Mahek 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Archie’s wedding

Mahek 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Archie is leaving mehndi ceremony. Dolly says to take care of herself. Archie says how sweet. Archie sees Shaurya looking towards Mahek’s room and thinks I have to distract him. She comes to Shaurya and says I know you have special connection with them but they are guests and you cant interfere in their lives, Shaurya says you are right.
Mahek and Neev are locked in room, they try to fee themselves.
Mandhar is eating in kitchen, Banwari comes there and says to Julie that cant you see that they are locked and hungry there and your son is enjoying food here? Julie says Mandhar atleast give them food. Mandhar says let them be hungry then they will come to sense, they would know who give them food. Banwari says God gives them food, you are devil. Mandhar pushes him away, Banwari

falls down, Julie says have you gone mad? you are raising hand on father? Mandhar says just understand that dont go against me, we will leave tomorrow and till then if you try to give them food or water, I will draw blood out of their bodies then.

Shaurya comes to his room and thinks why I am feeling restless like something is going on? He recalls how Mandhar asked him to stay away from his wife, how Archie asked him to not interfere in their lives. Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s room and thinks I am starting new life but I am old Shaurya and keep missing you Mahek. Shaurya sees Mandhar drinking on otherside of garden. Shaurya comes near door of Mahek’s room. Mahek is inside and tied, she feels his presence. Shaurya thinks if Mandhar sees me then will make it another issue, he leaves. Mahek is disappointed.

shaurya comes in mandir and says since childhood, I never prayed to you because we didnt have relation, but Mahek had faith in you and I started having hope in you too, but every faith is broken, every relation is finished when she was gone but today I am begging to you, nobody understands me, nobody can listen to me, I feel Mahek’s presence everywhere and if she is not here then why I feel her presence? I am going to start new life but something is stopping me, this feeling doesnt leave me alone, I leave everything to you, please show me a way.

Neev is breathing heavily in room and is dizzy. Mahek tries to console him.

Archie comes to her and says I am going to Archie Khanna today, all my dreams will come true. Dolly brings wedding dress for her, Archie says you are like my mom.

Vicky comes to Shaurya and says get ready, Shaurya says I am not seeing Neev, go and see if his mother is alright. Mandhar comes there and says we want money, we have made food so want money and nothing else. Vicky says talk with respect, you will get money after wedding. Shaurya asks how is Neev? Mandhar says dead, I want my money, we will leave tonight after wedding. He leaves.

Mahek comes near door and tries to open it, she gets up and hits against door so anyone can hear her, Neev is dizzy due to hunger, she cries seeing him like that.

Shaurya gets dressed as groom. Shaurya asks Karona whom you are looking for? Karona says I booked horse, Shaurya says I said no to it? I want simple wedding. He leaves. Harish says to Karona do as he is saying.

Julie comes to Banwari and says book car, Mandhar will get money after this wedding, Mandhar will let his wife and son breath after we leave from here, Banwari nods and leaves.

Archie gets dressed as bride and dances with band. Arvind and Dolly smiles.

In her room, Mahek finds cutting board, she tries to cut ropes tying her hands using it.

In wedding venue, Shaurya is waiting for Archie in mandap. Archie arrives there. Shaurya recalls how Mahek dressed for him as bride and how he took her hand on stage. Vicky gives him garland. Sharma family comes there too. Archie smiles at him. Shaurya keeps recalling Mahek and his wedding. Archie makes him wear garland.

Mahek’s hands gets cuts too but she cuts her rope from hands and goes to Neev, she asks him to open eyes.

Karona asks Shaurya to make her wear garland. Shaurya makes Archie wear it.

Mahek tries to make Neev wake up, she tries to use his inhaler but its not working too.

Dolly does Shaurya and Archie’s gadh bandhan, Shaurya reluctantly sits in mandap with her. Priest asks Shaurya to get up for pheras. Archie and Shaurya gets up but suddenly heavy winds start blowing. Shaurya and Archie starts taking pheras. Dolly says to Karona how this weather changed? Karona says dont know.
In her room, Mahek is knocking on door and crying for anyone to help them, she finds window there and tries to open it, she opens it and jumps out room.

PRECAP- Mahek runs from her room and comes to wedding venue. She runs inside crying and comes infront of mandap, all turn to look at her, Shaurya is stunned to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love it…
    That’s it..

  2. Writer please………………….. put Archie and Banawari (Father,Mother and Mandhar)all in jail ASAP in next episode.You do non’t need these characters in this show. Archie and Banawaris has to speak the truth about their mischievious deeds. How come Archie’s boyfriend’s family did not take any action. No body searched for him. This is a missing piece from your episode.

  3. all i have to say and will continue saying is that these are mateur writers who dont no what the hell to write and so they get an idea and makes a new serial and then after that they get lost along the way and just start writing a barage of SHIT sometimes even forgetting what happened in some of the storylines before that my gosh archie killed her boyfriend nothing came out of that; she also killed mehek nothing came out of that my gosh people in india gets killed and no recourse man it comes like mashing a roach and it is in all of the serials some of the good characters are being killed off by the evil one and they are not brought to justice or being punished even in woh apna sa jhanvi and adi got killed and nisha and her accomplice are out roaming still doing their evil deeds and in piay albela the young doctor who came in to marry pooja he too was killed by mayank and nothing came out of it tell me writers this does not go on in real life all these murders are being swept under the rug with no recourse; please stop take we the viewers for illiterates mind you we are quite intelligent and observant so cease destroying the serials with your cruel acts of evil and give the viewers some worthy watching serials my gosh like in you writers book it is just kill kill kill or be killed killed killed. DAMN YOU DUMB DUMB DOH DOH HEAD WRITERS.

    1. Oh Lorrrrrddddddd Sapphire, you’ll kill me with your descriptions….????…but you are so damn right, mayank did much bad deeds but writers have forgotten and now he’s a saintly brother in law…gimme a break here writers….. Sapphire, yes they start of starry eyed writing their serials and somewhere down the lane they forgot what they were writing about and crap starts spewing… Just imagine, in WAS, Kakasa was so damn greedy and spiteful towards his own nephew and in a minor way was responsible for his death but he got off by dying himself before paying for his crimes…not fair!!! So I want to know when and if mayank will pay for committing murder..

  4. This serial should be banned its a big zero. In the name of serials they just showing crimes vulgarity orthodox physical and mental abuse of woman. Polygamy extra marital affair violence s*xual abuse rape. I think every serial and every channel should be banned shame on producers and directors. Shame on these bullshit serials no storyline nothing

  5. Chaaya

    A bit of relief . . . I hope the last step was not taken?

  6. At least the precap looks promising. I hate Archie, she looks really evil, I’m sure she’d look a perfect character for a horror movie. Her smile is frightening, her eyes are fiery but dead when she is angry…and something seems odd about her…….and I can’t bear to see this wacko come between Shaurya and mehak……I hope mandhar and his mother gets thrown in jail… ASAP

  7. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!! Until Mehrya does not reunite.

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