Mahek 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya feels Neev’s mom is his Mahek

Mahek 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya says to family that start preparing for marriage and says we will move to Mumbai after marriage forever. Archie smiles. Karona and Harish are tensed and not happy with his decision. Shaurya leaves from there. Karona comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says to he that he doesnt want Kanta to leave this city. Karona says why you are not thinking about us? you want your business here but you are thinking about Mahek and her family only. Archie comes there and says she is ready to move to Mumbai, I am with Shaurya, she reaches out of hold his hand but Shaurya pulls away and says he is doing this marriage for his family and he will never be able to love her but he will try his best to be perfect life partner, Archie looks on. Shaurya tells Mahek isn’t here but I feel her around and sometimes

I see her also. Archie gets angry listening and breaks a vase. She calms down. Archie holds his hand tells he is with her and she doesn’t want anything else.
Archie thinks about Shaurya’s words and thinks that I will remove Mahek’s memories from his mind and make memories with him.

At night, Mandhar comes home drunk and goes to garden. Shaurya sees him from balcony.

Shaurya comes in kitchen. He finds Panjiri in fridge and recalls how Neev said it was his. He smiles and takes it out, he starts eating it and is shocked and recalls how Mahek used to make it, he thinks it has Mahek’s taste, he recalls how he saw Mahek few days ago, how Neev said that his motehr made that panjiri, he thinks Neev’s mother is Mahek? he runs out and comes in garden. Mandhar is drunk in garden and forcing himself on a girl that looks like Mahek from behind, Mandhar is molesting her and says I will make love tonight. Shaurya sees him forcing himself on her, he runs to them and pushes Mahek/woman away from Mandhar. He looks at woman’s face and is shocked. Mandhar glares at him. Shaurya looks at woman and its not Mahek but someone else.
Goon comes in Archie’s car. Archie says if anyone saw you then you are fired, he says I have found all information, I found everything about Mandhar, Mandhar knows everyone as he has fight with everyone and people know Vandana as his wife, people know that Mandhar used to beat Vandana, he sent Vandana to hospital but she cameback after a day and all these fights happen because of a girl Bijli, she is clever and has affair with Mandhar, Vandana used to fight with him over Bijli. Spy says one strange thing was that the wardboy who attended Vandana when she was injured, he left his job after two days, Archie says find that wardboy, he is important.
Shaurya looks at Bijli and thinks he Mandhar’s wife, he says I am sorry, I was thinking something else. Mandhar says you can do anything and then say sorry in english? Shaurya says I thought you are with someone else, you are his wife, I am sorry. Mandhar says you are friend of my son but dont try to befriend my wife. Shaurya shouts that I said sorry, dont say rubbish otherwise I will throw you out of house. Mahek is in her room and hears some noise. Mandhar shoos Shaurya away and leaves with Bijli. Shaurya starts leaving. Mahek looks through window. Shaurya thinks why I feel Mahek everywhere? he looks towards window but Mahek hides. Shaurya leaves.

Shaurya comes to his room and thinks how its possible? how Neev’s mother’s panjiri have same taste like Mahek’s panjiri? I cant talk about it to anyone as they will call me mental, I have to talk to Neeb’s mother.
Bijli romances with Mandhar and says you have been playing with me, if you dont accept me then I will fly away. Mandhar says go away and sit in some brothel, if that Shaurya saw that you are not my wife then I would have lost things. Bijli says I love your anger, give me your love once and then I will show my craziness, he hugs her tightly and starts feeling her up. Mandhar’s mother Julie there, Mandhar pushes Bijli away. Julie jerks Bijli away from Mandhar and glares at him. Julie says you had destroyed your life once because this cheap sl*t and want to get destroyed again? Bijli leaves. Julie says if I find you again with her then I wont spare you, Mandhar says dont blame me. Julie slaps him and says I did mistake once, leave this Bijli and take hand of that girl, respect her and give her good life and leave this Bijli, if you dont then you will be destroyed and I wont spare you this time, she leaves. Mandhar is angry.

In morning, Mahek is trying to take Neev to room but he wants to stay in garden. Shaurya comes there. Neev says hero save me, my mother is kidnapping me. Mahek recalls how Archie said she cant come infront of Shaurya ever. Mahek hides her face in veil. Shaurya says to Mahek that I want to say sorry about last night, I shouldnt have disturbed you and your husband, Mahek thinks what is he saying? Shaurya says did you made that Panjiri? Neev says yes and gave it to bad woman, Shaurya says you are nice kid, dont talk like that, Shaurya asks her if she made Panjiri? she nods. Shaurya thinks how she can she make panjiri exactly like Mahek? there is something missing.

PRECAP- Mahek says to Julie that I have been feeling weird from some days, like get some flashbacks and like something is missing. Mandhar comes there and says I will not spare you today, I will beat you so much that you die. Mahek says enough, you are an animal, I wont bear your curses of beatings anymore. Mandhar raises shovel at her beat her but she she holds it and doesnt let him beat her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode

  2. This whole episode is confusing and sad. Mahek has been tortured and being treaded domb So is Shaurya . Stop these villies. Start from Banwari, then truth will come. Twist the story little bit and bring Shaurya and Mahek together. All these villies should be punished.

  3. ChandaMaya

    More nonsense . . . ?

  4. leisa s morris

    this is goin to continue for d nxt 3;days and only end on shauryas weddin day

  5. anay bangalore

    I dont understand this family of shourya. Kanta chachi is somewhat right this time if shourya and his family really loved mehak so much they would have waited for some time to get shourya married not within a year second marriage. In real life it will not happen it will take more than 1 year to lesses the pain

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