Mahek 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Archie confirms Mahek’s identity

Mahek 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya sees Mahek’s face from his car’s mirror. He comes out of car and sees caravan, he looks around for Mahek, he sees a woman and looks at her face but its not Mahek. Mahek has brought Neev out of caravan, she says to Neev that you know how I get worried about you, please dont run like this again, she takes him in house before Shaurya can see her.

Archie calls doctor and asks if we can find her identity with that information? Doctor says if her bone was joined using plate then it will come in X-ray. Archie thanks him and ends call. Archie’s father asks her how she will get her X-ray, Archie says I have a plan, I have to find out if she is Mahek or her doppelganger, till then she cant be seen infront of anyone.

Shaurya comes to her room and says dont know

if I really saw Mahek or it was my imagination, he recalls how he saw her face through mirror. He looks at her photo and says if I tell this anyone then they will call me mental, Mahek I never forgot you, and I can never.

Neev says to Mahek that you keep scolding me. Mahek says mothers worry about kids. Neev sees Zee TV’s new program. Mahek says girl of this show used to fight for her rights, she wanted to sing but her father was against it but her mother supported her and made her superstar. Neev says she is like you, you saved me from my cruel father, you are best mother, he hugs her.

Karona and Dolly comes back from mandir, Karona says we will go to mandir early from now on. They see Mandhar spitting and brushing teeth in pool. Dolly says I want to scold him so much. Karona says dont argue with this useless person. They leave. Mandhar asks Mahek to give him tea. Banwari says you are not exactly doing any work. Mandhar says my work is to cook, your work is to sing so do your work and let me do mine. Mahek brings tea for him. Neev is in room and playing with ball. his balls falls and goes under door to another room which is locked, that room is filled with Mahek and Shaurya’s pictures. Neev tries to open door but there is lock.

Archie and her father comes to Khanna house. Karona says Shaurya is upstairs. Archie says I want simple wedding but dad wants a good so he brought wedding planners, she introduces wedding planners, and says they want to meet people who are staying here to sing.
Mahek is in veil and at poolside with Mandhar, she gives him wallet. Shaurya is on balcony and sees them. Mandhar sees Shaurya looking towards Mahek, he comes to Mahek and says rules are same for you, you cant roam around like this, Mahek says I didnt ask you to forget your wallet, Mandhar asks her to not say rubbish and go inside, she leaves. Mandhar leaves too. Shaurya is at balcony and sees wedding planners leave, Karona comes there and says they are wedding planners, Shaurya says they are not needed, Karona says its your second wedding but Archie’s first so let her enjoy.

Neev is trying to open door which is locked. Mahek scolds him and says I have told you to study. Neev says my ball went inside that room, I want it. Mahek says you want to get beaten? you have to study, we are not in our house so dont snoop around, Neev nods and leaves. Archie comes there with wedding planners. Banwari says to her that we are not singer of your level but I will show you my instruments. Archie says its smelling good, what are you cooking? Banwari’s wife Julie says we are cooking sweets. Archie says I want to learn how to cook them. Archie sits beside Mahek. Mahek starts teaching her how to cook sweets. Archie sees hot pan which has oil in beside Mahek’s foot, she thinks its right to make my plan work, she moves her foot beside hot oil pan and kicks it, hot oil spills at Mahek’s foot and she screams. Neev sees Archie kicking oil and shouts for Maa. Neev says this woman have done this, she kicked oil pan and burned my mother’s foot. Archie says I didnt do anything, Julie says this kid is a little crazy. Archie says we should take her to hospital. Neev says I wont go anywhere with this bad woman.
Archie makes Mahek sit in her car and starts leaving for hospital. Neev shouts Maa.. he runs behind their car and says I am coming too but Archie drives away. Shaurya and family comes there. Shaurya asks what happened Neev? Neev says that bad woman burned my mom’s foot. Julie comes there and says sorry, my daughter in law’s foot got burned, Archie has taken her to hospital. Shaurya calls Archie. Archie says I am sorry, I am taking Neev’s mother to hospital, Shaurya says but why Neev is saying that you spilled oil on her foot? Archie says why would I do it? I am taking her to hospital. Shaurya hears Mahek’s grunts of pain on call. Archie says I will get her treated, you take care of Neev. She ends call. Neev cries for his mom. Shaurya says calm down, you mom will be fine. neev says I want to go to my mom. Shaurya looks on.

Doctor checks Mahek’s foot. He treats her foot. Mahek recalls flashbacks of lake but its blurred. He does X-ray of her foot as per instruction of Archie. He bandages her burned area. Mahek comes out of room, Banwari asks if she is fine? Archie says I will bring medicines.
Archie comes to doctor and says Mahek’s foot had plate because of accident, if this Vandana is Mahek then her X-ray will show that plate. Doctor says you are my friend so this thing shouldnt come out of this room. She says ofcourse. Doctor gives Archie Mahek’s foot X-ray, she takes it out and there is plate shadow in her foot X-ray, Archie fumes in anger and thinks her foot was joined using plate, it means she is Mahek only.

PRECAP- Mahek finds photo near the door of room thats locked(which has Mahek and Shaurya’s photos inside). She takes photo and says what is it? she looks at photo and is shocked to see that its her/Mahek’s photo with Shaurya. She runs with photo and comes in garden. She finds Shaurya busy on call there, she says how come I have photo with this mister? how can I be with him in photo?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ChandaMaya

    The track is corny, especially with that psycho woman and her illegal behaviour in the hospital. Stupid!!!

  2. Most irritating and stupid serial.

  3. leisa s morris

    all serials get dumb and irrational after awhile its d norm of dem all…hold onto ur seats cause its all downhill from here

  4. All serials get dumb and irrational after a while because the writer does not know how to write.
    I will like to give the writer a hard knock on his head so maybe he will come back to his senses and write something more interesting.


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