job, Shaurya says i am happy for you, where did you get job? Mahek says its one big hotelier KD Shauri, he is opening new hotel and i got job of assistant chef, Rajiv and Shaurya gets tensed listening it. Mahek says Kd watched all episodes of India’s supercook and offered me job on basis of that, she thanks Shaurya for motviating her. Rajiv says you cant do this job Mahek, he asks Shaurya to say something, Shaurya doesnt, Rajiv says they are our rivals. Mahek says i will say no this job if you people dont want me. Shaurya says you will nto deny this job because one it is unethical and secondly that we may have rivalry with KD group but we cant be selfish to ask people to not do jobs there, Shaurya says to Mahek that congratulations, he extends his hand, Mahek shakes hand with him, darmiyan song plays, they both share eyelock. Mahek sadly looks at him, Shaurya gazes at her and starts leaving, Rajiv leaves too.
Mahek comes to her room, Nehal asks her to tear your job appointment, Mahek says have you gone mad? Nehal says have you gone mad? how can you leave Shaurya for this some KD, how can you not see what was in Shaurya’s eyes, he wants you to join him, Mahek says he asked me to join Kd and i dont understand this eye talk, Nehal says you are stupid, do what you want, she leaves. Kanta comes and asks Mahek to help her in kitchen, Mahek says i have to go somewhere, i have to do something important, she leaves
Shaurya is seeing work at his new hotel. He sees patch on wall and asks worker to plaster wall again. Shaurya scolds worker for putting low quality mirror on wall, he sees Mahek in mirror and smiles, he turns and says Miss Sharma you here? we met sometime back only and you came here again? are you getting attached to me? Mahek says you really want me to work for KD? Shaurya glares her, Shaurya pulls her closer and says you keep asking me what i want but you dont know what i really want, he smiles at her, Mahek is mesmerized, he moves away from her and leaves, Mahek’s heart beats faster.

Scene 2
Its night, Mahek is lying on bed and recalls how Shaurya pulled her closer, and said that she doesnt know what he really wants, she turns and tosses on bed but is not able to sleep. Mahek groans and sits on bed, she says why he is running in my mind, i want to sleep, Shaurya messsages her that stop thinking about me Mahek says how does know that i am thinking about him? Oh God, is he ghost? Mahek types reply but removes it and doesn’t send him. He messages her again that don’t waste time to think of a reply. Mahek says how he keep knowing what i am doing?

Mahek asks PD to bless her as she is going for first day on job. PD says your everyday there will be great. Later Mahak comes home after her first at job. Whole family ask her how was job? How were people… Mahek screams shut up..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Shaurie n mehak conservation in madras movie style??????? mehak?shaurie? ippo unakku enna dhan vennum??? …. shaurie?mehak? hmmmm nee dhan vennum kalyanam pannikiriya????❤….. background song ???????agayam dhee pudicha nila thaanguma…nee illa neram
    ellam nenjam thaanguma….?????

    1. wah moni wah Sema imagination(Madras movie) really super i waiting for after marriage with SK ,mahek’s clothing style yepdi irukum like change over of anika in ishqbaaz the rich look

    2. Latha

      Moni kutti semma……..

  2. Moni7

    Frnds maanu s out of state….due to some personal issues….she vl b back soon…

    1. Kathy

      Really… Thanks dear..


    HI my dear friends, I feel surely Khadoos Kumar will take revenge on Mahek. Poor Mahek will suffer by having him in her heart. He also loves her but his ego not letting him to reveal him. The way he said to Rajiv that he needs to appoint a professional chef in place of Mahek, I felt really pity for Mahek.

    I want to see their social chat (Kerala King and Meera Sharma), that will be more interesting. Lets see what happens.

    1. Latha

      Jeyakumari if we’re in place of Shaurya we also think to appoint a professional because they are going to open new restaurant against that KD group and also Mehak has no experience.

  4. Moni7

    S nila dear anika super ra irukka la new look…… mehak koda saree la thandha nalla irukkum….hair style make up la mathi konjam avala groom pannala…appo dhanae equal equal .?…. shaurie koda nalla iruppa…. idhellaam nadakka first avanga rendu perum love pannanum….adhukku first shaurie ego pakka poi propose pannanum…..en imagination ku oru limit illa ma pochi??????…en innum promo poda la…

    1. Latha

      Moni yesterday also Ladoo looking cute in that blue dress

  5. Moni7

    Hai kathy thank u atleast neenga achi accept pandringa he s acting … always a sidu moonji khadoos oly…..trying to fool everyone in mehak’s family…kd paiyan….fraud shaurie….still i can’t digest how come he likes nehal dressing sense…

    1. Latha

      Chumma chumma fraudnnu sollathe Moni kovsm kovama varuthu ………..hahaha eppadi

    2. Preethi ilang

      S moni dr namba hero va fraud la solllatha ma…….avan azhaku 10 girl friend eruthalum thaappu illa da……moni ur imagination on madras movie super?

    3. Kathy

      Haha… En inda kovam shauri mela dear…

      1. Kathy r u tamil???

  6. How can I be a registered member ?

  7. My dear friends,
    I am watching this show from the first episode.I too love this story very much.l can’t express it in words.That much I like this serial.I am a silent reader.Actually I am not having much time to spend for serials. But I am intention ly killing my time only to see ZKM and all your interesting comments in telly updates .Iam also from TN. But I love all of you.Thank you for all your views.
    Coming to the ZKM,I like the name Mehrya .But I want them to be called as Shahek also! Will you please?Then shall I share my guess?
    Surely it must be revenge! Because ,after slapping,she told him that you won’t be getting love with any girl in your life and so and so….It wounded his inner heart.So he decided to get her love first.That is why he acted so nicely at the time of grand finale and gifted her 25 lakhs. Then to continue it, he came to her house to give her aprin.At that time he came to know her engagement with ajoy.He was shocked. In tamil one proverb,”Pazham nazhuvi palil vizhunthathu pola” Like that ,he came to know ajoy’s charecter which made him easy to break the marriage. Now he proceeds easily for next step.Then getting close….love….marriage….revenge !!!!!! So now,we can also easily understand the meaning for his sarcastic smiles !!! But don’t worry guys, after getting marriage,he will slowly fall into love with our Mehek, intimately,strongly!!! …It will be very interesting and a grand treat for us. So let us wait and see with more twists and turns. OK. Thank you for reading my views.

    1. Latha

      No my dear SVA after marriage he has to surrender himself to Mehak no kadoos nothing. U know that’s ulaga needhi.

      1. Preethi ilang

        No latha dr shaurya eppo vey mehek ku surrender ayithann….marriage ku la wait panna theva illa latha……our hero is fully fallen for mehek……i am excited if both were working in same place wat and all chance they ill get to come closer……..

  8. Latha di sorry because of the typing error I wrote Katha di… Sorry and thank you so much mera confusion clear karne k liye.. ??

    1. Latha

      No need to ask sorry Tina it’s ok dear no problem.

      1. Moni7

        S dear…samsaram adhu minsaram?manaivi soll mikka mandhiram illa…. avanukku ladoo venu na adangi dhan poganum….illa na no ladooo… apparam guna kamal dhan abirami abirami madhiri mehak mehak?..partha vizhi partha padi kathu irukku abirami abirami….

      2. Latha

        Gunava kadoosa yosichi patthavae mayakkam varuthu Moni . no moni no antha mathiriyellam yosikka vaikkate dear.

      3. Moni ur imaginations n relating our serial to hit mve scenes awesum…chnce illa paaa….

  9. Latha

    Dear CVS please show our Shaurya in some casuals.

    1. Moni7

      Latha dear casual attire na…pink shirt oki va????… casual la nalla iruppana avan?…T shirt jean la oru chinna imagination?sirippu varudhu…no scolding latha dear… chumma chumma…avan epdi irundhalum azhagu kutty dhan shaurie??❤❤❤❤touch wood….dhirishti dhan suthi podanum avanukku…avlo peru kannu avan mela dhan irukku… especially en kannu ?????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤kolldran pa avan❤❤❤❤……ayio enna kannu avanukku kannu pesudhu….naa vitta pesitaee iruppan ….evlo azhaga idhu vera yarum pathu irukka kka mattanga en na nee shaurie avlo azhagu….enna ipdi polamba vittututanae indha shaurie??????luv u soooooooooo much?

      1. Latha

        Unnoda comment padikka aarambikkum pothe sirippa varuthu Moni. Unnaiyum periya love u so much poda vechi polambum vechittan eppadi enga alloda magimai. Moni naan summa joke thaan pandren no serious dear and I just enjoying the serial and all your comment

      2. Latha

        Moni nightla love propose panna varum pothu antha suit nalla illai evalo nalaikku thaan suit liye pakkarathu athanala cvs kku oru bit pottu vaikkalamennu pottaen……….. eppadi

  10. Moni7

    Latha dear..ava na thitta la oki va…he always our chella kutty candy boy chocolate boy angry bird mookan….amul baby ammu kutty pattu kutty darling Orange Candy baby ma ippo ivlo name dhan nxt time vera names soldran…. shaurie ???????❤❤❤

    Welcome SVA keep commenting dear…. proverbs super??…. romba nalla act pandran… poor mehak….ava la love pandra madhiri fake dhan nadikka ran….appo dhan avalukku adhu innum hurting ah irukkum avan sollum podhu….ajay pathi neenga sonnadhu 100%true….. Mehak already ava na love panna start pannita…idhu dhan chance nu use panni kiran….using her innocence …. indha madhiri irundha yaru avana love pannuva…ava kitta kitta poi avala namba vekkaran…..vl wait n see……after marriage he vl fall for her…..

    1. Latha

      Ok OK dear….

    2. Kathy

      Yah moni…. Mahak ku shauri love pannra madiri pretend panradu theriya varum podu she definitely will broken down… Ada nenaikum podu kavalaya irukku…. Shauri yo yaaro … Yarudayum heart ta hurt pannradu nalladu illa…

  11. Xctly…#SVA…tht is wht I wntd to say. If he has no rvng pln thn he didn’t tell tht he came prty fr Mahek. and he alws use bad words fr Mahek in her absnc. If he rly lovd her…he culdn’t do it.

  12. Moni7

    Preethi dear..naa avana thitta matten oki va…evlo peru sandai ku varinga…. lucky boy….madras movie nalla irukkum adhan chumma ivangala vechi oru twist…thank u ungalukku adhu pudichi irukku… shaurie-karthi. Catherine teresa-mehak?

  13. Moni7

    Latha dear.. nenjama soldren neenga enna serious thittana koda naa kochikka la matten…verum entertainment dhan…….seriya na kadhal mannan dhan shaurie???gokulathin kannan pengalin mannan.. idhaya thirudan…he stole my heart he stole my little little heart??ayio ore vekka ma varudhu..chi pongal????…

    1. Latha

      Moni konjam konjam nee thittanum nanu Preeti ellam vendannu sollanum appothaan nalla irrukkumilla and unnoda intha humourous comments ellam miss aagavae kudaathu and he has stolen my heart also dear.

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear.. apdiyae agattum…. night la avanukku night dress dhan tharanum…but delhi la ore pani pavam chill nu irukkum dhan coat…mehak koda sweater pottu irukku la…evlo periya panakkaran thoonga pora appo koda coat suits podran….??..neriya coat suit vechi iruppan pola …. matching matching tie…oru time dhan comedy ya purple colors bow pottu irundha…..
        Mehak kitta pesum bothu mattum oru base voice edukkaran la nalla maniratnam movie madhri…. enaku hindi theriyadhu so Avan enna soldran nu theriyala irundhalum sila time verum lips mattum asaiyum …kovam podra appo vai oru side poidum…he having jaw deviation it s vry obvious avan sirikkum podhu adhu romba nalla theriyum…long face increased lower 1/3rd of face….side profile dhan enakku seriya theriyala..adha pathuttu appuram avanku vera enna la face la fault nu soldren…

      2. Latha

        Ahhh Moni night dressliya ………. hahaha I can’t control my laugh fear. Edhu eppadiyo ippo shauri face alasi aaraya poriya research panni results sollu magale.

  14. Latha

    Hi guys ai Dil hai mushkil and dharmiyan songs perfectly suits to our mehRya scenes na.

  15. hey guys I am a silent reader. today is the first time I am commenting on mehrya. i love shaurya and mahek very much. the episode was awesome.

    1. Latha

      Welcome Trisha and keep commenting dear

  16. Pooja Prajwal

    Hey guys please try to comment in hindi or English please dnt use more tamil words we don’t understand the language plsss

    1. Latha

      Ok Pooja…..

  17. Moni7

    Welcome trisha keep commenting

    1. Latha

      Moni namma rendu peraiyum kolla porangunnu ninaikkiren ippadiye Tamila pesitte iruntha.

      1. He he he yep :-p Hi Iam from coimbatore girls.. you guys are from..

  18. Thank you guys for accepting my guess. Also I wanted to say,he is also having some feelings with her,but he dosn’t realise.Now his target is to make her ,fall in love with him.He may go to any extent.After completing his target,he will ask Mehek, “you told me that,no girl will fall in love with me, and I won’t get married in my life.But now……the same girl has fallen in love with me &married me …!!! HOW IS IT ? ”
    (Like our Rajni style) Am I correct?

    1. Moni7

      Super …..Sema sema sema sva… romba correct.. ayio neengalum pandringa lae pa…billa ajith madiri m Back nu solla poran shaurie…….bgm ?? yaru endru therigiradha ivan yaru endru purigiradha roobam roobam vishwaroopam??????indha bgm oki va latha dear… shaurie rocks mehak shock…..un thimiru innum unna vittu poga la thank thank u koodavae porandhadhu enaikkum maradhu…
      Latha dear come to private chat vl send u my number?

      1. Thank you,Moni !

    2. hai and welcome SVA

      1. Latha

        Hi Nila y no comments…..

      2. Thank you,Nila !

  19. I think here there are so many Tamilians luvers for Mehak… Glad… But according to me my sense is saying that Shaurya is playing with mehak’s feeling to take revenge.. But seeing him as a luver boy from that arrogant shaurya is really give pleasant feel… lets wait and watch is he is taking revenge or really in luv with her..

    1. Moni7

      Hai Sasha…m from kanchipuram….. keep commenting dear…

      1. Ya Thank you dear moni.. I ll be in touch with you guys..

    2. Latha

      Hi Sasha whatever it may be Shaurya pretending to take revenge or fallen love with Mehak let us wait and watch and welcome to this group Kovai ponnae.

      1. Ha ha Thank you latha…

  20. Moni7

    Hai sri.. welcome and thank you……

  21. hi latha neenga yentha district? I am from Madurai

  22. Hey frnds.. In instagram samiksha has posted new promo of zkm.. Its just a compilation of all their eyelock n hug scenes.. She mentioned that the love story starts and there are more twists and it will be very enjoyable.. Even karanvohra posted regardingthe same.. He mentioned that many surprises are there for this week.. Awww… Waiting to watch..

    And guys even i m frm tamilnadu.. Nanum tamil tha.. Ela frnds kum oru hiiiiii..

  23. Kathy

    Vm on ae dil hai mushkil…

    1. Hi Kathy,h r u??
      My relative is passed away so that we have to reach our native by Tuesday night that I can’t tell to u…sry dr?

    2. Latha

      Thank you Kathy for the vm.

    3. Moni7

      Hai kathy …kovam la illa chumma dhan avana kindal pandren….m crazy fan of shaurie?❤?…(no anger and all just for fun i said)…..

  24. Moni7

    Hai siya welcome to TU…… keep commenting……yeah even i saw that video in Instagram…. samshika suttu ta actually video belongs to karan??….lol?…m vry Happy that both of them said new turns n twist are waiting for us….m pretty excited for that especially love story begins??…already shaurie showing too much of love n romancing mehak whenever he saw her …not even thinking where they are actually ….in front of mehak’s family he holding her hand getting close to her …and the intimacy??????…chummae eye lock lifting holding scene la podran apparam… love story begins na avan pandran velaiya namma la pakka mudiyum ma???…lucky boy ….

  25. Moni7

    Hai my dear friends good morning frnds….kalai vanakkam makkalae????…..yeah I know it is too early to say good morning…but no other go i didn’t sleep so sleepless night ….thookam varala pa(insomnia) bcoz of shaurie?… craziness n madness overloaded…..
    .???Hai latha dear athya ishu rayna razna vavachi naina razna arshi preethi kavi jayakumari geetha mk kk jene kathy siya nila nivi jenifer ankita pooja sharu vavachi sri Sasha sharu SVA Christina tina midhila trisha maanu arshi rayna all my chella kutties sweta swasti twinj aaku….. big hai hai for u all i try to include all names sry if i missed any names frndz…..i hate this Saturday and Sunday no zkm ?feeling sad too….too much of mehrya addiction specially shaurie ?.. dailyum ipdi polamba vittututanae enna ….. kaadhal barath madhiri agama irundha seri naanu….and one more thing which I saw in Instagram star plus 8 clk show arjun and dd show down in trp when comparing with last week ….may be bcoz of our zkm….it lost the trp rating….THE BEST PART OF OUR SHOW IS CASTING ALL ARE NEW FACES…… they are doing fabulous job… performance la pindranga……love u all my frnds bye……..lite thookam varudhu…. feeling sleepy atlast bye ….c u morning….

    1. Latha

      Moni kutti good morning dear and yesterday there was no shirtless scenes then why sleepless night.

      1. Moni7

        He he he …latha dear…he posted in Instagram saying thanks to everyone …????? For watching n supporting zkm and trp increase….and karan and samshika both mentioned lots of twist n turn are waiting for us… especially LOVE STORY BEGINS??? …..enga comments ku avan ellarum thanks u all nu smiley vera pottu irukkan comment❤…me also commented …All the best and Congratulations “SIR”…..i was the only one who said sir ..ella girls avan baby dear sweet heart la comment panni irukkanga…for sure trp vl reach 2 next week ku solli irukkan….

      2. I too hate theese long weekends. Edhuku indha tym pomatikidhu moni. Innu 8 hrs wait pannanumaa?? Got addicted. Pazhaya episodes e tiripi tiripi pakkara lo ?

  26. Good morning my dear Lovely friends…
    I really miss u all and our mehrya???
    Just now reading all the episodes I didn’t watch…and Ur comments too…. episodes r really good…but I missed watching all…soooo sad for me?

    1. Preethi ilang

      Hi mannu h r u dr……we too miss u da…..

      1. Hi Preethi, I’m fine ma wat abt u?

  27. Moni7

    Hai kathy thank u soooooooooo much for t

  28. Moni7

    Kathy dear… thank you soooooooooo much for the youtube link….??????…latha dear y r u nt msg ne in whatsapp???

  29. I think zkm did not disappoint us twinj fans

  30. Hi kathy di,moni sis,latha sis n all mehrya fans.i couldnt write more names as i am new n dont know much of ur names i so sorry for that from the bottom of my heart.finally saturday n sunday have gone n tomorrow we cam watch mehak yes!!!!!
    How r u all???
    N i was late due to much home assignment n i have to study as my exams r going to start just after 22-25 days
    I will try my best to cmnt as being a school student i am very busy
    Lots of love to u all????????

    1. Moni7

      Hai christina dear…m good..yeah it’s oki dear… concentrate on ur studies. Do well ur exam …all the best…

      1. Tnk u moni di n i will concentrate on my study as well as i will keep cmnting here??????

    2. Latha

      All the best for ur exams dear do well………

      1. Thnks and yeah as i have 22-25 days left for exams i will cmnt until my exams are started?????

  31. Ivalo tamilians fan uh…..cant believe….

    1. Moni7

      Hai jeni….s neriya tamilians dhan…so many with indians……

  32. Moni7

    ***south indians….

  33. ****NEW UPDATE****


    Soon the cute couples develop a mushy mushy love and shaurya surprises mahek with the marriage proposal..


    Shaurya and his mother karuna comes to mahek’s house with wedding offer and surprises the entire family. Mahek’s chachi kanta takes time to finalise their decision. However the sharmas are invited for a dinner at shaurya’s home after the proposal to finalise regarding the wedding. Soon we will see a lotsof twists and turns. Shaurya’s aunt svetlana and ex-girlfriend shruti tries to create hinderance and troubles in the wedding and try to seperate our love birds. Keep watching to know how this cute couples lead their marriage.

    Hi frndss.. This s really amazing news.. I m just dying to see these upcoming episodes.. Unlike other shows zkm is moving very fast.. It s more similar to ishqbaaz in some scenes yet love ths to the core.. Keep watching and commenting here.. Luv yu all

  34. Omw!!!!!
    Its the first time I’m commenting, cudnt contain my excitement abt news re wedding!!!
    I’m from south Africa and a huge fan of the show esp shaurya?

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