Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to media that i was living in my ego but Mahek has broken by arrogance, Mahek is reason behind my restaurant’s success, Meera Sharma and Sharma family is behind its success and for Mahek’s late mother, i want to do something. Shaurya says to honor Meera Sharma and her recipes, I have taken permission from municipal corporation, from now this street of old Delhi will be on Meera Sharma’s name, it will be called ‘Meera Sharma Road’, it will be dedicated to her, Mahek looks on as Shaurya unveils slate which shows street dedicated to her mom and is unable to believe his act, she gets teary eyed. Shaurya says this is my repentance, if possible then forgive me Mahek, Mahek silently weeps. Kanta holds Mahek’s hand and drags her away from there, all are

sad seeing it, Kanta takes Mahek in house, Shaurya looks on.

In house, Nehal says to Kanta that you still think Shaurya is villain? cant you see what he did today? now we live on Meera Sharma road. Jeevan tries to talk to Kanta but Kanta says Meera brought me in this house, she taught me everything about this family and she left Mahek with me so I am going to protect Mahek from Shaurya, like cheetah cant hide his teeth, sameway Shaurya cant hide his true face from me, i know his evil face.
At night, Mahek comes on street and looks at board which reads Meera Sharma road, she recalls Shaurya’s confession, how he agreed infront of world that he stole Mahek’s recipes, how he dedicated this road to her mother. Sonal comes there and says lets have dinner, all are waiting for you. Mahek looks down, Sonal asks if she is missing her mother? Mahek nods and hugs her tightly, Sonal consoles her, Mahek cries and says how can i be miffed with Shaurya? he is doing things for me which i couldnt even dream of, how can i be angry? Sonal says who is asking you to be angry? whom you are fighting against? fighting against yourself? Mahek looks on and thinks.

Shaurya comes to Sharma house, he knocks on door. Jeevan opens door, Shaurya says dont ask me come inside. All family members gather there. Kanta asks what have you come for? Shaurya says to keep you away from me, he shows her letter and says you people filed application to change location of food truck and now its approved, you can shift food truck next week, Jeevan takes letter from him and Ravi reads it, he is stunned to see its true. Shaurya turns to Mahek and says i told you that i can change myself for you, the habits you didnt like about me, you wont see those in me anymore. Shaurya says to family that PD asked me to become deserving of Mahek and i told her that i want to bring happiness in Mahek’s life without being part of it, i am going to leave her life, i wont be seen near her till Mahek calls me back herself in her life. Kanta says if your drama for today has ended then leave, we have work. Shaurya turns to leave, he sadly looks at Mahek, Mahek looks away, Shaurya passesby her and leaves, Mahek sees him going and is agitated. Mahek looks at Kanta glaring at her and gets tensed.

Kanta calls someone and says we will do what you want but do this work for me, she ends call. Jeevan says dont repeat this madness, Kanta says Shaurya is mad, if we remain silent then Mahek will go back to him and this time her heart will not only break but she will fully breakdown, let me do what i am doing.

Scene 2
In morning, Mahek says to Kanta that i promise i wont keep any relation with Shaurya but i dont want to marry, i dont want to be with anyone. Kanta says what is this solution? that if there is no Shaurya then you wont live? this is not how life works, you have to have life partner, you cant live like love sick for whole life. I have talked to Sandeep, there will be your and Sandeep’s roka today and then marriage will happen and Mahek will Delhi with Sandeep. Mahek says i cant marry Sandeep like that all of sudden, Kanta says if you trust me then you have to do what i am asking you to do, i am doing this for your benefit, Jeevan says but Sandeep denied this wedding, Kanta says Sandeep got scared of Shaurya, how Shaurya hurled and beat him, he is nice boy and got scared but now he is ready, Nehal says but.. Kanta says i have taken my decision, this marriage is going to happen and if you people want to go against me then tell me, i will leave this house, she angrily goes from there. Mahek gets sad.

Sonal calls Shaurya and says Kanta have decided Mahek’s wedding Sandeep, she is not listening to anyone, Mahek is going to leave with Sandeep from Delhi, Mahek has been crying non-stop. Vicky hears it too and says we have given enough respect to Sharmas, they are forcing Mahek to marry, i will bring her here. Shaurya starts to go there but recalls how he promised that he wont comeback in Mahek’s life till Mahek calls him back, Shaurya asks Sonal if Mahek said anything to him? Sonal says no but you have to come here and stop this wedding, Shaurya says i will not come there till Mahek calls me and ask me to stop it.
Mahek is getting ready for roka function sadly. PD says to Kanta that this is not how wedding happens, Mahek is not happy, Nehal says nobody is happy, you cant force her to marry someone, Kanta says i am going to marry her and thats final otherwise i will leave this house, she goes from there. Mahek is tensed, Sonal asks Mahek to call Shaurya, Nehal says yes call him and ask him to come. Mahek looks at her phone in dilemma.
Sandeep comes to Sharma house with his family for roka, Sandeep’s mother says he likes Mahek a lot, where is she? call her down.
In Mahek’s room, Sonal asks Mahek what are you thinking? snap out of it and call Shaurya, Mahek clutches her phone and thinks of calling Shaurya. Mansi comes there and says Mahek Sandeep’s family is calling you down, Mahek gets tensed.
Shaurya is punching the punching bag angrily and thinking about Mahek. Otherside Mahek takes her phone and recalls how Shaurya said he loves her. Jo bheji thi Dua plays.. Mahek calls Shaurya, Shaurya takes her call, Mahek tries to say something but is not able say anything to him, Shaurya says hello? Mahek? Mahek silently cries hearing his voice, PD asks Mahek to say it, Shaurya says MaheK? Shaurya says Mahek? Mahek just cries on phone and ends call unable to utter a word, she wipes her tears and goes with Nehal to meet Sandeep. PD asks Sonal to call shaurya, Sonal does and gives phone to PD. PD calls Shaurya and says your heroine conveyed a big message to you without saying anything, if you love her then come here and save your love, stop all this, my blessings are with you, she ends call. Shaurya looks on.
Mahek comes in lounge for ceremony. Kanta makes Mahek sits beside Sandeep and says lets start Roka, Sandeep is about to put ring in Mahek’s ring finger but Shaurya comes inside house after kicking door. All look at him shocked. PD, Sonal and Nehal are happy seeing their hero, Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and angrily pulls her away from Sandeep. Mahek falls in Shaurya’s arms, Shaurya leans in and captures her lips in his lips, all are shocked to see their liplock, dupatta falls on Mahek and Shaurya’s head, Shaurya kissing her infront of all and Mahek too shocked to move away, Kanta closes her eyes unable to see it. Police comes there and starts dragging Shaurya out of house, Shaurya shouts to Mahek that you are only mine and whatever happened today show that your name is joined with my name, you are mine only, Mahek looks distraught.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ChandaMaya

    I am so happy Shaurya created a scene! Did you see PD’s expression.

  2. Chaaya

    You know, I think Kanta will still try and marry Mahek off, maybe even send her far away, that is, if Mahek does nothing and does not open her mouth when she should. Mahek has the mouth to tell Shaurya lots, but cannot say a word that she loves him? so she seizes up in front of her aunt and does what she says? Shaurya is sticking out his neck for her, even taking a risk with his reputation!. When she does that she is giving that ?aunt the impression that she does not want Shaurya in her life. That Mahek better fight for what she wants and whom she wants in her kife, or that bully aunt will ruin her. I really hope Mahek runs Shaurya.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Sorry, was mocking (mimic?) your expression. Back to myself with this episode. Really made me upset. Like some of your expressions, I’d I may copy it. My French is much better. Je comprend, is how I would say. Tu comprend.

  3. Chaaya

    Oops! I really hope Mahek runs to Shaurya. She needs to chose what she really wants . . .She feels guilty, an obligated to her aunt. Mahek is confused and afraid. That’s my opinion.

    1. ChandaMaya

      I don’t think Mahek is smart enough to follow her heart!! She’s foolish, not afraid . . . Mahek does not know what love is. She has to learn by virtue of the absence of love.

  4. You both are right chandamaya and chaaya

    1. ChandaMaya

      You know, I thought I am being harsh on my view of Mahek, Geeta, but I am really upset with Mahek not being able to say anything to Shaurya. I understand the trust issue, but what is there not to trust? These two were almost killed. . .If that cannot bind them, then what? It’s silly psychology on the part of the writers. Mahek should be able to trust her whole being with Shaurya . . . .So what if they kissed! The girl was practically living in his bedroom.

      1. Chaaya

        . . .My exact expression! You do know . . . So, you are inclined to agree? Mahek is afraid, not foolish! If Mahek has doubts, it’s because she has trouble believing Shaurya. Yes, that’s trust! I do know Mahek loves Shaurya.

      2. Chaaya

        Joking!! copyright infringement, like our dear Shauri!!!☺ Just, kidding, please I’m not serious.

  5. Kanta chachi ko mehek ki koi fikra ni h ,so jo kr rhi h sirf apne ego ke liye kr rhi h.sourya u are so sweet,i like ur all act.

  6. I just love shaurya. He s jst amazing . N precap was soo excitedd love you sharya khanna

  7. Moni7

    Hai everyone sry for not mentioning any one names… welcoming all new comers..

    How are you all???…..

    Actually yesterday karan makes a big issue in is instagram page with hash tag luv you haters… He’s hurt by few plp…so was busy in Instagram that’s why I could post my comments… I don’t to know about his personal stuff still As a actor i respect him so post my comments there ….

    Coming to episode … I didn’t find anything wrong in his behavior earlier he used to more obsessed …but today he even sacrifice his reputation which he earned …just for mehak… Which is true love??..

    Mehak is helpless her aunty forcing her …she knows ,she loves shaurya … In want her to run to shaurie …

    Liplock its not real…so no offense …if we plp ready to accept these kind of stuffs in movies why not in series… i don’t have any issues…

    My perception is differs in seeing that scene…he showed his love…you guys remember wen shaurya was send out of mehak’s house.. after she realize her mistake she ran back to him asking him apology that time when he try to lean for a kiss ..she closed eyes welcoming the kiss..
    She’s ready to show her show so ready to accept ….

    Same way in precap everyone knows Mehak loves shaurya still they adamant and fix her marriage with candy …for me it’s the disgusting scene than liplock… The kiss shared by shaurya is related to lust…it’s love…

    1. ChandaMaya

      Moni)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) you are here!!

      1. Moni7

        Hai sis…chanda sis .. hai hai???…
        I’m so much excited …wow wow ??

      2. ChandaMaya

        Moni, en nanpar (my friend?), I am a bit apprehensive for tomorrow.

        Learning some Tamil online. Let’s hope it goes well . . .afraid of ?Chachi!!

      3. Raniboudy

        Hey Chanda, miss your crystal ball! Moni dear epic comment as usual!!

    2. Chaaya

      Oh, Moni, please we love Karan Vohra!! Please let him know to take the haters as a compliment . . .Means that his acting is very believable to the fickle-minded!!! We love Karan Vohra. If it weren’t for him, there is no real ZKM! Thank you, our ZKM warrior princess!!!

      1. Moni7

        Chaaya sis….???…yes yes sis i cleared my points Instagram…
        We all love karan … Coz he’s really really hurt it seems…it showed in his post…

        Check the link sis…

      2. Chaaya

        Hi, my Moni sis? OMG! Oh my! I feel sad for Karan Vohra. He’s a sensitive guy!! You must help to boost him. Bless your heart! I hope he stays with ZKM. Some comments can really hurt!! I feel so sad.

        I will check the link. Thank you.

    3. Chaaya

      Exactly, my thought! He has sacrified a lot; his reputation his fame and his success. Kanta wants to destroy him.

  8. Moni7

    Typo mistake..omg…ignore it..
    I mean ..

    Kiss is not a lust in this case…it’s love….which is shared by shaurya and mehak….

    1. Chaaya

      Moni forget typos . . .Your words are poetry on Instagram. Wonderful!!
      “?A Sacrifice For Love,In plight of loving you,”


      1. Moni7

        Thank you so much chaaya sis????..lov you sis?

    2. Moni what is your Instagram username .I am asking just to see your comments on insta

  9. Chaaya

    That PreCap got a lot of comments in today!!!

  10. Moni di I scrolled all the way searching for ur comments I watched everyday epi but just missed yesterday Cha ellam en neram waiting for Friday epi

    1. Moni7

      Dear busy in Instagram ….ramya that’s why didn’t post comments yesterday…

      1. Chaaya

        Maybe ?java . . .As in the programming or coffee☕ . . .Burning the candle ?on both ends today. I’m going to ?for shooting ?stars in the zone ?

    2. Hii ramya

  11. Chaaya

    I need coffee . . . ☕
    ? It’s cool⁉

  12. Hi!! I wanna write a fiction. How can I do so??

  13. Chaaya

    Just ?

  14. Saxenasapna

    Hii chanda diiii…. Chaya diii…. Monii diii…
    Lata aakriti ramaya and alll mehrya fan….

    I m so excited for tonight episode….
    What u think gys…
    What happened next…..

  15. Chaaya

    All we want is the hope for Shaurya and Mahek to be together and work their problems out together.

    Why is Chachi in so much of a hurry to marry off Mahek? This is not olden days when women living amongst civilization would be considered useless . . . .Kanta has a problem. She has not even greater Mahek wit the love and compassion that a true mother would have. Kanta treats Mahek as her possession, and Kanta is her keeper. Showbiz this Sandeep anyway?

  16. Chaaya

    It’s sick, as Moni sis said it!

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