Mahek 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sridevi asks Kanta you look worried? Kanta says I am worried. I want mahek’s married life to be okay. I am her aunt but she is my daughter. Sridevi says I have a daughter too. I didn’t give her birth either. But I am her mom. Being a mom is not easy. Kanta says I am really worried from Mohit’s side. Sridevi says we should always do what is good for our children.

Mahek is upset. Karuna says Mahek you are the winner for me. Dolly says you are the real winner. Mahek says I am sad for mohit. I couldn’t fulfill his dreams. Niki says to mahek this is wrong. I won’t let you live in peace until you tell mahek truth. Shaureya says this is business. Everything is sold here. Niki says then why don’t you tell mahek and your mom. Because you know you are wrong. Mahek

overhears it. Niki sees her.

A chef calls Mahek and asks her to approve the contest picture. Mahek goes through the pictures. Shaureya comes in. She says what happened? He says where are ma’s meds? She says I will give her.

Scene 2
Kanta asks sonal to eat. She says I will eat one mohit comes home. Mohit comes in. Sonal says where were you? Kanta says be responsible. Take care of sonal. Eat something sonal hasn’t eaten either. Mohit says I don’t want to eat. Mahek couldn’t keep her promise I have to think what to do next. Kanta says did you ever count what she did for you? Mahek comes back to approve the photos. Sonal calls her and says come home. mahek says I will. Shaureya comes in. He says where are you going? She says home. To eat the vegetables. Will you come? he says they won’t want to see my face and I don’t want to see theirs either.

Mohit says to sheetal I am sorry on everyone’s behalf. Sheetal says you are such a good son. Mahek comes hom. Mohit opens the door. Mahek slaps him. Everyone is dazed. She shoves him. Sheetal says what is this. Kanta says what happened mahek? Mahek says will you tell mohit or should I? Sonal says what?

Sheetal says what is in these pictures?
Mahek says woukd you tell or should I? Sonal says what do you want to tell? She throws some pictures on the ground. Kanta picks it and says what is this? You made your team lose? Are you mad? Mohit says yes I was mad. Today I lost the contest but won. Everyone is dazed. Jeevan says what prize you got for selling your honesty? mohit says I won the future of my child. .. says what did you get for him that you sold our unity? Mohit says I earned what you couldn’t give to children on this house. Money, a lot of money. I earned 1.25 crores in a blink by losing this contest. Everyone is dazed. Mahek wonders who gave him that money. Shaureya? Kanta slaps Mohit. Jeevan says I never knew my son is so disgraceful. Mohit stops his hand. Mahek says what are you doing. Mohit says what else should I do? I earned something and my family can’t digest that. PD says you sold our unity. He says I didn’t do any murder. I earned. By winning we were getting money anyway. Dad says who gave you money? Mohit says it will blow your mind. Mahek wonders is it shaureya? He says you think right Mahek. Shaureya gave me that amount. Everyone is shocked. Your husband. He says shaureya wanted to win and I wanted money. Kanta says you have to return that money. He says no. That money is for my child. I will give him comfort that you couldn’t give me because of your honesty. Kanta sits there in tears. Kanta says i never thought my son would stoop so low for money. Dada says the shaureya you never liked, you took money from him. Kanata says I won’t let that money come in this house. Mohit says they are for my child. I don’t want poverty in name of honesty. Sheetal says mohit did what was right for his wife and child. If you want to scold someone scold Shaureya. Jeevan says he is our son but we are ashamed to call him that.

Mohit says people I kept away from me understand me but my family doesn’t. Jeevan says you have fallen in our eyes. You thought you would get respect this way? Mahek fought shaureya because of you and you didn’t think about her once. Mohit says I was thinking about my family. If mahek came for me she should be happy. I earned more than contest. Whats the problem? Ravi says you don’t understand the problem. You forgot honesty and respect are more important than money. Mohit says you are talking like you never did anything against family. forgot when you brought the car. Sonal says enough. Don’t take name of me and my child for your money. I can’t accept money without hardwork. You have made me ashamed. Sheetal says sonal you are wrong. PD says you go to your home. Mohit says she is my mother in law. She can stay here. Shetal says if mohit is wrong then how is shaureya right? No one is talking about him. Because he is still Mahek’s husband?

Precap-Mahek says to shaureya you won this time too.
If you win every time like this then there is no point of winning. Shaureya says you are talking all this in front of my investors. If it harms my business I won’t forgive you.
Mahek says if my family breaks because of this thing I will never forgive you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well I have a question can anyone clear it……What was the problem with Mohit when Shaurya was ready to give him the price money??? Sorry for not introducing myself I’m a silent reader of this forum…

  2. I am so confused. When Mehek brought the proposal of she representing Shaurya for the competition but giving Mohit the winnings, Mohit had a great issue on this as he said he wanted the big name for the promotion of the business. Why will he take the same money now when he was so stubborn he didn’t want it in the first place? The writer is not making sense. Sonal should disown him and her mother yes. Stupid boy.

  3. Omg very bad episode no romentic and no existing also very bad now Zkm track

  4. Hi every one….now a days it’s borring like kkb..pls change the topic.shurya and mehek are made for each other don’t separt them…you will lose your trp..they love each other.mohit you r waste r spoiling your sisters life..gud bye to zkm..till they unite I won’t see zkm.bye guys

  5. Shaurya was trying to teach Mehek a lesson, for being extremely honest. In the beginning Mohit only wanted to promote his business. When Mohit saw the cheque, he felt very very greedy. Mehek should take her food truck back from Mohit.

    A VERY GOOD EPISODE. It has taught us that even the most trusted person can stab you in the back, when you least expect it. Shaurya still loves Mehek. However, he did this for his business. His facial expressions in the last episode showed his guilt.

  6. writer it’s high time mehek realises herself.she is just too desperate behind shaurya. she beg so much love from shaurya. is he the only man in the universe? damn it.

  7. writer it’s high time mehek realises herself.she is just too desperate behind shaurya. she beg so much love from shaurya. is he the only man in the universe? damn it.

  8. eventually mahek has betrayed by shourya and mohit, how much shourya did mistake more than that mohit has done, because in business race any one can do any thing for their win to get success, shourya was done that only, but mohit has to recognize that what his sister done for him, but he only has think about his self, mohit is a selfish even he would have agreed that shourya offered the amount that before going to contest.

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