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Mahek 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PD screams, everyone wakes up. All family members comes to Pd, she is using phone, all ask Pd to say something, Balwant says why you dont take medicines, you act like stubborn kid, Jeevan asks him to remain silent. PD says yes, all ask what happened? Pd says you will go crazy to listen to this news, i have got 1000followers on twitter, Jeevan asks what is twitter, Kanta says no idea. Nehal says really? thats so cool, Kanta says you have left Nehal behind in childlessness, all leave, Mahek says i will make special sweets for you in morning, she leaves, Kanta thinks.
Its morning, Kanta asks Mahek to wake up, you cant sleep like this in inlaws house, Mahek says let me sleep now, i will wake up later, Kanta says i will help you to cook, Mahek says i have already cooked breakfast. Kanta

makes her wake up and says today we have to help Pammi in cooking competition, your mother’s all hard work and learning is at stake, you have to cook your best, i will help you and have to save my respect, Mahek hugs Kanta and says God took one mother and gave me other mother, Kanta smiles and says dont act like emotional actress.
Mahek and Kanta are checking ingredients, Kanta asks Mohit to bring veggies from market. Kanta asks Mahek what will she cook? Mahek tells her different dishes, Kanta asks Mahek to drink lemonade, it will give you strength and will control your weight. She asks Nehal to work too. Mansi comes and asks Mahek to taste sweets she cooked, Kanta says no oily food for her. Kanta asks Nehal to give her dress to Mahek, they will fit her in, Nehal says no way, it will tear away, Kanta scolds her, Mahek says dont worry everything will be fine, Kanta says everything should go perfect today.
Jeevan calls driver and books cab. Kanta says thank you, whole family will go together, Balwant taunts that they are going to yatra as if.
Kanta and Mansi are trying to fit Mahek in Nehal’s dress. Kanta asks Mahek to stop breathing so that they can fit her long skirt. PD says why torturing her like this, Kanta says let us, Mansi and Kanta tries to fit but skirt tears away, all are stunned, Kanta says Mansi take out Mahek’s suit and make her wear.
All are ready to leave for competition. Kanta calls Pammi and says we are leaving, we will reach before time, she ends call. Kanta says traffic is jam, we should leave, she calls Mahek. Mahek comes there dressed in frowzy dress, Mohit says you are looking awesome. Mahek tries to eat something but Kanta says no, Mahek says i didnt eat anything since morning, Kanta says act like you are having fast, just dont eat anything before competition.
Family starts fitting in car, Kanta asks Nehal to sit in front to tell address to driver from GP, Pd says its GPS you fool, all laugh. Kanta says to Nehal that you and Mohit take taxi, we dont have space in car, Ravi whispers to Mansi that we had car then this wouldnt have happened. all family members leave. Mohit is waiting for cab. Nehal gets call from Ajay and says i am coming and dont die seeing me there, Ajay says i cant wait to see you.

Scene 2
All family members come to venue. Mohit says if i knew there would so many girls here then i would have dressed more properly. PD dances with other women. Kanta says to Mahek that make Pammi your mother in law today. PD sees Pammi and says there is baby elephant. Mohit says to Mahek that your work has started to impress her.
Mahek is checking stalls to buy some keychains. Mahek turns and slips, she falls on big photo poster, she removes her dupatta from photo’s face and comes face to face with Shaurya’s big picture, she stares it. Kanta sees her, Mohit comes and asks if she is fine, Nehal snickers. Pammi says like you walk, dont cook like that otherwise we wont win, Kanta says she must be thinking about food and thats why slipped, they help her to get up. Pammi says her competitor and says lets go, they leave. Mohit says Jeevan that this is shaurya Khanna, he has opened biggest hotel chain here, he is little older than me, his posters are everywhere, Jeevan says i will open clothes shop for you too, Mohit says no way.
Kanta says to Mahek that you dont jog or exercise thats why you are weak, today is your test, please pass it. PD says play well, Mahek says this is not carom board playing, i will cook nicely, she feels dizzy, PD says you havent eaten anything thats why feeling weakness, she asks her to go and drink some lemonade.
Mohit brings Mahek to soda stall and gets juice for her, he asks her to leave, he will give payment, mahek leaves.
shaurya comes to venue. One girl says he doesnt come easily then why he came today? other girl says he is here to promote business. Shaurya says to his companion that we are not judging their food but to taste their middle class food, they are useless, companion says our sponsors have arranged so we had to come, Shaurya says fine but i wont taste anyone’s food or boast their moral. Shaurya comes out of car, Peopl are lining up to greet him. Shaurya says to manager that if they workout as much as they eat then hospitals will be less burdened. Shaurya is walking in venue, Mahek is standing near him, she feels dizzy and falls unconscious infront of Shaurya, Shaurya ignores her and starts going ahead but people say lady got unconscious, sharuya turns and looks at her.

PRECAP- Shaurya makes Mahek eat energy bar to boast her energy, she says eww.. he says eat it, its energy bar, nothing bad, he gets up and starts leaving but turns to look at Mahek, Mahek watches him too, they share eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superrrrrr

  2. Superb episode ! I really like Mahek and she is really beautiful 🙂

  3. OMG he was an idiot, i could not believe this jerk was the same guy on the computer, what happen.
    Overall it was a good episode.

    1. He is showing his Businessman attitude to outside world.. and while chatting also, sometimes he was rude, like when he made her unfriend initially… anyways, on seeing his attitude today, I was little surprised.. but I like him in both( while chatting as well as while being rude ) the characters

  4. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi! From todays episode we came to know, how much Rude shaurya is? i means he seems to be a very tough guy.. It is really difficult to make him fall for mahek, i think he is short temper also. Anyways mahek have lots of patience. Lets wait and watch. Todays episode is good

    1. Aishu, what I think is shauriya won’t fall for mehak by seeing her.. I think the story will go as shauriya will fall for the girl who is chatting with him ( mehak ). And mehsha will fight with each other when they meet one another.. later when mehsha come to know with whom they were chatting, their love story will begin from there..
      This is just my guess…
      one thing is clear that nehal won’t be a competitor for mehak as of now..since she is wandering around Ajay ..
      Though shauriya is rude, I just love his
      character as of now..
      And reg today’s epic, other than mehak, everyone dressed good.. and the story is going very very slow… I am sorry guys, if my last three lines hurt anyone…

  5. Iswarya_santhosh

    Aathya u can call me aishu. Thats so sweet of u dear???… Guys pls speak in english bcoz i dont know hindi???

  6. bestum best episode …..luv shahek……yaar hez so rude ……..shez so soft……..opposite attracts :)…
    I hate this nehal and ajay……ajay is eyeing nehal……..

    1. Athya, let Ajay and nehal eye each other.. so that they won’t be hurdle in mehsha life.. and I too don’t like Ajay’s role… About nehal, as of now, I don’t find she is bad.. lets see what happens next…
      In fact, nehal is helping mehak by seeing Ajay.. if Ajay and nehal falls for each other, then mehak can easily free from this marriage drama….

    2. If ajay and nehal fall for each other then it vl b good na…mahek’s chachi won’t nag mahek abt that ajay

  7. Yea it was a good episode, Shaurya is in a class by himself, i love him though.
    guy did you realize that Mahek sister, the retch is dating or flirting or whatever with Mahek suppose Fiance ( the lazy idiot) What is up with that.

  8. thnk u ayshu …. 🙂 🙂 ur so sweet…

  9. Sujee

    Nice episode .I’m confused abt shourya bcuz he is so rude in the public but not when chatting something is fishy as they are also not showing his personal life….but I’m happy that even though he ignored mehek in the beginning ;atlast he wanted to help her so that he gave her an energybar…..

    1. Yup sujee , I too felt the same after seeing shauriya speaking to his manager..

  10. Hey Rayna i am realy sorry yar but m kya kru yar jab m 8 bajee mujhe TEI or mere pyare Twinj or Uv yaad aa jate h to m is liy zee tv se duoor hu kya kru bhoolna mushquil h. Pr tu bhi mujhe yaad h. I miss u yar vase ye serial bhi acha h.

    1. I miss Yuvi badly… Though he is the villain of the show, pagal ki tarah usse dekhum mein…. Ussko, ek alag style hai…loved it.. kissi aur show me dekhne ke liye mein intazaar Kar Rahe..,

      1. Yes yar u r right shona.

    2. I know Naina,I am also missing my twinj very badly.But you know when I miss my twinj,What I used to do?I used to watch vm of twinj.And that vm gives peace to my heart.Sometimes I cry very badly.But what to do dear,by being sad we will not get our twinj and TEI back,right.It’s very difficult for me too to concentrate on mehek,but I am trying to concentrate on this so that I can be strong.Just hope for season 2 of TEI.Par naina,zindagi mein aage badhna bhi bohot zaruri hain.Kab tak tum sad rahogi dear.Be strong,be happy,and I beg you to atleast comment here so that I can talk to you.You know when I saw your comment,I become very happy.And try to concentrate on mehek also.Sad rehne se kuch nahi hoga dear.See I am also a big fan of twinj but I am watching mehek.Love you and plz atleast comment here.

      1. Shi khaa yar tune but i am also try to do so ok. And dont worry about my comment becoz i always keep commenting here for u yar.

    3. That’s like my you.

  11. Coming to the episodes,I liked it.I liked when mehek falls on shaurya’s photo.And shaurya is very much rude.God knows how mehek will handle I am happy atleast lead pair met with each other.And liked shaurya’s entry as a hero.

  12. You are write shona and chittychat,let nehal and ajay fall for each other so that nehal will not become a villain in shahek life.She will not become a barrier in their life.I am happy atleast there will no sisters fight for the same hero.But cvs will introduce villain very soon.

    1. Ya rayna, CVs will introduce villian soon.. Because without villian show wont be interesting… Villian’s will do evil things but, at the end of the day, the evil things will bring the leads closer …. Lets wait and see what happens further…

      1. Right shona.

  13. hi guyzs ….how r u all……hope everyone is good. …….

    shaurya said he won’t taste anyone food there…..I feel he will taste pammi’ (mahek’) dish ……and may b he will like it …….and also he will get doubt on pammi and gets to know that mahek made it and she will win the title..or shaurya will show his anger for cheating. …….
    so pammi will get angry and reject mahek …….and also insult her……

    seeing pammi insulting mahek …there family members will get angry and stand for mahek…..and reject ajay. …..
    thn shahek’ route will be clear ……kanta chachi will change her mind ask mahek to find some job…….mahek will join shaurya’ restaurant. …..their they will meet again…….story will move forward and new villain will enter…….

    I dont know it will happen r not…….its just my guess……

    if this happens. ….what will b ur reaction guyz……… ???

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