Mahek 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek hits hoodie guy with umbrella but gets shocked seeing his face, its none other than Shaurya, Mahek says what are you doing here? what are you hiding? shaurya shows her packet, she says what this is new drama? Shaurya says open it, Mahek opens box and finds doll inside which her father had given her, Shaurya says it was broken and i was trying to fix it but you caught me, i wanted to surprise you, she gets emotional seeing it and hugs Shaurya.
Its morning, Mahek is cooking in kitchen, Nehal says to Mahek that i should tell Shaurya take pheras with you around this stove only as you have no interest in getting dressed. Mahek says people are coming in Katha(story telling ceremony) not to see me dressed up, Nehal says do what you want, i am going to ready everything in your room, take

your time t o get ready today, you will take one hour. Kanta says only you are remaining, Mahek go and get ready, i will handle food here, Kanta says eat something, Mahek says i will eat after celebration only, i have fast till then, Kanta says you have started fasting even before marriage? Mahek blushes and leaves.
Jeevan is seeing decorations. Kanta comes there and sys you are looking nice today, Jeevan says i remember younger Kanta today. Ravi comes there and says i saw everything, Jeevan says we were just talking, Ravi says i am not saying anything, why you are doubting? Jeevan scolds him for teasing. Balwant says i dont want anything wrong in arrangements, Mahek’s inlaws are coming afterall.
Katha ceremony starts. One guest praises Mahek who is wearing pink color, other guest says that Mahek is lucky, Shaurya is handsome, i could watch Shaurya from my roof as i can see Mahek’s house roof from there, he used to live here like family member.
Shaurya’s family enters Sharma house. Shaurya is wearing shalwar kameez, Nehal sasy you are looking handsome, i might fall for you today, Sonal says he is looking nothing compared to Mahek. Vaitlana huffs. Mahek touches Shaurya’s mother’s and father’s feet. Shaurya touches Jeevan’s feet. Vaitlana comes in corner and calls Rajiv, she says everything is set, you come here, we will burn this ceremony.
Soniya says to Vaitlana and Rajiv that i hate this type of houses, who have wash basin in open area? Vaitlana says your Shaurya stayed in this house for one week, lived with this cheapsters, what change you couldnt bring, this low standard girl did it. Nehal comes there and asks Soniya to come and sit with them, Soniya says i am better here. Katha starts, Mahek and Shaurya stands together praying. Pundit recite mantras. Katha is about Krishanji. Shaurya asks Mahek what you did with your face? Mahek asks what happened? i asked Nehal to not do it but she didnt listen, Shaurya says i listened that girls have glow of wedding but i can see it on your face, Mahek shies away from him and says what are you saying? focus on Katha, Shaurya says i wish to fly away with you. Khanna says to Karona that they made us sit on floor, Karona says there are chairs but i asked to sit on floor, why you keep complaining? Khanna says you have started talking a lot since this propposal happened, Karona says leave everything, see how happy both Shaurya and Mahek look together, Khanna nods. Vaitlana is sitting on floor and getting bored with Katha. Rajiv comes there and sits in Katha, he looks around then leaves from there sneakily. He goes in house then comes back after sometime and nods at Vaitlana hinting work is done.
Katha ends. Kanta says to Karona that Mahek has been blessed by God to get guy like him, should we do Roka today? Karona says ofcourse. Kanta starts roka ceremony. Karona does rituals.
Vaitlana comes to Mahek and says you dont eat anything, why dont you eat what in have brought for you, Mahek says i will eat later, you eat. Vaitlana says i wont listen to you, you have to eat, she feeds food to Mahek.

PRECAP- Mahek is puking and falls on floor. One guest says she is going pale and having vomiting too, what should we assume? Vaitlana says are you trying to say that she is pregnant?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. geetha

    Mami why are you irritating so much Mami….. anyway I am waiting For episode now trp is more increasing

  2. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai latha dear preethi vidhu Kush chella kutty jayakumari dear geetha nayana jene nivee sri and all my friends …I miss few names sry for that….hai to my mehrya family…….. today is too boring ……omg katha 😒😒😒…..i don’t understand why everyone is soo much tensed expect mehak she s vry much cool….it just a pooja .. suddenly they talking about roka..mami shruti rajeev nd co (3 idiots )…… irritating to the core…..nd this shaurie flirting with his would be wife….😍😍😘😘😘…. he he he..same side rajeev spiking mehak’s food….they don’t have any common sense how come a girl became pregnant with in 2 days because he stayed there for oly 2 daysπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹….that shruti she s actually a gynaecologist …she could have told that mokka director about this na…it is medically impossible 😣😣😣😣😣..vry funny precap …. disgusting…

    • Maanu13

      |Registered Member

      Moni avanga yena shaurya va frame panava spike panranga they want to spoil mahek’s name…if she is pregnant that must not b shaurya’s baby na so they r framing like that…and now our hero shaurya ll tell that Agra trip is the reason for it and get married mahek soon😜😜😜😜😜😜naughty boy

    • Jene

      Hii moni… Am happy that u mentioned my name.. πŸ™‚ am just a silent reader and replying oly for πŸ™‚ I missed watching today’s episode and from ur comment can understand that its a boring one :p and precap is horrible

    • Nive..

      |Registered Member

      hey read written update only.. πŸ™ vomit panna odana pregnant eh…😳😳 en akka paiyan morning vomit pannita na kuda idly tha pidikala nu nenachean but.. he he he😜 moni indha marriage nadakkuma nadakkadhaπŸ€”

  3. Maanu13

    |Registered Member

    Hai mehrya family,today its too boring…but shaurya is asusual handsome and cute😍😍😍😍😍mehak is ok today…and she is a stupid that mami taunting her she have the food she feeds.. unbelievable mahek… waiting for next episode… surely it’s a pregnancy drama…like in kkb these stupid didn’t go to doctor and discuss abt it in home and feeling for it….

  4. sia

    good epi bt cheap guests are alwys a spoiler !! Dont what will ths rajiv do ?? Btw mahek ksko piti umbrella se wo nhi diakhaya kya ?? Plz any one reply abt that

  5. nayana

    hai moni well said this game is played by mamiji seriously disgusting how can she stoop so low ? she is also a woman she want 2 broke their relation only this way cheap all r behind mahek why? wat did she do now ? wat will happn ?

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Dunno nayana dear… big question mark?????… shaurie should accept or deny or they have to prove she s not pregnant????….no prblm whether she s pregnant or not…father s shaurieπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹…they should get married…wat u guys say????????


    Hi dear friends, today mokka episode. indha mami said something couldn’t understand anything, in TU nothing mentioned, if anyone knows please translate. Poojaiyilum shaurie not keeping quite. Mami would have thought two days are enough for our shaurie to do anything moni…… shruti pei moonji bayama irukku. today boring episode. rajiv doesn’t suit for villain role, sirippu sirippa varudhu….. They had a conversation while exchanging gifts especially indha ollikuchi mami…. Nothing mentioned in TU. Please translate anyone. Moni I think this shaurie is eagerly waiting for the night………. annaikkirukku kacheri mahekkuku……… mamikku theriyadu ivan vachirukura revengukku she will never get pregnantunnu. aiyo pavam mahek……… feel pity for her. Moni shruti nejamave gynaecologistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????

  7. Diane Almeida

    OMG can someone just slap Mami, she’s such a witch! I wonder why Rajiv is helping Mami out what does he gain in helping her out and ruining Mahek and Shaurie’s life????

  8. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Ivlo crowd la koda kai vechikkuttu chumma iruka matran..ivana nambi veetla stay panna permission thandhanga ….adhukku dhan ippo pregnancy drama…i should say one thing medically it vl take atleast 72 hours to get fertilization to form zygote ..later it takes weeks to form blastocyst…later implantation …..and i don’t know whether it is correct to talk about coitus here….bcoz usually v used to see in movies nd serials girl get pregnant immediately after she s*xualy assault but it s again medically very rare chance to become pregnant in single coitus…so wat v seeing in tv cinema all are fake… and sry to talk about this kind of issues here in forum…

  9. shagun

    Who is soniya and its not vaitlana its shwetlana btw i dont know what u guys think about it but i find it very wrong people telling mahek is lucky that she got shairya but according to me shaurya is lucky as he got such a talented girl mahek

  10. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    And it my humble request to CVS…nd director plz don’t show nonsense about pregnancy….don’t try to fool us ….v also know science…u plp showing things which are not medically and scientifically rare one…. mostly impossible but at times it might possible…try to learn somethinbefore doing it …. character assassination !!! Disgusting!!!!!….

  11. Jeba

    Will shaurya belive mahek pregnant. What he is going to do? Mahek & her family members r insulted in every time..feeling sad

  12. Hazida

    I will just crush that evil Mami Badi aayi aukad ke baare me baat Karne wali pehle kudki harkate Dekhi hai ….

  13. Vidhya

    Hai mehrya fans dear moni episode update padikaradha vida unga comment padika nalla irukupa….. Luv u sooooo much darling … Special hai to Latha chellam nd maanu chellam

  14. ChandaMaya

    |Registered Member

    Nice to be here again. Just a quick comment: On a philosophical point hardship from those who make themselves enemies of humanity for personal gain or just out of jealousy or hate breaks what is weak me creates what is strong only stronger. This serial is unique and I hope it keeps its uniqueness. Let us see if Mahdi and Shaurya will tight these evil forces together, as one. As you can see, their start is with honouring the Supreme. There is a deeper message in this episode. Start with divine blessings and through hardships and sacrifice comes even greater blessings. The humility of Musk’s family will be greatly rewarded. They have Shaurya now, who first put them through hell. Hopefully he will stand high for justice.

  15. nidhi

    Upcoming track sound. Illogical. Unintersting too. I am damn sure shaurya will not believe d stupid…. drama ….n mehak s pragnancy
    ……anways.. creatives should prove dem…..i guess dey shud let dis marriage happen.. derefter d fun will begin… wen in d same house dier lov s tested…


    |Registered Member

    Plz kill that mami😠😠😑😑😑…. she will create misunderstanding and as per all show history shaurya will believe all this nonsense… and mehak will be humilited.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”..

  17. nayana


  18. Nila

    hai to all mehrya family members boring episode but precap ! intha pregnancy drama kum antha spy electrician pana connection kum yetho link irukum nu nenaikurean

  19. Khushboo Das

    Hello mehrya family and welcome to the new joinies….coming to Epi…it was ok…i like the beginning but the end was really terrifying… like Shaurie when flirting with his would be..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    But i dont understand why this karuna mom stayed quite when disgusting swetlana was taunting Sharma family… Shaurie wanted to say but his would be stopped him but karuna had the full rights to stop swetlana’s nonsense…..coming to precap….mehrya family is right…director, producer and writers… please do not forget that science is really reached to a level where pregnancy is a very open topic …now a days and i think each and every person know common things about pregnancy….its a request to please consider that viewer are not foolish….even doctors are not required to confirm pregnancy…. pregnancy test device are easily available in any medical…. kindly keep this serial unique and show rubbish to people…sorry family i wrote so much as i got damm furious when i saw the precap…fainting and vomiting doesn’t have just one reason….so called pregnancy….tensions, hunger, acidity
    ..etc anything can be the reason…. my humble request to the lead roles of ZKM please give some brains to the required people…. i hope mehrya family supports me ….

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Kush chella kutty..m there for u dear…. totally i agree…..i already mentioned about pregnancy in my previous comments….

    • Nila

      oh really shwetlana (Mami ji) creates fake doctor and report
      ah? just like other serials OMG is that true shauriya wanting to slap mami ji????

      • Moni7

        |Registered Member

        Yup nila another spoiler shared by preethi….. mehak doubt shaurie for her pregnancy bcoz they stayed together in Agra at the time of competition…..eppo stay pannadhu ipo pregnant😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣…hate this zee tv serial concept same in kkb … suddenly she become pregnant…later revealed it is fake…this is not cyclone to form so easily ….. pregnancy !!! Playing with concept of science….

  20. Tamizh

    Enaku hindi theriyaathu. But yetho konja words ku meaning theriyum. Athai vaithu serial paarthu purinjikiren. I and my like this serial

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Enaku koda hindi theriyadhu tamizh….. update mattum dhan padippan…. serial cartoon madhiri papen avlo dhan….. popular la illa enna dhan oorae sendhu nalaikkumπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. Preethiilang

    |Registered Member

    Hi mehrya family… episode was ok……shaurya khanna u came for pooja u can romance in different place too😘😘😘……..mami is irritating nowdays a lotπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”…..this shruti knw she is behaving like she came for miss world competition pity girlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜Ί………

  22. Preethiilang

    |Registered Member

    Pls ZKM team change the concept……..showing a girl as characterless……if a girl get pregnant before marriage is not universal crime……still our country serial concept as not changed……..

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Well said preethi…. always showing characters assassination !!!!!!!… is not fair …i think zkm s something new …but it is not soπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯….always female lead became pregnant at one of time nd later after so many struggle it vl revealed no it is fake!!!!!!…sry to say this ZKM first time m saying i hate this new twist nd concept of mehak’s pregnancy which is totally rubbish….plz plz plz director of the show plz change the concept or else for sure u vl see trp down this week too….even i thought of stop watching the show…..

  23. Vinitha

    Mami is so irritating. Shaurya looking so handsome. Pooja la kuda silent ah iruka matra chocolate boy <3

  24. Janani

    Hi everyone, Special hi to MoniπŸ˜ƒIt’s really interesting to read your comments and because of you I hope this site so interactive … and Really confused how the upcoming episodes will be… it’s very nice to watch shaurya as a lover boy… but if he is doing all these things for a revenge means I can’t take it so easilyπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Shruti and her costumes, looks… woooua sasika mudila pa.. waste character in the serial… Mami also so irritating yaar… and her husband he looks like comedian.. Unable to guess their evil master plan…

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Hai janani….thank u dear……ippo avanga sangeeth vera poi irukkanga pappom ..mami kalyanam nadakka vidra la nu…..s u r correct oruthunukku ethana peru dhan villan na varuvanga😣😣😣….oru frame suthi ore villains dhan….like honey bees Svetlana nd co…and queen honey
      bee(Svetlana)…… targeting our 2 roses shaurie nd mehak😒….

  25. Janani

    yeah so sad…. This serial quite different frm other ones, and you know wat moni.. Frm 2008 I started to Hindi serial… without knowing Hindi but after two years Dialogue laam Nane solra alavuku therinju pochu.My fav serials are IPKKND,YRKKH ,NAVYA ,JODHA AKBAR and Now ZKM😍😊
    So all the best to you tooπŸ™ŒπŸ‘

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Hindi ya naa na… romba keshtam janani…. irundhalum thank u…

      Manufacturer defect…..hindi la 5th standard fail agiten…appo vitta hindi dhan ippo vera enakku set agala…. tamil kae enakku inga dabba dance adudhu….
      Hindi la therinja oru sila word….idha raavo !!!!….. saroja saamaan nikalo!!!!..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹….

  26. Khushboo Das

    Thanks moni….for sending this link…felling so relaxed that it is not the same crap…both of them r looking super cute…welcome new members of mehrya family…

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Yeah Kush..nice to them n that style… mehak s looking so beautiful…… shaurie also….lovely jodi😍😘😘😘😘😘😘…. touchwood😍😘😘😘 (mami frm devil eye’s)..he he he πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…and sry sry mami and co…(combo of idiots)…

      Good night my dear extended mehrya family…luv u all😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Neenga register panna profile pic vekkalam dear….. tamizh… left top the menu ir parunga anga poi register pannunga avlo dhan…..

  27. Tamizh

    Moni neenga vaitha instagram Linkla video paarthen rendu perume supera irukaanga. Shauraya and mahek hairstyles super especially Shauraya

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Ama tamizh … Mehak green color la super ra irukka…. shaurya koda super dhan…i want to see that mami nd shruti rendum epdiyum comedy ya dhan irukkum…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Saloni

    Hi everyone how are you all? Episode was kind of good and boring.πŸ˜‰ I am sure mami’s plan going to fail. I Also saw in you tube they dress like raj and simron from the movie DDLJ(SRK. AND KAJOL) .i think it’s a Bollywood theme party.

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Hai saloni m r u?…

      ….yeah nice na…. Mehak nd shaurie😍😘😘😘….. always surprising us … thank u sooooooo much ZKM team😍😘😘😘😘

  29. Nila

    hai janani. same pinch yaar nanum 2008 la than Hindi serial parka start panunean I too love all the serial u mentioned navya serial is my favourite one and geet,aur pyaar ho gaya etc starting la hindi suthama theriyathu but ipoo understand panura level iruku

  30. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai nila…s enakku romba pudikkum . nenjam pesuthe….😍😘😘😘kunal … season 1 dhan romba pudikkum..season 2 nalla illa

  31. Ooshi Akbar

    hi guys how r u all how was ur day sorry can’t connect to u all last days try to be in connect with u regularly if God allowed me and welcome to our all new family members

  32. ChandaMaya

    |Registered Member

    Very interesting mischief . . . Villains are not unique in their disruption of their victims. This This episode is important to set the next scenes. One sees the deep commitment that these two characters are willing to start their future relationship right. Mahek’s reputation is sealed with Shaurya’s. This so-called pregnancy will speed up the marriage. No man at this point will leave the love of his life if she is pregnant. This piot will create a greater bond and remember Mahek’s Chachi saw Svetlana forcefully feeding Mahek. Mahek’s family will get smart or smarter. I am hoping Shaurya’s intellect and memory will save the Sharma family from the bomb going off. There is only so much this family can endure. If this next tragedy happens then this plot is becoming another never-ending villain show, where the villains seems to have the upper hand and have the hero and the heroine acting like puppets. Humans in reality are not as stupid. Most persons in the real world know their enemies. It is about time for the Sharma family with Shaurya to fight fire with water.

  33. ChandaMaya

    |Registered Member

    I hope this love story does not become another Kumkum Bhagya, a super mess is lies, deception, crookedness and cheap trickery with no recourse but an never ending mess of evil. Deeper and deeper. I stopped watching such nonsense. There is enough evil in this world already and what hope out of the miseries that are constantly displayed on TV screens does the public get out of this? Great heroic characters of the great epics always are hugely smart, compassionate and loving. Most soap box stories are boring and cheap. I really hope Zindagi Ki Mahek does not get dirty with cheap villains. The fakeness of this Svetlana character is obviously and openly hateful. What is the mystery here? I only hope the writers don’t insult the intelligence of the viewers. So far this serial is unique. Svetlana needs to be publicly insulted to keep her steaming. The Khanna family will tople to their own ill repute and Mahek’s good character will have to eventually lift that shameless and shameful mafia family from their own destruction. Poor Shaurya. He and his mother are decent amidst a bunch of pompous, self-entitled people. What happens to lovers in normal situations? These days they buy their own homes or find a place to live after they marry and keep a distance from meddling family members.

  34. ChandaMaya

    |Registered Member

    Remember the condo units that Shaurya went to see and Mahek was there too, checking out the neighbouring condo? The two of them got locked in together? Well they should decide to move in together and start a new life after the marry . . . . . So the plot would have to work around their union as a husband and wife power house of strength learning, loving and fighting the evil of those around them. Also the loving support of their families need to come out with and developed. Shaurya is a just character and Mahek’s Chachi is also seeing more to this and becoming an advocate for Shaurya’s and Mahek’s love. Thanks for bearing with my long-winded thoughts. I needed to get my feelings about this new love story out by writing my thoughts out.

  35. Geeta

    Yes chandaMaya completely agree with you. Let hope for the best. I like the show very well the way it go

  36. Khushboo Das

    Hi family…..nice to read your view chanda…feel same about ZKM….and ya even i stopped watching kkb because of the stupid crap….one sweet thing about my personal life I would like to share with u all….my dear hubby saw my craziness about ZKM and thought that I just watch it for Shaurie as I told him earler that I like his style and outfits….he went to salon and got the same hair cut which Shaurie has done in ZKM….he really felt jealous and thats so sweet….i am expecting a lot from todays Epi…hope all will be good….just waiting to see Shaurie and mehak decked up in raj and simran’s outfit….ddlj is one of my favourite movie…and must have seen it more then 30times… waiting for 8pm…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  37. Rayna

    Hello everyone.Remember me or forgotten?Moni,Latha,Vavachi,Ishwarya,Nayana,Maanu and all new members.How are u all?

  38. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Mehak weds shauryaπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—…here is the linkπŸ‘‡

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