Mahek 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ravi and mohit brings Mahek in house. Kanta asks what happened? Ravi says she was standing outside. They dry Mahek’s hair, Mohit says its nothing, Kanta says then why would she come here at night? Balwant says is it something else? Kanta says i dont know. Mahek thinks that I cant tell them truth nor I can lie. Balwant says to Mahek that you have returned from your inlaws house in a day? what happened? did Shaurya say anything? did his father say anything? should I talk to Shaurya? Mahek says I want to go change clothes. PD says you go. Mahek turns to leave, Jeevan says lets call Shaurya here, dont know if he knows she is here or not. Kanta says lets talk to Mahek first, Mahek sadly goes to her room.
Shaurya is going to his house in rickshaw, he is broken. Mahek stands in her house

and recalls her moments with Shaurya, Kitni girhen baki hain plays. Shaurya gets Kanta’s call, he gets dejected that Mahek is not calling him, he ignores it. Mahek looks at fate lines on her hand. She takes album and looks at her pictures with her parents. Shaurya recalls Mahek breaking down and hating him. Mahek recalls their wedding moments, they are both silently crying and hurting. Shaurya thinks that there might be someway to solve everything. Mahek thinks I cant bear pain alone, I have to talk to family. Mahek comes in lounge, Kanta says Shaurya is not taking call, they must have big fight.
Shaurya asks rickshaw driver to take different route.
Kanta asks Jeevan if we should go to meet Karona? Jeevan says we will go in morning. Kanta says what if Shaurya and Mahek cant fulfill this relation? what if this marriage doesnt workout? I wont be able to forgive myself, I promised her parents that we will always keep Mahek happy, did we do some mistake in fulfilling that duty? Jeevan asks her to be strong. Mahek is emotional hearing all this.

Shaurya comes to police station, he thinks then goes inside.

Kanta says to family that it was our duty to find good guy for Mahek, is Shaurya good for our Mahek? Jeevan says everything will be happen. Mahek thinks that I can tell them truth, they wont be able to bear truth, they wont be able to forgive Shaurya and themselves after knowing what Shaurya did.

Scene 2
Kanta says to Mahek that whatever it is, you can tell us with open heart, it doesnt matter whose mistake it is or whats the matter. Mahek says Shaurya and me.. door bell rings. Mohit says police has come, inspector comes there and says you have to come to police station with us, all are stunned.

Rajesh reads newspaper and says blo*dy fool, he tells Karona that Shaurya has surrendered himself in police station, she is shocked.
Karona and Rajesh comes to police station and sees Shaurya sitting there, Karona hugs him. Inspector says we havent filed any case, Rajesh says I will take him, Shaurya says I wont go anywhre. Inspector says he is not leaving, he is saying that his wife will tell his crime so I have called her family. Karona says why you are willing to tell this to world Shaurya? Rajesh says he is going crazy in love, he is doing mistake and being a idiot in love, Shaurya says yes I am in love, I dont care about your face value and fake honor in society.
Sharma family comes to police station, Kanta asks Mahek what is going on? they come inside, Shaurya is there, Shaurya says I have come to surender myself, I want to pay for my mistakes, Kanta says what mistakes? Mahek ties her dupatta and starts beating him, she says I asked you in anger that go to jail so you went to surender yourself? I was angry on you for leaving me at time of pheras, you said sorry then you slapped my brother and said sorry? Mahek beats Shaurya with stick and says I wont forgive you now, what you think of yourself? she beats, Shaurya stumbles backwards, Mahek falls in his arms, Shaurya holds her hand tightly, Mahek whispers I am not saving you but my family, they should not get to know truth. She moves away from him and beats him with stick, Shaurya holds his stick and smiles at her. Ravi asks Mahek to stop it, Mahek says I wont spare him. Shaurya says I wanted to go to jail peacefully but you dont want that too? Mahek says you are typical husband, you said I can do anything after wedding but now you want me to stop working at food truck? Shaurya says your family can handle food truck, you can handle white chilies, Mahek beats him. Kanta says what is this madness? this is childish, enough, Karona says lets leave. Sharma family starts leaving, Mahek glares at Shaurya, Shaurya is unable to look in her eyes, they both silently leave.
Kanta says Mahek was childish, Karona says it was not her mistake. Kanta says she came home late at night alone? it was her first mistake, I was so worried, if there was really problem between you two then I would have died, Mahek stops her and shakes her head. Sharma family leaves. Mahek leaves with Karona and Shaurya.

Rajesh says to Shaurya that dont do this kind of act again. Shaurya says I would have taken this step 12 years if I knew truth, your so called image wouldnt here today. Karona says what will you get by going to jail? Shaurya says to get punished for my mistakes, to give peace to Mahek’s heart, to repent my mistakes. Mahek comes there and says you wont decide everything, you married me even after knowing truth but you wanted it, now you want to bring truth out because you want punishment? you dont think about my family now? Mahek says to Karona and Shaurya that I am sorry for whatever happened, it was never my intention to dishonor family’s name but now I cant live under one roof with Shaurya.

PRECAP- Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s shoulder and says we will live as you want, you want to live a fake marriage then we will live it but you are daughter in law of this house and you wont leave this house instead I will leave this house, Mahek looks at him in surprise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Whay the hell episode it’s tooo much ……. over acting mehek….. I hate you ……. why are you hurting Shaurya a lot stop this nonsense …. I am waiting tomorrow episode

    1. I guess this week they may show this precap only by lengthing it…u have to wait for monday

    2. Chaaya

      Geetha ? your comment made me laugh!!! Mahek is a bit odd?

  2. shaurya leaving home? Ooommmggg….no plz nd mehek plz forgv shaurya he is innocent

  3. plsss…mehak try to understand…he ❤❤you…and is surrendering himself…still you can’t see his love for u….plsss forgive him…he was just 12 years..come on….and still he is trying to solve the problem…but u…well ok..waiting for next episode…

  4. I think mahek should forgive him after all he wwas14 yrs old n he didn’t even no her den i think it a mistake he make 12 yrs ago

    1. Chaaya

      Hmmmm, he was only a child. His Nanny is responsible, telling him mton drive faster. I think the real hit was a hit and run and there might have been another car involved. We saw from a flashback that Shaurya swerved and hit a tree.

      I see ???. . .

      1. Sweetsameeksha

        I hope that this only happens……????

  5. Sweetsameeksha

    Chalo at last some different track………but mahek beating shaurya…….this is crazy………well because of some intolerant people……i m adding that i liked the episode

    1. Chaaya

      ???? Yes!!!

  6. They are simply try to lengthening the show… Mehek can understand his innocence….He was small when he did this….Even this was not his mistake….I can’t tbear all these nonsense….

  7. OK I am very confused with this decision Mehek is taking, I can understand her feelings, she did loose her family, but where is the understanding Mehek. She hears Shaurya’s comments and she still is acting stupid. One thing she needs to understand is no matter what she wants, everything is Shaurya’s hard work and money, she now has a status because of Shaurya. If the creators of this show think the show is going on because of the Mehek character, think again, it is the character of Shaurya which is holding this drama for now.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Totally!!! . . .Sorry but I don’t make apologies but I don’t like the characterization of Mahek. Not the smartest of character. Mahek is certainly not like other heroines. Hope she gets out of her weak, emotionally state soon.

  8. ChandaMaya

    Same old childish script . . .Mahek is not psychologically thinking like a grown woman. She is stuck in time and still suffering the loss of parents and now she has a face to the so-called murder, as she thinks. I think Shaurya is noble in his actions. Mahek has to deal with her own understanding, but she is in for a whole need of awakening.

  9. ChandaMaya

    Another KKB in the making now. Enjoy it!

  10. Chaaya

    I hope Mahek let’s Shaurya leave and live his life. Mahek is not going to forgive Shaurya. She will blame him until another truth is revealed . . .that’s how serials are written. So sit tight and wait for the mysteries to unfold. Don’t get caught up in the minor drama because the larger drama is about the viewers being lead to the truth through the changing realites of the characters.

    It’s very odd that Mahek who supposedly loves Shaurya so much has just turned her emotions off like a tap . . . The justice card is being played. Shaurya should leave. Mahek needs to be away from him. She needs to deal with her real enemies . . .Nanny and Mami dearest!! Too ?.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Morning Chaaya, my time zone. Very anxious to see what this silly girl Mahek is going to do. Obviously, she has been living without her parents. She was actually bin live with x Shaurya, so now what? She’s blaming the guy and he is willing to be punished. He should have left her b again at the mandap. She’s creating a white mess because Shaurya is willing to speak his truth. I really hope you had are right Chaaya. I hope she will get another also of fate in her face and v realise she is behaving like judge and jury. She nneedsca good ?. She’s annoying!

  11. Oooo,,, god,,, mahek what are u doing???? It’s wrong,,, I can understand ur suffering,,,, but u have to understand also,,, shaurya is innocent,,, he was only 12years old,,, and when he ready for except his crime in front of police,,, u don’t want this,,, so what u want,?????? he trying his best for solve this problem,, but I think u don’t want to solve the problem,,,
    And precap,,, mahek r u mad,,, plz stop all this,,, it can’t be bearable by us,,, just too much,,, it should not be happened,, wait for next epi,,,,,,

  12. Moni7

    Hai guys moni is here hope all are doing good…???
    Miss you cutie pies!!??… Chandra chaaya sis danya swetha ammu priya geetha geeta rani and all my frnds….

    Yup dragging and boring episodes!!?… Mehak is over acting agree with you geetha ..Lol ??.. shaurya giving is 100%… Mehak giving 200%… A bit over board performance… It’s not all looking good..Her emotional part is not commendable she need to work hard.. she needs to be Groom in a better way… I don’t agree with her wen she’s hiding the truth just for her family sake!!… She too selfish .. shaurya is ready to repent for his mistakes wat else she wants??… Immature act!!… Agree she lost her parents.. but she atleast give him a chance to explain … Hope for the best….

    1. Hi dear, goood to see u dear, i missed ur expressions and way of commenting, welcome back u dear.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Moni, sweetheart what a wonderful surprise. Love you and all your comments. Thanks for visiting!.? We really miss you, but I just only started back. I took a break from this forum. It was getting antagonistic.

  13. What is this ?its same track for iss pyaar ko kya naam doon… Many situations or sequences to rember that serial….

  14. maheks anger i only regarding the fact that shaurya knew the truth before the marriage and yet married her And so she is not at all forgiving him and she is telling she wont live under one roof with him and all what if he had not known the truth and married her nonsense typical overacting serials published so far and wen shaurie ready to repent what else does she want she will come to his house when he was really bad to change hin but now when he has changed she will become hyper stupid lady thus show should have been shaurie ka zindagi for its bcoz of him only the soap is still running mahek over acting

    1. ChandaMaya

      It was always Shaurya ki Zindagi.

  15. i hope that in coming episodes show will be getting interest.

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