Mahek 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Investors says to Shaurya that we would like to meet cook who made it, his wife, Shaurya says sure.
Shaurya comes in kitchen and sees Mahek with closed eyes, anticipating results. Shaurya looks at her and chefs and says they loved it, investors are happy, i want to thank you all people, chef says real cooking was done by Mahek. Shaurya says investors want to meet who made it possible, lets go Mahek, come. He takes Mahek aside and says i wanted to say something, he sees flour on her forehead, he pulls her closer and puts hand on her waist, she smiles at him. Jag ghoomiya song plays, Shaurya brings her in kitchen again all the while looking in her eyes. Shaurya wipes flour from her forehead and lovingly tucks her hair behind her ear, Mahek blushes, they share eyelock. Shaurya smiles at

her, he brings her to end of kitchen, he leans in and hugs her, Mahek is stunned but hugs him tightly. Shaurya opens door of inventory behind Mahek and pushes her inside, he locks her inside, Mahek knocks door and says open it. Shaurya smirks and sorry Mahek, you might have big heart but i dont have, he leaves. Mahek cries.
Shaurya brings his chefs and makes them meet investors, Shaurya says they made this dish and the one who did presentation of dish, who lead this team and made it perfect is standing here, its me Shaurya Khanna. Investor asks if his wife didnt make dish? Shaurya says no, she only cooks in house’s kitchen, she never came here, she has got nothing to do with dish, the recipe of this dish is of her mother but i have made it, chef looks at him with disgust. Investors greet Shaurya and leaves. Mahek shouts for Shaurya to open door. Shaurya comes in kitchen and sees Mahek locked behind door, he opens door, Mahek glares him, Shaurya asks will you not give any lecture? there is famous saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman and you were behind my success but you will remain behind me, if you try to go ahead of me then you will be crushed or locked like this, you said that i should have requested you to help? i am not beggar, i dont request, i just know to snatch, i just snatch. Mahek says i know very well how you snatch things, people have good and bad qualities and you have more bad qualities, words like sorry and please doesnt exist in your dictionary and i have to change his bad habit of yours, Shaurya glares her and leaves. Mahek tries to hold back sob.
Shurti comes in room and sees Vicky looking himself in mirror and yelling, she asks what are your doing? he says am i not looking dashing? she says you are looking like fool, Vicky pulls her closer and says one day i will do something great and you will run into my arms, Shurti says take bath first, she pulls away from him. Vicky says i will use perfume oil. Vicky leaves room, he is going but slip and oil falls from his hands. Oil spills near stairs, Vicky doesnt clean it and leaves. Vicky is leaving and strikes with Mahek, he asks Mahek if she fine? she doesnt answer and leaves.
Mahek comes in kitchen and recalls what Shaurya did with her today, she cries. Karona comes there and asks what happened? tell me, what did my son do? Mahek hugs her and cries, Mahek says i am not able to bear it anymore, i want to go back to my world, my home back, i cant bear it anymore, what Shaurya with me was wrong. Karona says tell me everything. Mahek says Shaurya had to present dish to investors when his chefs were not able to make it, i cooked it because it was my mother’s recipe and also it was about Shaurya’s respect. Investors wanted to meet me but Shaurya locked me in room. I am ready to give my everything to Shaurya but i am not animal that he can tie anywhere, i dont mind Shaurya taking credit but i am hurt how he behaved with me, how can someone be so selfish and then said that he dont request but snatch only, i sometime feels like i might have trusted wrong person, i might not be able to change ever, i am suffocated, Karona says kitchen is to remove suffocation, cook something and get ready to live in new style, Mahek says its not worth it, Karona says when its about love, then dont care about worth, there can be storms but its about to face them, you are strong rooted, you cant be scared with these small winds, time has a lot of power, person can change or not but time has power to change people and their crazy minds, soon Shaurya will bow down to you, he might be snatching things from you today but soon he will come to request you to give it to them.
Shaurya comes home and proudly walk up the stairs.
Karona says even no king couldnt go with their ego, they had to bow down so Shaurya is nothing, what we saw in this world, we have to reap here only. God can make you repay anytime and make you fall from your heights in a blink, soon Shaurya will say you please and thanks etc.
Shaurya walks up and slips due to oil spilled by Vicky, he falls down from stairs and screams for help. All comes to Shaurya, Mahek says Shaurya hold my hand, i will help, Shaurya jerks her away and says i dont need your help. Svetlana says Shaurya you have stooped very low, i mean you fell down, Sameer and Vicky takes Shaurya to room, Svetlana calls doctor.
Shaurya is lying bed, Doctor is checking him, Shaurya is shouting and says dont touch, doctor says you are shouting like kid, give him gum to chew so he will be silent, Karona says he used be like this in childhood, Shaurya says you are joking in this situation? Doctor says you have sprain in back, you will need to rest, Shaurya says i have work, give me painkillers, doctor says i will give it, he asks Mahek if she is his wife? she nods, he says give him ice treatment, Shaurya says dont tell her anything, give instructions to my mother. Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya shouts if there is anyone home? Mahek and Karona come there. Karona says you are screaming at top of your lungs and irritating everyone, she asks Mahek to handle her husband, Shaurya says dont come near me Mahek, if you think that i will bow down to you because of my back pain then you are mistaken.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Hai makkalae!!…hai my sweeties!!!??
    First part is damn irritating coz of that selfish chef(vettukilli)…..???
    Last few minutes yes GOD is there!!!
    He deserves this punishment…
    Am happy to the core…broke his waist bones/fracture and sprain
    Precap…yes funny…no one will help u mr.lion dates….bow bow bow???

  2. Moni7

    Mehak’s weakness:-
    ?Shaurya , Shaurya , shaurya, shaurya?

    “He annoyed her,she loved him
    He criticized her,she loved him
    He humiliated her,she loved him
    He hated her,she loved him
    He hurt her,she loved him”

    ?”!!Her love is pure and true!!”?

    1. Hey moni.. How are you now??
      And so true.. Mahek’s love for this idiot is so pure.. But the main question is, does he deserve this much care and love?? He is not showing even an iota of respect for her.. Don’t have any idea what is going to happen next.. He is openly insulting her in front of everyone. Even his staff.. Though he is bringing himself down this way. Hope he realises it soon..

      1. Moni7

        Hai vishi dear..yes am good

    2. Khusbu sharma

      Yes I also feel same mahek ki weakness shaurie hae …jaab shaurya ko choot lagte hain paur dard mahek ko hota hain so much love fr shaurya but shaurya doesnt deserve her love…his evil intentions to hurt mahek is not good….I just hate when he evilly smile while hugging mahek…mahek bichari?…moni l love ur cmnt n me sorry fr my cmnt…

      1. Moni7

        Yeah kushbu too hate his evil smirks???

    3. Yes moni and vishi she is an adroit n beautiful that’s why he had jealous of her to behaving sadistic and cruel..

      1. Moni7

        Unpredictable SHAURYA KHANNA

  3. Stupid shaurya

  4. Hello mehryans… Cant really express how irritated I am with this man.. Oh my dear mahek, what are you doing with this devil? You are so sweet and he doesn’t deserve you.. I wont be able to tolerate this track for long. I want a strong repentance track now.. Only one scene was interesting in today’s episode and that was of Shaurya falling down from stairs. He is paying for his karma as his mother said…

  5. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family…….today episode was superb,nice????……..karuna aunty ur advice superb u r right aunty watever sin v r doing here v hav to repay in tis life itself????………shaurya poor boy he itself accept himself behind every succceful man there is a women???……u dnt want to show ur identity to everyone u first prove ur self to mad khanna??????

  6. ?Disgusting Atrocity character of shauri…makes more n more tensed
    ?blo*dy Cheap hippocrate,stooping so low as told by swetlana…
    ?No backbone of self…unable to withstand wife’s success…
    ?Wat kind of bad impression is left on us viewers bcos of these kind of persons
    ?who is so jealous of his wife…she should be behind his success –
    ?he will take credit aur upar se…if she tries to take over…
    ? Aey wose kuchal de gha ya tho room mein bandth kardegha…wa re wa
    ?kya insaaf tha…gud tat he broke his hip…but he would have bn in hospital for atleast 10 days…am happy tat he fell down…even his mom wanted tat only…???
    ?jaisi karni waisi barni…but kile vilundhum bhudhi varala…?
    Sorry friends am sorry today am too much angry with tiz evil shauri…
    I really feel like stop seeing or atleast commenting abt tiz ZKM…am feeling disturbed????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby…yes atrocity over dhan.. mookku podaippa irundha ipdi pesa thoonum???? about shaurie)
      Oru sooniyam vecha seri aagidum???

  7. Hi moni. Thank u so much. N hope ur doing well. Take care
    Am yet to watch d episode

    1. Moni7

      Hai sandra..yes am good

  8. Nice epi. Wounded fox . Nice to see

  9. Yes you right moni god is there bladdy shaurya please stop this nonsense I think tomorrow difently mahek scold and she only take care shaurya then on he realized true love

    1. Moni7

      Yes geeta dear..i want mehak to ne more stronger ….

  10. Preethiilang

    Then idiot khanna say small amount of lie????……u itself made a team and made tat dessert ah u pakki boy u does not knw how to make hot water and pour in bucket also in mehek sharma house???…….Poi solala shaurya but enga orru appolo hospital la nadatha mathiri poi sola kodathu?????…….

    Pls shaurya play game in different way but pls dnt play wit a girl feeling paavam mehek velutha tu ellam milk ku nenaikuthu poor girl????……u dnt hav manners we knw tat but locking a girl as animal is really too bad……..tis as proved tat u din love her for sure……..?????

    U r not beggar amaa nee picha karan kedaiyathu u knw oly too snatch things enaku vaiyaalae bad words varuthu mr.khanna???…….

  11. Aisha Abdulkadir yahya

    I hate shaurya…

  12. Moni7

    Guys!!!!….today i was irritated so much coz of vettukilli’s (grasshopper)behavior?…
    I thought he is khadoos rude cruel but he proved he is not even a HUMAN being??
    ??he is incomparable with any living species in the whole Galaxy?
    ??Not even deserved to be called a HUMAN being?
    ??Dai koona vai kumaru
    ?Yes kadavul irukkan da kumaru?(yes god is exist)
    Vecha na aapu…(get a timely punishment)
    ??Broke ur bone …soon u vl get a sprain in ur mouth too…it is my curse soon ur temporalis muscles vl get sprain???

    ?Screaming like delivering a baby in labor Ward?
    What happened just muscle sprain that’s all don’t do over act ?
    Iduppu odanji koda vai adanga la unakku?(showing attitude even after got fracture and sprain)… Mehak ava iduppa dhanae poi pidippa..(use to hold mehak’s waist)…
    See ur condition u ?..can’t even hold or touch your waist…perfect punishment????????
    ?Yenaiyil vazhukki shaurie uyir oooshal
    (Slip in the oil and suffering)

    ?MR.SELFISH GIANT aka sk…see u repaying for ur deeds !!!!…you make her cry ..u didn’t snatch !! You r a thief who used to steal?
    ?Why are screaming in pain…i think it is not a pain for u ryt coz u r geat shaurya khanna?…lol???..
    ?Vai illa na unna la naayee koda seendadhu(u are surviving bcoz of ur talent)
    ?Atlast vettukilli ku rakkaiya odai chachi????(his wings are cut down)
    ?Pandradhu molla mari dham idhula talking about ethics… paradesi???
    Ammi kalla thooki iduppula pota ellam seri aagidum?(beter to use some heavy weapons to break his bone into fracture)
    ?En da kathara nee kudungardhu ellamae theeva illadha aani dhan(u r just useless don’t know how to make good sweet ..but know to get a credit for that selfish chef vettukilli…????????
    ?Unaku la enna da mariyadhai ?(y should u need respect shameless)
    ?Un iduppu elumbu soup vechakaran(gonna make a soup of ur waist bones)good for health?

    ?Flash news????
    ?Padikatil irundhu vizhundha paradesi ku iduppil sulukku(shaurie suffering from muscle spasms)?
    Mommy mommy Mommy!!!! is paining !!!
    This pain is ntng… wat u have done with mehak???…u remember???…u lied,b break her trust??…
    ?Popular saying :-i just want to quote with thirukkural
    “Ennandri Kondraarkkum Uyvuntaam Uyvillai Seynnandri Kondra Makarku.”
    “Who every good have killed, may yet destruction flee;
    Who ‘benefit’ has killed, that man shall
    ne’er ‘scape free!”

    ????God punished him he deserves that punishment????

  13. Preethiilang

    Mr.shaurya khanna u r not suffering frm labour pain avalavu scene podhathinga???…….its just a sprain kadavulae appadiya antha kona vaiyalae sprain vara kodatha oh vaiyalae sprain varathu but rendu 3 teeth break ayii eruka kodatha???……appadi break ayi erutha moni vechi senchi erupom illa miss ayithan khanna???

    Kadavul eruka kumaru is the koral of today episode???????……..director uncle neega enga erukiga a big hug for u???…….today oly the episode went in correct track????……….yesterday oly i told kelae vizhuthalum misai la mannu odatha mathiri shaurya nu????…….today he fall down frm the steps???………vicky brother thanks oil ah pour panathuku???????……….

    Iyyo pochey pochey shaurya hereafter ill be lky tis oly?????…….konjum ma da poi sonna antha vaiyalae atha kadavul unna back la appu vechitharu????………shaurya as physically grown up not mentally u poor khanna?????

    1. Preethiilang

      Sorry moral of the sorry typo mistake???

    2. Moni7

      Preethi dear…????
      If he came to me for the treatment avanukku same sepsis(Apollo hospital jaya treatment)…tooth decay leads to sepsis nu oru end card dhan avanukku????
      ??Patient died due to sepsis leads to ?multi organ dysfunction
      ?Brain death
      ?Organ donation
      ?Story the end
      ?KHANNA ku kaariyam?

  14. Raniboudy

    Finall Shaurya got what he deserves!!! God always takes care of his children and avenges them!! wonderful episode, there is finally some justice

    1. Moni7

      Hai rani yes finally yes…

  15. Moni7

    I just want to share one more Happy news…yes again god is there it is proved.. finally truth is came out…our cm back to power….???…most humble cm of tn…first time without trolling him am proudly says he is my CM??…yes man of simplicity???..yes he is back ???
    Evil forces bowed down in front of god … honorable jaya’s spirit saved us from that sasi…sry for posting this but am very happy…
    Kadavul irukkan da…????

    1. Preethiilang

      Its true moni jaya spirit is there…….TN escaped frm great mistake???

      1. Moni7

        Yes preethi damn true…

  16. Kameena shaurya Kash Mar jaye to new hero ki entry ho. Today he crossed height of selfishness. Audience ko hero chahiye villain NAHI.

    1. Yes yes .you are right Aman I totally agree with you……..
      Villan ko chhodo yar saurya to criminal lag raha …..but is look me ni rahta to
      ….I think ki itne log is sireal ko ni dekhte firstly mai……….
      I love this show BT saurya ki wajah se
      Hero ki intri se phle ye show mai ni dekhti thi ….

  17. Moni7

    Spl thanks to vicky khanna..thank u sooooooo much bhai?????
    Perfect timings ??????
    First time I saw u performing apart from posting Instagram videos with co stars (girls)
    Well done bhai?…????

    Nxt thanks to lord krishna???….eppo la needhi saga podho appo krishnan avadhrippan …yes thanks krishna…???thanks for saving us….???

  18. ChandaMaya

    I have news for you Mr. Shaurya Khanna, ‘you have a lot more falls to go through’, . . . and his demise is coming soon. Can’t wait to see the cry baby and his tantrums and how Mahek will deal with him. She should push him down again to shut him up. What painkillers? Shaurya, himself, is a painkiller!!! Someone will have to take care of his restaurant? Mahek is the best candidate. He is still behaving like a schoolboy. I hope Mahek deals with him good and proper!!!??? Stick a needle in his backside!!!!

    1. Moni7

      Hai chanda…but he is the one who is killing everyone by giving pain?????
      ?Poisonous venom???
      ?Best treatment options for both physical and mental insult(illness):-
      ?For physical illness… physiotherapy(most difficult)
      Some sedatives , conscious sedation ,(chances of death is more)
      ?One bottle of benadryl plus one glass of hot water=drug intoxication ?
      Plus conscious sedation = murder…kind of coma….???
      ?For mental illness:-
      Mostly anti depressant…mood elevators
      Non pharmacological management:-
      Papoose Board
      Pedi wrap

      ??Apart from this need some behaviour management therapy…
      Modelling, cognitive management
      ☸In extreme cases like shaurie:-
      ??Aversive conditioning:-
      ?HOME …hand over mouth technique?
      Hand over nose…
      ???For muscle spasms:-…. centrally acting muscles depolarizing agents like
      Iodine,amartangan,move,vollin ..???

  19. Very happy to see fox falling . It vl more happy if doctor told ‘u cant walk without the help of a stick’ . Keep him bed for atleast 3 months plz

  20. ChandaMaya

    Get used to the ups and downs between Shaurya and Mahek. Things will get worse with their two uncles in partnership soon. Lots more disasters, ugly things to happen . . . In time Mahek and Shaurya will be together.? in the meantime just take a pill to kill the pain. Lol!

  21. ChandaMaya

    I can’t wait until the investors learn the truth behind Shaurya’s lies just to get the support for his business. When the truth comes out, this fall is going to look and feel like a scratch.

    1. Moni7

      Me too chanda dear…even his team also disagree with shaurya’s yesterday’s act!! cheating and getting credits…it shows he doesn’t deserve to be good chef????
      Profesion /food /anna poorna is equal to god he is cheating god also!!!…he disrespecting food ??…

  22. Moni I read update first and ur comments its really happy to read and more time shaurya ava kayya pudichi iruntha vilunthirika maten .IPO intha suluku thevaya???

    1. Moni7

      Hai sankari ????..he he he…
      Thank you Dear???

  23. Hi Mehrya Family
    Not much to say really except that the director successfully made the viewers hate Shaurya but the fall is not the kind of hurt we viewers want him to experience.
    I want him to feel pain that Mehak is feeling. The emotional and mental trauma he has put her through.
    Pls director sir, make Mehak more independent and strong and bring on another Hero that can shake things up.
    Even if Shaurya learns a lesson from this, do u guys think we will feel the same for him ? I’m certainly not able to trust him very soon again.
    It will take alot for him to make up after this!

    1. Moni7

      Hai shama dear…no dear !!!… certainly not…he always making her emotionally unstable and weak by his fake love…it actually irritates the viewers??…
      There is no need of eyelock , bgm and all…it is disgusting???…i hate it… everything is fake it’s obviously seem through his eyes????
      ?He is so mean of…self centred psycho.?.
      ?Am quote with thirukkural:-
      ??This is for shaurya’s character
      ☸Kondranna Innaa Seyinum Avarseydha
      Ondrunandru Ullak Ketum.
      Effaced straightway is deadliest injury,

      ??By thought of one kind act in days gone by.(Though one inflict an injury great as murder, it will perish before the thought of one benefit (formerly) conferred.)

      ??”Theeyinal sutta punn ullaarum aaraathe naavinaal sutta vadu”

      ?? The wounds of fire would vanish with time but the wounds caused by words never.
      Shaurya is hurting her by words ?…

      ?For mehak’s:-

      ☸”!!InnA seitharai oRuththal avar naana nannayam seithu vidal!

      ?Make a wrong doer feel shy, by doing him a favour.
      ?☸If others harm you, do good unto them, so that they are shamed into realizing their mistakes.

      But still he doesn’t feel or realize his mistakes???… director uncle said it is not revenge …it is more worse than revenge!!….
      ?A man having no ethics both in professional and personal life?

      1. Hi Moni dear?
        Hope u well?
        I think the problem is that Shaurya’s character is always portrayed in an ego state, there is not a moment of humanness shown.
        It makes it difficult for us to relate to him.

  24. ChandaMaya

    For all you know Shruti’s husband might have a softer heart towards Mahek. Justice is not always served in the negative as severe punishment sometime justice is in the positive. Where there is love punishment is never in favour . . . The greatest justice would occur when Shaurya, himself accepts his faults, and his treatment of Mahek. Women know the meaning g of love moreso than revenge. Revenge is NOT love. The greatest justice is that when Shaurya realises his wrong it might be late for him . . . The fact is they do both love each other.

    1. Moni7

      Am totally agree with you chanda dear??…
      ?According to me:-
      ?She was the book
      He was the title
      She was the line
      He was the story
      At the end…

      She was the pen
      He was the writer✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍?

      ✍?It is already written she is trying to to do some edits (making some changes)

      Change is appreciable oly if its in positive way !!!!…..
      Better and best way of approach as u said i too agree with u chanda?…
      ❤True love means that you care about someone else’s happiness than your own now matter how much pain it bring you❤
      ??MEHAK still loves shaurya ??
      No matter how much pain she is bearing coz of her love…
      Her love heals everything?

      1. ChandaMaya

        You totally rock!?Just love your poetic depiction, Moni.

      2. Well rocked moni dal…

      3. hey moni dear, how are you?
        about eps I feel something is fishy! he is not allowing her to come near him!
        finally couldn’t see mehak’s tears !but then she rocks

  25. Shourya loved mehak sooooooooooooo… much.I know

  26. I think this time she will make him fall for him and then leave him….

  27. Moni7

    Yogini yes dear am doing good?

  28. ChandaMaya

    Cry baby, Shaurya, awww, he wants his Mommy! Mahek will have to get him a teddy bear!!?

    1. Moni7

      Chanda yes yes crying baby????
      Mommy mommy!!!…wow superb… teddy bear?????

    2. Moni7

      Thank you chanda?

  29. Moni7

    Can’t control my laughter???
    Plz have a look… surprise?

    1. Hahahaha.. I saw that already dear… I wish this to happen in the show too ?? for once I want mahek to behave like samiksha.. This karela will definitely fall on line ?? thanks for sharing it here

      1. Moni7

        Vishi. Yes dear…. chances revenge????

    2. Ha ha ha ha very funny dear..

      1. Moni7

        Ammu it is too funny na!!!!…
        Looking awesome 1 2 3 4 5 6 7????

  30. Hi Chanda dear?
    I agree with love is very powerful, it has the ability to change and heal.Having said that i think there are boundaries even in love, one of those boundaries that is top of the list is one of respect.
    Unless and until Shaurya shows a bit of respect to mehak, I don’t agree that Mehak should sabotage herself.
    No one can take anyone out of their Ego state unless they themselves see it.
    I feel Mehak should show more independence and give him some distance.

    1. Moni7

      Am confused shama dear??…what the hell is happening in ZKM!!!.

      1. Hehehe.. Thanks dear ?

    2. So true shama… This is the thing.. Self respect.. I know she loves him to the moon and back.. But does that mean to sacrifice everything for this hopeless case called Shaurya Khanna? I want a jealousy track for this man.. He should realise mahek’s worth. He must do that, otherwise this character is butchered for me…

      1. Moni7

        Vishi…dear superb hopeless case ???…

    3. My comment was not posted, don’t know what happened
      Thanks Moni and Vishi dear?

  31. Khusbu sharma

    Why dis shaurie is playing wid mahek emotions .??why the hell is shauray is doing with mahek ??? I just don love shauray character….his evil intentions is not good ..but it would be interesting when mahek heard plz,tq ,sry frm shauray…shauray say aage aogge toh kuchaldogge muje passand nahe hain woo khennah…shauray kise credit lekar gaya woo…miss michell should ask recipes frm shauray how did u make it ??it would be good fr shauray isnt it??

    1. Moni7

      Hey kushbu…yes !!!…playing with her drama?????
      Am waiting for that promo
      Women welfare society protest????
      Mehak’s new avatar?

  32. Hi family, what’s wrong with shourya, how could he humiliated with mahek, she is so special and loving very much him, but he is not understanding, finally god seen him and given castigation, he probably deserves that.

    1. Moni7

      He deserves more than that ammu dear….

    2. Hey ammu…He got the punishment for his cruel and inhumane deeds right away but his ego is still there. No improvement. I’m hating this man right now ? and mahek is the height of patience.. Such a deep and selfless love from her side.. Realise it karela otherwise you will be left with nothing..

      1. Vishi dear, some thing is there of hidden story behind SK regards Mahek, due to his behaving rude with mahek, if he behaves like that, she left him then she would be happy remains.

  33. Moni7

    Ammu and khusbu dear … thanks for ur appreciations????

    1. you most welcome my dal.

  34. If Mehak falled from that stairs,then shourya would be in pain…????

  35. Hii Mehak family ………dear why shaurya play with mahek emotion ? thst High time i think mahek left shaurya house . and enter new hero for mahek …….

  36. Moni yu really doing a grt work..Dat is making others laugh with your beautiful comments …It makes my mind lite nd little free from other tensions…Nd i am a silent reader …i don’t cum to read written update ..i cum for your comments…Every day a new Thinking a way of expressing Sumthin whether it’s happy or sad but yu rock …Keep on doin …It’s not the thing which every one can do to bring smile on ones face but yu do it…All the best Moni

  37. I actually messaged the director expressing my distaste for Shaurya’s character. I respect that the character needs to be
    portrayed in a certain manner but a character that he is playing and expecting that same character to be redeemed later almost seems impossible.
    Nways those are my sentiments, patience is not one of my virtues?
    Perhaps the rest of the viewers are more patient?
    Moni and Vishi dears?

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