Mahek 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaureya says even if whole world eats your recipes I won’t eat the food made from your hands. Mahek says people start day with starvation and you are wasting food here like this. He says I am not a loser who starves. I earn enough to waste it. and keep your lessons to yourself.
Shuerya says on call there shouldn’t be any mistake on opening. Get a good breakfast ready for the guests and publishers coming. There are just lectures at home. Svetlana smirks.

Mansi says Kanta why are you not eating? Kanta says I am missing mehak. Dada says I know mahek did wrong but in the name of women empowerment she went to battle him. Kanta says I will call and ask her how she is every day. Sanjay comes in and says I will take care of her. She won’t have any trouble there. I

know ravi you asked me not to come here, but when she made me breakfast I realized you all would be missing her. So I brought this halwa she made here for you people. He gives them halwa. Ravi says thank you and sorry for being rude to you. sanjay says the mistake had been done by wife so I should apologize first. Kanta says how is she? Sanjay says how do I say that she is well. Jeevan says what is it? He says I would have said keep mahek away from Shaureya. He is proud and mahek is so pure. He threw away the breakfast she made. Ravi says a fool can throw away the food she makes. He says I see hope in her that she can change Shaureya. I am leaving now. Ravi says thank you so much. Sanjay says thank you for calling me brother. I have to talk to you for a moment. He takes Ravi out.

Shaureya’s shops opening is going on. The reporter asks him what guests have you called this time? Mahek comes in with so many kids. She says come in. Reporter says Mahek sharma what are you doing here? Mahek says my name is Mahek Sharam Khanna now. I have my husband’s identity with me now. My husband is a very good human so he said the restaurant should be opened with a good deed. We decided that we will open white chillies by feeding these kids.
Shauerya says what drama is this? Whose kids are these? Mahek says all kids are God’s. And they are more close to him because their parents are not in this world. These are those innocent kids. You got it now? Now lets serve them the food. Mahek says lunch time kids. Uncle has got food prepared for you. Come in. All kids start eating. He says you didn’t do right. Mahek says I did right and I am your wife. You were reminding me you are my husband and I thought I should act like a wife too. You threw food and it got you sins. We give poor people food to wash sins so I am your wife now. I have to balance your sins. You have hurt so many people. Your accounts of deeds would be full of reds. Be happy that I made you do such a good deed. Thank me. I lessened burden of your sins.

Sanjay says to Ravi I think well of you people. That is why I am saying accept this relationship. That’s better for both of us. We can’t find a girl better than mahek and if shaureya changes you won’t find a better husband than him. We have to do something to bring them close. If this relationship breaks there would be too much talking in the society. Our families should unite. You are a businessman and so are we. Let’s work together and move together. And that way Mahek and Shaureya will stay together too. He says next time I come we will discuss the business deal. Keep it between us till then.

Mahek says to the kids are you all eating well? they say thank you didi. Shauerya says if I could I would kick you out with these kids. Mahek says my husband told me he feel so good about having this moment in his life. This idea was his, he looked after preparations and I brought the kids here. We are husband wife so we have to work things together. The reporter says your wife compliments you. Shaureya says you are right we compliment and love each other. That is why we come up with these unique ideas.
Shaureya says in heart mahek not fair. Mahek says to the kids go and thank uncle. They all surround him and say thank you thank you. Shaureya sits now and hugs them all. Mahek says uncle will get you all dropped in his big car today.

Shaureya is mad. He says she had to ruin my launch. You have to pay for what you have done. a waiter breaks the glass. Shaureya shouts can’t you see. It is more expensive than your salary. Clean it.
Chef says sir finalize this menu. He says what do I pay you for?
Shaureya gets a call. He says miss Michelle your investor will come to your restaurant tomorrow. shaureya says thats great. He says I think your dessert section is weak. Add more to it. There was a jack food custard in your recipes. I think it will be awesome if you add it. He says thats great but we haven’t worked on their dressings yet. The investor says thats your wife’s recipe. Get her help. Shaureya says no no we won’t need that. My chef will prepare it. We will welcome you and Miss Michelle with that dessert tomorrow.
The chef says we can’t make that dish. You got this removed from menu. He says there is nothing that only mahek can do. This is my restaurant and you will do what I ask you to.
This is my world class restaurant not a dhaba. if you can’t work here then leave. i don’t want excuses go and create it.

Precap-Shaureya says to mahek you are using my mom to take over this house. Now you have reached my room. Now see I send your stuff where it deserves to be. He burns her luggage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yess saraha….this is what I want to say..that’s it…..agar vo hamesha sweet behave karta to sayad uska kids vala aur masti vala behaviour kabhi nahi dekhane ko milta….but this is also true that he’s short tempered…he got angry very easily…..he can burn anything and anybody with his anger…..

    And one thing when he is too angry he becomes wild erotic janwar?….and becomes more romantic like he got drunk and came closer to mahek to commit their gandharv vivah??……that was too funny and full romantic avtar of khadoos kumar

  2. Hiiiii guys…. How are you……no boring nd no interesting..

  3. Hi dear friends, I failed to catch yesterday’s episode, but am a extremely happy to read your good views, thank u for commenting all…Love u babies…

  4. Nila

    Good evening mehrya family,oh this is 100th episode of ZKM wow congrats ZKM team

  5. Mehek will save him for making the jack food custard and that will hurt his ego. I don’t like his behavior towards mehek. Director can je change his mind and behavior a little softer please. Don’t let second girl comes in their lives PLEASE. We have enough of all this stuff in others serials let your serial be different from other.Be a example for our youth and married couple .mehek and Shaurya are doing great.

  6. ?OMG…our hero doesnt have the capability to handle any girl…only laddoo can compliment him…so i dont think any new entry will b there…
    ?if at all we may need a second hero rich n sweet boy who loves mehak n in jealous our hero SK…
    ?sorry latha dear…i actually was liking n loving shauri character till mandap…but since then he ran n explains for business n now tiz kind of arrogant shauri…really i don understand…sorry ma nothing
    ??seriously guys i really dont understand his character with so many shades…
    ??he is a brilliant actor for sure…
    ??but too many different shades of acting…had u all noticed
    ??in the beginning during competition,though he was rude,he had acknowledged mehaks receipe n shown concerns…
    ?very obedient to his mom…but now total change…even with his mom…not gud attitute…
    ??After competition he was totally different…like a ICING CAKE??
    ??As a lover boy until mandap he totally flatten all of us with good gestures…??
    ??After cuming back he hides photo,gives 5 cr. to KD,he was a little okok
    type…left us in confusion…nee love panriya illaiya…
    ??but tiz week top of arrogancy literaly no respect for his mum n no love for his laddoo…leaving us in confusion…confusion n lot of tension only…???

    1. I totally feel your frustration Dolly dear?
      I hope the director will change the course of the scenes soon because I’m personally tired of all the evil in the drama’s. It’s disheartening?

  7. Tq shama dear…???
    Hi mehrya pls chk the new promo…very exciting…
    Shaurya ka band bhaja thi hai hamari mehak…??????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma..i know u vl be happy after this new promo …..???..23 rd kulikesi(shaurie)….white kodi kattitan!!!…thoodhu vandha puravaai(mehak- pigeon) fry panna idhu dhan nadakkum…. shaurie mind voice….vellai kodukkum vela vanthuduchu da shaurya khanna???????…idhu dhan correct time eruda scooty la?…. nammaku uyir megayum mukkiyam amaicharae!!!!?

    2. Moni7

      Sry typo mistake….vellai kodikku vela vanthuduchu da shaurya khanna!!!????ellarum onnu koditangaya onnu koditangaya!!!!!!
      It is time for surrender!!!!…

  8. Moni7

    Here is the new

    1. Nila

      semma promo waiting for tomorrow episode I love? mahek words ”heyna shauri”?

      1. Moni7

        Nila dear..yes super sema promo… shaurie ku aapu scooty la varadhu…??

    2. Dear Moni thank u for the link, it was awsome.

      1. Moni7

        Welcome amu dear?.. nice na promo .. excited??

  9. Moni7

    Women welfare community strikes against shaurya supporting MEHAK….holding cards posters saying we support mehak??? mehak tell its shaurya’s to use women for his benefits…..
    Shaurya coming in car… Mehak is in scooty…if u want to get out of the situation sit in the scooty.. Shaurya silently sits in mehak’s scooty…..
    ????So it is jolly time?????…..

  10. Moni7

    Dolly baby ma? and shama dear .?.have a look ……the new promo
    And be happy…see our mehak how intelligent she is and this khadoos literally became comedy piece??????
    Womens holding broom stick too???????

  11. Hi mehryans…Good morning…
    Yes moni chella baby i saw tiz promo b4 goin to bed…it was mindblowing…?
    Couldnt control my laughter after seeing shauris face…??
    Not looking like “king ?of jungle”…but looks like “comedy? king”…???
    Nice way to screw him up???

    1. Moni7

      Yes dolly dear…. jolly jolly…????

  12. Hello family
    Thank you soo much Moni andDdolly dear ???
    Love it love it!
    And I didn’t hear him saying his favourite line….b***dy hell???
    Go Mehak!!!!????
    ?Sher Khanna , turns into Kitty Khanna?

    1. Moni7

      Shama dear. Yes kitty khanna??
      Meow meow meow meow???

      1. Yes Moni dear????

  13. Good afternoon guys……..

  14. helllo dear…. moni and shama….your comments are very funny….hahaha…. I like this serial very much…shourie? if you want to burn,, burn your ego…

    1. Moni7

      Thank u naaz… welcome to mehrya family…??

  15. Hi friends…I have a doubt…
    ?how cum media did not question mehrya how do they stay n call couple b4 marriage…
    ?how do the investors knew
    i) mehak is his wife…
    ii) it is mehak’s receipe only…(is the patent in her name)…
    ?No clue…any idea…pls share…
    ??moni kutti room pottu yosichu sollu…ok va??

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma..??.did u remember ??shaurya nd mehak conversation in white chillies..????!!!!!!
      ?Reason for apology …????
      ?Investors told to shaurie either mehak or mehak recipe choice is urs?
      This vettukilli ku rendum vennum first mehak nxt recipe book???? thirutu thirudan???
      So now he gets the patent rights of mehak’s mom recipe investors know it is mehak’s..(ivan konjam sumar chef samayal karan idhalam ivanuku theriyadhu good recipes la so investors know about shaurie??) pondati recipe dhan..
      ?Coming to reporters…
      ?Again did u notice…that old piece with big sticker on her face?….
      Same old piece we saw in white chillies yesterday …miss. Mehak sharma nu ???..wat are u doing here…
      ?Same old piece same reporter role in first day of white chillies inauguration wer shaurie humiliate mehak and her family saying yes I did for ur recipe book..
      Did u remember this old piece reporter?????
      ?Next they used the same old piece now in this new promo also…asking shaurya??????
      ?So both reporters and investors know mehak is shaurie’s wife….?????
      ??Note :-character change pannalum adha old piece reporter change panna matranga(they are not changing that reporter ,now she became women welfare society member by costume change… saree potta member … Western la reporter…
      Wooow sooo funny????
      Director uncle bow bow bow bow???
      I spot the difference?????

      ??Dolly baby :- so investors know it is mehak’s recipe….he married for that book nu nu oru assumption avlo dhan…

      ????This is my analys dolly baby ma….oki va

  16. good evening friends….. ???

  17. I think it’s mehek plan with the investor. She will save him with the jack fruit cocktail and that will hurt his ego very much.

  18. Sorry, jackfruit custard not cocktail. Sanjay will manipulated the Sharma family with his dirty game to create more problems between mehek and Shaurya. Latest news

  19. Wow…intelligent girl moni….semmma semma semmaa…chella kutti…??
    …Un arivai naan viyakiren??….yenna oru analysis…super di moni…super..umaaah???
    Ellam purindadhu…director loose vida ur explanation is gud ma…??
    Antha periya sticker vecha ottaga chivinghi? parthu naanum confuse aanen…
    ??Intha munjiya yengeyo parthu irukken…but after u give the info i understood…
    Reporter=Mahila mandal thalaivi…i think they have shortage of people or budget la thundu vilundhu irrukkum… mehrya kalyanam ninnu ta dhala yarum moi panam kodakkala pola??
    …as nowadays we can see too many flaws in the show…??
    Tq moni dear tq so much for ur time n effort…luv u ma ???

    1. Moni7

      Dolly darling??????.. thank you dear??….ama correct moi vekka la seekrama producer delhi signal la pakkalam???
      Dolly baby ma luv u too❤❤❤❤
      Yes shortage of ppl pola ???…
      Neriya flaws dhan dear…dunno y!!??..this Manda kashayam director uncle??…

  20. Hi mehryans…
    Congrats to ZKM team…
    So far they had won the following…
    1.favourite mom – to kanta chachi
    2.favourite bhai behan – mehak n mohit
    The whole ZKM in orange n gold attire…our mehrya ?dancing for baby ko base pasand hai?

  21. Hi I friend good news mahek and shaurya win best jodi award ……zee ??????? I am very happy

  22. Welcome Naaz?

  23. Thanks for the update everyone.
    Congratulations to the ZKM team???

    1. Moni7

      Shama dear…hi-fi??????…
      Yes !!!!!… great great !!!….5 awards??….
      Again Congo zindagi ki mehak….

  24. oh ya…very happy for them…atlast we won 5 awards…??
    1.Fav nahi jodi
    2.Fav kutumb
    3.Fav bhai behen
    4.Fav maa
    5.fav puzurg for PD….
    congrats ZKM n mehrya famly??

    1. Moni7

      Yes dolly…heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
      ??We bang ??with 5 awards? …..????Congo zindagi ki mehak?????
      Long way to go!!!!!!!???
      All the best…….?
      Time for ??engal veetla ella nallaum karthigai ??…..keep rocking ❣Thank you so much for entertaining us ❣
      With this happy note…..And finally plz if possible plz plz unlock the secret why shaurie runway from the marriage mandap!!!!!…???…

    2. Moni7

      ?Hai dolly dear?…here is my version of celebration???

      ??Fav new jodi :- ?MEHRYA?
      ??Avalum naanum amudhum thenum -AEM?(it is difficult to separate us)

      ?? Fav bro and sis :-?MEHAK nd Mohit
      ??Malarandhum malaradha pathi malar pola?(brother is there for her(support) sister at any situations and at any circumstances)…?like sister’s hope on his brother never fails?

      ??Fav family:- sharma family???
      ??Nakshathira jennanil vaanam eti pakuthi?…?engal veetil ella nallaum karthigai?…la la la la la???
      (We as a family can see sky through our window (stars)…. hereafter oly celebrations in our house …la la la la?????

      ??Fav maa:- kanta chachi
      ??Kaalaiyil idhannamum kan vizhithal kai dhum deivam amma?(she is like a god who i used to worship daily in the morning)

      ??Fav puzurg :- Our favourite PD?
      ??Delhi ku raja nalum patti sollai thattadeyae?(should respect elders(granny’s words whatever hights we reach in life)
      ?? We will we will rock you??
      ?Dedicated to whole ZKM team and zkm forum fans ?….Congo ZKM team?

    3. ??? Happy to hear…. great going ZKM…
      But shurya aka Karan Vohra is not good in dance…. Mehak dances well… I saw in SaaS bahu aur betiyan… let’s see?

      1. Moni7

        Yes janani he didn’t dance well… wen comparing with samshika ?…3 songs i guess one intro ,one duet (with samishka )…
        Last one solo performance ???..

  25. Good morning guys…. How are you…

  26. ???Super di moni chellam…
    Enna oru thought…enna oru spark…
    Selection of choosy words…ku oru kizhi
    Selection of songs…ku oru kizhi
    Selection of presentation with smileys…ku oru kizhi
    Aga motham Kizhi…kizhi…kizhi…???
    Enakku oru santhegam???
    Eppo ma ni thoongurey???

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby ma??nandri?… not well all time bed la dhan irukkan…24*7 thookitu dhan irukka???.. between … konjam tu vandhu idhalam pannitu poran?..
      Thank you so much Dolly baby????
      Luv u soooooooooo much??????

      1. Moni Dal take rest and get well soon ra.

  27. Good Morning Friends, Congratulations to all, ZKM team won 5 Awards.

    1. Moni7

      Ammu Dear??.. thank you dear??

  28. how can I registered in tu please tell friends

    1. Moni7

      Naaz?…in home page top will find a menu …there you go and register your account with user id and password using ur email id… later you will get a confirmation mail from tellyupdates … that’s all registration process is over?
      You can customize your account settings..
      Privacy settings!!!.. personal chat!!!
      Hope you understand?

  29. shurkya (thank you) mony I will try….love you…lol…??

  30. hi friend good news mahek family win 5 Award in Zee rishtey awards 2016

  31. Oh moni…howz ur fever now???…tc dear…get well soon…??


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