Mahek 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PD says to Rajiv that Mahek is right, she wont take part in competition. Jeevan asks Rajiv to drink tea. Rajiv drinks but his tongue gets burned. Mahek runs to kitchen, she brings Avogadro’s leaf and says eat it, it will cool your throat, Rajiv eats it and says this it what i am talking about, she has magic. Jeevan says Mahek was attacked at Dehli heart venue, we cant risk that again, we are worried that she will get hurt again, Mahek is really innocent and if she doesnt want to go then we will not ask her. Rajiv says this competition is not some low rating show. Balwant says you have eaten refreshment and tea, i think now you should leave, girls of this house are happy watching Tv only, Rahiv says i am leaving form here incase you people change mind and you can hide diamond but it wont

stop shining, he takes one more samosa and says to Mansi that you were right, they are delicious, he leaves.
Rajiv is with Shaurya. Shaurya is drinking milk, Rajiv is drinking beer, Shaurya says drink milk, beer is not good for health. Rajiv says you think that i am lying? Shuarya says no, i know cook Kunal didnt make desert, but dhabba girl didnt make it either. Shaurya says to Rajiv that Dhabba girl is lying, she didnt make that desert, she must have bought it from somewhere and brought it here. Rajiv says her family rejected my offer, Shaurya says it must be their plan, blo*dy middle class, they must be planning next move now.
Ravi shows Mansi model’s pictures and says if they wear our sarees then our selling will increase, Mansi says why dont you talk to jeevan about it? Ravi says Jeevan is old fashioned, he will say that no we dont want to send Mahek to Tv and all but if if Mahek becomes celebrity then our lives will change.
Mohit says to family that last year, big hoardings were placed around whole city for competitors, Pd says Mahek cooked good food today. Nehal says its good that Mahek denied offer, its big competition, you need to have confidence and really good cook, Mahek cant compete. Pd says you are right that food is not difficult to cook so you will cook from tomorrow, all cough, Mohit says then all will be hungry whole day. Sonal’s mother comes there and invites them for Jagrata, Balwant says you remembered us now? she says i thought if i should invite you people or not but then thought you are neigbors so i am here to invite you, actually Pammi is coming there too so i thought if it would be awkward for you people, PD asks why Pammi becomes witch at night? Sonal’s mother says no i listened there was commotion between you people and Pammi at Dehli heart, Kanta says you dont worry, we all will come, its Mata Rani’s jagrata, Sonal’s mother leaves. Jeevan asks if its necessary to go? Kanta says we didnt do anything wrong to not og, we all will go.
Its night, Kanta is not able to sleep. She comes out of her room and sees Mahek cooking in kitchen in middle of night and humming song. Kanta recalls Rajiv offering Mahek to enter competition then how Pammi insulted that Mahek’s standard is just limited to kitchen.

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek is cooking in kitchen. Mansi comes and asks what is she cooking? Mahek says cooking for Navratri, Mansi asks if you really dont want to go to competition? Mahek says no, i get agitated thinking about it, i am happy in this small kitchen, making food for my family gives me happiness, i dont need Shaurya’s certificate, if all goes to Tv then who will be audience? some audience is necessary too.
Mahek is getting ready in her room. Chachi asks her to come fast, she says coming. Mahek opens her laptop, She sees Keral king(Shaurya) online. Kanta says Mata Rani is waiting Mahek, Mahek says coming.
Shaurya is with Rajiv, Rajiv says this list is incomplete, Shaurya says dont praise that dhabba girl again. Mahek messages him if he watches Tv? he says sometimes, why? Mahek messages Shaurya and writes you know about India’s super cook competition? He looks at its poster and writes no i havent listened, Mahek says its famous, i have to tell you something about it but i will tell you later, happy Navratri, Jai Mata Rani. Shaurya smiles, Rajiv asks if he is smiling? Shaurya says i got Navratri wishes, Rajiv asks from whom? he says from someone special, Jai Mata Rani.
Jagrata is going on, Sharma family comes there. Sonal welcomes them, Mahek gives her parsad she prepared for Mata Rani. Kanta sees Pammi. Pammi sees them too. Pammi comes to Kanta and Mahek, she asks how are you Kanta? she says fine, Pammi says i thought you wont some, Kanta says we didnt do anything wrong, we are not scared of anyone, Pammi says we did mistake of thinking to make relation with you, Kanta says we did mistake too, Pammi says Mahek got some praise in Dehli heart and you are flying high now? Pammi says to Kanta that if you want to call at middle of night and curse at me then use PCO from next time, my brother is in custom, it took me 2hours only to find out who it was calling, Mahek says aunty it was all my mistake, please dont do anything here, we will discuss later, she takes Kanta from there.
Pammi comes to her husband and says send Kanta and Mahek to jail or else i will kill them and go to jail, what Mahek thinks of herself? first she called me and cursed me and now saying that we will talk later, let this jagrata end then i will set her right. Jagrata is going on, all are enjoying. Kanta is feeling cold, Mahek goes from there. Ajay hints to Nehal that he is sorry, she ignores him. Mahek brings shawl and puts on Kanta. All are dancing and chanting for Mata Rani. Sonal’s mother makes Kanta and Pammi gets up from their positions.

PRECAP- Pammi says to Kanta that i am seeing Ajay’s marriage proposal somewhere else, Kanta says congrats, Pammi says i will give catering order to Mahek for his wedding, she doesnt have any standard but still i am giving her advance, she gives Mahek 5000/- to insult, Mahek has tears in her eyes, Pammi starts leaving but Kanta says Pammi..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hai guys ,athya rayna , iswarya how was u day today. Today episode was good mahek is special person to Shaurya but when he understands she is the meera Sharma hate get increase no idea she will come for competition waiting……

  2. OfficiallyMe

    Kanta aunty will definitely say that mahek is participating in Shaurya’s show ? ?????
    She will encourage mahek!! Go girl show that you are worth it and later ShaHek’s love story ❀ ❀

  3. Me to dear rayan I also have lots of work. Iswarya have safe journey .

    1. You also have lots of work.What a coincedence.

  4. Hai deeksh ,femi ,Shona ,athya ,rayna,iswarya I miss u any name sorry how u all . HAPPY NAVRATRI ALL MY FRIENDS

    1. I am fine dear.How are you?Same to you dear.

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Thank u vavachi and same to u dear

  5. hi guyz… r u all……

    yaar I really want to kick tat pammi. ……..what she thinks about her self…how can she talk like tat……..

    shaurya is not at all ready to accept tat mahek cooked it……

    1. Hi Athya, thanks a lot for the Desiplex Channel and it is great that they show latest full episode of Mehek. Truly appreciate your response. I notice they don’t have the latest episodes of KKB & KT. If by any chance there are other sites for the above pls pls let me know. Thanks once again??????

      1. Hey Neha,desiserial is one of the site in which you can watch full episode af any serials.

      2. Thanks Rayna and I will also check it out??????

  6. hi vavachi….am good. …what about u…..

  7. she will definitely take part in competition. ……..may b kanta chachi will force her…….

    he started liking our chatting girl………what will be his reaction when he came to know about mahek….I know it will take time……but still waiting for it…….

    shahek rockzzzz….luvng them….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. prasanna thanniru

    I think kantha says mehek will participate in the cooking competition to pammi
    Shaurya smile was awesome

  9. Pooja Prajwal

    Oh god Mehak looks so cute

  10. Episode was nice,I loved the smile of shaurya.Only mehek can make him smile.Go mehek,show your talent to shaurya and win the competition.May be shaurya will start liking her.But it’s just my imagination.I think that shaurya like meera sharma with whom he is chatting.But what will happen when he will come to know that meera is none other than mehek.Then their hate story will start.Then how they will change their hate into love,that depends on cvs.

    1. Hey Rayna my dear my best friend I miss you so much but do teen din ke baad me m free ho jaaugi or fir m regular comment bhi karugi first of all I am really very sorry yar just becoz of my admission process meine tumse koi bat nhi ho paaiii pr kya kru yeah counselling ka process bahut lanba tha but now I got admission in medical university so now do teen din keep baad m free ho jaaugi or tumse bat bhi karugi ek bar fir dil se sorry yar mein tumme hurt kiya ho to but I always love u a lot. Your loving Naina.

      1. Congratulations Naina,you got admission in medical university.I know that you were busy that’s why you are not commenting.No need to say sorry dear.You know I was missing you.I am also missing twinj very badly.TEI ki bohot yaad aa rahi hain aur bohot rona aa raha hain.But I am happy atleast you are here.Plz keep commenting here after 2-3 days when you will get free.Love you too.

    2. Thanks a lot Rayna for understanding me yar i am so lucky to get such a nice frd. Love u too yar.

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    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi athya, rayna, vivachi and all…. Im fine.. Hw r u guys? I read the episode. Y did mahek asked sorry to that old fat elephant.. She tried to cheat all and got insult from everyone for her wrong doings… Y should mahek apologise to her… I didnt like that…. Shaurya smikes after seeing our maheks message???indicates he likes our mahek…. Thats a good sign… Lets wait and watch…
      Thanks vavachi dear for ur concern… Thats so sweet of u…

      1. Hi ishwarya,vavachi,athya,pooja,
        femi and others.I am fine guys.How are you all?

  12. Sorry guys busy in exams

  13. Pooja Prajwal

    Thank you athya

  14. Pooja Prajwal

    I’m good how are you all and I want say about this serial is its interesting day by day and now onwards I’ll keep commenting

  15. hi everyone
    one of my fav serial edkv end
    am really sad
    anyway mehak is so cute
    niiice episode

  16. hi evryone….i am new here…a great fan of mehek & shourya….kanta chachi rockz…

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi Sumi!u r most welcome..feel free to comment..

  17. hi femi…..hi sumi…..

    me too sumi a great fan of shahek……the rockz……

    we have to wait till monday …for next episode. ….I wish it telecasts Saturday also……….

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    but sad becoz comments are still less…….

    hope it will increase soon

  19. Hi.. l’m new here.. can I join you guys..? l really like this show & shahek…

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