Mahek 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehak shock to listen shauryas voice over and tries to go out
But SK voice over say..the doors are locked..please listen to me for a while mehak …
And tells her tat he has film to show her ..
She sits …and the films starts ..shows mehaks journey from first
To her entry in Km as says wat he did to her in the name of love and how he ditched her ..
And then SK enters the hall and tells thank ufor changing me ..and I wanna ask sorry for everything …and was abt to say I …kanta enters and calls her out to leave …shaurya looking mehak painfully and so is mehak …
Kanta dragging mehak out ** Teri meri song playing at BG***
Mehak looking Shaurya lovingly …SK tells kanta I told u Chachi
I’ll meet mehak …I’ll

meet u mehak , tommorow at food truck …

Sharma discussing y PD took mehak to theatre…
But PD taunts Ravi kanta and jeevan telling she dint know shaurya wud cum ther and was supporting SK tat his apologize was genuine…mehak cums and tells tat she has letter to change the location of food truck …I dont want my famil to suffer becoz me , I font want him see..jeevan praise hr ..
Mehak thinking abt shaurya while cooking thinks hi SK saved her while she was stabbed and bleeding …and thinks tat she shud not even show herself tat she loves shaurya …
Shaurya thinking abt mehak (again song on back ground )
Mehak reaches mata ka jagrata …sheetal tells she will leave If they stay. ..But Mehak tels she is celebrating this since 15 yrs ..and other people taunt sh3tal ..she leaves smirking sonal

PD does aarti first and Vicky giving live video of jagrata to shaurya …SK watching mehak aarti …
Karuna cums behind and teases SK …and tells him to take part in celeb too
But SK tells no ..awara cums and Informs tat he ordered his break fast at his WC..
SK leaves to WC…
SK staring sharmas …
Kanta calls at home asking mehaks we’re abouts s
SK gets calls from PD …they talk …and PD asks not to break thier trust again…
SK tells I won’t break ur trust and asks sorry for his past deed and tells I love u PD…

Waiter brings Sum non veg food to SK…but SK taunts and tells him to bring veg food …
And he will only eat veg food from know on …
Mehak at kitchen …PD cums and asks her wether she still loves SHAURYA or not …
Mehak shocked and doesn’t responds…
@ WC …kanta cums and calls SK as khanna sab…
Wat r u gonna do …and he asks. What Chachi …
How u gonna complete ur challenge since half day is over to …SK

Seeei g mehaks silence …
PD tells so u love him…
Mehak tells tat I donno wether I willl forgive him or not for wat he did to us…
But I can see tat he is changing for good …
Mehak leaves…and PD looks at her worriedly …kanta calls for SK telling him the day is over and he dint complete his challenge …
Skbtells I dint knew tat u take me seriously Chachi ji …
Kanta taunts him telling if u cudnt complete the challenge ..u r making fun of it …
SK tells wen I want to complete my challenge ..I will do it without anyone’s knowledge …
One day he will take Mehak away as bride front of her and she can’t stop him…

Precap…sk at Km …discussing sumthing to sum people …
Kanta arrives ther with the ideal police wala ( he is back )
Of Delhi ..
SK asks her to dinner ..she tells that he will have his dinner at jail…karuna asks Wats happening ?
Police tells tat he broke restraining order he is ther to arrest him…shaurya glares at kanta..

Update Credit to: Thabassum

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  1. Kanta chachi why?oh shaurya lover boy??

  2. thanks 4 update thabassum
    its super but shaurie havent said that i love u mehak since its nice but i hate precap i love u zkm team especially shaurya

    1. Yes I note also that recap but I don’t why …… shaurya didn’t said fully. …

  3. Dear writer, we are here to read the translation of dialogues as we watch the show in TV or in online but you simply describes wat happened. I request you to write the dialogues, we don’t know Hindi but love the serial, so please write the complete conversations.

    1. THANKS ! you are so right !!! i will watch it on web directly because i could not understand a single word…… to much sms language and mistakes

      Thanks Thabassum for the update but it’s really difficult to understand

    2. Mee to dear some dialous is missing

    3. Me too 🙁 still in doubt what exactly happened in yesterdays episode….

      please writer , i cant watch online so please share correctly the updates.

  4. Please update like old style bcs it is very difficult to understand

  5. Moni7

    Hai my mehrya family..moni is back..hai fake account???….

    Awesome episode….The best episode??… undoubtedly❤… But epic moment is spoiled by “LADY HITLER”. Shaurya’s love??Love is like a painting filled with all colours and shades ,love is like a bleeding heart cut with many sharp blades ,love is like a never ending story ,love is like a space everlasting that fills bitterness with bliss ,love is like the circle of eternity always there to take for free …. That kanta chachi(gaandu /irritatingmoment)?..ha ha ha it’s so nice to see chachi getting irritated seeing shaurya??…bow bow chachi??… Shaurya hilarious man????… chachi?.. Shaurya?… Open challenge wow wow??…it remind me of rajinikanth movie(tamil movie annamalai) challenge ? shaurya..chachi mark in your diary ?…soon will get my Mehak back ✌?? urself will do aarti for me ??… Precap:- whatever chachi try to trap to shaurya end up in making them close.. don’t underestimate our hero.. he’s the man of EVILNESS”..The most wanted criminal”…you can’t do anything need spl training to defeat our hero✌???… Majority wins✌✌?… Bye bye ???…soon will get a tickets for ur holiday celebration in Antarctica

    Just want to remind you fake account ..don’t play with us… Tu assured no more fake account…bye bye you to deserve Antarctica….

    1. ChandaMaya

      Hi Moni, nice to see you here, Your comments are great fun, as usual.

      Kanta Chachi, someone needs to put her in jail.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Even I know who Rajinikanth is!! Yes!

      1. Moni7

        Super star rajinikanth….my favorite hero chanda sis❤❤❤❤….

      2. Wow moni di n chanda di u both r back m soooooooo happpppyyyyyyy???????

    3. Hai moni how are you.Happy to see you back.Actually in Friday precap I saw shaurya is saying the three magical words but what happened on Monday chachi interrupted .May be Friday precap is my hallucination

  6. Today really unexpected scences oh god I hate kanta chachi I hate her ……… Mehek please realize shaurya love …. I am so sad after watching today episode two days before I only thinked zkm only my mind is locked zkm only I am very angry about that chachi iridium hai latha dear how are you I missed two days ma you and moni kutty …..

    1. Moni7

      Hai geetha dear

    2. Latha

      Hi Geetha dear fine and how r u me too not liking chachi’s​ entry yaar. after watching Friday’s precap I think shauri will say those three magical words in today’s episode but today also not happened.

  7. mehrya fan...

    I appreciate Thabassum that you updated the episode for us but I have a complain that PLZZ don’t Update like this… It’s so confusing… Sk,km and all such short forms so if you update any article from next time then plz make sure you update it properly… Sorry if I was rude

  8. Latha

    Thank you thabassum for the update but what happened to Atiba yaar. I think she is fine.

  9. hellow guys !!! I am new to write comment..actually this is the most favourite serial of mine… I am happy that finally shaurya accepted his love for mehek…i am very excited to see that what shaurya will do to fulfil his chalange

  10. Latha

    Aaj Kantha chachi kabab me haddi ban gayi.

  11. update in old style

  12. Please write in fullform because I couldn’t understand anything today. It was so confusing.

  13. Latha

    Today’s episode was OK. Good to see that memories ?????. Shauri apology and half confession was heart touching and sooooooooo romantic. Rediculous Kantha chachi and today I don’t like that part chachi interfering between MehRya.

  14. ???Shaurya…..

  15. Latha

    Shauri Enjoying Vicky’s live video. In that shauri looking sooooooooo handsome ????

  16. Latha

    Today’s best part PD and shauri’s conversation. Love both PD and shauri ? ??????

  17. The writing style is so annoying that I don’t even like to read it. This serial is one of my favorite but didn’t want to read this episode. :/

  18. ChandaMaya

    Hi Everyone! Sorry, I cannot really comment because I have yet to see the episode. I read the update, and yes, we are all used to Atiba”s style of update, but thank you anyway Thabbasum.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Please do not write in point form, and with acronyms (such as sk), or texting style. A proper language translation according to the characters’ dialogue as associated to the drama scenes.

  19. love you s.k. and hate Kanta chachi.dono Ko Milne hi nahi deti hai.s.k. you ROCKKK……

  20. ChandaMaya

    I have one comment about Mahek. Mehak has no mind of her own, and she’s afraid of her bully aunt. If by now, Mahek cannot figure that Shaurya put his life on the line for her, then a mere apology usekess. She’s just daft!!!! (I.e. dull in her head).

    Obviously Shaurya has a lot of footage on her . . .Secret cameras. Now it’s the Shaurya and Mahek movie. But where is Tomata lal? ??

    1. Moni7

      Chanda Sis…hai… Happy…

      Sis tamatar lal gone for summer vacation..??….

      1. ChandaMaya

        Hi Moni, dear. Waiting for some real action. It’s still cat and mouse game.

  21. The epi was OK,,,,,,, but unfortunately shayra don’t full fill his word,,,,,!!!! This chachi is just unbearable,,!! And PD you are just awesome,,, thanks for supporting shauri,,,, omg I just loved shuraya,,!!!!!!!!! He is so cute,,,, and handsome,,, i loved his dialog,,, its superb,,,,,,,,,

  22. wow kya episode hai…nice shaurya is good…

  23. Hard to read in this short form. Please write properly

  24. Hiiiii……guys how are you. Alllllllll
    Kya kanta chachi kyu pyar ki dusman bani ho aap……ab to ek hi song gane ka MN kr rha h……
    Kanta chachi pyar ki dusman hay hay
    Mere saurya ki dusman hay.hay.hay
    Chachi sudhar jao warna saurya fir se badal jayega

    1. Waoooooooooo very nice cmnt sis
      Shi bol rhi kanta chachi kuch jyada hi over reyect kr rhi hai

  25. Nice episode. Guys today is my birthday

    1. Latha

      Many more happy returns of the day Geeta??????

    2. Happy birthday day geeta

  26. Hey guys have seen new promo ,
    Shourya khanna love confession in a metro train ….


    We got to call KANTA not CHACHI , but DRAGON WITCH


    One more – PD is just awesome – LOVE her to bits, whish she could be my PD.
    Mahek stand up for your rights – you are an adult. Don’t make Kanta Chachi think you owe her for the rest of your life. Take an example from MOHIT and be brave

  29. kanta chachi hate u v. v. v…… much shaurya rocked love his acting

  30. I have only one thing to comment! Not about the show but about this horrible example of written English! Whoever is writing this, needs to go back to school, polish on their writing skills and learn proper English! Its not only horrendous but highly shameful that no one cares about how someone is writing and reporting on a show which is getting posted worldwide. Really shameful!!

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