Mahek 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says we have to stop them from doing the mehndi at Shaureya’s place. Mahek comes to shaureya’s place and calls him. He is taking shower. Mahek knocks at the window. The servant opens the door. Mahek goes to shaureya’s room. He is topless. Mahek says shame on you. He says its my house my room I can do whatever I want. Mahek says why you said yes to pami. He says your in laws and husband to be came here and asked me for it. Mahek says can you say no to them? He says I have other things to do. Do it yourself. Mahek leaves.

The mehdni starts. Pami arrives and says wow the arrangement is so good. Mahek comes out of her car. Shaurreya sees her from the balcony. Mahek sees him too. Pami say she looks so good. Shaureya is still in the balcony. The mehndi starts. Pami and all the women dance.
Mahek is having mehndi put on her hands. Shaureya comes downstairs. By mistake the girl writes shaureya’s name on her hand. Mahek says oh God no. She runs towards the garden and washes her hands with a garden pipe. Shaureya says what tragedy happened to you now? Mahek says nothing I will manage. She turns the pipe to his side. He says you ruined my suit. He pours the water on her.
Mahek falls on shaureya. She tries to get up but slips again. Pami sees them like this.

Precap-Shaureya asks Mahek why are you marrying ajay? She says because my family wants me to. he pulls her towards him.
Mahek says leave me someone will see. He says look in my eyes and say that you love ajay.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Maanu

    Anyhow I saw today’s episode …today I wanna give punch to mahek…such a crazy girl…she taunt shaurya for not wearing properly…does she have any sense to come to his bedroom without permission….
    And she told to him y u arrange mehndi here..she should ask this question to tha tailless monkey a beggar he sat on shaurya foot and request to arrange mehndi..but she is telling like shaurya want to keep mehndi here….

    Periya maharani nu nenaipu moonja paru…ara loose mathiri…heroin achenu summa vidurom….
    Loose mahek..

    Mahek must Try to learn how to speak with others…
    While Ajay dancing I had stomach pain due to laughing…such a creepy creature… disgusting pammi 😬😬😬😬😬

    • Latha

      |Registered Member

      Maanu dear she can’t ask that chimpanzee and elephant pammi that’s y she was asking Shaurya. I think she is also having pain and feeling but because of her family and Balwant’s blackmail she can’t do anything. Maanu Konjam naal pona antha bedroom avalukku thaan appuram ethukku permission. Kadhalla ithellam sagajamappa. Appadi Mehak varalayenna nee six packs pakka mudiyathu. Hahaha……

  2. Christina

    Sorry z i didnt meant to be rude jst typed whatever comes in my mind without thinking
    And so sorry for being rude
    I was a silent readet since epi 1 bt didnt commented now can i join ur group plz plz plz i want to join ur group

  3. Aysha

    Hi frndzzz…hope all r doing gud…Stay happy n healthy ever………

    Same precap…Anyway saw todays episode……shaurya looking sooo hot!!!!n his 6 pack tooo…omg!!!!!!!!!! hope evryone has fallen for him…. πŸ™‚

  4. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Hai frnds how r u all…..coming to the episode asusal good…. shaurie irritated seeing ajay πŸ˜‚….mehak looks good….best part is shaurie’s name in mehak’s mehndi…they both share an eyelock….can’t control myself frm laughing when ajay started dancing with coolers….seriya na comedy😜😜 mehak also irritated wen shaurie come and call her as mrs.ajay verhma.😝😝😝😝.precap same as yesterday’s…indha mehak romba dhan pandra pa…. chumma chumma shaurie ya thittra…. irundhalum shaurie..mehak ka mrs.shaurya khanna vs agama vida mattan…..

      • Moni7

        |Registered Member

        Hai latha dear….ama nethum shaurie pathu sight adichen…asusal dear😜😘😍❀…. irundhalum chummae avana topless sa katrangalo…chumma chumma ivalum poi poi avan mela vizhara…. white coin mehak podhu pinnadae red coin shaurie yum poran….ajay ku en indha vela …. chumma irukkan avana poi seendi adi vangaran…. shaurie mehak koda dance ada munthi adichuttu oduvan …solo performance la pannuvan na….mrs.ajay verma vera appo appo Shaurya nu kooptu kooptu avanukku asai katra….avan room ku poi nose cut vaangittu vara.. avan room ku poi avana thittra…. avalukku ajay dhan perfect pair…nalla jaundice vandha chicken madhiri irukkan idhula kannukku kannadi vera….periya raja parvai kamal….indha pammi vera moraikkara rendu periyum pathu en avalukku theriyadha ithunga pandra vela…..enna pudhusa nethu shock. . idhalam nambara mathriya irukku..oru vishayam dhan yarukkum theriyadhu avanga room la onna stay pannadhu ….adha tharava ellam ellarukkum theriyum….. shaurie ivala vida mattan mehak shaurie vida matra ….ajay endha ponniyum vida mattan ….NO AGE bar for ajay…girls women ladies aunty patti ellam onnu dhan …..

    • Preethi ilang

      Yes latha dr…..eppo parthalum shirt ellama kaduraga……..mudila……too hot yar he is chance less…..glamour konjam mehek kum kadhukaga paa…….wen he was putting pink shirt that time my net got slow oh god…..i missed that pink shirt scene…..

      • Latha

        |Registered Member

        No problem Preeti my self na repeatedly watching in shirt illama parthatum Preeti kku tukkam pochennu nichen.

      • Moni7

        |Registered Member

        S preethi dear….avan pink shirt podran seri. ..en da button poda mattra……appo koda six pack katran …indha director ku enna mehak vida shaurie ya dhan pudikum pola chumma shaurie ya mattum glamour ra katran ……mehak ku verum red paint madri lipstick adikkaranunga….coat oda patha mehak vida olliya theriyaran…six pack la vechi irukkan….avan mami oda koda nalla irukkan mehak koda vida…nehal ku koda wound dressing pandran .. oru mother theresa agitan …..advice pandran …advice la nehal ku mattum dhana ivanakku illaiya… Indha .mehak engagement ajay koda love romance shaurie koda nalla pandra avalum….

  5. Deeksha

    Not sure way is the intention of shaurya. he is more interested in knowing Mark’s feeling than expressing his feelings to her.

  6. Geetharamasamy

    Please update full today really awesome especially shaurya 6 back I am waiting tomorrow episode

  7. Preethi ilang

    Nice episode……mehek u r stupid girl……always shouting our 🍫 boy…….u r lucky girl to see is six pack and alll…..then dnt worry mannu moni…….wen ever they fight love ill increase……

  8. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi friends how r u all? Hope all are fine. Welcoming newcomers. Coming to the episode why shaurie’s name written on mahek’s hand. No logic in it. Keeping ceremony ok but this i cant accept. I hv not seen yesterday episode yet to see. i came to know through ur comments.

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Hai jayakumari m good…my net also slow….but I saw in ozee πŸ˜‚πŸ’•… drenching scenes super ra irundhchi….avalum vida matra avanum vida matran…..

  9. sweta

    In the epi when ajay was dancing was laughing as hell it was damn hilariousπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ n the best part when mehrya was fighting aid water and when dey fell in d ground they r so close😍😍😍😍 n I punch mehak why she is behaving rudely wid shaurya😈😈😠😠…lets see why is gonna happen in 2day epi…n my cutie pai’s latha di,moni di,aaku di,rayna di,maanu di,jayakumari di,nayana di,sunny,swasti,tanisha,BBB,Tina di sry if I left anyone so my baby’s hw r u all??moni di u r not replying my comment dats why I thought u r angry wid me n rayna di I thought DAT I crossed my limits by saying shaurya hot bt on dat tym maanu di was just kidding BT silly me I took dat seriously so by HV a wonderful bay sweeties lov u all

  10. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    I loved Mami and ajay combo …..anyways waiting for today’s episode…. literally he don’t have any work always stalking Mehak… thedi thedi poran ava kitta thittu vangitu varan ….. marupadiyum poran iva enna panna poralo…..

    • Latha

      |Registered Member

      Moni kaadalukku kannumillai kaadumillai. One thing u notice in yesterday’s episode he scolded Mehak then with that glittering eyes he was following in the mirror

  11. Shipra

    Shall I join u
    I love this serial too much , every day I waiting now what happens next day,i want too see as soon as mahek n ajay breakup. this serial story similarly my life like shorya n mahek

  12. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    Ipoovaum shaurie room ku poradha oru velaiya vachittu irukka….avan correct topless appo…lucky girl mehak😜…adhan avanum mehak room ku oi lock pannikitan….rendum ore madhiri dhan…

  13. nayana

    hai friends how r u all? yesterday’s episode was current 4 me Oh My God wat a body shaurya amazing 6pack just loved that shower scene like shaurya’s smile where is angry bird shaurya? he is just behaving like a Boyfriend anyways iam enjoying a lot mahek ka hand mein shaurya ka naam ? fantastic waiting 4 nxt

  14. Moni7

    |Registered Member

    One doubt how mehak knows it is shaurie’s room???? Just like that she open the door….and moreover she freely roaming ….edho ava dailyum vara room madhiri pora….avanum en vandha nu shock agala…enna da nadakudhu anga

  15. Anu

    Middle part of the episode is not here in the written update as well as in the you tube videos.
    (Including Shaurya and his Mami’s funny conversation & His Dance) 😐😐

  16. Soundari

    Hi I’m new to tellyupdates. I started watching this serial only a week back and I love it. Inga ivlo Tamil fans irupanganu nenaikavae Illa. Hope you won’t mind me joining you

  17. Iswarya_santhosh

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys!! Hw r u all… Latha, moni, bbb, rayna, vavachi arshi, athya. Athya where r u dear.. I didnt saw ur comments for past few days??? Fine na??
    Coming to the episode…. Awwww shaurie u r really hot… 😘😘😘But y mehrya were showing their ego to each other… Mehak is just disgusting…. She got engaged, then how darw she expect shaurie to propose!! If sge wants means she has to take some step… But without doing anything she is always blaming shaurie.. This is not wright… Moni dear i think ajay is a good match for mehak and also for moni 😜😜😜😜.. Wish u a romatic ajay dreams for u😝😝😜😜😜😚enjoy baby…. dont worry dear ajay unaku than😝😝😝
    Rayna dear how r u??? Y u r not commenting properly….
    Every one is getting mesmerised by seeing our shaurie.. But pls remember guys he got married before 6 years, but still he is mesmerising us…. Wow shaurie… He is holding jer tightly with lots of love in his eyes, Even a blind girl will come to know how much he is loving this fat mehak.. But this blo*dy mehak showing ego to shaurie… Being a big shot, he will get lots of girls, but still he is roaming around her, cant she see this??? Idiot mehak, i just want to give her a tight slap…. Love should not have ego in it….

    • Moni7

      |Registered Member

      Nethu neenga sonna madhri dhan andha paradesi vandha ajay dreams la koda mehak yum vandha shaurie varala 😈😈πŸ˜₯

    • rayna

      Hi ishwarya,I am little bit fine now.I couldn’t comment properly bcoz I am very busy nowadays.Studying for exams bcoz it is very near.But don’t worry dear.I will try to comment properly.Lots of love for you all.

  18. Mona146

    |Registered Member

    Goys i don’t understand why is ajay being offered a girl to marry when he is jobless? Normally middle class people atleast look for small job doing persons for their children.

  19. Nila

    Good evening friends, finally I wait for a scene shaureya’s name in mahek hand wow semaiya irunthan Mr.india (shaureya) what a physic yaar waiting for today episode

  20. Christina

    Guys i also want to join ur group plz make me the member of ur group
    I was a silent reader since epi 1 but now now i want to join u guys plz make me member

  21. Sangita

    Karan Vohra aka Shaurya is doing a great job here! Owning a health club in Delhi, he naturally would flaunt his s*xy six pack!!! Waiting for the time Mahek walks out of her wedding!

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