Mahek 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjay is singing and happily, Svetlana asks if what he is doing would be beneficial? Sanjay says you are fool, he asks servant to make him sit, he takes Svetlana with him.
Shaurya shouts on chef and says what is this? this is awful dish, chef says i told you that we cant make this dish, Shaurya says you really think i need you? you cant even cook sample, you think you deserve to be here? Chef says i want to say that its your wife’s recipe so if Mahek guides us a little then we will cook it nicely, Shaurya says she cant guide you, you call yourself chef when you cant even cook one dish, get lost from here.
Mahek sees Ravi in house, she hugs him. Ravi says its winters, so i brought your warm clothes and your things, Sanjay says we will call for tea, Ravi says no need for it,

Mahek goes to put her luggage. Ravi offers sweets to Svetlana, she takes it. Sanjay asks what you thought? Ravi says its difficult, we are on different levels so it will be difficult to do business with you, Sanjay says we are both humans, we are on same level, there are a lot of women that come to your house, i have clients, i even know Prince charles, i know people from white house to everywhere, lets start business, i will bring you clients for your shop, Ravi says we are common people, i will have to think about such rich clients, i will tell you later, Mahek comes there with water for Ravi, Sanjay says to Ravi that i will comeback after two days, then we will talk, Ravi leaves. Svetlana asks if he will be trapped? Sanjay says he definitely will.
Ravi asks Mahek if she is fine? she nods, she asks what are you doing with Sanjay? Ravi says he has business proposal for me, Mahek says i know Shaurya doesnt have good relations with Sanjay and Svetlana so dont do anything that will hurt Shaurya, everything is already difficult for me, Ravi hugs her and says are you mad? dont you trust me? i wont do anything stupid, he says take care and leaves.
Karona says to Mahek that you can adjust your clothes in Shaurya’s closet. Mahek is hesitant but takes Shaurya’s clothes out of closet, Shaurya comes there and shouts on Mahek that how dare she touch his expansive clothes? Karona says i asked Mahek to hang her clothes in your wardrobe, she was making place by taking some of your clothes out. Shaurya packs Mahek’s clothes in luggage bag. Shaurya drags Mahek out of house. Shaurya says to Mahek that you are using my mother against me, you want to make place in this house, you have occupied my room, but i will show you place of your clothes, you want to see where they belong? he brings matchstick and burns his luggage bag, all are stunned. Shaurya says i am burning from inside like these clothes because of you Mahek Sharma, Mahek is terrified to see him like that. Sanjay and Svetlana sees scene too.
Its night time. Shaurya says to cook that if you are able to make this dish nicely then you will top chef in country if you dont make it nicely then you wont able to call yourself chef. He says i know its Mahek’s mother’s recipe but you can make it, tomorrow is important, when Miss Mitchell comes tomorrow and takes this dish, i would want to lick her fingers due to its mindblowing taste. Mahek comes in kitchen and sees Shaurya and chef. Mahek says to Shaurya that this was reason, some Mitchell is coming and your chefs are not able to cook my dish, and you took anger out on me, if you were not able to make it, you would have asked it, i wouldnt say no, Shaurya says these dishes are my patent now, i dont need your help, so shut up, he bangs door and leaves.
Mahek calls Kanta, Kanta says now you have time for me? Mahek says are all men this much arrogant? he cant make my mother’s dish but wont ask for help, i wont help him, Kanta says you are calling to bicker about Shaurya? Mahek says i am sorry, i dont have anyone here to talk, Kanta says that you will sleep peacefully only when you make peace with Shaurya, his problems are yours now so help him out, she ends call. Karona brings clothes for Mahek which she bought, she says i will have to say sorry to you daily because of Shaurya’s antics, i dont know what is going on in his mind, Mahek says you dont have to say sorry, Karona says i know that Shaurya shows anger when he is worried about something, Mahek says then why dont he talk and say about his problems? why dont he say that he needs my help, we get vulnerable too, why dont he tell his problems to me, Karona says since childhood Shaurya have learned to not trust anyone with his problems, his trust has been broken many times so he doesnt know how to trust people with his problems, he doesnt know how to share them and that it helps to share, and if he doesnt share then how will others know that he needs help? he is like that, you will get habituated to his weird personality

Scene 2
Its morning, Shaurya is in his restaurant and says am i in right place? how these chefs are energetic today? he turns and sees Mahek helping chefs in kitchen. Shaurya says to Mahek what the hell is she doing here? this is not your dhabba, how dare you show your right here? he drags Mahek out of kitchen, Mahek smiles and says dont create drama infront of everyone dear husband else you will be slapped again, i am not stealing anything from here, i am not cheating anyone to make this restaurant mine, your ego doesnt allow so i decided to help you but it doesnt mean that i have forgotten what you did, i keep my personal and professional life separate, you might have stole my mother’s recipes but i cant let them be destroyed, you could have asked for my help if you were not able to make them, you wont become small by asking for help. Mahek goes in kitchen and cooks dish which Shaurya wanted. Chef says this dish is looking great, he asks Shaurya if they should serve this to investors? Shaurya tries to argue but knows best and shuts himself up, Mahek grins at him.
Investor and Miss Mitchell comes to restaurant, Shaurya asks them to have food. Mahek is cooking in kitchen and sends dish to investors after serving them in platter. Mahek prays that God keep respect of my mother’s recipe and Shaurya’s name. Mahek’s dish is served to investors, Miss Mitchell tastes dish which Mahek cooked and says i like this dish a lot, Shaurya proudly smiles at her and thanks her, investor says i didnt know this dish can be this much tasty, Investor says to Shaurya that we want to meet person who cooked it, Miss Mitchell says i would like to meet your wife Mr. Shaurya, Shaurya is shocked to hear it

PRECAP- Shaurya comes in kitchen and says investors want to meet the one who has cooked that dish, lets go Mahek, he comes closer to her and puts hand on her waist, he caresses her forehead and lovingly gazes at her, Mahek gets mesmerised by his sudden affection, Shaurya leans in and hugs Mahek, Mahek hugs him tightly, Shaurya smirks evilly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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      Dolly darling???.????…
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  2. Hi Friends, nice episode looking for today’s episode

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  5. Ya moni dear even i want mehak to look hot n more s*xy to cover our SK in saree….
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