Mahek 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya tastes food in kitchen of his hotel and scolds his cook, he says we will make guests eat this dish? see its dressing, food critic will not like it, cook says you suggested its dressing like this, Shaurya says get lost, he leaves. Rajiv says we still have time before critic comes, i dont know how i got mistaken with that girl, Shaurya says i dont want to waste more time on her.
Mahek is cooking in dhabba, she recalls how she argued with Shaurya. Manager comes and asks where are you lost? Mahek’s hand gets burned, manager asks her to be careful, Mahek says i said so much to them while i cooked such bad food for them, you know bad food can destroy whole day’s mood, manager says you didnt do it deliberately, now go home and rest.
Kanta and Nehal are in market, Kanta

scolds Nehal for being always late. Kanta comes to jewelry shop. Nehal gets Ajay’s call, he is outside shop, Nehal says to Kanta that i will come later, she leaves shop. Ajay pulls Nehal aside, Nehal says you are for hunt today? Ajay says if i get girl like you then i will be your prey easily, give me birthday kiss, she says today is not your birthday, he says give it in advance then, they hug each other intimately. Ajay sees Kanta coming there and Nehal sees Pammi coming from other side. Ajay throws Nehal on ground and leaves with Pammi. Kanta comes to Nehal and asks how did she fall? Nehal sees Ajay going and silently saying sorry, Kanta asks if she is fine? Nehal says i am going home.
Mahek comes home, PD asks why you look sad today? Mahek says i did mistake today, she tells about dhabba incident to PD, PD says there is no problem that cant be solved, make your best dish and make him eat, he will be happy, Mahek says how to call them at Dhabba? PD says cook, pack in box, put note of sorry and send to his office, Mahek says i dont know where his office is, Pd says when will you use google? Mahek says you are best, she leaves. Nehal comes there all dirty due to fallen on ground, Pd jokes.
Shaurya messages Mahek Hi, she says Hi, i got in fight with someone today. Shaurya says strange me too. Mahek says it was my mistake, i am guilty, i want to say sorry. Shaurya says then go tomorrow and say sorry. Mahek says i dont know his office address. Shaurya is busy on work but keep getting distracted with Mahek’s messages. He keep replying Hmm. She asks if he is not in mood to talk? he says i am little busy, i have important presentation. Mahek says go to hell Karela king, she gets offline. Shaurya says what happened to her?
Nehal comes to Mahek’s house, Mahek asks how did she get hurt? Nehal says i fell down, Mahek says your foot is swollen, she brings balm and cramp and puts it on Nehal’s foot, she says i will bring milk for you. Nehal says i am sorry, i said so much to you, Mahek says its okay, your mood was bad so you said it and i was in bad mood so i scolded someone too. Nehal asks who? Mahek says that celebrity cook Shaurya Khanna, he came to my dhabba, i made such bad food then i scolded him too, i feel bad, i want to say sorry. Nehal searches his hotel’s address and says to Mahek that your work is done, happy now? Mahek happily hugs her.

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek is cooking food, Kanta says so much food? Mahek says this is for Shau(Shaurya).. i mean i am taking for manager at dhabba.
Shaurya says to cook that critics are coming in half an hour and your desert is not ready till now? get it? cook goes, assistant comes and says Sumant Rajput has come. Cook says nothing can happen with this desert, how to tell this karela king.
Mahek comes outside Shaurya’s hotel. She calls manager and says if Kanta calls you then please handle.
Shaurya is entertaining critic Suman at restaurant. Critic says echo is little loud. Cuisine is brought there. Critic tastes it. Cooks in kitchen jokes that Karela king is tensed.
Mahek tries to go to restaurant. Guard says you cant go in, its closed today. Mahek says if you think that i cant afford food here then you are right but i have come here to make owner eat my dish. Guard says come tomorrow. One cook comes out and mistakes Mahek for someone else, she says to Guard that why you are stopping her? she asks Mahek to come in fast.
Cook brings Mahek in kitchen and asks her to start washing dishes, Mahek says but.. she says start now. Shaurya comes there, he says i dont know how much critic liked starters. Mahek hides from him. shaurya scolds one cook to work fast on desert, Mahek thinks that he shouldnt see me, she tries to go out of kitchen but Shaurya sees her, Mahek thinks that i couldnt even say sorry, i lost my box inside too, it was of 500rs, Shaurya says dhabba girl? he says stop.. Mahek turns and looks at him tensely.
Cook says to other cook that Shaurya will fire me, cant we do something with desert? Rajiv comes and says serve what you have now, we dont have time to cook. Rajiv finds Mahek’s box there and reads her note.
Shaurya says to Mahek that my whole got destroyed yesterday because of you, have you come to make me eat that salty food again? Mahek says i just came to say sorry, shaurya says you think that i care? you should not be seen in even surroundings of my restaurant, now get lost, Mahek says actually.. Shaurya says i can call police, dont come here again, out now, Mahek helplessly leaves.

PRECAP- Shaurya calls Rajiv and says you are still hung over that dhabba girl? Rajiv says that Dhabba girl made your restaurant get 5star rating, Shaurya says my cook made that desert, Rajiv says no it was Mahek Sharma’s dish, Shaurya looks on. Rajiv comes to Mahek’s house and says to her family that your daughter has magic when she cooks, i want her to take part in cooking competition, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Hello guys! I am new here but i just love this show… waiting for tomorrow….❤️❤️❤️

  3. I am a total fan of thiss show ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sujee

    Wow.the show is rocking .I think shaurya will recognize mehek first….

  5. wow wow wow…………awesome episode yaar am luving them……..

    for the first time ……tat nehal idiot didn’t annoyed me…..

    precap was simply super… shaurya will know our mahek’ magic……..

  6. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi jasleen! Welcome to our shahek page… feel free to comment….
    Hi guys! This show is getting awesome day by day…

  7. hi ayshu, rayna,shona,sujee, latanzia, kirr,jasleen, anjeneya, femi, aahana, arshi, riti, vavachi(sry if I missed anyone’s name)…….guyz how r u all……

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Athya dear im fine… what about u? I think mahek will recognize shaurya first bcoz everyone in his hotel calling him as karela king so once mahek joined there she might get that name immediately… Even today they called him by this name and on that time mahek was standing behind them only?
      Bgm was given during shahek meeting is nice na? Everytime they r giving that particular bgm only….
      And guys, day by day shahek page readers are also increasing…

      1. I am fine dear.What about you?

  8. Mehek is really good….

  9. The show is really going good but i hope that later the show should not focus on the love story of mahek and shaurya like other shows but mahek’s dream and her passion for cooking… then this serial will really be the best..!

  10. Hello jasleen,welcome to this page.Keep commenting here.I loved today’s episode.Ishwarya you are right,I also think that mehek will recognise his kerela king(hero of her life) in restaurant and I think she will become a cook of his restaurant.Now shaurya will come to know how much talented is his heroine.And mehek will make her hero mango king from that kerela king after their marriage.I know their marriage is far away,but then also that I am imagining.I like rajiv very much,he is very much kind and not rude like shaurya.He will only make shahek fall for each other or marry them.I think so.Let’s see what will happen.My shahek keep rocking the show like this.

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Rayna dis u heard the background music, whenever they show shahek meeting. Its nice na? And another strange feeling, whenever they show shaurya, i felt like he is a familiar face to me and already i saw him somewhere, but he is new to the field na?

      1. Yup dear,that bgm is very nice.I loved it.And yes he is new to the field.

  11. am also ayshu. …… may b what ur saying is right. ………she may recognize him first ….or …….

    l didn’t hear there bgm dr…… becoz I didn’t watched episode. … I just read wu and imagine myself 🙂

  12. am also happy that members are increasing….family is becoming big ……

  13. sry tats “am also good ayshu”

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      U can see it in online pa… Y dont u do that?

  14. rayna ……I too like tat rajiv character …..hez very kind and sweet …..hez very much impressed with our makek……..

    I think rajiv may fall for her and it will make shaurya feel jealous. future…..its jus my guess…..

    Good morning frds …have a nice….

    guyz pls introduce yourself. ….jus ur age , place. ……

    am athyafathima. …..from Chennai. ….am 20 yrs old……and about u guyz……

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hey athya rajiv looks very older than leads, so i dont think that will happen… Rajiv might be sharuvs uncle or some other relation, he might be his frnd, well-wisher,manager…

  15. Hii evry1..i m new reader of this seriol..nice story line….

  16. yr this serial is very interesting

  17. hi everyone…..
    niiiice episode
    love u mahek

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