Mahek 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sharma family is eating dinner, Mahek is lost in thoughts of Shaurya, their moments at flat.
Shaurya recalls Kanta’s ill words for rich people, how they use girls and throw them away, that person like Shaurya doesnt have manners, they only respect money, how he is like animal because they eat animals. Shaurya calls Ankita and asks her to forward Mahek Sharma’s number.
Kanta asks Mahek to eat dinner. Mahek gets call from Shaurya, she is stunned and says from where did you get my number? he says dont ask idiotic questions, if you family is with you then put phone on speaker. Mahek tells Kanta that tell Shaurya is calling and asking to put phone on speaker, Kanta asks her to do it, Mahek puts phone on speaker. Shaurya says i want to invite you all on India’s super

cook competition, i want you all cheer for Mahek when she is cooking, i want you all to come tomorrow, specially Mahek’s chachi, Kanta, you have to come, will you? Kanta stares Mahek, she thinks. Jeevan says dont worry, we will all come, Shaurya good, good night Mahek, he ends call.
Mahek is in her room and says what he wants? why he is calling my family? dog’s tail can never straighten. Shaurya calls her again, he says what are you thinking that how dog’s tail got straighten? Mahek says dont drag mu family in all this, you dont like me thats fine but not my family. Shaurya says i took care of you today, broke your fast and brought you home so trust me, bring your family to set tomorrow, it will be fun, he ends call.
Its morning, Sharma family is getting ready to go to set. Nehal says i dodnt even have new dress, Kanta says we should not go, it will increase pressure on Mahek, Ravi says when we will cheer for Mahek, her morla will be boosted, Shaurya insisted that we all should come, we should invite Shaurya to our shop, it will advertise his show too. He shows pamphlet which he printed that this shop owner’s has family member who takes part in india’s supercook, Mahek says what is this? Ravi says whole Dehli should know that you are coming on Tv, Jeevan says you should have asked before printing this, Balwant says Ravi is doing right, we should see what Mahek can do in competition. Ravi gets call from client and says i will deliver, he ends call, he tells Jeevan that i have to deliver order to client, i will come on set later, you all go, he leaves.

Scene 2
Mahek’s family comes in India’s supercook competition. Mohit smiles at one girl there, Jeevan taunts him if he wanna meet her? behave. Jeevan asks Rajiv why Shaurya invited us here? Rajiv says Shaurya is always thinking about new ideas, dont worry. He asks them to sit on sofas. Family gets comfortable at sofas. Shaurya comes there and glares Kanta and goes to his judging seat. Shaurya stares Mahek and says good morning, all greet him, Shaurya says seems like all ate oily breakfast, you all look tired, i said ‘good morning’, he says in stern voice, all greet him with higher voice. Shaurya says in this round, family will cheer for contestants, this round is special and important. Round name is ‘weakness of Achilles’, this round is inspired from greece, Achilles was strong fighter but his heel was weak and he lost his last battle by getting hurt on his heel. All contestants are strong here but we studied profile of contestants and saw their weakness. You can see boxes infront of your desks, in these boxes, there is one ingredient which is your weakness, you can get idea what i am talking. He asks Ashmit to open his box, Ashmit does and gags, he says mushrooms? Shaurya says we got to know you are allergic to mushrooms so its your weakness and today you will have to make some dish with mushroom. All contestants open their ingredient boxes which are their weaknesses. Mahek says i am not allergic to any ingredient, what weakness might it be that he used against me? Shaurya says now best is for last. He asks Mahek to open box, Mahek does and finds uncooked chicken inside, all are shocked, Mahek gags and moves back. Shaurya says Mahek belongs to vegetarian people, they dont eat egg, meat or chicken unlike people who eat animals, Mahek is pure vegetarian. He says chicken is weakness of Mahek. Jeevan says this is wrong, she is vegetarian, you can force them to cook all this. Shaurya asks him to calm down, this contest is for profession, if people like to cook for their passion and liking then they can go back home, all contestants of this show will handle big hotels in future so they cant have any weakness, those are able to control themselves and able to cook good food today, they will be able to go ahead.
Shaurya comes to Ashmit and asks what he thinks? he says i am allergic to mushroom, Shaurya asks him to take anit-allergy medicine and start working. Shaurya says to Priya you are looking good, what are you making of prawns? She says i will make prawn dish special, Shaurya says good luck. Shaurya comes t Mrs. Chawla and asks what she is cooking from eggs? she gags. Shaurya comes to Mahek and asks if she will be able to cook something today or will go home saying cookoo. He wipes Mahek’s tear. Shaurya says to Mahek that your chicken dish is ready by you shedding crocodile tears, he laughs on her.

PRECAP- Shaurya says next surprise is that one family member can help contestants to cook their weakness. He asks Sharma family why no one is coming to help Mahek seeing chicken? how did their loving joint family became ignorant and not recognizing Mahek? Kanta says i will come to help Mahek cook chicken, Shaurya says i was waiting for you only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks atiba for the super duper fast updates

  2. Moni7

    0h plz … shaurya y revenge…y hurting her again n again….

  3. Nice u shaurya..

  4. Moni7

    Hai everyone…..

  5. Latha

    Thanks atiba dear for your detailed and super fast update.

  6. Latha

    I think Shaurya was not taking any revenge and he is trying to make Mehak strong.

  7. Athya

    hi rayna ayshu vavachi arshi moni chlm sujee BBB ….and every one. ….how r u all. …

    nice episode. ….I know many of them dont want this revenge. ….but I like it ….I like their nokjhok……
    let them fight and enjoy nokjhoks….till they fall in luv….

    but madly missing ms and karela king. ….

    1. I am fine are u..

  8. Moni7

    Even i miss ms and kk chatting athya….

  9. Moni7

    One thing which i like s shaurya’s smile in today episode…he showed his anger in a different way…. sarcastic smile…..

  10. Moni7

    Good night frnds athya dr ishu rayna arshi BBB latha sujee …..and a my frnds

  11. Athya

    even I like his smile moni..t….he smiles rear. …but worth watching. …

    I think cvs should more concentrate on our cute mehak’ costumes….

  12. Moni7

    Yeah dear she should avoid too much of lipstick..doesn’t suits her

  13. Hello my lovely..athya,ishwarya,vavachi,moni,arshi,latha,and everyone.How r u all my dearest?
    I liked the episode.I too love shaurya’s smile.

    1. Moni7

      Hai rayna dear…i too love shaurya’s smile…

    2. Latha

      Me too love kk’s smile Rayna

  14. I am in love with this serial.

  15. i love you mehek……And of course you too Shourya. But please don’t taunt our cute Mehek anymore. she is sweet . not like all other girls. you should realize
    i love this serial…..

  16. Sujee

    I too love shaurya’s smile….. And I miss ms and kk chatting part…. They should concentrate on mehek cuz nehal and mehek ‘s friends dresses are far better than mehek ‘s

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