Mahek 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mahek 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek stops Rajiv. Rajiv tells her to not let personal life malign her work and professional life, Mahek says no, i am working fine and they have included my recipes in their menu of hotel, Rajiv says thats great, he leaves.
Vaitlana comes to jail to with her lawyer. She meets inspector, inspector asks did you bring papers and greetings?(bribe), Vaitlana gives him money bag and also gives him Sanjay’s medical certificate, inspector says why taking from here? he is mingling this time, Vaitlana says i want to meet Sanjay, he says you can go. Vaitlana is going to cells. Sanjay is dancing with policemen in his cell on Kanta laga song. There are wine bottles there too. Vaitlana comes there, Sanjay smirks at her angry face. He says come inside, Sanjay tells song details to her, Vaitlana

says you keep singing and dancing and there your nephew is destroying you, Sanjay says music relax you, Vaitlana says to hell with your music, Sanjay says dont you shout on me, you dont look good while angry. Vaitlana says i did as you wanted, i dated my ex-husband and asked him to hire Mahek to his hotel, he did that, then i insulted Mahek as you said and she denied Shaurya’s proposal but Shaurya destroyed everything by going to her house. Sanjay says when will your pet work? you have done hard work for him so ask him to do something now, where is he? Vaitlana says he is there. Sanjay turns and sees Rajiv standing at entrance of cell. Sanjay says you are useless pet, i did so much for you, you wanted hotel bigger than Shaurya so i gave you money, made Kd give you money too and you are *****, Rajiv says i tried to everything, i found Mahek and made her participate in competition then i thought i would make her main chef in our hotel to make our hotel work but they started loving each other, my whole life i kept trying to get ahead of Shaurya but everything is going out of control. Sanjay says nothing is out of control, he tells some plan to Rajiv which is muted, he says do this till i come out of jail and make sure that Shaurya and Mahek doesnt get together, now get lost pet, Rajiv leaves.
Ravi becomes santa clause and says i am punjabi Santa, he gives gifts to family and has brought food and refreshment for everyone. Ravi asks Mahek to come. Mahek comes there and sees gol gappas, she smiles. Ravi says merry christmas. Kanta asks Shaurya why he is sitting alone? come to family. Shaurya looks at Mahek. All family members are eating sweets. Ravi offers sweets to Shaurya but Shaurya doesnt eat it. Mahek gives sweets to Balwant. Ravi says to Shaurya that i cant insist you, i am scared that you might slap me, Shaurya laughs. Kanta comes to Shaurya and says we are increasing our calories and you are not eating anything? eat somethings, she gives him jalabi, Shaurya takes it. Nehal teases Mahek about Shaurya, Mahek leaves to bring water. Nehal makes Shaurya eat gol gappa with her hands, Shaurya huffs due to spice in it and runs to kitchen.
Shaurya comes in kitchen and takes water from Mahek’s hands, he drinks water and says its too spicy, Mahek gives him sweetener and asks him to eat it, it will make you fine, Shaurya eats it, Mahek asks you want more? Shaurya stares at her and comes closer, Mahek says be away from me, Shaurya wipes Mahek’s lips which had chutni on it, Shaurya licks his finger after wiping her lips and says there is nothing more sweet than this in world, Mahek says you have become too cheesy, Shauray says its because of your company, Mahek says i am leaving, Shaurya says i wont let you leave till you say that you love me, Mahek says why you are ordering me? i wont say it, Shaurya says when love is miffed then it is shown in eyes, i can see love in your eyes so say that you love before it start spilling from your eyes, Mahek says anyone can come, let me go. Shaurya pulls Mahek more closer, they share intense eyelock, labon ko song plays as they gaze at each others lips. Mahek is lost in his eyes, Shaurya says i am not scared of anyone, i wont let you go till you say i love you, i dont care if anyone comes. Mahek says see Balwant is coming, Shaurya gets tensed and moves away from Mahek suddenly, Mahek runs away from him and says i dont know about world but you are definitely scared from Balwant’s stick, she blushes at him and runs from there, Shaurya says i will see to it that you tell me you love me.

Scene 2
Mahek is in her room and is restless due to Shaurya, she says why he is doing all this to me? She comes to her window and sees no Shaurya in porch, she looks around and doesnt find him. She says Shaurya is a bat, he keep roaming around anywhere at night too. Shaurya comes there, She says you? Shaurya puts hand on her mouth and says i know you want to scream in happiness but dont do it, all will wake up. Shaurya says you were finding me so i came to you, and i know you were missing me too, Mahek bites his hand which is on her mouth, Shaurya glares at her, Mahek pushes him away and says you are behind me, i was not missing or finding you, Shaurya says then why looking through window? Mahek says go from my room, what if anyone sees you here? Shaurya says i know, your respect tarnished and all, he goes and sits on her bed, she says what he is doing in my room?

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Mahek that either say i love you or i hate you, Mahek says i wont say anything, Shaurya pulls her on his lap and says then i will not go anywhere, we will sleep on your bed, you, Nehal and me in middle. Mahek tries to push him away, shaurya says you cant move me showing anger, just say i love you gently and i will go away myself, Kanta calls Mahek, Mahek gets tensed as she is sitting in Shaurya’s lap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What an episode , I have a feeling he’s playing mehek but , hope that’s not the case CU’s I have a feeling he will get poor soon so better get used to the life shaurya

  2. Moni7

    Hai my dear mehrya family…. rajeev ???…too selfish how can he do this to shaurie….poor shaurie….so everything is mama ji plan omg!!!!…then i don’t understand y dey are trying to separate mehak nd shaurie????????….

    Ivan adangavae mattan pola…kai vechikkuttu chumma irukardhaey illa…too much of stomach burning today???????… kitchen ah illa adhu vera edhavadhu nu enaku theriyala????…nalla spot da romance panna…thanni kudikka poranu patha payapulla silmisham pannitu varudhu…ha ha ha balwant name sonna odanae oru jerkku????

    1. GeethuNivas

      sweet moni, i can undrstnd ur stomch burng bt no place is more romantic than kitchen, konjam bayanthutae romancing s really nice, correct ah panran sk, avalum suma ila i l u nu sola yevlo tim ahapothu, bt solita ipdi kutty romance pana matanla, athan avalum chance ah nalla use panra……………

      complete comedy romance ep except that evil groups……..

      1. Moni7

        Geethu dear…..ada ponga boss avan i luv u sonna mattum seri mehak nee po nu vitruvan poran.. adhukku apparam dhan avan leelaigal start agum????… irundhalum neenga sonnadhu true idhukku dhan nama waiting?????…..paruppu dabba kitta ninuttu kadala podran lucky boy

  3. Thank you atiba

  4. Moni7

    Ivlo tension la koda ivanukku epdi dhan romance panna thonudho!!!!!…adhum straight kitchen dhan???… nalla family avana nambi mehak ponnu kitchen la irukkum podhey nee po pa thanni kudichittu va….cycle gap la ivan veliya start pannitan?????…!!!naam iruvar namaku oruvar !!…night ta nehal and mehak center la ivan …ada pavi ???…senthu thooguooma??…ivan intention seri illa…rendu ladoo ku asai pandran…

  5. Moni7

    Ava i love nu sonna mattum nee enna avala vida va pora shaurie…nxt vera edhavadhu keppa… unna pathi engaluku Theriyutha…un thiruttu moozhi yae solluthu ???… pakka mattum dhan gentleman pacha manu …pandra vela la vesham vesham vesham vesham???… idhula unaku sister irukanga la nu vera kekkaran nethu…naa ramar nu patha..ivan murugar madhiri oru side mehak devayani oru side nehal valli nu rendu pondati kekkaran?????

  6. Serial has become cheesy i dont like wat shaurya is doing i think he is plotting something …i have stopped watching it suddenly their chemistry is lost…i find shaurya very arrogant n bossy n it look cheap at times…just saying it dont want to offend anyone i was big fan of shaurya but its not working.

  7. Soumi

    What a precap! !!!!Shaurya rocks .

  8. Good episode with a shocking twist . Hi everyone how are you?

  9. nice episode…………

  10. Moni7

    Intha sidu moonji kulla ivlo romance ah!!!…angry bird mookan ku ippo la vekka la mooku red agudhu?????… Mehak patha face oru thaejas oru oli vattam … koona vai sirippu…oru margama dhan poran shaurie?????…avan pandra vela namma inga vekkam ma varudhu???…ore butterflies dhan enakku… blushing ????????…

    1. Maanu13


  11. Oh.. no..RAJEEV is a cheater! How could he…?

  12. I have a feeling that he playing mehek

  13. You are right pooja..Even I feel the same. Things which are interesting are still kept as suspense. Many games are being played..Rajiv, mamaji, mamiji playing game with Shaurya. Shaurya is playing game with Mahek..Why only Mahek are they targeting..Is Mahek related to their past.

  14. Aaiysha

    Ya right too much stomach burning

  15. Aaiysha

    Apram rajiv romba nalavana pola nadichirukan .. precap is so nice ipo ava lv u sollithan aganum

    1. Moni7

      S dear rajeev ivlo mosama… pavam shaurie….avan family mom thavara yarum nalla vanga illa….avan koda yaarumae nallavanga illa…except mehak nd her family…..en na avlo torture panni irukkan ellaraiyum…..angry bird mookan…..mur pagal seiyin pirpagal vilaiyum…..he paying for his deeds….avan mehak ku konjam na panni irukka….evlo cheap tricks use panni avala hurt panni irukken

  16. Aaiysha

    Ya moni shauryakulla ivlo romancea avan lv romba develop panaran he look so nice today .. apram mehak avanuku chinatha prblm vantha kuda fell panra apram yaen kastapaduthanum lv sonna pothumae

    1. Moni7

      Hai aaiysha …how r u… enna la adha dhan namba mudiyala..avan love…. konjam over dhan podhu….

  17. Nice epsiode
    But dont excpt frm rajeev these types of things

  18. Wow………this serial becoming more and more interesting day by day…….the way shaurya tries to get closer to get his lady love back is soo awesome……..and here villains are planning for their separation….it will be more excited to see what will happen next……shaurya looks more handsome, dashing and cutie pie now a days ?☺️

  19. Serial is amazing. Especially Shaurya(Karan), you rock man. Killing looks and gorgeous smile. Ofcourse Mehek is also looking good these days. But, the producers should really think about her makeup and costumes. The reason to separate both of them is not really convincing. Thats ok although as I fell in love with Shaurya’s performance. Cheesy one is really good. The chatting part should also be included which cannot be left all of a sudden. And, when Mehek can go to office, why cant Shaurya go to office. Thats really not convincing.
    The reason for mehek’s parents is also not known actually. They just mention its because of her. Not clear.
    Of all these bits and pieces, you guys really rock. Fantastic work and good serial. I am sure the TRP will raise to top. Bored of watching other serials for years with the same story line just dragging it long.

  20. nice episode really shocked this rajiv such a blo*dy traitor & liar so much confusion actually who is the real villain? incredible why these mamaji, mamiji all r behind shaurya something BIG is going 2 happen everyone is on their own mission lets see wat happns nxt

  21. Iswarya_santhosh

    hello mehrya family…. It has been long time guys.. Hw r u!! Hope everyone is fine.. Moni, maanu, latha, rayna, preethi, hope u guys rember me!!! ☺☺☺Todays episode i cried a lot for shaurie?… Y everyone is backstabbing him?… Wow.. Shaurie…. I just love u yaar??.. No man can love his lady more than him….. Mehek is really lucky to have shaurya khanna..
    But this rajiv is really disgusting…. He is backstabbing shaurie.. How cheap it is…. Hope shauries love protect him..
    My shaurie didnt have mim and dad, he dont even have frnds, relatives any one… But everyone is backstabbing him… Oh my god y he is having this kind of surrounding… I really feel pity for him..
    In the intial stage of serial i didnt like his character.. But after knowing his character little bit i luv him a lot now… Atlast he got some true luv.. But for that also his enemies are doing their best to destroy it…. blo*dy idiots i just want to kill them.. I hope their marriage will happen definitely… Ofcourse they do their best to stop the wedding… But their wedding should happen…. Mehek should come for his help… I hope so.. i pray for him… I cannot imagine shaurie as just a fictional character… I luv him a lot… I dont know y…

    1. Moni7

      Unna marakka mudiyuma ice ….nee yaru….nee vera level…..

    2. Moni7

      Avan onnum karnan kadaiyadhu… avanum raavanan dhan… Avanuku pudicha yaraiyum vida mattan….ippo mehak avlo dhan….so avan koda irukkara vanga ellarum saguni and gooni dhan….just repeat …. Avan ellaraiyum ipdi dhanae cheat panna …saying about mehak drink la mix pannadhu avala competition pa hurt pannadhu….

    3. Maanu13

      Yes shaurya ll not do anything wrong to them y they r doing this…mahek u r reason for all this….our shaurya left his work and come for u but his life and profession in danger…Mahek I hate u….. Shaurya ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

      1. Moni7

        Avan edhumae panna la avan nallavan eppo?????….10days dhan achi change over agi….

      2. GeethuNivas

        maanu u r rite, sk s somewht gud bt he s also not that kind of person to lose everythng for a gal, he will hav some plan

        i thnk shaurya might know somethng abt their plan that they r going to use mehak against him, athunala kuda ivan ipdi avala yengayum vidama pidichi vachirukanu ninaikren, ava antha kd restrnt ku ponathuku aprm than sir romba sincere ah lov la irangina mathiri iruku……

        yepam yentha twist varuthunae therila,

      3. Maanu13

        Ada ama la Na itha yosikavey illa KD Kita pona apa Thaney game ah start panan….omg ?????????
        Shaurya periya plan ah poturupano…… yepadi nalum namaku jolly tha… irunthutu pogatum… Shaurya we always love u❤❤❤❤?????

    4. Moni7

      Naa nalla dhan irukkan nu unaku theriyadha ice….. dailyum enna ?…ipdi dhanae koopdra….. apparam nee pandra vela la konjam ma …..un aasaikku oru limit illa ma pochi…

    5. Hi Ishu fine dear and how r u.. and how can we forget u whenever I watch MehRya’s romance I am realising the word manakettavanga. Don’t cry baby shauri will overcome everything because he is such a strong person. Mehak I love u sonnadukkapuam parrunga shauri kku battery full charge ayidum appuram irukku Rajiv kkum and mokka mamikkum and me too love him a lot.

    6. Latha

      Hi Ishu fine dear and how r u. How can we forget u and whenever I watch MehRya’s romance I am realising the word manakettavanga and me too loves him a lot dear. Mehak I love u sondakkappuram I think he is back to his form.

  22. Moni7

    Enaku dhan shaurie ya romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba romba pudikkum….

    1. Latha

      Moni nattamayoda teerppu neeyabagam irukka illaya periyappava evlo romba pudikkum pottirukke .

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear…adi panniduvan …. Vaisya la periyavanga nu koda pakka matten…. naanum evlo naal dhan valikadha madhri nadikardhu…..??????…..avan enakku shaurie darling… andha word p***********a solla mattan…..

      2. Latha

        Yaru periyavanga no dear nangellam romba chinnavaga ungala Vida. Romba valikudhaa chellam. Un comments irukkura blank fill pannumannu .

      3. Moni7

        Oh !!!! Noooooooooo??????…me pavam… adhalam panna koodadhu…..latha dear….m ur best frnd??????….plz da no violence?….no fill in the blanks… adhellam oly in 5th standard schl work…naama la more choose the best answer or fill in the blanks baby ma…

  23. hope shaurie is aware of his backstabber..i wish KD to be on shaurie side..bcoz mehak is working with him(safe) and mami is just using him to take revenge..who knows shaurya is aware of everything and had planned something else…hope so..may be a smart move..

  24. Maanu13

    Hai mehrya family members,good morning…have a nice day….
    H r u guys???
    Very interesting precap waiting for the episode❤❤❤❤

    1. Moni7

      Hai maanu baby….s precap??????…..ayio avan luv u sonna koda poga mattan mehak room vittu….sharing room sharing??????????….but evlo nalla family avan pandradha yarum kandukka matranga!!!!….avan paatukku mehak pinnadi suthittu irukkan…ore silmisham pandran???….avalum adhukku dhan asai padra?… rendum nalla panndunga….ippo location shift to mehak room…ayio ?????

      1. Maanu13

        Hahahahha hahahahahaha Romba nala family??????????????

  25. Hi guys the epi s superb!!!!!!!!
    can i becum a part of mehrya family? I am great fan of moni’s comment

    1. Moni7

      Hai jeevi welcome dear… welcome to mehrya family dear….thank u so much ?????

  26. Moni7

    @latha dear @ishu dear…….s that word. manamketanvanga!!!!!!!!…… adha epdi marakka mudiyum!!!!!…. oruthan ku ethana peru dhan sanda poda en kitta varuvinga…. mehak vandhu latha dear nehal vandhu ishu dear… center la avan oki va….ore jolly dhanae unga rendu perukkum…avanku attraction towards aunty (auntyophilic)

    1. Latha

      Moni kutti Preetiya enna pandradhu appuram Preeti sandaikku varuvanga. Apprum edho attraction towards aunty solliyirukeenga yarandha aunties kandippa naanum ishuvum kidayudhu.

      1. Moni7

        Ohhhhh!!! andha aunties yaru nu theriyala…seri seri…. preethi ya en dear itha koda naa dhan solanum ma…neenga unga kulla oru understanding vechikonga…shift la mathikunga…day nd night shift… afternoon shift nu… choice is urs dears???????…. avanukku epdiyum no problem all are welcome nu dhan solluvan???????…

      2. Latha

        Moni tappu tappa pesa kudadhu Sami kanna kutthum

  27. Moni7

    Maanam avamaanam la patha vazha mudiyuma @ishu….sight adikardhu nu agiduchi apparam enna…. ellarukkum iskku iskku iskku iskku rendu than ketkum.. enakkum dhan???…love dhiga vazhkaiyil vizhindhutinga ipdi dhan… ellam avan seiyal shaurie??????❤❤❤❤

  28. Moni7

    Nethu koda enakku oru biochemical change dhan …. night fulla….REM sleep…rapid eye movement sleep dhan enakku???????… increased of neurotransmitters acteyl choline absence of histamine serotonin ??….my left and right hemisphere more coherent ultimately resulted in LUCID DREAMS????… That’s y i remembering u shaurie even in my dreams????????❤❤❤…

    1. Maanu13

      ????????????yenenamo solraley onnum puriyala ye…..ana yetho nadanthurukunu mattum puriyathu?????????

      1. Moni7

        Unakku dha meaning solliten la… nthg…..kanna mudina kannauv la nee dhaane vera yaru varuva??????????… kavithai kavithai…. puriyatha

      2. Maanu13

        Hahahahhahahhaha hahahhaha ithu athuku minadi pota comment

  29. Moni7

    Bcoz u shaurie….my billions of neurons lost their firing potential….in a state of depolarization for a prolonged period of time….plz don’t do this to me again…. shaurie….

  30. Latha

    In yesterday’s episode shauri was superb in that yellow outfit and cheesy shauri day by day becoming naughty and sooooooooo romantic. Ladoo also looking good and lots of MehRya moments. Precap more interesting. Thanks ZKM team for ur great team work

    1. Moni7

      Enakku koda…ore entertainment dhan with stomach burning asusal..wat to do…. dailyum biochemical change???????… precap dha super…avan nehal mehak wow enna oru combination….likes chumma aluthu…. avanukku ivlo ivlo ivlo ivlo asai koodadhu ….rendu peru ??????

  31. Moni7

    Avanukku onnu vangi na onnu free offer…akka koda thangachi aadi offer?????…. jodi offer la ellam free free free free… engalukku verum engum kilaigal kidaiyadhu….. nehal ku mama dhaane shaurie .. avanukku ella ryts irukku…. irundhalum room ku poran la anga dhan nikaran shaurie…too naughty shaurie????… mehak avlo lucky avan kedaika…

  32. Latha

    Moni kutti nee en best friend athanala inimel shauri no p*****a for u. OK vaa…

    1. Moni7

      Ammu kutty latha dear?????????luv u soooooooooo much more than shaurie.???????

  33. GeethuNivas

    moni unaku sk periyapa ilanu sona ipdilam konjirathu, irukuna adipenrathu, soppa mudiyala un comments abt sk pakumpothu kanna ketuthu ma,

    dont worry, sk ah vida konjm better ah yarathu vantha unkuda fight panravangala oru 50% kuranchidum, athuvaraikum kindly wait with littl porumai (apdina yenanu theriumla) moni

    1. Latha

      Geethu eppadi Moni ya Desai tirupitten pathingala shauri ya Vida enna thaan pudikkumunnu solluranga.

      1. GeethuNivas

        ya latha inum knjm xtra bit sethu pota ulagathilayae ungala thavira yaraum pidikathunu kuda soluva

    2. Moni7

      Puriyudhu baby ma… puriyudhu??????…… geethu ma ipdi pandringa lae ma???????…… enna oru dharma sangadam enakku….?… idha naa expect panna la unga kitta irundhu seriyana counter enakku????

    3. Moni7

      Neenga soldradhu correct dhan dear…avan innum KD hotel ku pogadha nu solla la verum love dhan pandran…avala vida ma pudichi vechikkuttu irukkan …. mehak la avanuku yedhavadhu kaariyam irukkum shaurie ku….ila na 10 days ipdi oru love va ammadi 3 hours movie la koda pathathu illa….apdi oru devigama mana kadhal!!!?????.. shaurie love..

    4. Moni7

      Ambigavathy and amaravathy love pa idhu!!!!…. avanukku onnu naa ivalukku valikuthu ivalukku onnu va avanukku valikuthu… kadhal over flow agudhu….ipdi oru family ya naa pattadhu illa. . enna oru support shaurie ku mehak family dhan.. chumma dhanae irukkan edhukku coat suit pottan…. neeya naana !!!gopinath vida ivan dha neriya coat podran pa!!! ??????… color color vechi irukkan mehak dress ku matching …..nethu koda rendum green color matching?? ..

      1. Latha

        Yen Gopinath mattum dhaan coat podanuma naanga poda kudaatho. appuram enga shauri engeyum eppothum jai Anjali madiri eppavum matching matching.

      2. GeethuNivas

        hrt hrt matching anapirahu dress la matum yena pancham, suma adichi thool pana vendiyathana…… kuluruku ithama coat potrukan moni, two in 1 purpose

  34. Hi mehraya family friends yesterday episode also super episode and shuari super acting superb epavadu TU avan read pannanu vainka apdiye mersalayiruvan ponka avanoda girl friends avana evlo love pantrankanu therunja oh my god rajiv ipdi panuvanu expect pannave illa avana rompa nallavanave kamichu thidirnu ipdi mathittanka accept pannave mudiala

    1. Moni7

      Hai alamu dear how r u….pappa birthday epdi pochi???…
      Shaurie ya avan tu la comments andha maramandaikku idhellam puriyathu???…. translation pandravanga sethuduvanga…… translate panni tamil comment la….

  35. Moni7

    @latha dear…naa thappa pesarana….. enna yaru ipdi la pesa vekkardhu!!!!!!…neenga dhan ellam neenga dhan……ungala la dhan…. marupadiyum enna pesa vekkaringala!!!!! Pesatuma…
    ..unga asai la naa soldran adhukku enna thappa pesaran nu soldradhu… chinna pulla thana irukku… neengalum vesham vesham vesham vesham vesham dhan….oru pacha manu naa dhan….oru kutty ponnu chinna ponna pathu en ??????!!!!

    1. Latha

      Yaradhu Pacha Mannu Chinna ponnu…

      1. Moni7

        Latha dear… shaurie ku enna koracchal avan raja madhiri irukkan?… coat dhanae podattum ….yaru thappu nu donna solunga avanga la thookidalam …. chella kutty avan …avana poi no kalaichifying…. enakku kovam varum…

  36. Moni7

    Naa dhan pacha manu…. chinna ponnu… apparam geethu dear unga comments ku rply panniten but still moderation…adhu neenga sonnadhu enakku romba nalla puriyuthu ?????…sema counter enakku…yaru nu dhan theriyala andha poor boy…

    1. Latha

      Pavam antha poor boy ……

      1. Moni7

        Naa onnum avlo mosam illa latha dear…… apparam chumma dhan sonnen shaurie ya dhan romba pudikkum????… neenga nxt dhan….

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