Mahek 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya saves Mahek

Mahek 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek recalls Shaurya and her dying in last birth.. she wakes up with a start and murmurs Shaurya..
Shaurya is sitting in his room and says why I felt like someone called out to me?

Mahek is trying to get up from store room, she is dizzy and tries to knock on door, she asks someone to open the door. thug Rohit says to his friends to not tell anything to Shaurya.

Rohit comes to Shaurya, Shaurya says we have movie scene. Rohit thinks this is perfect, we were watching a movie so we dont know what happened in college.

Mahek’s family is finding Mahek in college. Sarti finds Mahek’s things in boxing ring.
Mahek is fainting in store room.
Sarti says something wrong happened with Mahek. Swati says dont worry.

Shaurya is leaving college, he says

I lost my phone, I will bring it, you all go and book tickets, he goes back in college.

Shaurya is going back in college. Mahek is murmuring Shaurya’s name. Shaurya feels someone calling and says what is happening? Shaurya looks around in classes. Shaurya comes to cafeteria, he opens store room and Mahek falls out in his arms. Shaurya is worried and says she is not conscious. Aadat si plays. Shaurya recalls how Rohit was missing, he says Rohit did it.

Sarti requests principal to find Mahek. Principal scolds security and ask them to find Mahek. Principal says she must be in campus. Security says she was not in campus, we should check boys hostel.

Shaurya brings Mahek to his hostel room, Mahek asks for water, Shaurya makes her drink water. Mahek is still unconscious. Shaurya’s upper gets stuck in Mahek’s sleeves. He jerks it away. Mahek wakes up and sees him, she is dizzy. Shaurya holds her and says Mahek? She sees him and pushes him away, she says you did all this? I wont spare you, he says I didnt do anything. Shaurya says I saved your life. Mahek throws him on bed and strangles him, she thinks he was trying to take advantage of me. Principal comes there with Sarti. Principal says mahek what are you doing here? Mahek says I was brought here by Shaurya, I was unconscious, Shaurya says I found her in cafeteria store room.

Scene 2
Mahek and Shaurya are in principal office. Principal says you want to degrade Shaurya because he is your competition? Mahek says nothing like that, I dont know how I reached there, I fainted in gym, Principal says stop lying, I am rusticating your ward for misconduct. Mahek cries and asks her coach to do something, this is wrong, I didnt do anything, coach asks Swati to take Mahek away.

Rohit and friends are waiting for Shaurya. He asks his friends to leave but Shaurya comes there. Rohit smirks at him and says we are getting late. Shaurya slaps him hard. Rohit says have you gone mad?

Coach comes to Mahek and says principal is calling. Mahek rushes to her, principal says this is respected college, you cant do drama here, you people can leave, take your belongings. Mahek cries.
Mahek says to Swati I lost everything, Swati says you are a champion.
Shaurya says to Rohit that because of you, Mahek is getting rusticated, Rohit says she is our rival, Shaurya says she is our competitor but you locked her in store room? what if she died? I will tell everything to principal.

Shaurya rushes to principal’s office but she is gone.

Mahek is sadly sitting in her house. Swati asks her to not lose hope. Mahek says to coach that you saw me practising, I am not lying, Shaurya did all this deliberately to destroy my career, I wont spare him ever in life.

In morning, Shaurya comes to principal and tells her the truth, he says you can check CCTV footage too, she says okay. Coach comes to principal with Swati, principal asks him to sit down and listen. Shaurya leaves.

Mahek is packing her bags. Coach and Swati comes there. Swati says principal took rustication back, Mahek says how did this happen? Coach says I made her explain everything and she listened to me, Mahek thanks him and leaves. Swati asks coach why he didnt tell that Shaurya saved her? Coach says they should remain enemies to fighting in ring.

Principal scolds Rohit and his friends, she says I am giving three days suspension because your father is board member, get out.
Rohit says to his friends that this is happening because of Mahke, I wont spare her and only one person can help me.

Shaurya thinks I will tell everything to Mahek today. Shaurya’s father comes there. Shaurya hugs him. Mahek sees them. She recalls how in childhood, Mahek made him lost in boxing ring but her father said she is a girl and winner was Shaurya. Mahek thinks he is Shaurya’s father? he is that cheater Shaurya. Shaurya glances at her.

PRECAP- Mahek throws powder on Shaurya in gym and asks him to look where he is going, she turns to leave but Shaurya grabs her and says listen. He pins Mahek to ground and says whats your problem? I came to say sorry. Mahek says take your sorry away, tomorrow is qualifying round, I will answer all your antics tomorrow, you know you cant beat me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It was really emotional to see Shaurya’s name on Mahek’s lips when she was in a semiconscious state and Shaurya ,sitting in his room ,feeling that Mahek was calling him .How true it is that love is a bond between two souls .and you can see and hear your loved one even when you are thousands of miles away .I don’t know if there is scientific explanation for this but it is absolutely true.Outwardly Mahek hates Shaurya but when in crisis ,her subconscious calls him…it is obvious that a lot will transpire between the two before they finally remember their past but the occasional glimpses into their past really brings tears to our eyes…what a heartless world this is to be so cruel towards a couple in love!

  2. Siyuu

    waitng fr more mehrya

  3. I hatemehak.such an arrogant nd ill mannered brainless
    Over confidence nd challenging as if there s no other boxer other than her
    Cant she listen once wat he was trying to tell
    Old shaurya s d best to give her a tightslap reply nd show her place
    Such a pathetic character
    Missing old mehak
    Bt dis s one s no less than gundi arrogant showoff

  4. Lakshmi, bonds between people who love each other through destiny, can’t ever be broken and it does transcend into the subconscious mind. When we dream of a loved one who has gone before us, they are really closer to us than we really think. Here we see Mehak and Shaurya who had a deep bond, are lucky enough to get love second time around. If only this could be true, there would be a lot less people on this earth who unhappy. I have a feeling that this new season will showcase a more passionate love story between these two, she has an intense character and I’m awaiting to see what type of Shaurya we got this time around, he was brash and brawny, sometimes volatile, hot when he romanced Mehak back …I think he has a softer character now, what do you think??? Also, it’s going to be interesting to see how they react to each other when they remember their past..

  5. Naz I will comment later read your comment yesterday will reply to that bye hun.

  6. You are right Naz that bonds between people who love each other transcend into the subconscious . Whether both of them are alive but separated ,whatever the cause may be Or one of them already reached the abode of god,they communicate with each other on an entirely different level….the distance is no barrier…No ,I am not talking about supernatural and all that…this is like hearing the voice of a loved one from within …Naz ,I experienced this when my husband was posted to a highly dangerous boarder area where no families were allowed and no means of personal communication was available…in the early nineties ,mobile networks were very scarce in India.Once in a while his regiment would inform me about his whereabouts and welfare…Staying all alone with very young children ,I used to get terrified seeing all sorts of terrible news on Tv and in my disturbed sleep I would hear him say he was fine …and this would happen only in the night time when he would get time to think about me and the children …that was what that made me going for three years…some may say ths is pure hallucination of a stressed psyche and unscientific ,but I say there are certain things that are beyond science .Naz,,one more thing I am sure is that every couple will get a second chance to live together which they could not in their previous life,like Shaurya and Mahek…..yes. Mahek and Shaurya are entirely different individuals now but the souls are same and they are already discovering their bonding ….

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