Mahek 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya fixes Anjali’s wedding

Mahek 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya hits Sooraj. he says you can kill me but i love anjali. You wont let me because I am poor but my love is real. Shaurya shoves him out. Shaurya says two days later you are getting married. Anjali is crying. She says ma dont’ do this. Mahek says I will talk to him. Anjali says I can’t marry another man.
Mahek says how can you do this. she isn’t a child. We did love marriage too. Shaurya says she doesn’t deserve soorja. Mahek says we need her consent. shaurya says he fooled her for her money. Can’t you see that. Mahek says we can’t force her. He says try to understand. He says Anjali is vulnerable and that’s why sooraj fooled him. I have decided what to do.

Anjali says why is he not taking my consent. When Shaurya can marry his lover

why can’t I. I am a girl that’s why I had been a problem. I thought I was home but no. I am not even allowed to marry the person I love. karuna says we are just trying to make your life easier. Anjali says whats the guarantee? Karuna says don’t cry I will talk to shaurya.

Mahek is worried at night. She looks downstairs. She says why it all feels so wrong. Mahek says I have to talk to shaurya.

Scene 2
Karuna says Mahek was also middle class. We brought her here then why not Sooraj? Shaurya says he loved her for her money. He fooled her. Mahek says its about Anjali’s life.
Anjali comes and says ma.. I am ready for whatever you decide. I can’t be selfish. I dont’ wan any troubles in this house. She goes to her room. Mahek says I am really worried. He says don’t be. Everything will be fine.

Kanta and Mahek’s whole family is leaving to live with Mohit. Kanta says we are not here any more. You have to handle everything more maturely than you do. You have to be strong.
Karuna packs lunch for Anjali. Kanta calls Karuna. She says we are leaving. Karuna says take care. Kanta says Mahek is your daughter too. Please take care of her. Karuna says don’t worry. Dolly says don’t worry she is our daughter. We will take care of her.
Mahek’s family leaves.
Precap-Anjali says to Mahek please stop pressurizing for this marriage, Karuna says no one will force you. When guests come Anjali runs from the house. Karuna scoldss at mahek for it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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