Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya is driving his car in daze. He stops on side and calls, he says on call that i want to meet you, come to home and meet silently.
Shaurya comes to his home and practices what he will say to Mahek. He says i will say ‘Mahek i love you’ but its simple, i will say that Mahek i cant live without you, my heartbeat has your name on it, no this is cheap line. Mohit and Sonal comes there. Shaurya doesnt see them and keep rehearsing, he says Mahek i would make portrait of you if i was painter, i would give you hotels, he turns and sees Mohit and Sonal there, Shaurya says do something, help me to convince Mahek, i am your brother in law, Mohit says lets help you, Sonal says what about Kanta’s restraining order? Shaurya says i have an idea but i need your help.
In Mahek’s

society, Mahek is serving food to people. Ratan comes there and says I have got big catering order for Mata ki chowki, they are rich people, Kanta says why they have called you suddenly? Ratan says that your food truck and Mahek’s food is getting famous, Kanta says i feel like Shaurya is involved in this, Nehal says this is limit of doubting, you feel like everything is done by Shaurya, Ratan asks if he should confirm catering order? Ravi says why not, take this order, we will go to mata ki chowki.
Mahek’s family comes to mata ki chowki to cook food, All start chanting and singing bhajan for Maa in Mata ki chowki. Mohit and Sonal are tensed. Sonal says Shaurya gave us contract and called us here but he didnt come here. Shaurya comes in mata ki chowki. Mahek is cooking food with Kanta in kitchen. She sees Shaurya’s back and sees him entering there, she gets tensed and looks if Kanta saw him but Kanta is busy in cooking. Mahek comes out of kitchen and looks around to search for Shaurya but he is hiding from here and sees her looking around for him, Mahek turns to see if he is standing behind her but he hides. Mahek leaves.
Mahek starts serving food to people, Mahek turns and Shaurya comes infront of her, Mahek’s jaw hangs open seeing him. Mahek tries to ignore him, he smiles at her.. Janam dekhlo mit gayi dooriyan.. main yahan hoon yahan.. plays, Mahek serves people food and Shaurya keep following her and smiling at her, Mahek turns and sees Shaurya gone.. she realizes she was dreaming about Shaurya. Mahek shakes her head and serves people, she keep hallucinating about him, imagining him everywhere, she says I have gone mad, why i am seeing Shaurya everywhere? She gets irritated. Mahek comes in kitchen and Shaurya pulls her closer, she sys what are you doing here? Shaurya says its not me here, its my ghost. Mahek says how did you come here? Shaurya says i arranged this mata ki chowki so we can meet, Mahek says what? you have to stay from me, if chachi sees you then she will send you to jail, Shaurya says if you want me to go away then i will go away but i wont go to jail on your chachi’s saying, i couldnt complete what i wanted to in theater, Mahek says let me go, please understand. Shaurya says look in my eyes, he cups her face and Mahek I.. Mahek sees Kanta coming there, she tries to go away from Shaurya. Mahek stand in door of kitchen and Shaurya is hiding behind door and holding Mahek’s hand. Kanta comes there and asks why you are standing here? Mahek says i came to refill dish, Kanta says i will fill my dish too, Mahek says no, no, i will bring it, Kanta asks if everything is fine? Mahek says yes, please go, Shaurya smirks and kisses Mahek’s hand he is still holding, Mahek gulps. Kanta leaves. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says please leave for my sake, i wont be able to see you go to jail, please leave for me, she starts crying, Shaurya wipes her tears and says you have shed many tears for me, i am leaving for you but i promise you that before today ends, i will say what i wanted to say, he sees Mahek holding pasrad in her hand, he holds her hand and eats parsad from Mahek’s hand and says now you have fed me parsad too so i will see which restraining order can stop me from meeting you, he caresses her and says i will see you. Shaurya goes out of kitchen and turns to leave but strikes with Kanta, Mahek gets tensed seeing but Kanta doesnt see Shaurya, Shaurya goes to pray to Mata, Kanta turns to leave but gets doubtful, she sees someone standing near mata’s idol, she goes and pulls man towards him but its not Shaurya, Mahek have sigh of relief seeing that Kanta didnt catch Shaurya.

Scene 2
Sharma family comes to station to go to home, Ravi says it was good day, Kanta says even i feel it was good day, Ravi says you were taking tension, Mahek is walking in daze and recalls her meeting with Shaurya, Kanta says parsad was good, Mahek recalls how Shaury ate parsad from her hand. Mohit whispers to Sonal that i thought Shaurya would Mahek. Mahek sees them talking in hushed tone, she says you both romance later, lets get to train, all family members move towards train, Mahek stops feeling like Shaurya is near, she turns to see if he is there.. she says Shaurya.. she doesnt see him anywhere and goes to train. Mahek stands in bullet train with her family but sees someone shouting at her and saying her phone is with him, he asks Mahek to come and take her phone, Mahek says to family that i will be back, Mahek comes out train and goes to man to take her phone, he gives her phone but Mahek says this isnt my phone, man says yes i know this is my phone, Mahek turns to back inside train again but sees train’s door closing and its leaving, family is shouting for Mahek, Mahek is stunned to see training leaving from station without her, Mahek runs towards train, she tries to stop it but train leaves. Mahek gets worried. In train, Kanta panics for Mahek and says is this happening because of Shaurya? Ravi says you act like Shaurya is railway chairman, Kanta says to Mohit that you get down on next station. She calls Mahek, Mahek says i am fine, i am taking another metro train, Kanta says dont worry, we are coming back to you, she ends call.
Mahek sees train at station, she tries to go towards it but someone pulls her inside. Mahek stumbles and falls in Shaurya’s arm as he has pulled her in train which is all decorated with roses, red heart-shaped balloons and Mahek’s pictures, they are alone in train, Shaurya smiles at her while she is in shock, kuch kuch hota hai instrumental music plays.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek in bullet train that I planned all this today to show you that I will love you for my whole life, I will love you till I breath, I love you Mahek, he cups her Mahek, Mahek is in daze hearing all this. Later inspector comes to Shaurya’s house and says you broke limits of restraining order, Karona says what is all this Shaurya? inspector says we have to arrest Shaurya, Shaurya looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hai mehriya fans how r u all moni geetha latha shagun now more new friends r there welcome all of u to our family

    1. Latha

      Hi Priya I am fine and how r u dear.

  2. Shaurya is too romantic love the episode

  3. Wow how ROMANTIC.?SHAURIYAAAA I really love u… He’s very handsome& lovely. I think mehak should accept his love proposal (but not so soon) avana innum nalla allaya vidanum?.pls change chachi’s character.
    LUV ZKM….
    hi zkm fans! I am a Tamil many tamilians watch this serial? I think moni is i right girls?

    1. Meeeeeeee to dear I am also tamil but my one only my favorite show zkm only

    2. Hi abi.epdi irukka? naanum Tamil than ma.Good night.sweet dreams

  4. shauriya rocks mehak u r so lucky di and

    kantha chachi is missing shauriya more than mehak she sees shauriya every where just kidding

    and train romance super da

    (machaan mohit nalla velapakura da) mohit doing good job

  5. hai friends tomorrow is my birthday

    1. Happy birthday my dear Priya baby God bless you always dear I pray for you dear

    2. Latha

      Advance happy birthday to you Priya ??????

    3. “இனிய பிறந்தநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்” in advance priya sister.I hope you are Tamil that’s why I said my wishes in Tamil.Good night. Sweet dreams dear.

    4. Happy birthday priya God bless you

    5. happy bday . i wish u get the happiness all u deserve for rest of ur life.

    6. ChandaMaya

      Happy Birthday! ?????

  6. eeeee……. ☁??☁??☁
    ☁???? today epi so lovely

  7. hai mehrya family…exams ??couldnt c d serial ?btw where’s rajive?…not even a sign of him…

  8. Wowwwwww awesome episode I can’t express my word soooooooooooo lovely now romentic shauriiii wow I after watched this episode I am soooooooooooo happy guys I hope you tooo also hai my dear friends how are you to all and your family especially moni and latha dears …..I am so exciting tomorrow episode my sadness is tomorrow I go to my negative place so I miss that lovely episode ……guys you enjoy a lot buyyyyyy takecare ….

  9. thanks atiba u r back
    climax was mind blowing awesome superb no words 2 describe finally shaurie said it i luv uuu shaurie
    mehrya scenes are just awesome
    again precap is same
    waiting 4 2morow epic with excitement

  10. Supbr episode…

  11. Today’s episode sounds so romantic, I can’t wait to see it. If Shaurya would just make peace with Kanta chachi, things would be better.

  12. Latha

    It was awesome superb and fantastic episode. It was lovely episode liked it very much. It was very pleasure to watch shauri’s naughtiness and it’s just like romantic shower. Love you shauri ?????????

  13. Bow,,,,!!!! Today episode was superb,,,, fantastic,, so romantic,, and mahek plz except shurya proposal,,, i loooooovvvvvvveeee uuuuuu shurya,,,he is so cute,,, and lovely, and also naughty,,,,

  14. Super episode. Romantic proposal.

  15. Hi guys,I am new here,I like this show,shuarya looks too hot and the story line nowadays is awesome,I was a silent reader and surprised to see all your comments in tamil (ellorukkum vanakkam).
    Kanta Chachi is too bad kyunki wo shuarya Ko mehek k pass aane nahi deti

  16. Jyothi Shetty

    ????awesome episode…. Shaurya being too romantic????

  17. Hi to very one ,wishing you a happy birthday .Priya may your dreams come true .
    Lovely episode, PD Nehek,Mohit and Sonal are so cool.SHAURY will get help from each of MEHAK family


    Awsome bloosome episode… and beautiful proposal…
    But I hope shaurya is not acting this tym and is not shown as psycho lover (which have more chances)..

  19. I totally understand Kanta, even if she is been very unkind with them. But, think about it, imagine if your daughter was being mistreated by a man, mislead and that he did not care about her.
    Then all of a sudden He comes back although He has broken the trust of all ! You will be very suspicious like Kanta and more you will simply refuse.

    I think that I would be the same

    1. This woman is not a child, either. I did it see her family had much better suitors for her. Marriage is not what most women expect.

  20. Saxenasapna

    Hii gys h r u alll….

    Finally my romantic shaurya is back….
    I like this shaurya…..

    And episode also good….
    Evry time Precap was excited and to goid…

  21. Moni7

    Hai everyone.. ellarukum vanakkam…yes me obviously tamil …

    Magic episode…? BLACK diamond loves green emerald?…

    Spl hai to geetha dear… dhanya priya ooshi Tania somi bhavs swetha …hai malu abhi..

    1. Chaaya

      Crazy? comment. Love it!! Black diamond to green emerald. Wow! That is a turmoline stone! Very expensive these days. The mystery of a black diamond and the depth of a green emerald. Totally appreciate the concept! !

      1. Moni7

        Hai chaaya sis…?????
        Yes yes black diamond…he looks stunning in black outfit yesterday..❤❤❤…

    2. Because ur comments are this much addictive we missed u a lot moni

    3. Hai chellam how are you ma why you didn’t fast comment baby I hope you little busy right

      1. Moni7

        Hai swetha ….how was your day

        Geetha …Tamil theriyum ma ungalukku??…

  22. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing amazing amazing episode yaar??? Shaurya babu you’re damn romantic dude❤❤ the way you’re behaving my God!!
    And then the songs were increasing the charm ufffhh just too good ??

  23. Yesterday’s episode was awesome congrats to the director for moving it in a right direction

  24. Chaaya

    I just do not click with this childish shift. The serial went from a bold Mahek to a scarf little girl. It’s too puppy love-like. I want to see a more serious adult love.

    Seriously!!! Really? It’s a bit cheesey now! How about a real date. This Chachi stuff is just tiring me out and boring. So send him to jail and let Mahek cry and feel sad, then back to nothing again! Please we want these two in a serious love affair/romance, workout family n interference for VA change. Please and thank you.

    1. Chaaya

      Meat scared not scarf.

      1. Chaaya

        Meant scared, not scarf.

      2. Moni7

        Chaaya sis ????…yes I too agree chachi is kind of irritating stuff… she should learn how to be behave mature..yes we all agree shaurya isn’t trustable but everyone need 2 chance…bcoz her daughter loves him what else she wants …

        Chachi plz change ur attitude

  25. SHAURYA – WOW what a romantic – keep defying that irritating KANTA CHACHI . Go to prison for MAHEK if you have to , then see how MAHEK feels.

  26. shourya u are so romantic, ur eyes and expressions these are showing as u are so romantic, i love the episode, waiting for today’s episode, OMG he is confessing love for mahek and also looking forward to mahek answer to the shourya. getting goosebumps when i think about episode, very interesting.

  27. happy birthday priya
    happy sri rama navami to all nd waiting 4 my lovely zkm especially shaurie

  28. supereb epic

  29. it was a lovely episode…wish you the happiest birthday priya…i am a silent reader but i wanna become friend of you all guys ..please write who wanna become friend of mine.

    1. Moni7

      Hai Mama… How are you …yes ofcourse… friends???….

      See your name starts with m’…mine too m’…. So we’re friends??

      Welcome to mehrya family???

  30. superb

  31. Hi! Mehriya family…myself sugantha….a tamilian and… of zkm fans ……wish to join ur family…will I?????

    1. Moni7

      Hai sugantha… welcome to mehrya family…keep commenting???

  32. Moni7

    Happy birthday priya???

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