Mahek 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek and Shaurya Consummate Their Marriage

Mahek 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya comes stage, he takes guitar and starts singing janam janam for Mahek. Mahek smiles and comes to him. Shaurya holds her, she loops her arms behind his neck and they slowly dance on the song. Sahil’s ex comes there and sees them dancing together.
Shaurya brings Mahek to a decorated room. They dance together. Shaurya lovingly looks at her and says I love you. Mahek says I love you too. Shaurya says I have one more surprise for you. He says come with me.
Shaurya brings Mahek near lake, there is a gazebo decorated for them. Shaurya says we will have our marriage night(suhag raat) here. Mahek looks around and says this is public place, what if someone sees them? Shaurya says who is going to come out here? Mahek says lion can come here. Shaurya says I am the lion and others

are with me. Mahek smiles and says your love has increased and it will be increase more tomorrow. Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and pulls her closer, mere hath mein plays. There is mattress on floor decorated with candles and rose petals. Shaurya makes Mahek sit on it and caresses her face, he kisses her forehead, Mahek blushes. Shaurya kisses her cheek and takes off his jacket. He makes lie on bed and leaves over her, he kisses her forehead and caresses her arm, Mahek laces her fingers in his. They share eyelock… (and make love consummating their marriage).

In morning, Kanta is looking for network on phone and says dont know whats the matter. She asks Mohit to check her phone, he doesbut Jeevan hints him to not call. Jeevan comes to him and whispers that your mom’s phone is fine but her mind is not working, Mahek didnt call her and she is worried. Mohit says but Mahek is on honeymoon. Jeevan says Kanta doesnt understand that, they want privacy but Kanta wants Mahek to call daily. Kanta’s phone rings. Kanta takes it and says its Karona’s call. She takes call. Karona asks if Shaurya or Mahek called her? Kanta says no they are careless. Harish says to Karona that I will book ticket for you to spoil their honeymoon. Kanta says if I get call then I will inform you, you do same, she ends call. Karona asks Harish to not taunt me like this, mother’s heart cant have peace till she doesnt hear son’s voice, let me call Shaurya. Harish says no way, lets watch a movie darling, he takes her.

PD says to Kanta that they are enjoying their time together but you cant get that? Kanta says I am feeling restless thats why worried.

Shaurya and Mahek are walking around lake. Mahek says I dont know swimming, I wont go. Shaurya says I wont be alone on my honeymoon. Mahek says I wont do any adventure. Shaurya pulls her closer and says dont do drama, you can hug me tightly if you are scared. Mahek says if I get drowed in this water then I will become ghost and torture you. Shaurya says lets go boating. Mahek finds Sahil guy there. She says its same guy who was fighting with that girl. Shaurya meets Sahil. Sahil introduces himself and his Trisha. Mahek is tensed. Shaurya says my wife is worried about drowning, Trisha says you wont drown with life jacket.
Sahil’s ex-girlfriend gives money to boating crew and says you have to drown Sahil and his fiance today in boat even if they are wearing life jackets, he says your work will be done.
Mahek doesnt want to go but Shaurya makes her wear life jacket and makes her sit in boat. They start peddling. Mahek keeps praying for safety. Shaurya says we use cars, trains and buses but its time to work on boat, relax baby, I am here. Mahek says dont try to relaxme, I will deal with you later. Shaurya sprinkles water on her and laugh. Sahil’s ex-girlfriend is near shore and sees Sahil and his fiance enjoying in boat in which Shaurya and Mahek are too. She calls boat guide and ask him to drown boat. Boat guide jump in lake and turns boat upside down, all drown in water. Everyone knows to swim. Mahek is drowning and asks Shaurya to help. Shaurya swims towards her and catches her. Sahil brings Trisha to shore. Shaurya swims towards beaches and brings Mahek out of water. He runs towards guards and catches them. He beats them and asks why did they turn over boat? they throw sand in Shaurya’s eyes and runaway. Mahek lies on beach and catches her breath. One baba comes there, she gets scared seeing him. He says this will happen again, this is just start, your life is in danger and nobody is going to save you, who have come will leave too, Mahek shouts for Shaurya, baba glares at her and leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and asks what happened? Mahek winces in pain. Shaurya sees Mahek’s foot bleeding and says lets go from here. Shaurya brings Mahek to resort and shouts for security, he asks Mahek if she is hurt? she says I am fine. Manager comes there. Shaurya says see my wife is hurt, call doctor here right here, boating staff was fake, I will send them to jail, call doctor here soon, manager says it will take time, Shaurya shouts him to bring doctor here, I dont want to hear anything else. Mahek says I am fine. Mahek recalls Baba’s words that her life is danger and nobody is going to save her.

PRECAP- Mahek sees Sahil’s ex-girlfriend putting unconscious Sahil on walk through bridge. She puts Sahil in a bag and throws him over bridge in lake. Mahek screams seeing it. Ex-girlfriend turns to see here there. Mahek says you killed him?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ye shaurya ki ex friend to nahi who creates drama to kill mehek ….suppose to be but dont give shaurya again negative shade kyunki shaurya ka negative look achcha nahi lagata

  2. This was such a beautiful romantic episode, I can watch it a million timeeeessss!

  3. Ok enough time for this serial to end

  4. Cathy

    They are going to ruin this show with some stupid leap…it’s better just to end the show on a happy note and replace it with something new instead of wreaking Shaurya and Meheks love story.

  5. The writers dont have happiness in life.they can wait for couple of episodes to show sad moments.there are some festivals like karva chauth and diwali aftet that they can show sad shades of the serial.we are not abĺe to enjoy after the marriage only making them cry after every episode.

  6. Yes Cathy I’m completely agree with you . I’m very disappointed with this writer. It seems like no husband and wife can’t be happy. Most of the serials just the same. Why is it needed to give a leap to the serials ,maybe only if it was good but only bullshit . From the beginning the serial was very popular but now????.
    Shaurya and mehek are human who you can’t separate. They made for each other. The writer is not a example for us and the youth.

  7. Yes sriramk I’m also completely agree with you. Maybe the writer has a sad married. Seems like he has no happiness in his life like ekta kapoor. The evil one win always and the good ones suffer all the time. If you can’t write good things don’t hurt yourself and us ,PLEASE

  8. How long the writer wants to continue with sad moments god only knows. We are not able to enjoy the show.i doñt know how the trps are for the show.we would enjoy the action of old shaurya not the nee one.

  9. Shanti Pillay

    the writer is so boring…i seem as if the writer never has no happiness in his life. This is as sick writer.

    You story sucks.

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