Mahek 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek goes against Shaurya

Mahek 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Coach takes Yuvraj’s name. Mahek is angry. She leaves.
Sweeti and arish sit in pooja. Rashmi says I am glad you came shaurya. He says mahek I asked me to go. She says I would want to meet her. Yuvraj says I am glad to see you two together sweeti and arish. They do arti. Mahek comes and says Yuvraj singh.. Shaurya says yuo here. Mahek shoves him and goes inside. She slaps Yuvraj everyone is dazed.
Swati and Sajita are worried for Sharma. Nurse says he told mahek something.
Dadi says I will cut your hands. Mahek says no one can save this man from me. Shaurya says are you out of your mind? She says you father tried to kill my coach sit. Dadi says go before I shove you. Shaurya says what proof do you have? She shows him sharma’s video of him saying that Yuvraj did it.

She says coach saw him in the car. Shaurya says dad did you do this? Yuvraj says this day was left to see. For this girl my son is accusing me. Shaurya says how can coach be sure my dad did this? She asys I knew you would change. I did what i had to. Police comes and arrests Yuvraj. Rashmi faints.

Mahek leaves. Shaurya stops and says without proof you did this. She says coach sir said this. she says are you with him as well? He says how can you say that about me? My dad can never do that. If anything happens to my dad no one can save you from me. She says and no one can save that Yuvraj from me.
Swati calls Mahek.. she is dazed. Mahek says but.. where will we arrange 10 lacs from.

Shaurya and KAran come to police station to bail yuvraj out. Shaurya says dady ji please dont worry. I know you can never do this. Dadi comes. She says go and arrange a lawyer. Dadi says Yuvraj.. What happened. Yuvraj says now that girl will pay for this sin. Dadi says shaurya came to your side as well. You have to drag this case.
Swati says to doctor start your arrangements. We will arrange money. Swati says i will talk to khurana sir. He might help us out.

Shaurya says to lawyer please do something. He gets a call and says what. He comes to police station. Adi says he slit his wrist because of the insult mahek did. Shaury says what.. Doctors treat yuvraj. Shaurya says if anything happens to dad I will kill dad.

Precap-A man says to mahek if you sell your kidney you can get 10 lacs. She says what will be the side effects? He says you can’t do boxing. Mahek agress.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    y don’t we try to make our life simple

    1. yeah…i too wish that life would have been a little simpler but then they need the trps too… Although they are not going that well with the trps too.. I don’t know show is seriously hurting these days.. It’s like they are experimenting with Trps…. hatred; love ;hatred I don’t understand that why they have to pull each other down; when that have such talent why don’t they show it out rather than pulling each other and playing out their wicked minds???

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  3. Hahahahaha hahahahehehe what have this series come to???Selling her kidney this is too much what should have been better in the second half of this series is now trash. Evil Yuvraj and stupid Shaurya.

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