Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohit says i will marry Sonal only, Balwant says lock him in room, he is going mad. Nehal says he is not wrong, he is doing right. Kanta says Mohit you dont love Sonal, you re favoring her, relations dont work like this, Mansi says marriage happens for life long. Ravi says Shetal wont let this marriage happen and you dont work, you dont earn then why anyone will give you girl? Jeevan says dont ever say this again Mohit, we are with Sonal but you wont marry her, Mohit says i will not listen to you, Jeevan is about to beat him but Ravi takes him away, Mahek cries seeing all that.
Shaurya is in his restaurant and sees very less customers, he recalls how investors warned him to bring people to restraurant otherwise they will end deal, he has to give reason to people. shaurya calls for coffee.

Shaurya asks receptionist how much billing happened today? she says bearly 10,000rs.
Mahek says to Mohit that i know Sonal is important but you cant go against family like this. Mohit says how can you say that when you went to Shauya’s house against your family for man who doesnt love you but i know Sonal since childhood. Mahek says you wont understand my reasons, i know your emotions, i will be happy for you and Sonal but you cant marry against family’s wishes, you cant marry without their blessing, i went with Shaurya because my mother in law blessed that relation but if you marry Sonal then our family and Sheetal aunty wont accept it, you have to move ahead with your family, i will set everything right but promise me to not do any mistake.
Mahek comes to Sheetal. Sheetal says Mohit was behind Sonal? since when this affair was going on? your whole family has affair going on, i dont like kanta at all, i have grudge against her, i wont make her my inlaw. Mahek says you saw how Rohit beat Sonal then why you are marrying her? Sheetal says he is MBA and earns 25lacs annually, Sonal used to roam around with him, he just beat her, but i cant break marriage for that, i wont get good guy like him, my daughter will not get husband like that, once daughters start aging, nobody is ready to marry them, i have talked to Rohit but make your brother understand that dont come near Sonal or else i will beat him to pulp. Sonal hears it and cries.
Mahek comes to Kanta’s home. Kanta says have you gone mad? sheetal would never become our inlaw, Mahek says what should i do? i cant let Sonal’s life to destroy, if Mohit and sonal have decided to marry then i will be with them. Mansi says we will not go to request Sheetal. Mahek says then i will go to police, i cant alone make Sonal and Mohit marry but i cant let Sonal marry Rohit. Ravi says dont you know what police do? they locked me Jeevan without any reason, Jeevan says police dont take any action, you keep playing that. Mahek sadly leaves.

Scene 2
Shaurya is sadly sitting in restaurant at night and recalls how his food is not serving good because it lacks Mahek’s taste, how Karona asked him to involve Mahek in business, how Mahek requested him to let her work there. Mahek comes there and sees Sharya sitting alone. shaurya says you? he gets angry and asks what are you doing here? Mahek says i came to meet you, i need your help. Shaurya says you wanted me to bring on right path, wanted to make me good man from being animal, that person needs her half husband’s help now? you wouldnt come to me without any reason, blo*dy middle class. Mahek says stop taunting me, i didnt come for myself, Shaurya says then you would have come for your family. Mahek says i came to take your help to stop sonal’s marriage with that animal rohit. shaurya says i have to deal with my problems, i dont have time to solve your daily life issues, i helped her once and what did i get in return? even if i help her again, what will be my gain? Mahek says what? shaurya says you say that i dont help even myself without gain so tell me what will i get by helping Sonal? Mahek says Sonal’s life is going to be hell and you are thinking about gain? you went to beat Rohit but now when its time to help her for real so you are backing away? your businessman woke up? blo*dy high class. shaurya says hello.. i went to beat Rohit, and what did Ravi chacha do then? Mahek comes closer and says did you feel truth bitter? Shaurya looks away not able to answer and says go away, i wont help. Mahek brings chair and sits on it, she says i will not go anywhere till you call police and stop Sonal’s marriage. shaurya tries to drag her but she says i wont go anywhere, Shaurya says keep sitting here, die here and i will make your grave here only. Mahek says i will become ghost and roam here, i will not leave you alone even then. Shaurya sits on other seat and huffs in anger, he looks at Mahek and she mischievously smirks at him. Mahek gets up. shaurya asks where are you going? Mahek says i am hungry, i will cook. Shaurya says this is my hotel, not your dhabba. Mahek says these are my mother’s recipes, you stole them you thief, Shaurya says how dare you call me thief, he tries to drag her but she hits him with pan. Shaurya grabs her arm and says go away, she says i wont go anywhere. she goes in kitchen and throws veggies on him, Shaurya starts throwing vegetables on her too, Mahek takes watermelon, Shaurya says dont but Mahek hits his arm with it, Shaurya hits her head with tomato, they throw knife stand on floor too. Mahek throws flour on shaurya. Shaurya takes water jug and throws at Mahek’s face, she starts nudging and pushing him away, they both pull and push each other, fighting like kids, they slip and falls on floor with Shaurya lying on top of Mahek, Mahek tries to push Shaurya away but Shaurya pins her hand on floor and looks in her eyes, yeh ishq ha song plays, they are lost in each other. Shaurya laces his fingers with Mahek’s finger, pinning her hand to ground. Shaurya leans into her, Mahek closes her eyes anticipating kiss, Shaurya closes his eyes to and is almost about to kiss her but Mahek opens her eyes and looks away, she says what were you doing? shaurya says what did i do? Mahek says dont take advantage of chance, first accept this relation, make me your full wife infront of all and then kiss me. Shaurya says i will kiss you? you look like fat cow, your face is like aloo paratha, Mahek huffs and pushes him away but Shaurya falls on her, Mahek’s necklace gets stuck in Shaurya’s shirt’s button, they try to free it, Mahek says let me do it, why you are in rush? are you scared? Shaurya says why would i be scared? Mahek says scared that you may not accept with words but heartbeats tell everything. Shaurya jerks her necklace away and says go for treatment of your brain, he gets up from floor. Mahek gets up too. Mahek comes behind Shaurya but she slips and cuts her foot with knife lying on floor, she screams and sits down, she cries. Shaurya sees her foot bleeding and says you are a problem yourself and attracts problem. He sits down and holds her foot, hr brings chair and helps Mahek to sit down on it, he holds her foot and says it will pain a little but i am bandaging wound. He brings dettol and applies on wound, Mahek screams in pain, Shaurya says dont cry, Mahek says i am not crying because of wound, please listen and help my friend, you have connections, please save Sonal, that Rohit shouldnt marry Sonal, Sonal loves Mohit, they should marry each other. Shaurya says Mohit? Mahek says Sonal and Mohit love each other, they want to marry, Shaurya looks on.

Shaurya says to Mahek that lets go home, Mahek says home? will you take me to your home? Shaurya says you live there only? he smiles and lifts Mahek in his arms. Later Shaurya calls Mohit and says what you should have told you brother in law, you told that your sister? you should have told me that you want to marry? Mohit says you will help? Shaurya on condition, Mohit asks what i have to do? Shaurya says groom has to take bride away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. b***dy high class mehak rockd shaurya( “chor”)shocked!!!

    1. Hahahahahahaha

  2. shaurya na pakka kuch kand karne wala hai!!

    1. Yes yes…….. Saurya to jrur koi kand krega…….Q ki dilwala hai dulhaniya le hi jayega……mahek soooooooo sweet wooooooow and subrbbbbbb lines….. blo*dy high class chor……hahahahahahaha very interesting……….today episode Osmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Moni7

    Hai frnds… wowwwwwwww superb episode???..

    Yes shaurya khanna …out of control ??

    Precap too good…but he is doing for the sake of restaurant in returns he will ask her to help him…(so called business man tactics)

    His ego stops him …. Anyway good episode

    Moment of pan hit???typical indian wife?????…..

    I totally love it….

    1. ChandaMaya

      I knew you would approve of this episode! Yes, Wow! Yes, Shaurya is a businessman and there is something in this for him. Agreed! This episode gets a ⭐⭐⭐ .5 Rating???. I hope we really get a whole episode dedicated to a day only for Shaurya and our Sweetie pie, Mahek. Whoa, our Mahek is learning from guru Shaurya, himself , high class!!!? Toast to that.

      1. Moni7

        Yeah chanda dear seriously….
        5 star ?????5 star….

        But precap is still confusing?… How suddenly he agreed and called mohit… Why can’t you tell ur jiju???.

        I’m surprised!!!… Sharing plan … OMG…. He again planning something??… Poor mehak????..

        Fingers crossed??

    2. Darling moni, i hope u enjoyed alot to watched the episode(too romantic episode) mehak did right hit with the pan, u are right typical indian wife.

  4. Moni7

    Samiksha she is damn cute in acting ????….cutie pie… chella kutty?

    Kitchen romance????…. Idhu dhan azhagu la mayangardhu pola(mesmerized in mehak’s beauty)

  5. Moni7

    blo*dy high class, you thief,bitter Truth … awesome dialogue from mehak’s side…

    She just nailed it…same way he killed us ..
    In romantic avatar….his eyes filled with love/lust…???…

    Cute fight veges fight..dishuoom dishuoom ???

  6. Preethiilang

    Hi mehrya family……today episode so super????…….mehek u totally rocked the episode???…….wat an acting ur expression chanceless for 5mins it was lky tom and jerry cartoon????………

    Day by day mehek is behaving lky a typical wife chanceless???……..beating shaurya wit tat pan super???…….chor ladke hey too maa ka receipe,blo*dy high class super super????……..

    Today shaurya mind and heart was out of control bechara he cnt control is self??????………poor boy mehek lips la kabbadi vilayadha plan pana???……….

    Pottati na anbalayum anaaipa pan la yum adipa moral of the story??????……..

  7. Omg…… Kuch bhi ho.. Aaj tho bs mja hi agya….

  8. Preethiilang

    Precap shaurya is definately acting for his profit by helping mehek????……..

    But today he truly tried to kiss her wit full of love???……he was mesmerised by her beauty???……atlast his inner feelings start to kick start wit trying to kiss her??????…….

    Today even karan acted so real in intimate scene no need to appreciate our cutiepie mehek she was picture perfect in every scene and expressions???

    So one thing is true boys cannot control their feelings for long hereafter mehek pls be careful wit tis guy other wise chance pe dance karge?????

    1. Preethi dal you are a intelligent, u got the point of the episode i know what are u trying to say, i agree with u darling.

  9. Arpita

    I like tht momnt whn mansi chachi pamperd mehak MERI BACHI so cute…

  10. Phir koi Naya natak. Please stop this nonsense. We audience r not fool.

    1. atleast hope for good may be some thing good happen

      1. YES ooshi its right.

  11. Vinitha

    Hai mehrya family today episode was very nice mahek acting sema. Wat a dialogue delivery blo*dy high class super angry bird nose cut heeehaha. Kitchen fight cuteness overloaded. When mahek is near shaurya in fear.Shaurya is totally out of control ha ha ha. Building strong basement weak. Payapulla kiss panna vandhuta Apo kuda attitude katra romance thangala ayo eyes katuthae..

  12. superb …epi##mahek you rock it## kya jwab diya ##blo*dy high class

  13. Wowwwwww today episode awesome mind blowing especially mehek said high class … I am really enjoyed this episode now only serial going good track hai friends how are you all

  14. Mehak is not fat.y shaurya said like that she is fat.i hate shaurya

    1. ChandaMaya

      Shaurya is used to the model-type, glamour girl, but beneath his criticism he really is attracted to her, and Shaurya knows it too. He is fighting his own emotions.

      1. Well said Chanda that’s right, he vexed with the models and high class girls how they are treating him for money sake.

        absolutely right as u said he was fallen love to mehak and he is fighting with his own emotions.

  15. Woww today episode was awesome. Shaurya and mehek are rocking the show today. Moni7 I’m glad to see you comments. Shaurya and mehek are good.

    1. Moni7

      Hai geeta dear…yes after a long time …good episode…??

  16. I think if mohair n sonal get marry it will change sharuya decision about mahek

    1. ChandaMaya

      I think there is more to this . . . Shaurya is always cooking up something for himself. When it comes to Shaurya, it is always, ‘ what’s in it for him’.

  17. ChandaMaya

    I really enjoyed today’s episode. It was a stress reliever for me, other than the usual stressing me out. I really enjoyed the restaurant scene between Mahek and Shaurya. This is what Mr. Khanna needs; someone to lighten him up. He does not know how to laugh at himself. . . Too serious.

  18. If the Mohit and Sonal are successful, then what is in store for both Shaurya and Mahek. The enimity the other’s hold for them will be more intensified. Things are going g to get very tricky. I wonderwhat exactly Shaurya means by taking the bride away? Of course, that is obvious. There is no way that Mohit and Sonal will be able to live close to home. They will be in constant threat and danger. How far? As in leave and live out of country? I feel Shaurya will employ the Mohit. I think he will take Mohit under his wing in his business somehow. By what does this mean for Mahek? Mahek has to eventually take over her mother’s legacy. Shaurya can insult Mahek alll he wants but he has to kneel to her eventually, or else his restaurant is going to be a failure . . .And we all know already that Mr. Khanna cannot live with anything less than perfect. Lol!

    What I am getting at is that Sonal is a good friend of Mahek’s. If Sonal goes far away with Mohit, does Shaurya think she will give him a rest? Shaurya will be a fool to continue he plotting against Mahek. I hope, truly hope there is nothing more.

  19. Sorry, I should qualify what I wrote: If Mohit and Sonal move away, does that mean Shaurya is hoping that Mahek might follow and be with her friend? Mahek will give Shaurya a rest and he would have p!ayed her again? I just cannot totally trust him, since the major fiasco.

    So happy Mahek called him a thief. He is a theif!!!!!! ?

  20. Yes chaaya you’re right. We can’t trust this blo*dy Shaurya, lol, ???. He’s always up to something

  21. Abhija

    it was a wonderful epi..their fight was soo cute..i wish them to be happy like this always..

  22. Shaurya kitna rang badalta hai
    But love this epi???

  23. Sourya itne jaldi sudhRNe wala nhi h phir kuch plan kr rha hoga khair jo bhi ho kl ka episode bahut accha tha.

  24. Good morning guys…………..
    Wooooooow soooooo Romayntic episode……….subrbbbbbb

    1. good morning Dear

  25. Hi mehrya friends….
    How r u all…awesome episode…after a long time loved to see tiz episode agn n agn..
    Even i understand shauri is plotting against mahek….sudden change calling himself jiju…
    Still dont want to stress myself as tiz episode was a stress relief…
    Poiyaga irudalum i loved it…eventhough its a lie it was too good…
    Mahek…wow cutiepie wat a acting…she learned everything from shauri…
    blo*dy high class, adamantly sitting thr, pan hit, veggies smashing,aata..wooooo
    Then tat cute fight n slipping…chanceless…both lost in themselves…semma cute
    Coming back in conscious mahek cutely saying dont dance in chance…n our hero denying…
    Motti bayns…hehehe….chehra aloo paratha…wow all cute cute acting n xcellent dialogues
    Today our hero total lost stumbling for words…couldnt get over mahek…
    While he cleaning wound his eyes was full of concern for mahek…
    And mahek OMG typical wife…crying suno na…meri friend ka help karo in a very cute tone…
    Totally i was lost along with them…love todays episode…
    Love u all my dear friends moni,chaaya,chanda,preethi,lithi,achu,geetha,vinitha, n all merhrya kutumb sorry if left any names…tc guys…njoy the show…sorry guys nowadys not finding much time to comment…exam time busy…

    1. We love you too dear . . .Nice to read your comments.

  26. Moreover today they had very long scene for mehrya…almost 12-13 mins scene…
    Beautifull scenes…May b considering TRP…
    else since tiz show beginning we can see all scenes very short or ubrupted or disturbed…
    tiz fighting n romance i felt was lil long…good…n wow moments?????

    1. Moni7

      Dolly baby…hai hai ??????
      Yes yes poi dhan irundhalum happy episode❤

      Ava police ku call panna sonna…bht avan mohit ku sonal la kootittu poga idea soldran…

      (Actually she ask him to call the police but why he helping mohit to marry sonal??..
      Giving idea how to bring her(sonal) out from sheetal’s farm house ….)

      He trying something new to hurt mehak and her family?

  27. Hi Mehrya Family, trust u all well?
    I can’t wait for this episode to be aired tonight?
    I’m quite excited, we have not had. A Mehrya scene in so long.
    Well Definitely have to agree, Shaurie is helping Mohit for his own gain for sure.
    I suspect Mehak will bear the brunt for it?
    I like the fact that Mehak is not fazed about the fact that they all tease he abt being fat(which she is NOT), she is so comfortable in her own skin and that’s all that matters??
    I hope that there is more Love than War to follow?
    Love to all?

    1. Ps I’m soo happy Mehak is starting to Speak Shauryas language, bl**dy high class??

      1. it’s good now he will be having same words which he uses with others to taunt what does it called
        precap was entertaining when he says jo bat tujhe apne g ja ko btani chahiye thi wo tu apni behn ko bta rha hai
        and goog where he brings her to home

      2. Moni7

        Hai shama dear?
        Yes yes she learned from shaurya??

  28. one more thing they make all things spoil

  29. nice episode but mujhe lagta hai ki shaurya pagal hai kuchh na kuchh mehek ko pareshan karne k liye karte hi reheta hai….

  30. Sasha

    Hey guys How are you all.. Before some days so many of them were saying that Mehak’s acting is really really damn poor.. she is spoiling the show blah blah blah… But it is gud to hear many are appreciating her acting now.. I agree she is little plumpy… So what?? teddy bear are the girls favorite toy.. Jokes apart gud to see mehak’s acting skills improved especially in romance lol…

  31. Khusbu sharma

    After long gap I m commenting here. How r u guys?? Ohh now sonal will marry mohit it’s interesting to see. Love de scene when shauray accept mahek wife for some time. N precap was awesome tuje jija ko batana chaheya tha woo baat tu apni behein ko bata raha he in. Now shauray will help in marriage …waa mahek air shauray ka fight ….

  32. Hi friends, how are u all, i am commenting after a long time, are you remember me, WOW that was a nice episode, it been good to see, this is what we are expecting from ZKM team nice romance between cute couple, my dal Mehak was nailed the episode, taunting and fighting with the khadoos kumar(bloddy high class and chor)hey friends it sounds good to listen from mehak mouth, I enjoyed alot through out the episode.

  33. Hi guys i am new here
    mahek rocks…..
    When she says bl**dy high class theif etc amzinng couple were lookin amazing cute and romantic but shuraya is some of confusing type some time sweet caring and some time very rude only love himself bl**dy high class

  34. I have not seen episode, but what has been written is EXCELLENT. Great job Atiba. Thank you so much for being so detailed in your writing. I LOVE IT.

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