Mahek 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek asks Mohit what he is doing? he wants to drag his family to court? Sonal says let him do what he wants, if he want us in court then we will. Sheetal says Sonal you wont get anything with this family, they only care about Mahek but now Mohit will become famous, I will do it. Jeevan says enough, you have said enough, Jeevan brings rope and says you want share in this house right? Kanta asks what are doing? Jeevan says I am giving him share which son gets after father dies. Jeevan divided house by hammering rope between house, he creates boundery and says he wants share? now he has it, Balwant says Jeevan dont be crazy. Jeevan says to Mohit see there is your share, you have broken our hearts to get this share, do what you want this share but remember you are dead for us from today and we are

dead for you. sheetal says fine, Mohit doesnt need you people, Mohit says mummy i was just saying.. Sheetal says I am doing everything for you, once baby is born then everyone will be calm, she says to Sonal that be with your husband, come to us. Sonal goes to Mahek and hugs her. Sonal says to Sheetal and Mohit that I am taking side of my husband only, Mohit is lost and if we dont stop him then everything will be finished, I will not be with Mohit but stand infront of him to tell him that family is everything. Mahek says to Mohit that you might earn money but you have lost love and togetherness of your family which is a great thing, you will learn its importance soon, sheetal and Mohit goes in room. Balwant says to PD who has casted evil eye on our house? they cry. Kanta asks Mahek to go her home, this is not only house you have to handle, Mahek leaves, Sonal hugs Kanta.

Niki is in Shaurya’s house. Mahek comes there, Niki says I was calling you, Mahek says I am so sorry, there was problem in house, Niki says I know, you know root cause of this trouble is your and Shaurya’s fight, I know Shaurya is wrong but if you comeback to white chilies and understand Shaurya, you know investors are not coming back, if not for anything but come for your love, Shaurya wont agree but he needs you and your love, you both are made for each other, Shaurya loves you a lot, its important for him to make this restaurant successful, his struggle, your sacrifices everything will be finished if you dont comeback, Mahek says I need some time, niki nods and leaves. Mahek sees Shaurya in balcony and calling someone, he is in worried state, Mahek gets sad seeing him like that.

In morning, Niki is working in kitchen at white chilies. Shaurya comes there and says where did this energy came from? Niki says today will be good, Shaurya says we didnt get loan and no one interested, Niki makes him taste dish, Shaurya tastes it and says its delicious, what is it? Mahek says from kitchen that this is new breakfast menu of white chilies. Shaurya gets angry and says what are you doing here? who gave you permission to come here? Mahek says cant you see I am working, Shaurya says this is my restaurant, what are you doing here? Mahek says as far as I remember, you gave your everything to me, Shaurya says if you cared about this restaurant then you wouldnt have destroyed it, Mahek says this is my restaurant, dont you dare, if you want to leave then you can but I am not leaving. Shaurya fumes in anger. Niki silently thanks Mahek.

Scene 2
Mahek is giving tips to chefs. She gets call from Kanta. Mahek asks what she is doing? Kanta says I am finding spice you made, where it is? Mahek says its in shelf, Mansi sees shelf and finds it there, Kanta says to Mahek that we found it, I didnt remember it, Mahek says you must be worried about house problems, kanta says I have you as a solution, Mahek says Mohit will understand his wrong doings soon, Kanta says you find positive things in problems too, where are you? Mahek says I am in restaurant, Kanta says our house will have problems but now you should focus on your husband and work, Mahek says Shaurya and Mohit both did wrong and I didt forgive them, we have lost food truck but I wont let Shaurya’s restaurant to be destroyed, this is his business and I will bring it back on its feet, Kanta says now I am in peace, she ends call. Mahek starts giving tips to chefs, Priya tastes Mahek’s dish and says its so tasty, you should have been my teacher. shaurya is glaring at her. Shaurya comes to Niki and says you are head chef but Mahek has accuired it like she owns it, Niki says its more important that this restaurant works out more than I am worried about my position, Mahek is leading team so well, Mahek calls out to Niki and says I need your help. Niki comes to Mahek and says I tried this dish but its french dish so I need your expert opinion. Niki tastes her dish and says its delicious, Shaurya rolls his eyes.

Sharma family is having breakfast. Mohit and Sheetal are sitting on their side of house, Sheetal give shim tea, Kanta comes him and says drink one glass of milk after breakfast. Jeevan glares at him. Sheetal says to Mohit that see how they are glaring at you, if you want to bring them on line then be harsh with them and dont get soft till they bow down to you, Mohit nods. Jeevan says Mahek can say anything but we need her help.

Mahek comes to basin of restaurant, she washes her face but taps gets broken and water sprinkles everywhere, Mahek splashes water on her face, Shaurya is sitting behind her and waters splashes on his face too. Mahek tries to control the broken tap but water sprinkles out and keep splashing on Shaurya’s face, he blinks and looks at Mahek, he says this girl is so irritating, Shaurya comes to her, he tries to control the tap but water falls everywhere, shaurya pulls Mahek away from it, Mahek falls in his arms, they look at each other. Shaurya pulls Mahek closer and gently wipes her face where water droplets are smeared on her cheeks, they look in each others eyes with longing, main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays, he lovingly wipes her forehead and touches his forehead with hers closing eyes and feeling her close, Mahek looks at him, Shaurya pulls away but keep looking at her. They compose themselves and moves away from each other. Mahek teaches one chef, Shaurya comes to her and says what is this? did you check it with me? Niki says I am with Mahek on this, we have to check everything before we deliver, Shaurya says to Priya that I asked you to give me list of deserts, Priya says Mahek is working on it, Mahek shows him list, he huffs in anger. She sweetly smiles at him.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek that look at your clothes, its dirty and have stains, the one who cant even handle herself, how can she handle this restaurant? Mahek says technically this restaurant is mine and I own it so talk with respect to me infront of my staff. Shaurya looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yay! It looks like things are getting back on track! Loving this! And the Mehrya moment from today was sooooo beautiful!! ??❤️❤️

  2. Yeah,,,, after a long time,, we saw mehrya moment,,, it’s very sweet,,, keep going like this,,, with mehrya moment,, just take them together,, it’s very important,,, sonal did good by not supporting mohit,,, he just gone mad,,,,,, anyway,, wait for next epi,,, it’s looking very funny,, and interesting,,,
    Love U MEHRYA,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!

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