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Mahek 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is dancing with Shaurya, Mahek seductively dances with Shaurya, Shurti is glaring at them, she drinks wine seeing them. Mahek is about to slip but Shaurya catches her, all clap for them. Shurti leaves. Vaitlana says wow, this girl is falling all over him, impressive, Shaurya’s mother asks to end party, she says its late night. Father says let Shaurya dance, i am seeing his new side after much time, he is drunk. Mother asks everyone to come for dinner, all guests leave. Mahek says to Shaurya that your ish has benn fulfilled, you have made fun of me infront of all, now will you call police station? Shaurya says what if i dont call? mahek says you promised, Shaurya says i break it, what can you do? we rich people are animals, we dont care about promises. Mother comes there and asks

Shaurya to come, she wanna talk, he says i am busy, she says i want to talk rightnow, she leaves. Shaurya says this chapter hasnt ended Mahek Sharma, he leaves. Mahek is tensed.
Shaurya comes to his mother, mother says why you are torturing that innocent girl? Shaurya says she is not innocent, she is that type of girl, Mother says she is bearing your misbehavior, she should have slapped you but she didnt, this is her upbringing, shaurya says she wears shalwar suit so you have assumed that she is nice girl but this is all pretense, Mother says i dont care, end this drama or else i should do it? She glares him and leaves. shaurya tries to stop her and says let me handle this mom. she doesnt listen and goes away.
Mother comes to Mahek and asks what happened? she says lets have dinner with me. Mahek looks at Shaurya with disgust. Mother asks her to tell her truth, Mahek tells her everything, how her uncles got arrested because Shaurya filed copyright case, how her uncle was slapped and her family was insulted. Mahek says i need your help aunty, i dont want to win any competition, i just need my family safe. Mother calls Shaurya there, she asks Mahek to not cry anymore, she wipes her tears. Shaurya says blo*dy drama company, doesnt leave any chance to gt sympathy, mother asks Shaurya to call inspector or should she? Shaurya calls inspector and ask him to free Jeevan and Ravi, he ends call. Shaurya says to Mahek that because of you, i had to bear loss in business, mother asks Mahek to leave, your family is lucky to have you, Mahek hugs her and thanks her, mother says i should say sorry on Shaurya’s behave, he wont say it, she folds her hands and says i am sorry that your family had to bear this because of Shaurya, she gives parsad to Mahek and says say sorry to your family, she leaves. Shaurya says she will get big headed because of your sympathy, mother says you have gone mad, you cant see difference between stone and diamond? this is my upbringing? she angrily leave. Shaurya glares.
Mahek comes out of house. Nehal asks what happened? Mahek says lets go to police station.

Scene 2
At police station, Jeevan and Ravi are freed. Jeevan is walking like dead man. Kanta asks if he is fine? he doesnt answer, Mahek, Nehal and Mohit comes there. Kanta hugs Mahek, Mahek looks at Jeevan’s state, Kanta says i knew you would make everything right, did that devil misbehave with you? Mahek says i am fine, dont worry, Nehal brings water for Jeevan and asks him to please drink it, Jeevan doesnt take it, Kanta says lets go home, Jeevan is unresponsive, they leave from police station. Policeman says to inspector that they seem nice people, got stuck, inspector says thats why we should not make friends or foe with influential people.
Shaurya comes in his room and recalls how mother said that Mahek didnt slap him, how she apologized to him, how she blamed herself for wrong upbringing.
Kanta and family comes home. Whole neighborhood comes there, one neighbor asks if police beat them? Jeevan recalls getting slapped. All neighbors are gossiping and laughing, Kanta is in tears, one neighbor says they must have done some fraud, Mahek wont be part of show anymore, Sheetal taunts them too. Nehal asks neighbors to leave and look after your homes.
Shaurya sees Shurti in his room and says what the hell? she is checking his laptop, he says how dare you check my personal stuff? Shurti says come on darling, there is nothing personal between us but tell me why you dont have picture of girl whom you were dancing with? Shaurya says i keep her picture in my heart, dont you have any work? dont you have to destroy life of someone? Shurti says i came and left your life without permission so i wont take your permission to come in your room, tell me what you were today? you think you can make me jealous by dancing with that clumsy girl? i am Miss Dehli 2008 and 2009, many guys like you are running behind me, shaurya snickers and says its weird that you dont smell heart burning, miss Dehli 2008, 2009 is jealous of her ex-boyfriend dancing with common girl Mahek Sharma and that ex-boyfriend whom you dumped. shaurya lies her head in his lap and says baby till when you will punish me for my mistake? i was young and dumb too, i made mistake, Shaurya says your husband and my brother is not here, there are many guests in house so you should not stay in this room, shurti tries to come closer to him, Shaurya grabs her arm and throws her out of room, he closes door and thinks.
Sharma family comes home. Balwant asks Jeevan to not worry, he hugs Ravi too.Mansi asks Ravi if she is fine? she hugs him and cries. PD says to Jeevan that i knew, you would come, now get rest, she makes Jeevan sit on chair. She comes to Kanta and hugs her, Kanta cries, PD asks her to cry and calm down. Mahek, Mohit comes there. Mahek sees state of her family, all dejected and breaking down. She asks Nehal to come with her. Nehal says do you think of something else other than kitchen? leave it, Mahek says just help me, all are hungry and thirsty, they will get ill, Nehal says i cant, i am damn tired. Mahek sees her family sad and thinks that my family had to bear this because of me today again and i couldnt do anything.

PRECAP- Shaurya is driving car out of his house, Mahek comes infront of it. shaurya comes out and says even after getting insulted so much, you are standing here? just get out. Mahek says Mr. Shaurya Khanna, i came in this competition for my family, winning or losing didnt matter for me but now India’s supercook is challenge for me that i have to win to make you loose.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. First of all hiiii rayna,BBB,moni,iswarya,vavachi,latha,arshi……..and my all lovely guys how r u yr. Hmm percap acha h tu ab shooru hogi mahek or shaurya k beech achi wali ladaii yee. Rayna yr mera orignal name Nancy Rohilla h or naina,nanu,nan mere nick name h ghar pr sab naina bolte h or mummy papa nanu. M Bhiwani (haryana) se hu but hamari saari family delhi m rhe ti h or m filhaal hostle m hu ambala. Yr tum khaa se ho yr. Or guys aap sab khaa se ho yr. Love u guys and have a good night and good day.★★★★★★★★★

    1. Hello my dear Naina,I am fine yaar.And you?My real name is Waiza Rayna.My nickname is Raynu.My family is in Ranchi and I am studying in Bangalore.Doing B-Com.And living in hostel.You have a very nice name dear.Love you too.

    2. Moni7

      Hai naina dear…i didn’t understand anything ….wat u said n the comments dear??? Anyways m fine dear….u…really Nice episode…nice precap….

      1. Hey moni,she said that now fight and tashan between mehek and shaurya will start.And her real name is Nancy Rohilla and her nickname is Naina,nanu and nan.Her family lives in Delhi and she studies in haryana.Staying in hostel.And she ask you all guys to tell from where are you all?Understood.

    3. Latha

      Hai Nancy fine dear and how are u yes u r right Mehak or Shaurya k beech ab shooru hogi ladayee.

    4. Fine dear.

  2. I hate Shaurya khana wat the hell is doing shruthi . Feeling very bad to mahek family and really interesting precap I am mahek she have to win .
    HAI FRIENDS, mouni ,ishu,rayna,athya, latha, arshi how u all ?how was the day guys? If I miss any name I am really sorry……

    1. Moni7

      Hai dear vavachi….yeah nice precap☺

    2. Latha

      Fine dear

    3. Hi vavachi,I am fine and you?

      1. Moni7

        Thanks for the translation dear rayna…m frm south indha – tamilnadu…my name s monika☺☺☺ more talkative ,more funny,lazy….and am a dentist☺☺☺

      2. No need to say thank you dear.I know that you don’t understand hindi.

  3. Nice episode 🙂

  4. Aahana

    hate Shaurya khanna ……

  5. Hi guys..Naina,Ishwarya,Vavachi,Moni,
    Latha,Athya,Arshi and everyone.How are u all?
    Now coming to the episode.I didn’t like it.Feeling pity on mehek’s family.In today’s episode shaurya will get a slap from mehek.I am eagerly waiting for that.And you guys know last week trp was 1.2
    It’s increased.Congo all of you.Ok bye.Have a nice day.

    1. Moni7

      M super dear rayna….me too waiting for that oly …he deserves that slap….tall arrogant physco?

      1. Yes u r right.

    2. Latha

      Me too waiting

    3. Moni7

      So Sweet of u rayna dear????

  6. Latha

    In yesterday’s episode Shaurya mumma was good and I hate Shaurya’s behaviour with Mehak. Precap was good and ‘s come on Mehak u should win the competition

    1. Moni7

      Yeah dear… shaurya’s mom she s perfect mom….

    2. Yes latha,Shaurya’s mom is opposite to him.

  7. Moni7

    Hai frnds…..athya ishu vavachi bbb rayna razna latha….n all my frnds….how r u……
    Dance performance mimic madhu bala yaar…..wat the hell s happening???? Same track …same story line… different cast?? dey think we are mad…..

    1. Yup moni,u r right.Cvs think that we can’t understand anything.They are making us fool.And I m fine dear and you?

      1. Moni7

        M fine dear rayna….but then too y trp s nt increasing dears….

  8. Moni7

    Shaurya deserve shruti nt mahek….. shruti s miss delhi 2009 n 2010 good comedy????….

  9. Gd mrng frnds….
    #naina..#rayna…#vavachi…# BBB….#moni…#razna…#iswarya…#athya…. how r u all????

    1. Moni7

      M good …how r u arshi dear….

    2. Hi arshi,I am fine.

      1. Hiii my lovely rayna sorry for the late commenting kya kru yr class 8:30am se 3:30 tak hoti h or m beech m comment nhi kr paati yr but tum ne moni ko bhut aache se explain kiya mere baare m hmm very well. Love u and im fine too yr.

      2. Nhi yr mujhe kisi bhi cheez ka koi boora nhi lagaa yr after all u r helping me by doing all this. And yr m kbhi bhi tumhari or or kisi ki bat ka koi boora nhi manti so dont worry about all this feel free to comment on me or on my behalf. Ok love u.♥♥♥♥♥

    3. Hiii yr Im fine and enjoying the show love u guys.

      1. Hi my lovely Naina,I know you that you are busy,that’s why you are not replying.Plz don’t say sorry dear.And that’s the reason I explain him what you said.You are not angry with me na for giving the reply of comment which belongs to you.
        My classes too held between 7:30-1:30.After coming back only I also reply to all comments.Love you a lot.

  10. Episode was nice.I think a love angle will develop between mahek and shaurya as he said to shruti that he keeps the picture of mehak in his heart.Even though he said it to envy shruti,I hope that it becomes true.

  11. Moni7

    Friends one request from side…if u all register na vl msg n personal ….r send me ur fb name….mine s monika dhanasekaran

  12. though its a nice show but i dont think ke ab is show ki trp aur increase hogi coz drashti is back with her new show n it gonna rock the screen..she is simply the best….now waiting for sanaya’s show

  13. I fine dear love u lotsss waiting today episode

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Pompous arrogant shurya…not even dat good looking…n so thiny…..

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