Mahek 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ajay in video says i fooled everyone, video ends. ajay says to Shaurya you dog.. Shaurya shouts be in your limits. Balwant slaps Ajay, all are content with it. Pammi says oldie have you gone mad? Balwant says be in your limits else i will slap you too. Ajay says if you raise hand again then you will go without hands to hell. Ravi grabs his collar and says i wont spare you, you cheated Mahek. Pammi says you all will die, PD asks her to leave with your dirt else, i will crush your head. Ajay says enough, if you people had rejected my proposal in closed doors then i might have forgiven you people but you people involved this Shaurya Khanna and insulted me infront of all guests, see what i do now. Mahek says what will you do? say what will you do? I forgot everything and was ready to start new

life with you but what you did? Ajay Parmar i was ready to marry you because of my family’s respect but i am not your property that you can use for two years and then throw it away. Ajay says you have tongue? you have become lioness now? yes i was marrying you for money, you know which girl i dumped for you? he looks at Nehal who is tensed. Ajay says she is hot and s*xy, she wears jeans and shorts, guess it, Kanta says leave Mahek.. Ajay says her name was.. Ajay holds Mahek’s hand forcefully.. Shaurya grabs Ajay by neck and shouts to leave her hand, he strangles Ajay’s neck and says you wanna go to Rajhistan? i will just call and your father will be transferred to Rajhistan, Pammi says you are threatening us? Shaurya says i can call printing press which you used to print mine and Mahek’s posters, Ajay told me everything when he was drunk, i can file defamation case on you and send you to jail, its better if you shut your tongue and leave. Pammi says its good that this relation ended, we dont want to have relation with these kind of people, we break this relation. Ajay says but 25lacs, Pammi leaves with him saying your wine costed us 25lacs. All guests leave. Jeevan says to Shaurya that you are favoring us one after and another, dont know how will we payback, Shaurya says you might call it favor but its my repentance. Mahek sadly goes to corner and sits on floor, Balwant is shocked too. Kanta is about to go to Mahek but Shaurya says Chachi.. he stops her and goes to Mahek. He says to Mahek that why are you crying now? are you missing Ajay? did you really start loving Ajay? Mahek says do you even know what i am feeling? you are joking right now? Shaurya says i dont know how much pain you are feeling as only the one who got pained knows it, i just know how to distract you from it, the Mahek Sharma i know can do anything when she smiles, you need to understand your value first for others to understand it, promise me, he holds her and says promise me to not get in pressure again and take decision which will hurt you or your family, Mahek whispers i promise and admiringly looks at him, all family members are looking at them. Shaurya makes her get up and says hold steering wheel of your life and take it where you want to, from tomorrow, make your identity yourself, make your life worthwhile, no girl needs any guy to build her life, you are Mahek and can spread your fragrance(Mahek) anywhere, Mahek admiringly gazes at him, Darmiyan song plays, they share eyelock, Shaurya comes closer and moves his hand to wipe her tears from her cheek but doesnt touch her face, he moves away and says Maa shall we go? he says to Mahek that i am leaving, bye. He leaves with Karona while Mahek smiles. Shaurya comes out of venue. Nehal comes there and says thank you, she holds his hand and says you stopped me from doing mistake and saved my family today from insult, i was going to do suicide for person but you served him right, i cant do anything to thank you, Shaurya says you can do many things to thank me, you can take me to shopping as your sense of fashion is good, you can make me learn smartphones as i find them complicated and you can help me understand girls and most important, you can take care of you and your sister, girls dont need any guys, be strong and if anyone teases you then you know i have build biceps, take care of yourself and family, dont let anyone hurt, he leaves, Nehal smiles admiring him.
Mahek comes to her room and recalls Ajay’s words that he will divorce her after getting her money, she recalls Shaurya’s words that she needs to understand her value and she can spread her fragrance anywhere she goes. Mahek looks at her phone and calls Shaurya. Shaurya is in car with Karona. He sees Mahek calling but doesnt take it. Karona asks him to take call, he is lost looking at call, Karona says answer it. Shaurya takes call and says say.. Mahek says sorry for disturbing you. Mahek says to Shaurya that i wanted to say something, Shaurya says all okay? Mahek says thank you very much, i promise you that you will see new Mahek from tomorrow who will live for herself alongwith living for others, Shaurya smiles and says best of luck, Mahek smiles dreamily, Ae dil hai mushkil plays, none of them ends call or say anything.. they are silent, Karona says what are you trying to understand? Shaurya comes out of his daze and says phone hanged, he ends call. Mahek looks at her phone and is in daze. Karona says to Shaurya that Sharmas are good family, you did good by saving them from Pammi and family, i will make kheer(sweetdish) for you. Shaurya says i did what was right and what i had to do. Shaurya and Karona reaches home. Karona comes out of car in garage, one car is racing towards her and stops just right infront of her.. Shaurya runs towards her and asks if she is fine? Vaitlana gets down from car, she is drunk and says sorry sister in law, did you get hurt? Shaurya shouts at her that this is house, not your racing track, who was driving car? blo*dy moron. Karona says i am fine, lets go inside, Shaurya says they should know how to drive. Vaitlana asks man sitting on driving seat to come out, Mr. Shaurya Khanna wants to see your face. Karona and Shaurya is shocked to see the man coming out of car.. Shaurya says KD?

PRECAP- Shaurya and Rajiv are at Mahek’s house. Mahek comes to Kanta and is jumping with happiness. Kanta asks what happened? Mahek says to Shaurya that you were right, we should control steering wheel of our lives and everything becomes fine, she says to Kanta that i got the job, Shaurya says i am happy, where did you get the job? Mahek says its a big hotelier KD.. Shaurya freezes in his place listening name, Rajiv is stunned and says you cant do this job.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Christina

    Hi everyone how r u all???
    I was too much busy with home assignment and couldnt cmnt bt today onwards i will comnt everyday
    Gd night n take careπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’—

    • swasti

      Hey christiana,
      Did u check the reply of the previous update.Reply hereko chaina bhane hera la.Maile register garne tarika lekhe ko chu.Ma ta tik chu ani timro halkhabar kasto cha.Gud night.

    • ΰ€€ΰ₯ƒΰ€·ΰ€Ύ

      Hlo christina sanchaii xau ani kati ma ho padhne tmi la
      Tmi kun kun serial ho herna garxau malai tah isqbaaz,udaan luv to see that serial some time i commented on isqhbaaz i think u also luv to watch isqhbaaz why don’t u join in isqhbaaz ff

      • Christina

        I also luv ishqbazz to i havent missed it single epi n will cmnt there also
        N i watch mehek,ishqbaaz n used to watch vishkanya n meri aashiqui tumse hi etc

      • Christina

        Hi kathy di.i am also happy to see u here n i am doing good n what abt u??
        Take cares sis πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  2. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai my dear frnds…how r u all….. another awesome episode of zkm…loved it….and our hero shaurie 😍😘😘he just nailed it…no words to say simply fabulous …. Mehak is in love with shaurieπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜shaurie too…. phone conversation cheery on the cake,……killer simile he is rocking……new villain entry shaurie’s uncle kd… unfortunately mehak get a job offer from his hotel …. shaurie s shocked ….now he might offer a job for mehak ….so that she vl nt go to his uncle’s hotel….try to keep her close to him( shaurie)….new twist n turns in zkm excited n interesting …but what about that marriage promo?? I thought he vl propose her…but he didn’t😒..then too he stop kanta chachi nd went to console mehak πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…. payapulla appo koda poi avala sight padichittu varan….public nu koda pakama eyelock veraπŸ˜‚,πŸ˜‹ naughty boy shaurie…coming to nehal y she start admiring him? Already avanukku onnu koda( akkavae )set agala
    idhula thangachi veriya…. ipoovaum enakku doubt dhan ivan thirunthitan na illa nadikaran na….ivan character purinjikavae mudiyala…but ivan pora pokka patha kamala hassan na beat panniduvan pola intimacy scene la dailyum lifting eyelock ku kekka poran shaurieπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  3. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends…how was ur day……today episode was mindblowing one…..shaurya words was really inspring to every women…..super ZKM team……….

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Shaurie preethi dear….superb …precap dhan shocking…mehak shaurie kags avan uncle hotel ku poga matta la illa pova la.. illa shaurie offet a job …. kandipa shaurie ku enemy na poga matta…ivan hotel ku dhan varuva …neenga sonna madhri romance start aagum…chummae ivan pindran apparam kekka va vennum

  4. swasti

    Hey di’s n guys,
    I am fine n what about u all?2days epi was amazing…fabulous… shaurya just nailed it.2day mahek was luking daamn beautiful n cute.I think Nehal will fall for Shaurya,Ajay will take revenge which will result in high voltage drama.N who is this KD?I think he will be playing negative role.

  5. Nila

    Wow nice episode love meherya scenes I missed today episode only read the updates waiting to see the retelecast who is this KD?

  6. [email protected]!

    Today’s episode was also tooooo good…..shauryaaaaaa

  7. nayana

    STAR OF THE EPISODE IS SHAURYA so all problemS get sloved now FRESH START WAT WILL BE THE NEW TWIST? anyways waiting 4 nxt goodni8 guys

  8. ACHU

    already shaurie ke pass kamm villain tey ek aur aagaya…any how mehak is gonna have tough time in shaurie house..

  9. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Wow what a episode ….. Shaurya nailed it today ….. Cheapo pammi n company finally gone…. a million dollar question running on my mind….. ” sharay neenga nallavara kettavara???? πŸ€”πŸ˜œ”

  10. Preethi ilang

    Moni did u saw one thing…..wen mehek call him….his face was filled 1000 wats light……then both were gone into their own world without conversation…… shaurya words inspire me a lot yar……the person who comes out of car is shaurya uncle ah……moni public place nu kuda parkamma romance panaraga paa….he is utilising every chance smart guyπŸ˜‚……u rocked the episode shaurya😘😍….

  11. sweta

    Hi guys amazing epi I wanna beat dat bl**dy Ajay lyk black n blue.. hw dare he to held mehek tightly go to hell Ajay😬😬😬…BT shaurya I love u yaar the tym when chod mehek ko on dat tym he was looking lyk a possessive bf who cnt tolerate if anyone say anything to his gf…I m excited to see the new side of mehek n their phn conversation omg during dat shaurya smile was so adorable😍😍😍n ya a new entry kd bt who he is??n hw shaurya knows him..n mehek got job in kd’s hotel…let’s see why is gonna happen..n hlo my beautiful friends aaku di,moni di,latha di, rayna di,swasti,maanu di,nayana di,Christina,jayakumari di,arshi,BBB,tanisha sry if I missed anyone guys how r u all??guys this my last comment on site coz I m leaving tellyupdate….Han don’t wry waspas jaldi aungi into jaldi picha nehi chod ne bali me 😝😝😝 n the reason of leaving update is my studies.. guys I m in 10th broad xan I n have to secure good marks so DAT parents be proud of me so guys by by n moni di na aaku di I had sent frnd request on fb by the name Sonali nayak plz accept it n arshi I m unable to find ur I’d plz give me some info so DAT I can easily recognize ur I’d n guys if any of u is on fb then do tell me wid some info guys really difficult for me to stay away frm u n I m gonna miss u lyk hell.. BT I have to coz of my studies thanks guys for accepting as ur frnd,thanks for the support n love u all give really thanks for it n don’t wry I’ll be back in April hope u guys will remember me till den n ya don’t u dare to forget me 😝😝😝 so by by guys see u in April n plz don’t forget me log u all😘😘😘

    • Christina

      Hi gonna miss u and wont forget uπŸ˜‡πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
      All the best 4 ur examsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      • swasti

        Hey sweta,
        Once again tq for mentioning my name.Glad to know that I am ur fren.I am fine.Aur may aur aaku bhi twinj ke fan hai aur hamesha rahenge.Miss u aur time milye toh mujhe bhi miss karna ok.Best of luck yaar.Ham April may milenge.Bye.

    • sweta

      N ya guys keep loving mehrya n keep commenting n rayna di u keep lovingehrya n twinj n di app twinj ke ff padte rehna jab me wapas aungi toh mujhe batana kitne new ff aye.. hope u guys will miss me kitni bate karliye maine so final by by guys keep loving n supporting mehrya love all😘😘😘😘

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Hai sweta baby….. concentrate on ur studies….do well ….n vl u friend request in fb my fb name is monika dhanasekaran….luv u loads n miss u cutie pie😍😘😘😘😘

      • sweta

        Dear mini di thanks for ur wishes n di i had already sent friend request on fb by the name sonali nayak do accept it love u my sis,take care..gonna miss u all by mini di

    • swasti

      N ya swta aaku won’t b able to accept ur fren request now coz she has gave up her fb insta everything.She will b back in April n me too.

  12. midhila

    Hii guyz am new one to comment here…. Pls include me .. And i think kd is his father…and he is angry on father as he betrayed shaurya and real mom… Hope so…

  13. Tina

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the precap Zee TV did not show it in the 10:30 time slot today…thank you much..😘

  14. Dharshini

    Today’s episode is awesome.mahek came to know the villain face of ajay and hero shaurya,I really appreciate shaurya to have broad mind about self respect and empowerment of women nice to here his words.

  15. Dharshini

    Hair sweat dear all the best for ur exams .study well concentrate in ur studies.take care we miss u lot dear & don’t worry we don’t forget u bye.

  16. Aysha

    Gud episode….finally ajay….the blo*dy monkey….everyone showed him and that fatty donkey their status…waaw!!!hope nothing unwanted shud happen….fingers crossed😦😨

  17. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai my dear frnds…athya ishu preethi twinj aaku latha sweta swasti christina dharshini arshi nayana rayna razna nila maanu kavi kathy bbb midhila pooja nivi nila aysha geetha mk isha jene jene arshi achu vini….n sry if I missed any name……good morning frnds….. waiting for mehrya scene😍😘😘😘

  18. Latha

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys how r u all……… Yesterday’s episode was superb and Shaurya nailed it. The way he console or advice Mehak was superb and as Preeti told it inspires me also and I think we all have move on in our life. Whether he loves Mehak or pretending to take revenge I don’t know but he is making Mehak much more strong and confident .

  19. Latha

    |Registered Member

    Writers or cvs don’t bring Nehal in between mehRya then the story line will be boring and it will become as usual and we want some thing new.

  20. Latha

    |Registered Member

    Yes Preeti u r right yesterday Shaurya’s face was bright and also as u said he was not even missing a single chance and tries to get mehak close. Love u shauri……..

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Ama latha dear…vry worst taste.. ava enna dress podra…adhu first pakka koda sagikala…. ivanakku shopping pannanum na avala en kopdran…..mehak ka shopping ku koopaala….idhula iphone app confusing ah irukkum…appo nokia basic use pannala la……ivan akka thangachi nu rendu perukkum route podran…..akka fish thangachi fish ku vala podranπŸ˜‹

  21. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Shaurie yae oru villan dhan idhula new villan vera….mehak ka vechi vilayada poranga pola rendu perum kd and shaurie….poor mehak…..mehak vechi shaurie ya blackmail pannalam…… early morning mehak veetukku varan koda rajeev sir vera…. business pondra idea la illa…fraud shaurie😍 villan ku oru villan nalla dhan irukku…waiting for that episode….

  22. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Innum epdi sonal shaurie kannala pada ma irukkaπŸ˜πŸ˜‰angayium poi oru attendance pottu varuvanae…..(.hai m krishnan m bachelor neenga oki na enakku oki nu dialogue frm mounam pesiyudhey movie) … andha mami koda avanukku nalla pair dhan. .πŸ˜‚

  23. shabnam yadav

    I πŸ’• u saurya kya acting kiya mehek to impres ho gai
    us blo*dy ajay ka to duniya lut gai
    bt mujhe ni lgta saurya itna jldi mahek k faimly k liye sweet ho skta h
    bt i like it
    aj k saurya k awaj bhut sweet lga
    i πŸ’Ÿ u so much saurya
    v! nice episod

    • Vinni

      I too find something very fishy… But I can’t understand what shaurya is upto…. N now he needs mehek 4 his new restaurant.. So I dont think he’ll take revenge 4 now…

  24. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi all. Again a good episode. Moni dear still i too have the same doubt whether he completely changed or still has revenge? But their eye locks n phone conversation says something. If a new villain means shaurie may not do negative role hopefully. Nehal n santoor soap heroine ore madhiridhan dress panranga. Ivanukku enna achu nehal dress sense paththu.

    Sweta all the best for ur exams n wishing u to score good marks.

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Avan la maritanu sonna naa namba maten jayakumari dear…..seri pappom … enaku preethi sonnaga spoiler la she works with shaurie nu….jolly appo dailyum avan hotel ku povanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜…..

  25. Preethi Ilangovan

    Spoliers of ZKM mehek ill work in shaurya hotel but she does not knw shaurya is the owner of the hotel……….our shaurya also wnt tell that he keep tat as a surprise for her……….mehek as employee and shaurya as a boss … there love ill start?

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Preethi dear .for sure it vl be shaurie who first confront his feelings towards mehak…. already mental la suthittu irukkan mehak mehak nu..

    • Latha

      |Registered Member

      Preeti eppavae Vela pakkama eppo pathalum Mehak vitileya irukkar namma Shaurya appram rendu perum ore edathula Vela Patha ennum konjam nerukkam adhigamagum.

  26. BBB

    Welcome Darshini nd keep commenting…Hii rayna nayan vavachi latha moni sweta ishu twinj nd all my frnds…I missed u yar….

    • sweta

      Hi BBB thanks for the wishes yaar n r u from odisha if yes den me too..miss u too dear take care by by

  27. ankita bansal

    Hi guys i m new here….will you accept me in your group…..i used to read these updates and your comments….this is my first time k mein comment kr ri hu….

  28. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai BBB how r u dear after a long time seeing u ….
    Hai new friends dharshini ankita jennifer welcome dears keep commenting ……
    Jennifer yeah naanum tamil dhan so many tamil plp are here……

    It is a big surprise for me to know that most of the plp r tamil …..luv u all my frnds…
    Plz self intro…
    Kd paiyan dhan shaurie he didn’t reveal it is his hotel or company…it is not a surprise for mehak for sure vl be a shock for her….this shows he didn’t change …. anyways v shouldn’t fully trust spoilers vl wait n see…..

  29. Christina

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone n good evening
    Do anyone of u watch korean drama???
    Descendant of the sun korean drama us very nice one n if possible plz watch it its so nice oneπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    • nayana

      yes but not now i watched only one KIM SOO- HYUN’S “MY LOVE FROM THE STAR” SUCH A NICE & SWEET DRAMA i like him very much he is so cute……………………………………………………………………………….

      • Christina

        It was one of the superhit drama in the asia n its record was broken by descendants of the sun ..plz do watch it its such a nice one n love the pairing of song joon ki and song hye kyo

  30. BBB

    Yaa dear preethi nd moni…….meri xm chal rahi hai ab…to thodi si bg hnu….main 1dec bali awsome episode miss kar gai…

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