Mahek 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya saves Mahek

Mahek 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says i don’t wanna go home. She is drunk. She says I wanna dance. take me to the party. He says shut up and stay here.
Yuvraj comes to the party and says where is my son? Karan says he came here hit my head and took Mahek from here. He is not in your control. You failed. Yuvraj leaves in anger. Mahek says happy birthday golu. He says sit silently. Mahek says I wanna have fun. Shaurya stops the car. He comes out and fights with the driver next to himk. Mahek comes out of the car. Shaurya says where are you doing? Sit back in the car. Mahek hugs him. Shauyra says its already late. Your coach will kill me. She says I really like you,, I lied so much to be with you on this day but you dont’ want to spend time with me. You dont’ understand how much I like you. He says sorry

for all that. You made my day special. Mahek sings zara sa jhoom lun main and dances in the park. Shauyra takes her back to the car. He says what if someone gets to know she is drunk? She can’t go alone either. I will take her home when she is normal. He says would you want tea? She pulls him in and says give me a kiss first.

Yuvraj pulls Rashmi’s hair. Sweeti says leave ma. Dadi says calm down what are you doing. He says Shaurya left because of her. Dadi says to shaurya loves his mom. If he sees you hurting her you will leave him forever.
Mahek gets up on the car. She says Shaurya you have to give me puppy or I will suicide from here. She jumps from the car. Shaurya picks her.
Swati says its so late. Where is she? its very late. I wont let her go next time. Mahek says i love you. She hugs him. Swati calls on her phone. shaurya sees it.
Swati tries to sneak out. Shaurya picks mahek and comes to her door. Swati opens the door. They take her to the room. Swati says who made her drink so much? I thought you were responsible. shaurya says she will be fine till morning. Mahek says shaurya always be mine. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead. Swati comes in and smiles.
Shaurya sneaks out. Yuvrj calls him an says how dare you interfere in my work. Shaurya says I told you we wont do any such thing, I will come home and talk. Coach overhears. He says i will expose him today.

Shaurya comes home and says dad where are you? Come outside. Shaurya says you said you wont do anything against mahek. You tried to ruin her image to bring me fame? You need medical help. You don’t deserve to live in humans. Yuvraj says are you done? You promised me that you will take revenge from her? You said you will shatter her ego for our dream. The dream that we lived every day every moment but suddenly you stood in front of your dad. and now that girl is more important than your father. You are bowing in front of her. Do you love her? This love is making you shout in front of your dad? Forget everything i did for you? Where did the promise and dream go? Saurya says stop overreacting. I did all this because what you were doing was wrong. You wanted to ruin her life. I am not in love. I am a human. There are women in my house as well. every women is as respectable as them. I am not with you at all. Dadi says are you done? Your son is more responsible than you. Have you forgotten how to respect a woman? Shaurya you did so right. I know you wont love her but you respect women. You will focus on your goal. There shouldn’t be this fight between you two. She hugs them both.

Precap-Shaurya comes to mahek and says do you want what you were asking for last night? She says what? Shaurya says that kiss. Yuvraj calls his man and asks him to hit coach. He says make sure his phone is crashed too so there are no proofs against me. The car hits coach. Mahek screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loved Shaurya,,,the otherwise submissive son has come out of his shell to give his wretched father a piece of his mind…..he should have done this long time back…Anyways better be late than never …..and Mahek’s coach will be paying the price …..

  2. Zara sa choom lu mein if I am correct that song is from DDLJ. Aww that is the Shaurya I know and like he stood up to his father kudos to him this is the beginning of Yuvraj down fall if he does not change his attitude towards Mehek,

  3. What abt Mehak’s b’day….I mean they both born on same day…does Mehak’s family forget her b’day?? Even her Swati Di…n also if they both born on same day thn how could Mehak b two yrs behind Shaurya?? As far as I remember they were shown as 7 yrs??? Isn’t it tht the writers r now trying to show tht there is two yrs gap btw thm n Mehak’s b’day is on some other day…if u can clear my doubts thn pls clear????

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