Mahek 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All are waiting for Mahek to return home. Nehal says if Shaurya doesnt become my brother in law then i will bring storm, there shouldnt be any tragedy in this love story anymore, Pd says love story is not completed without drama and tears. Door knocks, whole family runs to open it, Mahek comes inside, whole family is asking her questions, if she met Shaurya? did she talk to him? did he agree? Kanta asks what happened Mahek? everything fine? what did Shaurya say? Balwant asks her to tell, Mahek says what would he say? alongwith me, you people would have to bear devil Kumar for whole life, she blushes. Family starts dancing happily. Shaurya comes there with Karona and his puppy, Karona has brought shagun, Mahek beams at Shaurya, she sees family still dancing and coughs, family stops seeing them,

Shaurya says i have come to dance like crazy and you people stopped? lets dance. Shaurya and Karona sits, family is dancing. Karona shows them shagun, Jeevan says it was not needed. Karona says dont talk in middle specially you, all get tensed hearing it. Karona smiles and says you just have sweets, Jeevan laughs. Karona says this is bribe to make your daughter as my daughter, she offers sweets to everyone. Karona hugs Kanta, Kanta eats sweet. Mahek shyly smiles at Shaurya. Karona says to Mahek that i was waiting or daughter in law who can take care of me, come to my home soon otherwise i will tell you chachi about your act today, Mahek gets stunned hearing it, Karona makes her eat sweets and hugs her. She says family that i want marriage to happen soon, we shouldnt wait to do good thing, we should start ceremonies from tomorrow, Kanta says it would be too soon, Shaurya says dont take tension, i will handle everything, Pd jokes that Shaurya is desperate to get married, all laugh, Mahek blushes. All family members go inside. Shaurya says to Mahek that you dont have to worry, i know you are tensed about our first marriage night, dont worry, i have put in my phone.. Mahek says you keep joking, only 10days are remaining in wedding and i have workload of job too, KD sir have given me so many responsibilities. Shaurya puts hands around her neck and says if you have so many responsibilities then focus on that, i will handle all marriage work, Mahek cups his face and thanks him, Shaurya says you are welcome Mahek Khanna.. should i call you Mahek Khanna or Mahek Sharma? Mahek says call me Mahek Shaurya Khanna, Shaurya smiles, Mahek hugs him.
Shaurya and Karona comes out of Mahek’s house, Shaurya says i feel someone is watching us, he says you sit in car, i will come later, he sees one man leaving and doubts on him, Karona leaves in car. Man hides in corner and calls Vaitlana who is sitting in bathtub. Vaitlana says to man that you know what you have to do then you will get money, man(Vaitlana’s spy) says Shaurya has come out of house, i will do my work, he ends call. Vaitlana says Shaurya you have forced me to go this evil, cheers to your wedding.
Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house again. He is smiling at family tensed about wedding work. Ravi says to Shaurya that dont be tensed, we will do all work. Ravi is doing decorations.
Vaitlana’s spy comes in Sharma house. Shaurya says you were outside? Ravi says you are electrician right? spy says yes and goes from there, Ravi says all do work collectively here.

Scene 2
Shaurya says to Kanta that i want to know everything about Mahek, Nehal says you will get to know Mahek after marriage. Shaurya says i didnt get time to know Mahek much, i want to know every small and big thing about Mahek which was special since her childhood, i want to make this wedding special, Pd says he wants Mahek to leave this house without even crying, Shaurya says dont tell Mahek about this. Shaurya opens Mahek’s old suitcase. Kanta shows him toy kitchen set with which Mahek used to play in childhood, Mansi says this is her father’s CD, when she misses her father, she listens is alone, PD wipes her tears hearing it. Shaurya sees Mahek’s mother diary, Kanta says her mother used to write new recipes in this diary, whatever weird dishes Mahek made in competition, all are written in this diary, Mahek took her mother’s habit after she died. Shaurya goes to through diary, and gives it to Kanta. Shaurya says Mahek used to tell me about this diary, i have tasted many dishes written in this book, i feel like i know Mahek’s mother very well through this diary, all get sad. Shaurya sees fairytale book and snickers, he says this is of Mahek’s too? Kanta says she used to hear stories about fairies and used to call herself as fairy and would say that my prince will come not on white horse but on black horse, all laugh. Shaurya sees Mahek’s childhood photos and smiles. Mansi says Mahek used to roam around in house with doll which her father gifted her, Shaurya sees doll’s picture, all get sad, Kanta says Mahek used to keep this doll with her always, she lost it, Shaurya thinks about it,,
Vaitlana’s spy is working electrical wires in Sharma house. He calls Vaitlana and says i have done my work, we have to wait for blast now, Vaitlana says you are not so useless, dont call me again till i dont call you, he ends call. Spy sees Shaurya in house and gets tensed but sees Shaurya busy on call and not concentrating on him.
All family members are celebrating new year. Ravi bring caps for everyone. PD says it will be great year with Mahek’s wedding, Mahek laughs and asks Mansi where is Shaurya? he did go back home? Mansi says he was here only, he couldnt leave without telling you, Mahek smiles and says i will lock out for him.
Mahek comes upstairs to look around for Shaurya. Mahek comes in her room and sees someone in hoodie checking her drawers, she takes umbrella and starts beating person but is shocked when she sees his face.

PRECAP- Mahek is cooking in kitchen, Nehal says to Mahek that i should tell Shaurya take pheras with you around this stove only as you have no interest in getting dressed. Mahek says people are coming in Katha(story telling ceremony) not to see me dressed up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Moni7

    Hai guys…. mehrya family…. average episode….i didn’t enjoy much today ….not feeling Happy… precap is good….yeah very obvious it is shaurie…coming to give her a doll…????….and irritating part of today’s episode ?mami is in bathtub????…OMG???…enna la mudiyala da sami…avana glamour ra Katanga oki agree ..y dis thai vizhavi mami???….(m saying y dey showing mami in bathtub)

  2. Moni7

    Nalla sangu oothra vayasula sangeetha??….mami pandra veliya da idhu…ava la en da ipdi katringa… naanga la pavam illaiyaa… enga la patha ungalukku epdi da theriyudhu????…adhum rose petals ?….idha pathu 4 perukku kannu pochi da pavi pasanga la CVS… director uncle y dis kolaveri pa!!!!!…..

    1. Latha

      Moni nammellam romba pavam mamikku rose petals bath tub enga poi muttikiradhunne theriyala dear

      1. Moni7

        Ama dear.. bathtub adha patha enakku idhu moonji dhan neyabam varum…cha cha cha….enna oru kandraviniya ??…science adhu …!!!!nalla sokka thangam sokka thangam jewellery sokka vaikkum sokka vaikkum jewellery !!!….kareena chopra dhan indha mami….adhula vara kootta srinivas rao dhan zkm director ivla poi ipdi racichi oru scene eduthu irukka…ada cha.??????????????

  3. Moni7

    Still he didn’t say to mehak not to go to KD company…Y !!!!?????????….he told her u carry on with ur work don’t worry ..i vl manage….y he saying like this…so indirectly he using mehak….m ryt???

    1. Latha

      Yes dear Mehak vechu vevu pakkran appuram irukkudi mamikkum kd kkum appu

      1. Moni7

        Pathinga la neengalae accept pannitinga adhu revenge nu latha dear… Umaaaaaaah?????…avan pondati thedala oru nalla chef dhan thedran

    2. Soumi

      Are you guys really thinks that he is still doing drama just to cheat her? I used to think before but after yesterday’ s episode I am in a dilemma. Isn’t there any chance of his genuine love? Other than this I got bored for the first time in last few weeks, today’s episode just so not happening. Waiting for some romantic moments in next episode

      1. Moni7

        S suomi ……i felt something s mysterious ….

      2. Latha

        No soumi its genuine love and me too waiting for that romace moments dear….

  4. Good one. I think Mahek has got her prince ..Better than what she thought actually. From yesterdays episode lost all frustration on Mahek. One thing I still hate is the fake nail which mamiji still wears on her index finger…That is so irritating ???

    1. Moni7

      Mehrya mami itself is too irritating yaar..yeah her fake nail her hairstyles her dressing everything s irritating….

  5. Moni7

    Enakku onnu mattum suthama puriyala ivan nadikaran na illa nejamave maritan na???….ivan activities la konjam seri illa athan…starting nalla dhan irukku but intha pakki kitta finishing seri illa??…he wants to make this wedding so spl … idhula edho ull kuthu irukkum pola…

    1. Latha

      No ulkuttham nothing he really loves Mehak and he wants to know about mehak that’s why he was asking about Mehak’s childhood . Chumma chumma eppa pathalum shauriya korai kandupudikiradhe un velaya pochu Moni. Naanum evlo dhadava dhaan he really loves nnu podaradhu .

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear….naa korai kandu pudikkaran…avan apdi pandranae enna pandrathu na?… apparam childhood en theriyumaa innum avala emotional la avan blackmail pannalam…ava emotions vechi avan scores pandran idhu theriyala ungalukku …. emotional la attach agiten so avalukku full trust varum….avan revenge nu sollum podhu avalukku romba valikkum

  6. Moni7

    anga andha ponnu enna sollitu irukka indha pakki …first night ku podhu… corrupted BASANTI?????…

    1. Latha

      Shauri velaila kuriya irukarnennu monikku poramai. Eppa pathalum fraud corrupted ippadi yellam sollathe Moni valikudhu appuram aluduruven.

      1. Moni7

        Ama ama enna poramai dhan dear.. poramai la dhan pongran ….. eppovadhu nu paravala eppomae apdina enna pandrathu….appo pathalum ava kita poi breath pandradhu kanda edathula kai vekkardhu.mookuda mooku vera vechi pan…nethu rendu kissing scene vera..ippo nxt level ku prompt marriage day first night…oru manishan ippovae ipdi dhan naa enna pandradhu sollunga…

  7. Moni7

    LADOO kae ladoo thandhanga karuna aunty???….!!!!!oru ladoouvae ladoo sapidugiradhu ada da achiriya kuri !!!..adhai BASANTI or basundhi rasikiradhu !!!!!!!!kavithai kavithai???……mrs.mehak shaurya khanna?????….mrs.khadhoss kumar …mrs.angry bird mookan shaurie…mrs.shauire…mrs.BASANTi…
    Mrs.sidu moonji…innum sollitae polam

    1. Latha

      Mrs. Konavai kumaru vittuttu ye moni..

      1. Moni7

        S dear…marandhita that name..mrs.koona vai kumaru…..mrs paradesi…mrs.corrupted mind shaurie….mrs.chesssey shaurie…so on……

  8. Nice episode

  9. Today I am expecting more but full episode sentiment today special is shaurya birthday but all are ate sweet but birthday baby couldn’t eat sweet Mami something doing wrong in shaurya and mahek weeding I am really scared and another twist is mahek pregnant omg is very shocking twist

  10. Jayakumarisuresh

    Moni enakkum adhan thonudhu. Y he is agreeing her to do job in kd co. Nan nenaikiren mahekkoda parents deathukkum shaurie past lifukkum sambandham irukkumnu. Indha mamiyoda purushan edukku jailukku ponan. Adhu theriyala. Romba kushtamappa. Adhoda mamiyoda extra nagam adhu moonjiyum alum adhuvum bath tub sheshtai thangala.

    1. Moni7

      S jayakumari dear….. avankku ippo oru matter nalla therinji pochi ava weakness family adha vechi goal adichutten….so after marriage adhey formula dhan …kd company la irundhu edhavadhu edhu vara solluvan nee panna la un family ya edhavadhu panni duvan nu blackmail pannuvan ….this s wat i felt

  11. Naanum adhan think pandren shaurya kadaisi la Kaala variduvano nu

    1. Moni7

      Kandipa kavi.. Mehak aapu dhan

  12. I think shourya doesn’t love mehek. Sab natak KAR raha hai pyar ka. He only wants her recipes. MATLAB itni jaldi pyar itni jaldi aage story Kya hogi. Aur Kitne dhyan Se shourya would recipes book dekh raha tha. Mehek ke room me BHI kuch search KAR raha hai.. What do u think guys. Am I right. Please reply.

    1. ya Aman somehow i also feeling weird all of a sudden Love- Romance- Fight – Shaadi definitely it would be revenge i think he like mahek but he didn’t love her he want 2 take his business on top position thats why he is searching ? he is on a BIG MISSION dont know wat it is ? yeh toh dekhna padega

      1. Moni7

        Yeah nayana dear even i felt the same… He taking. revenge in the name of shaadi

  13. Hi mehrya fans nd my darling moni. Average episode than … Amapa maniya paakka mudiyala…. Unga comments padichu ennala siripa adakka mudiyala waiting for 2 mrw
    Today nothing that special. Engapa Latha darlinga kanom

    1. Latha

      Hi Vidhu dear ……

    2. Moni7

      Hai chella kutty vidhu….

    3. Moni7

      Vidhi dear…avlo sirippa va irukku en comments?????… thank u soooooooooo much baby ma????????…en naa shaurie moonji mami moonji la pathalae kalaikka dhan thonudhu not my fault???….apdi oru thaejas na moonji rendu perukkum….moni va nee dhan vandhu engala kalaikkanum nu soldra madhiri ???…

  14. Shaurya is acting. Normally husband wants his wife be helpful in his career . Nobody allows his wife working with his enemy. Mahek recipe book is his target

  15. Mehek kd hotels la work pannuratha vachi oru periya drama open aaga poguthu pola. Like kd nd shaurya fighting nd his uncle coming from jail

    1. Moni7

      Ama vidhu dear….. kandipa avan drama pannuvan…after marriage…

      1. Latha

        Edhukku drama pannanum engalu ithellam unga mana pranthy…

    2. Moni7

      Vidhi dear correct avan uncle en jail ku ponna???!!!… avanukku mehak oru emotional idiot nu therium adha dhan avan trump card…ava idhu pannalum ivan emotional dhan avala stop pannuvan…avala kandippa avana veetu poga vida mattan…same time family vechi blackmail pannuvan….ippo koda adhey family vechi dhan avs thirumbi vandha avan kitta romba simple….he s fraud shaurie dhan..

  16. But just excited for tomorrow’s episode cuz the man in that hoodie was none other than her prince charming shaurie??

  17. Latha

    Moni Kavi jaikumari ennapa edu oru naal romance illana enga shauriya sandegam pada arambichirunnga. Oru manushana mara vidungappa.

    1. Moni7

      Latha dear….Yaru indha moonji thirundhidichi ??….naanga maara vida matrom… adangappa idhu ulaga maga nadippu da swami….????….oru ponnu vela pathi pesi kittu irukka ivan anga poi avan veliya pathi pesaran…first night psthikitu irukku pakki…idhu ippo thirundhidichi nu neenga soldringa…naa othukka matta dear….

      1. Moni7

        Sry typing mistake…first night pathi pesi kittu irukku pakki

      2. Hi moni latha n all, maybe he s planning to open his revenge drama on his first night……its my guess

    2. Moni7

      Enaku koda dhan avan kurangu shesta illama nethu episode pakka pudikala????????…love nu apdi dhan dear…avan silmisham panniyae pazhagidichi nethu konjam chumma irundha illa adu dhan oru madhri nalla illa episode?????

  18. karona ?

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Well in my opinion I was really liking tjis serial..though wat u guys are now predicted.this series will become like all other krapy ones on zee!!!!!

  20. You are the best shaurya and mehek than all other actors i love your movie

  21. Hope soon both realize that they are internet friends

  22. Moni7

    Vidhu darling neenga en innum register pannala member ra panna personal chat pannalam…..

  23. Moni7

    latha dear avanukku support neenga dhanae mudiyala….avan eye sight seri illa…. fraud shaurie dhan….

    1. Latha

      Namma Pakkara parvayil thaamma irukku yellam . Nee yen thappana kannottathil parkirai/yosikkarai magale Moni. Fraud nnu marupadiyum sollathe pichipuduven pichi. Eppavum naan shauri kku dhaan support. Love u shauri ?????

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear…ponnga ungalukku naa set aga mattan..avan dhan set avan ponnga…. shaurie fraud bow bow bow???

  24. Moni7

    Sry do many typing mistake please forgive me….naa edhum panna la ellam indha auto correction paradesi…. kalyanam panna dha theriyum mehak ka katti pudikka porana illa…kati vechi adikka pora nu…love torture illa revenge torture nu therium…still nama wait pannom

  25. Hi dears…..

    Hope all are fyn….n coming to todays episode……this devil maami is sooo irritating…..doesnt she hav any work other than spying mehak n shaurya…..ek din tho usey shaurya ne dhakke maar kar baahar bhekdenge…..usee din ka intezaar hai…
    Watz say guys?shaadi tho hokar hee rahegaa…n after that hope shaurya stops her frm going to KD….hope he wont play with her emotions……i too believe….hez having true love for her….fingers crossed?

  26. Episode was not bad??. I think shaurya going to cook something from that recipe book. And surprise mehek.??

  27. Khushboo Das

    Hi friends… hiw r u all…coming to Epi…it was good…i like that wedding prep started… to my opinion may be shaurya is a fraud but m sure he will fall in love with her after all she is so caring, loving, …i doubt if he would really continue with the same intention after marriage… m tensed about the bomb which is been fixed in sharma house…i mean who is going to become the target of that blast…i personally don’t want Shaurie to ditch mehak..otherwise it will be like other irritating serials… there love bonding has to very strong…keeping figures cross…

    1. Latha

      Yes Kush u r right after marriage if shauri takes revenge there is no difference between ZKM and other serials. I strongly believe that shauri will not take revenge on Mehak and I think he really loves Mehak. Let us see what will happen. But Kush u too calling him fraud no dear….

    2. Moni7

      Kush …he vl take revenge m sure about it….he s still that same khadoos kumar… arrogant egoistic Shaurya khanna…..evil businesses ….go to any extreme to get wat he want….he wants mehak that’s all…. indirectly take revenge

  28. Latha

    Moni I didn’t say that shauri will take revenge over Mehak . Mehakka vevu pakka vechu mamikkum kd kkum thaan aappunnu sonnen adhukkul unakku support nnu nenachu umma kudututtiye dear. Appuram innonnu sollanum Avan wife thedala chefa thedaran solliyirukeenga ippo wifa irukkiravangallelam chef velai thaane ma pakkaranga veetla.

    1. Moni7

      Latha Dear….avan veetukku chef theda la..avan hotel ku chef thedran ….. apparam ungala poi nambi umaaaaaaah dhan la enna sollanum…ponga???….edho perusa plan pannita avan…naa donna nambala seri vidunga apparam theriyum…M a Pessimist latha dear so oly korai dhan kandu pudippan…..neega optimist so nallathu mattum dhan unga kannukku

  29. Moni7

    Hi sri ….how r u ..s u r correct same as iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ashlok and aatha?……..

    1. Latha

      Hi Sri no dear no revenge. Ellaruma serndu shauriyoda first night kedutthu vittiruvinga polirukku.

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear..engala patha ungalukku epdi theriyudhu….naanga enna avan first night ta kedukka poram….. avanae adhukku aapu vechi pan….avala epdi azha vekka poran nu mattum parunga….. chi po de solla poren….. unna pathalae enakku pudikkadhu nee en wife ah nu solli villa dhana ma sirikka poren????….nee adicha oru adi ippo un life fulla nee epdi dhan azhanum mehak shaurie nu solluvan..


    Well said moni dear. All wives are chef in their houses. Latha I have a strong feeling that he will take revenge otherwise this story will not have an interest. Coz he is basically hating middle class family and he doesn’t want to go back to his middle class. Remember when he was touching the recipe book he was deeply thinking something. With all this I have a guess that he will marry Mahek only to win his competitor. He will use Mahek as his spy for KD group of company for his new restaurant. Ivanga rendu pereum seekiram sernthu honeymoon and pregnancy and all will be a big question mark? Appuram serial seeekkkiram mudinjidum. Edhavadhu ulkuthu irukkum. Anyway yesterday episode nothing special. Avanan adichavaulukku vazhkaiyum koduththachu veli ulagaththukku appuram avanoda revengum arambichidum. Because from the beginning his character was portrayed like that only. He can go to any extreme level to attain his target. And coming to his interview with regard to his fans, why he is taking everything personally. When he had chosen this industry he has to bear all this. Still people are crazy on Shah Rukh, Amir, Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Etc. All are married guys, are they taking anything personally. It shows his immaturity and he has the responsibility to make his wife to understand. He should keep in his mind that Fans are liking him as Shaurie not as Karan. Moni u don’t worry nan eppovume unnoda katchidhan.

    1. Moni7

      Thanks chella kutty … jayakumari dear… nanbenda neenga???????….ama dear book en apdi ah steal panniduvano!!!…neenga sonnadhu romba correct dear… sudden na avan mara mattan…ippo avan oru hero mehak family porutha vara…so avan mehak ka avlo torture pannalum ava adha sonnaalum yarum namba mattanga… vazhkai thanda madhiri achi avala azha vecha madhiri achi… wedding night dhan avan true intention theriyum…illa mehak kd company la irundhu edhavadhu document eduthu vara sollitu appuram koda old form ku varuvan…but avan na namba mudiyadhu….ippo koda nee po job ku po nu dhan soldren…yaru apdi la solluva…avan evlo periya business man avsn would be wife avan rival company la epdi poga solluvan..avan avlo nallavan la illa….so nama wedding night vara wait pannalam….avan hero or anti hero

  31. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family…..episode was ok today……mehrya part was superb…..shaurya was in full form abt their first night??????……….but i cnt understand y he look tat receipe book in different way………i love mehek family a lot????…..mami has planned something deadly……eargerly waiting for today episode…..

    1. Latha

      Preeti I think Mehak’s parents accident and shauri’s past linked. I think something is there. Me too waiting for today’s episode.

    2. Moni7

      Preethi dear.. wedding night…adhu dhan unlock the secret …..avan soldra mode seri illa

  32. Latha

    Moni naanum adha thaan Solden neenga eppadi enakku set savings neengallum sollittinga enakku yaru set avangannu thank u ?????❤❤❤❤

    1. Latha

      Sorry ega patta typing error naanum Ada thaan solren neenaga eppadi enakku set avinga appuram edhukku intha Bow bow….

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear bow bow bow avan ungalukku set aga mattan….avan seriyana villan….

    2. Moni7

      Latha dear…..Chumma oru pechiku soldradhu idhalam don’t take it as serious avan yarukkum set aga mattan.. bcoz Avan fraud shaurie???????

      1. Latha

        Ohhhh nooooo nenje veduchirum polirukke ippo dhaan konjam Santhoshama irundhen adukkulla set aga mattan pottacha poramai

  33. Khushboo Das

    Hey latha dear…dont feel bad as i m calling Shaurie fraud..even i dont want him to be but knowing past episode and the way he was engross in recepie book made me say this….may be he is just reading the names of the recepies and recollecting with hus show…dont know really.. keeping fingures cross

    1. Moni7

      Kush chella kutty(lovable babe)…plz call him fraud shaurie…plz plz for me dear….

    2. Latha

      Kush don’t take it seriously I am just joking and I always support shauri .

    3. Hi Khushboo
      I think K he was engrossed in the recipe book because perhaps it reminded him of his past, there is a definite connection between Mehek past and his. He used to recall the car crash and Mehek parent also had car crash. Something of the past will definitely meet.

  34. Moni7

    Wedding night vl unlock all suspense …. don’t worry guys….. whether he want love or revenge……???????…..

  35. Moni7

    But enakku revenge vennum…avan avala pathu nakkala sirikkanum …yaru nee en wife???… idhalam oru drama…nee sonna madhri en life la endha ponnum illa but ippo nee dhan andha ponnu….. enaku endha true love illa but unakku naa dhan true love….naa onnum muttal illa mehak sharma unna kalyanam panna…..idha nee yaru kitta venunalum poi sollu yarum namba mattanga…. avanga la poratha vara naa hero …un hero… unakku epoovamae naa dhan de villan…nee adi cha adi innum en kannathala irukku adha epdi naa marapen nu nee nenacha…nee oru fool….naa unna endha extreme poi kalyanam pannadhu un koda vazha illa ..un vazhkaiya naragamakka…ippovae azha start pannu adha pakka enakku romba asaiya irukku….nee romba asai ya inga vandhu irukka enna pandrathu un asai kanavu verum kanavu…..varen mehak sharma……idhu en version of dialogue?????

  36. Guys don’t except to much of this serial. All Zee serials are the same. From the beginning of the serial they start good but later on the show husband and wife are living like enemy.the good ones always suffering to much. Therefore I am not exiting . I love the show the way it’s going but I’m not expecting anything.

  37. Khushboo Das

    Moni…sweetheart… it pinches me to call him fraud???…heart doesn’t allow but brain ka kya….one request to all the family members.. pls also translate the tamil lines …i really want to understand but can’t?????

  38. Same here.i also want to know ???. Please write English and Tamil so we can understand.

  39. Annie Parackal

    Please do not make like every serial the marriage will spoil as mamaji is doing so much wrong. whatever it may the marriage should happen. Otherwise there will be no difference like other T.V.Serial.

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