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Scene 1
Ajay bring out gun and point it at Shaurya. Shaurya looks at him in the eye and puts gun on his heart, he asks Ajay to shoot. Ajay scoffs at him, Shaurya suddenly snatches gun away from him and starts beating him. Rohit and Vicky joins fight too. Ratan gets involved in fight too.

All are watching TV at a loud volume in Sharma house. Kanta comes there and yells that Priya has come to see Shaurya. Karona says let me call Shaurya. Karona calls Shaurya but he doesnt pick as he is busy beating Ajay, Karona says he is not picking up, let me call Vicky, she calls Vicky but hears some bullet shooting like sound on phone, she screams Vicky.

Mahek calls police, Shaurya tries to beat Ajay but Rohit and Ajay runs away before police can reach there. Mahek rushes to Shaurya and sees his wounds.

makes remedy for Ratan, Shaurya and Vicky, she tends to Ratan’s wounds. Inspector investigates from witness to the incident but no one tells about Ajay. Inspector comes to Shaurya and asks about his statement. Jeevan comes there and asks what happened? Shaurya tells everything to inspector. Ravi and Jeevan are shocked. Shaurya sys I want FIR against Ajay and Rohit. Inspector you are wasting time, I will warn them but dont file FIR. Shaurya says you are already sold to them, inspector dont you dare Shaurya, if you accuse me of taking bribe then I will file FIR on you, I know you used to beat policemen but people used to be scared of your money not your name. Shaurya attacks him but Mahek stops him. Mahek says to inspector that we are saying truth, Ajay and Rohit came here and attacked us. inspector says there is no witness that is giving statement against Ajay. Ravi says Rohit and Ajay have been harrassing us, please take action against them, we can give you some money if you want. Inspector says this Shaurya is blaming us for taking bribe and you are giving it? we will tell media that there was no case here. Mahek says if you dont take action then I will post everything on social media, I will bring storm there, she asks Vicky to take policeman’s picture and she will post it with everything on social media, inspector gets tensed and says we will see what action we can take.

Scene 2
Niki sees Ajay and Rohit beaten and Pammi tending their wounds, she says you went to take away girl and got beaten? Pammi says if you were not our partner then we would have thrown you away. Niki says you blo*dy fools, I told you to not mess with Shaurya and see now police is behind us, I am warning you to not mess with Shaurya more, I am going to Chandigurh to destroy Shaurya’s gameplan, if you people really want to do something then dont let Shaurya get an investor, she leaves. Ajay says Shaurya will be in Chandigurh, Rohit you know what we have to do, Rohit nods.

Mansi says to family that Ajay and Rohit have destroyed our lives. Balwant says dont know what they will get doing all this. All starts eating food, Mahek asks Vicky where is Shaurya? he points at roof.

Mahek comes on roof, she asks Shaurya if he will eat food downstairs or should she bring it here? Shaurya gets emotional and hugs her tightly, she says you got emotional over such thing? you are much stronger. Shaurya wipes his tears and says you shouldnt have married me, I couldnt give you good life and I couldnt protect you. Mahek says what are you saying? you beat them like hero, he were beating them so nicely and then…. they brought out gun but you put than gun on your chest? I cant ever imagine more good life partner than you. Shaurya says please dont leave house for somedays, please dont go to work, just stay at home for somedays, please agree with me otherwise I wont be able to concentrate on anything, Mahek says but.. Shaurya puts finger on her lips and says I cant risk and lose you please, they share eyelock as jana na dil se dour plays. Mahek lovingly looks at him, he is tensed and leaves.

At night, Mahek is lying in bed, she recalls Shaurya asking her to promise to not leave house. Mahek thinks that Shaurya has asked me to not leave house but there might be some work that I can do from home. Mahek opens laptop and thinks if I can get any catering order? she searches on internet and smiles, she thinks that I will listen to Shaurya and not too, I will work but wont go out of house but I will do anything to help out Shaurya.

In morning, Ravi and Vicky are bickering over washroom. Harish tries to go inside but Karona says stay in line, dont try doing business in all this. Mahek snickers, she asks Ravi to go first. Ravi says Vicky has to go to Chandigurh with Shaurya so he can go first. Shaurya comes there, Mahek says I want to tell you something Shaurya. Kanta says Mahek come with me first. Vicky tries to go in washroom but Harish says how did you get hurt Vicky? Vicky gets confused and Harish takes this chance to run to washroom but he slips and falls down, all snicker, PD asks them to help Harish, Shaurya says he doesnt need help.

Mahek gives idea to family that they can start lunchbox service, Shaurya says whats the need? Mahek says it is needed. Kanta says why will we sell boxes? Jeevan says we will cook food and deliver in boxes. Mahek shows them lunchbox serive and says we will cook homemade food and serve to students and people on job, they will become our customers very soon as its home cooked. Kanta says its great, its like our food truck business. Ratan says I will invest this business so you people can start it, all get happy. Shaurya grumbles and leaves. Mahek thinks that seems like Shaurya is not happy.

Shaurya is packing his bag. Mahek comes there. Shaurya gives her money and says keep it. Mahek says you are going out so you should have money, dont worry I have some money. Mahek asks if he is forgetting something? he says no. She moves closer to him and presents him her cheek and says this? Shaurya smiles and kisses her cheek. Mahek sees him serious and says you will leave being miffed with me? she hugs him and says dont be miffed with me, I just want to help you, its my duty and my happiness too. Shaurya says to Mahek that let me clear, I am not against you working but you will waste money and time with this idea, Mahek feels bad, Shaurya says I am just saying you cant build an empire by selling some food boxes, you can just barely run house by selling them, Mahek scoffs at him hearing it. Shaurya pulls her closer and says you can work to fulfill your enjoyment, I just said what was in my heart but your work idea is foolish, you might earn some bucks but if you think you can earn crores from it then you are wrong, there is no scope. Mahek says you are saying that the one who doesnt earn crores in life has no value? there are many people who sleep at night hungry, there are many people who live without earning crores and what if your business idea wont be liked by the investors? then what? Shaurya says I just wanted to hear it, what you couldnt say loud, you just voiced it, you dont trust me at all right? you think I wont be able to get money back? you have no faith in me, do whatever you want, he angrily leaves from there, Mahek tries to stop him but he leaves.

PRECAP- Ajay and Rohit gets drunk and enters Sharma house. Ravi and Jeevan are not at home. Ajay and Rohit starts harassing women of the house, Ajay misbehaves with Sonal and tries to make her drink alcohol. Mahek get agitated seeing all that screams for them to stop it. Mahek brings out burning fire torches and gives it to all women of house. She charges on Ajay and Rohit with fire torch in her hand, she says you want to dishonor us? you want to molest us? come on, move forward now, Ajay and Rohit gets scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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