Mahek 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya enters Mahek’s house, all are shocked seeing him, Sandeep stop in middle of making Mahek wear ring. Mahek is stunned to see him there, she tries to get up to go to him but Kanta glares at her. Shaurya says i become innocent for one day and you people started stealing my wife? he smirks at Kanta, Shaurya takes parsad and says anyways I have come now, hi Sandeep, Sandeep recalls how Shaurya beat and gets sweaty. Kanta asks Shaurya to get out. Shaurya says you arranged second marriage of my wife, i have to see what donkey, i mean what guy you have chosen for her, earlier Sandeep got scared of me so we couldnt talk. Shaurya asks Sandeep to have parsad, he forcefully makes him eat it and says i planned europe trip for honeymoon but you might take Mahek to Shimla on honeymoon? Sandeep

says i am not scared of her. Shaurya says you know cooking food is Mahek’s life, do you have modern kitchen? Kanta asks Ravi to call police. Ravi says you are gone Shaurya. Ravi calls police and says goon Shaurya has barged in our house. Mahek asks Shaurya to leave, dont make scene, Shaurya says i am not creating scene, sit down please, Mahek sits down, Shaurya says i am just taking interview. Shaurya says to Sandeep that you know Mahek dont get sleep at night, will you remain awake at night with her? you know she loves her family more than me, how many times will you bring her here after wedding to make her meet her family? when she was with me, she used to come here whenever she wanted. Kanta says Shaurya police is going to come, leave from here, you wont be saved today. Shaurya says punish me but dont punish Mahek, cant you see that Mahek doesnt want to do this marriage, Kanta says who are you to tell me what Mahek wants? i am her mother and i will take decisions for her, you care for yourself because police is going to arrest you and you wont be able to stop Mahek’s wedding. Police comes there, Ravi says arrest this goon. Inspector says today you are on ground and breaking restraining order so you have to get arrested, Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya. Kanta asks Sandeep to starts roka ceremony, Mahek gets dejected, Shaurya is distraught seeing her state. Sandeep stands beside Mahek, he holds her hand, Shaurya is in rage seeing it, Sandeep is about to make Mahek wear ring but Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and angrily pulls her away from Sandeep. Mahek falls in Shaurya’s arms, Shaurya leans in and captures her lips in his lips, all are shocked to see their liplock, dupatta falls on Mahek and Shaurya’s head, Shaurya kissing her infront of all and Mahek too shocked to move away, Kanta closes her eyes unable to see it, Sandeep falls down on couch seeing it, PD smiles, Mansi and sonal blushes. Mahek gets her senses back, she pulls away from Shaurya and slaps him across face, Ravi grabs his collar and says you jerk, how dare you? i wont spare you, inspector says let us do our work. Police starts dragging Shaurya out of house, Shaurya shouts to Mahek that you are only mine and whatever happened today show that your name is joined with my name, you are mine only, Mahek looks distraught and hurt. Shaurya is taken away from her house, Mahek cries.

In police station, Karona and Vicky comes there. Karona sees Shaurya in lockup and says only this was remaining, you in jail. Shaurya says you are scolding me and there they are making Mahek marry under emotional pressure. Vicky says what to do now? Shaurya looks on.
Kanta gives water to Sandeep and says dont say no for marriage, Shaurya has got arrested so there will be no problem now, Sandeep says not only me but no one is going to marry Mahek after that, Sandeep leaves with his family. Kanta says to family that are you all happy now? Shaurya have destroyed Mahek’s life, he barged in our house, dishonored her, insulted her character and left, what we did? nothing, you people will still praise Shaurya? will still say that he is nice? Mahek says what Shaurya did.. it was very.. wrong, she cries and runs from there.
Mahek comes to her room, she throws away her dupatta and says why Shaurya? why you are putting me in this trouble? she pulls her hair in frustration.

Shaurya says to Vicky that do something but bring me out of jail, take legal or illegal way but bring me out. vicky gets an idea, he whispers something in Shaurya’s ear and sys i will do my work, he leaves.
Mahek says to Kanta that i dont want to marry Shaurya, i dont want to marry Sandeep, i dont want to marry anyone because from the time my marriage topic has come to fore in house, nobody is getting sleep from that day. Kanta says okay dont marry anyone, it seems like nobody wants you to get married in this family but will you do what i ask you to do? Mahek says i will do it, what i have to do? Kanta says we will leave this city, Shaurya’s image and power is very strong in his city and we wont be able to fight him, we will go to place where Shaurya wont be able to locate us, Shaurya will get bail soon so me and Mahek will leave this city in two days, Mansi asks where you both will relocate? Kanta says i will tell on time, i am sorry but i dont trust anyone in this house anymore, she leaves, Mahek looks on.

Shaurya winces in pain and asks Vicky what he gave to him? Vicky says i made you eat diarrhea infusing medicine, Shaurya says you jerk, my stomach is aching, Shaurya cries in pain and falls on floor, vicky screams and says to inspector that see what is happening with Shaurya, he is not fine, if anything happens to him then i will sue you, open his lockup, Karona runs to Shaurya’s cell and says nothing will happen Shaurya, inspector gets tensed seeing shaurya’s state and opens his lockup, Shaurya runs to go to washroom, Vicky smirks, Karona looks at him and understands their antic.

Scene 2
Shaurya comes home, he goes in washroom, Vicky laughs. Shaurya comes out of washroom in distraught state. Karona asks Shaurya to eat banana, it will make his stomach fine. Shaurya beats Vicky and says i asked you to bring me out of jail and you made my stomach upset? vicky says i did that for you, Shaurya says i have gone to potty for 16times now, Shaurya beats him. Karona says you both act like kids, Shaurya why you do things which make you go to jail? Shaurya gets call from Nehal, she informs him about Kanta relocating with Mahek, Shaurya says please do something but make me talk to Mahek.
Mahek and Kanta are packing their stuff, Kanta hears some noise, she goes to check and leaves Mahek’s room. Nehal stealthily comes there and gives phone to Mahek, Shaurya is calling on phone. Mahek cuts call seeing his call. Shaurya says she cut my call without even talking? Shaurya calls her again, she gets irritated and takes his call, she says dont irritate me, i dont want to talk to you, Shaurya says why because i kissed you? Mahek says you insulted me infront of all and proved that you dont care and you dont think about anyone’s image, Shaurya says what about you? you are coward girl, who will go to anyone’s house after getting married like a goat that Kanta will deliver, Mahek says so what? i love my family and love is selfless, Shaurya says what about my love? Mahek says to Shaurya that now you and me will never get become one, Shaurya says you changed me once, you fought for our love and now that i am changed, i wont go back, you cant decide that, i have right on our love too and you are going to become mine at any cost, call it my love or stubbornness but you have no choice but to become mine, if you like it or not, he cuts call, Mahek is stunned.

PRECAP- Jeevan says to Kanta that there is strong curfew of police outside Shaurya’s house and he wont be able to come out of his house, you and Mahek can leave. Kanta says to Mahek that lets leave. They hear wedding band playing outside their house, Kanta opens door, Shaurya comes inside wearing tuxedo, he says to PD that i will be getting married with your Laddo(Mahek) in seven days and I have come with invitation card to your family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Total nonsense iam late to comment but kissing before family is 80’s style women r weaker s*x but very strong minded shaurie can fight for his love even more maturely if he is genuine

    1. ChandaMaya

      Fighting is not griping, not even saving her from death, so shock therapy might help everyone.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Not helping, but the griping did work . . .Lol!

  2. Having a great day tomorrow good night take care ? to all members of this family

  3. Hi all,

    I was just a silent reader till now… tot will put in my views about the upcoming story. I think this marriage will happen for sure by force and as a result mehak will turn out to be shaurya v1.0 n shaurya v2.0 as mehak…..she will torture him n his family like anything as he used to do before with her. So its gonna be mehak n shuarya total character change n revisit of the story in a new way for next six months…..finally its gonna be kanta chachi who is gonna give mehak a tight slap n make her live with shuarya….pls open up with ur comments n views…

    1. Chaaya

      Good surmise, but if the story flips like that then it would be going on forever. I think the doomed love story is the underlying theme. PD definitely knows.

  4. Chaaya

    At this point, I have little hope for Kanta . . . .She has some hidden skeletons in her closet. This vendetta had more to do with herself. Kanta is the one in direct completion with Shaurya now. Mahek had turned into a baby. I think she is expecting Shaurya to fight her battles of insecurity, because Mahek wants to just cook, and not marry. Mahek is not strong enough to stand up against her Kanta. In a sense Mahek is giving Shaurya false hope by calling him, crying on the phone and saying nothing. Mahek is the cause of her own misery.

  5. Chaaya

    Hey Chand! Your Crystal thinks food truck is in the picture! Khanna got papers to drive them off his lot!!!! Hahaha!!

  6. Chaaya

    Shaurya made Mahek look like a real childish girl to the Candyman . . .She’s always running back to her family, she wants to cook all the time, etc. I think Mahek needs a dolly house!!?

    1. Moni7

      Chaaya sis agree…. Mehak isn’t a kidoo to expect everything…she needs some maturity… Family family family???…. But wat’s family ???…sharma family oh my god!!!… They’re behaving like mehak is the only one daughter of whole sharma family

      By the way how come kanta forgive mohit and sonal???…

      Mehak is madly In love with shaurya … Shaurya is a mad who’s madly in love with mad… Nothing wrong in it… she called him and slapped him…. ????…

      Kanta just want mehak should not get marry shaurie… Her ego plays more than her affection…she just wants to sin the shaurie’s challenge… This isn’t motherly love…???…

      But shaurya’s case he wants mehak into his life…????…

      Mehak should choose size..i agree shaurya ditched her no one is perfect…. Just a 2nd chance..

      Life is too short to regret…. No one could love the way shaurya does….

      Why she slapped ..dies she forgot the bath tub incidences….”.smooching “….she’s more passionate than shaurya….

      Even that time chachi witnessed lucky she’s

      1. Chaaya

        Bring it on, ZKM restraining order!! Candyman now go and sell ?.! Can’t wait for upcoming episode.

    2. Moni7

      Chaaya sis…we making fun of everyone..soon we will get restraining order from zkm director…?????

      Now wee planning vicky nd nehal marriage by giving divorce to Shruti because she’s having extra marital affair with someone may be candy so candy is pregnant ??..

      Heartbroken vicky decides to get a divorce from shruti ..and our new couple is vicky and nehal…?????

  7. I think mehek needs a hard slap of Shaurya. Uncle director why you change her character. I knew her like a strong woman who fought for her love and rights. This chachi is a looser ???. All her plans are falls. I hope director that you never ever think to Change chaurya his character. I like his role.

  8. Moni7

    Guys chanda sis chaaya sis rani …

    No need to counter other comments let it be…it’s his /her personal opinion… No need to feel bad for someone calling something idiot…..

    If he/she already stopped watching na then why the hell he /she is commenting in such aidiotic forum about the idiotic serial it shows still she / he likes to know about the progression of the show…

    Chill… Sissy … happiee sunday…????

    1. Raniboudy

      a very happy Sunday to you too Moni dear!!

  9. Wish u all having a great day ? tomorrow take care ? yourself and those who loves you good night

  10. Can I ask two questions of the show ZKM????? Why the fb chating of MS & Karela King is not continues????? When Shaurya & Mehek knoq that they are the friends of fb site???????

    1. Raniboudy

      Hi Maithili, the serial is still ongoing, but I believe we would all love to see how they discover that they were fb chatting, and I believe they haven’t continued because of the time constrain, I mean look at all the situations!! they barely have time to talk, not to talk of chatting fb. Let’s wait and see if the writers will bring it back. It’s just like Sanjay mama, he just vanished all of a sudden!

    2. Chaaya

      Instagram is instant. Other forms of social media is too time consuming. They would have to have an assistant media manager to monitor all the activity on social media. Besides Instagram is geared more towards photo and video interaction​.

  11. Good night my friends moni, latha,geetha,Rani,dk, and my sissys chaya dii,chanda dii,ooshi dii.

  12. Uncle director don’t drag the show. Let Shaurya and mehek marriage and let them understand each other. They can have enemies but let them live peacefully

  13. Moni7

    His everyone .. Happiee morning dears…Our hero shaurya send us a message for us….

    A big his to all my fans……
    How shaurya going to get mehak back..How he gonna prove his love
    For upcoming twist old watch zee tv….

  14. hiii guys!!!
    Please dont write negative comments yaar. By the way it was wonderful episode ….why r u writting bad comments for meherya?plz answer me.
    I feel bad for it.
    Be positive yaar.

  15. I was nt following the story of mehak for a while and I m totally confused about vicky. Can someone tell me please who he is?

  16. Vicky is shaurya cousin,son of Mami and sanjay mama,hope u remember that there was few more members/enemies in shaurya’s house.
    Now the Story line s mainly concerned on shaurya’s love for mehek,so they turned silent vicky to be positive I think

    1. Thank you! Ya I remember mami and mama.

  17. vicky is shauriya’s cousin. thats all i know.
    hi mehrya fans……….how r u all ?
    i’m abi from chennai………can i also join ur family guys?
    i love this serial & this is my first zee tv serial.i know hindi somewat ,but i read wu to know fully about the epi.
    guys,pls tell me how to become a registered member.
    guys pls tell me solution to open the wifi network in my was there for 5 days,but now its not coming,and so i am not having privacy (as i am typing the comments in the PC)
    to study the comments of urs.
    i finished 12th std n waiting for results.
    guys,give an opinion to select the engineering course for my future. i am PCM group with comp.
    guys pls reply me. i wish to become a member in this family.

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