Mahek 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Svetlana yells witch have you gone mad? go away from me otherwise.. Grandma grabs her fingers and says what will you do then? Grandma says to Svetlana that you keep sipping wine and that Shaurya has given whole property to that witch, Svetlana asks what rubbish is she saying?
Shaurya and Mahek comes home, Shaurya asks servant if grandma is home? servant says she is upstairs, they hear Svetlana yelling and looks on.
Svetlana says how can he give everything to Mahek? Grandma says everything is in Mahek’s name now, Svetlana drinks wine, grandma snatches glass and Grandma says now you pack your bags and come with me to Mathura to beg on streets.. grandma drinks wine after provoking her, they turn around and sees Mahek and Shaurya standing on door, Svetlana is shocked, Shaurya glares

at her, grandma gets tensed, she starts crying and says svetlana what did you make me drink? she starts coughing, Mahek runs to her and asks if she is fine? Shaurya yells at Svetlana what did you do with grandma? Grandma acts like fainting, Shaurya runs to her, Mahek brings water for her, Shaurya shouts for Vicky and servant, Vicky comes there, Shaurya takes grandma from room, Svetlana is frustrated.

Kanta says that Shaurya’s grandma came here but didnt talk much, is everything fine? she sees phone and says seems like grandma forgot her phone. Ravi is leaving, Kanta says to him that Shaurya’ grandma left her phone, can you drop it to her? Ravi says okay, i havent met her, i will take her blessing too, he takes phone and leaves.

Mahek gives water to grandma, grandma says dont touch me or you will become sinner too, my religion is destroyed, she said that it was juice, she forced me to drink it, she cries, Svetlana is stunned with her lies, Karona glares at her, Shaurya shouts on Svetlana that whole Delhi knows about your antics, i kept stopping myself because of Mahek and Maa but you have crossed all limits this time, Mahek says Shaurya you are crossing limits in anger, Shaurya says no i am not doing anything wrong, if she wants to live here then she has to learn manners, if she has to live here then she has to say sorry to grandma otherwise i will throw her out. Svetlana says shut up you cheap boy, how will you throw me out? i came in this house before your cheap blood entered here, are you involved with this grandma too? she has dirty blood and you have her blood too so you will show your cheap face too, Vicky asks her to not cross limits, Shaurya shouts at servant to pack her bags, Svetlana says Karona should have brought this cheap blood here so Vicky would have got his rights, Karona asks her to shut up, dont talk ill about my son, Svetlana pushes Karona away, Mahek holds her and says Shaurya and Vicky are like brothers and Karona takes Shaurya as her real son, please stop it, Svetlana says stop this drama, you have ill eyes on our wealth, you trapped Shaurya and took his whole money, your Chachi must be pimp and you must be call girl to trap Shaurya, tell me to trap Shaurya, how low did you stoop? Mahek is hurt hearing it and says it was nothing like that, Svetlana pushes Mahek away, Mahek falls on showpiece and it breaks on her hand, Shaurya runs to her and asks if she is fine? she says i am fine, Shaurya glares at Svetlana, Mahek says no Shaurya i am fine. Shaurya grabs Svetlana’s hand and says just get out. He drags her out of house and says get lost from my house and dont show your face because then you will breath last time, Grandma smirks seeing all this. Shaurya says the person who cant respect my mom, my grandma and my would be wife that person cant live here, leave or else i will forget you are a woman, Svetlana says to Vicky that arent you ashamed that he is insulting your mother and you are silent? Shaurya looks at Vicky and puts hand on his shoulder, Vicky sadly nods at him. Shaurya says to Svetlana that he is my brother and he will live here with me because he knows what is right and wrong, get out now, Mahek is tensed. Shaurya grabs Svetlana’s luggage and throws it out of house, Svetlana fumes in anger, Shaurya grabs, Mahek and Vicky, he pushes them in house and closes gate on Svetlana’s face. Mahek tries to talk but Shaurya leaves. Grandma does victory dance seeing all this, Karona sees this and is tensed. Vicky sadly looks at gate, Mahek says to him that dont be sad, Shaurya is angry now, and you know he loses control in anger, Vicky? Vicky leaves from there silently.

Scene 2
Karona comes to grandma’s room and sees her doing aarti, Karona grabs her arm and asks what you want? why you are breaking peace of my house? grandma says i am wiping my sins, i am cleansing this house with my aarti. Karona says stop this drama, i gave you money as much as you wanted because you keep your shadow away from my son then why you have come again to make our lives hell? Grandma smirks and says i have come to live with you all, whats yours is Shaurya’s and whats Shaurya’s, i have right on that. Karona says stop this drama, how much money you want? 2 lacs? 4lacs? she gives her money bag and says its 4lacs, take it and get lost. Grandma says what are you saying Karona? how come lacs came inbetween us? you play with crores and give me small sum? thats not fair, Karona says say how much you want? 10lacs? 20lacs? 50lacs? Grandma smirks and says keep this money with you, i want 7crores, Karona is stunned to hear the amount.

Mahek comes to Shaurya’s room and sees him continuously punching boxing bag. She says Um.. Shaurya says leaves me alone, Mahek says I am not going anywhere, i will watch you only, Shaurya says do what you want. Shaurya punches harshly and gets injured on hand, Mahek holds his hand and blows on it, he intensely looks at her, Mahek sadly looks at him and says what is your problem? why you are so crazy and stubborn? why you give punishment to yourself? Shaurya says i have hurt Vicky, Mahek says i know you are worried about him, Svetlana can be anything but she is part of our family and we cant abandon them like that, if you pain your own then it would pain you too. Vicky comes there, Shauray hugs him and says i am sorry brother, I have hurt you by punishing Svetlana, you can beat me but i cant forgive Svetlana aunt this time, i am sorry, Vicky looks at him with tears in his eyes.

PRECAP- Grandma says to Karona that if you tell Shaurya about my money demand then i will tell secret of 10years back to everyone, to police, to whole world about what Shaurya did 10years back. Karona is stunned to hear it, Mahek comes there and hears it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Till now it was karuna responsible for the past now its shaurya, come on, but mehek hopefully understand that it was an accident not done deliberately and so her family, or else this serial will also be a line up with other boring ones

  2. omg not again with shaurya.he had faced enough test to prove he is changed and this daadi now brought up her tokra of shaurya past.what will she do with this 7 crore and her expenditure is too big don’t u think guys.this will bring torment to the relationship of mehek and shaurya and why ravi uncle can’t see shaurya daadi in order to solve the untold mystery.i hate it when zkm leave episode like this in friday. have to wait for two days.

  3. I think now m getting a clue dat it confirmed may be shaurya accidently killed mehek’s mother..hope dis thing gets solved soon as now both shaurya and mehek going to face hard time..plz dnt drag it for too long….marriage is not happening since so long…just get them married now..felt bad for poor vicky..but swetlana deserved it….brother scenes were awsome when shaurya said vicky is my brother..end dis nani track soon..want to c meherya romance again

    1. Yes Moni…. I started getting the doubt when Shaurya said about the lie Karuna had told about the accident with Nani 10 yrs back..Then Mehak was 12 yrs old, when her parents died in the accident…. . I feel Shaurya was responsible for that accident in which he killed Mehak’s parents by mistake!!! Now we have to see if Mehak be able to forgive Shaurya…. 🙁

  4. You are very right Arti. Hope it does not fall like Mere Angane Mein.

  5. Chaaya

    Hi all, not one of us can jump to conclusions. The truth is never the real story in this serial. So sit tight. The grandmother is an awful person for sure. Poor Mahek.

  6. Hi everyone how are you guys doing. Moni where are you and Al the others. less comments nowadays .the serial is boring, only twist and nonsense.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Hi Geeta, yes a lot of people and their friends are disappointed that Chachi likes Shaurya? there were lots of comments then. I think people are dumb founded because it’s a big reveal, the two wicked witches!!!! Mahek is going to learn what eventually will be revealed to us.

      There is only so much cheap evil we can all handle. I think everyone is busy.

  7. Please punish that Nani or else will stop seeing the show. Shaurya and mehak should get married and no more twists and turns or else this show will loose trip.

  8. Hi all my friends….. what going on same to same all serial like take revenge and back bit all but i went to see love story in serial . mahek and shaurya get marriage asap. unfold nani true please do soming day by day serial is going on so boring….

  9. Right Leela if this show like others means kumkum bhagya etc. Full of negatively

  10. Hi friends this is sweety. I am big fan of zkm and i want to become a member in this group. Pls join me. And who ate write ff and os please continue. Iam waiting for that ff’s since so many days.this is my himble request.

  11. Moni7

    Hai guys how are you all.. chanda sis chayya sis..And all lovely ones..

    Yup very boring episodes ???
    I’m really fee up this the story line..So now happily making edits in ZKM..Lol??..

    Nani 420??… dramabazee..Vicky slayed it yesterday..Nice act from siddarth ?✌…

    1. Chaaya

      Moni, yes, the storyline is getting killed, more dead than we think Meera Sharma is. I am just getting fed up, myself. I am not thrilled with the on again off again marriage . . . No, cannot handle the nonsense. I really hope Shaurya’s grandmother is framing her own grandson, c and I hope Mahek learns the real truth. No more mystery overlaps. This is used too, too much in serials. The truth is always a cover up and the lead role are such doubting what they need to believe and believing what they shouldn’t . . .just makes my stomach turn. Ratings will fall.

    2. Chaaya

      Yes, that mafioso granny!! That’s how Italians call the mafia. Mama mia, granny is the not a godfather, but a mafia godmother. Ravi knows the truth . . .grandma killed Meera, or is hiding her.

  12. oo no…mehrya separation once again. watch this to know more

  13. Well hi everyone, just a thought, that nani was tense on seeing ravi chachu, means he knows d real culprit, who is the cause of accident and nani is d one who has lied to karuna that shaurya is the culprit to extract money from karuna so as ravi chachu will see things should clear up, I hope so, and d most awaited marriage happens

  14. Hi everyone, chaaya sis, chandamaya, Geetha, swetharaja, moni etc.
    Chaaya I’m completely agree with you.
    The serial become day by day boring.
    They always hiding the truth for the mainleads. I hope that mehek learn the truth but I don’t think that.
    I’m fed up with this show

  15. I tought that this writer were different from that psycho ekta kapoor. She is promoting how to abuse women, lol ? and husband and wife will never be together.
    I hope that this writer will show that nobody can separate husband and wife, together they are strong and not struggling

    1. Chaaya

      I agree with your point of view. Very corrupt thinking. Unfortunately, a lot of women are their own downfall to other females in society. Maybe this woman is writing about her own mind’s reflection.

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